29/08/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. A teenage rider has died after a collision at the


British Super spikes Championship Meeting at Cadwell Park in


Lincolnshire. 18-year-old Ben Gautrey from Southport was one in


several riders involved in the incident which took place this


afternoon. The rider died after a collision at


the British Superbikes Championship meeting at Cadwell Park. He was one


of several riders involved in the incident, which took place on the


Mountain section of the track this afternoon. Ben Gautrey was


initially taken from the track by a medical teams. He had been


competing for the MWR Kawasaki Team. He was taken to hospital by air


ambulance with multiple injuries. Race organisers have described the


incident as a tragic and freak accident. Police and health and


safety officials are now investigating how the death came to


pass. Meanwhile, investigations are


continuing after a man died during a track racing event in East


Yorkshire yesterday. Police are working with the Health and Safety


Executive there after a driver lost control of his car that was


travelling at 130mph at the York Raceway near Pocklington. The 23-


year-old driver from Cleveland died at the scene.


A 12-year-old girl is in hospital tonight with both ankles broken


following her fall from a cliff near Flamborough Head. It happened


this morning as she was walking along the coast with her family.


She was airlifted to Scarborough Hospital by a RAF Leconfield's


staff -- search and rescue team. long as you're careful, it is not


dangerous. We have had this cafe for 42 years and all sorts of


different things have happened but nothing really is serious. You have


just got to be very careful. Any cliffs are dangerous.


Elsewhere, an inquiry into the death of two teenage girls who


jumped off a bridge together has resumed. 14-year-old Georgia Rowe


had moved from pole to Glasgow just eight weeks before her death in


October 2009. -- from Hull. She jumped from the Erskine Bridge


along and with 15-year-old and Neve Lafferty.


Care home owners in Bridlington are hoping an accident on one of the


town's seafront rides will not put off holidaymakers. A woman and her


granddaughter remain in hospital after being injured on a log flume


yesterday. For out of action, the Jungle ride


at the Bayside Fun Park remained closed as a 58-year-old grandmother


and her four-year-old granddaughter recover in hospital following an


accident here where they both received leg injuries. But business


owners in the town are optimistic the town would not put people off


visiting. Accidents are accidents and happen all over the world.


Plenty of people come here just to walk around, ice-cream, fish and


chips. People will still keep coming. But some people are


cautious. I would not let her go on it. We are a tourist town. Incomes


depend on people coming here. town council says for years it has


been calling for the rides to be moved further down the coast.


the moment it is just a bit of a rabble down there and we think


there would be a great advantage for Bridlington if we did not have


the funfair on the seafront. end of the fun park was not


available for interview today but he did give me a statement saying


his thoughts are with the injured and their families. He also said it


would be improper to comment on how exactly the accident happened as


there is currently a full police investigation and health and safety


inquiry. It is not yet known how long the investigation will take to


find out exactly how this happened. The crew of the Red Arrows have


thanked the people of Lincolnshire for their support following the


death of one of their pilots. The display team returned to RAF


Scampton near Lincoln this weekend following the death of Flight


Lieutenant John Egington at bay -- at a display in Bournemouth last


week. Whilst we are feeling a very personal sense of grief, the public


response to John's tragic death has been overwhelming and I would like


to thank all of those who paid tribute to his life by sending


flowers, letters and cards. They are of a great comfort.


In football it has been a disappointing afternoon for Grimsby


Town and Lincoln City in the Blue Square Premier. The Mariners have


suffered another defeat. They went down 1-0 to Gateshead. The result


leader of the side second bottom in the table. The Imps lost 3-1 away


at Darlington, Alan Power with Lincoln's one consolation goal. The


The weather is dry at the moment. Not too bad a night. Many cities


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