31/08/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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Good evening. Welcome to BBC Look North.


The owner of a right that failed injuring seven people in Skegness


says it was his worst nightmare. I am live in Skegness, where


investigators try to find out what happened.


Shopkeepers warn the billion pound trade in illegal cigarettes is


putting a huge strain on business. It is a lot cheaper. It is �11 in


the shop, and you can get it on the street for �7.


The little girl with a royal meeting after being named the


bravest in Britain. Her face just lit up.


Good evening. The owner of a fairground ride in Skegness that


broke down in mid-air trapping more than 20 people has described the


accident as the blackest day in the fair's history. Seven people were


left needing hospital treatment after the Surf stopped working at


Pleasure Island. Today, health and safety inspectors have visited the


site. Siobhan, what have the inspectors been doing today?


looks like a fairly normal day except for one thing. The rides are


not moving. That is because the park's owner has close the park so


that inspections can continue. Officers have been here throughout


today try to find out what caused the accident. They have said that


the right needs to be completely removed. This is holiday season, so


any closures mean a lot of money. The summer season is in full swing,


but today these gates are locked. It is after investigations begin


into yesterday's accident. It has led to tourists shaken. It will put


people off coming. What is safe and what is not? How often are these


things being checked. You hope they are being looked after and


maintained. We will definitely not go on it now. It is probably a


freak accident. The seven people were taken to


hospital after this ride broke yesterday. It is still not clear


what happened, but this former employee insists safety is up to


scratch. Every single morning, I have done quite if you write, and I


used to carried -- test them every morning. There are safety people


around who check everything. He it is the second time in a week


the rights have been scrutinised. A women is still in hospital after


her and her granddaughter were injured in Bridlington. There are


worries that these events will put people off. You need to remember


that this is very rare, it is bad timing. We hope that the people are


OK, it is incredibly sad that these things have happened. Albright's


like this across the country can still be used safely. The raid --


the right has now been made safe. The owners wants to reopen tomorrow,


hoping their worst nightmare does not leave a lasting impression.


Siobhan, you mentioned the owners, what has been their reaction?


owner has been too emotional to speak today, but he has issued a


statement. He says he is devastated by what has happened. There is no


doubt that he and many others are hoping to put what he described as


the blackest day in the side's history behind them. Thank you.


In the last five years, 48 people have been injured it on fairground


rides in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Keith Carroll is an expert on the


right safety and represents fair grounds. I asked him what has gone


wrong. I think there has been a mechanical failure. Both the other


one, I do not think there has been anything mechanical, it has --


something has gone wrong which we do not have the full information.


Not a great couple of days. No, not at all. The when would the right


had last been checked? It has to have an independent test annually,


so it could have been a week before or some time in the last 12 months.


It will have also been checked by the operator of the right Daley


before operation. If it was checked daily, it looks like something


might have been missed. There may have been a mechanical failure that


we cannot see, so I can't comment on that. Just today people said


they would not go on these right any more. How do you restore


people's confidence falls? Many years ago there was a survey which


said it was more likely to have an accident on your way to a


fairground, be it an amusement park or a travelling fair, and you are


on a fairground. It was something like 14 million to one. But when


these are back in action, people will not be rushing back on them,


or will they? I do not know. We have had rights where there have


been accidents before and people just seem to come back on. I would


imagine the public may feel that if the right has had an incident, it


will have had a proper checks. They may feel it is quite safe.


damaging Willett be -- how damaging will it be? It is difficult for all


of the industry. None of the industry wants to see accidents,


that is why they tried to be vigilant with their testing and


their inspections. It is difficult. Very good to talk to you.


A story that we will continue to follow.


Or people living in part of an East Yorkshire town wants to split and


go-it-alone. It is an illegal trade that costs


the government billions of pounds, money it claims could be used to


help the economy. Today, a survey of shopkeepers has revealed that a


black market in smuggled and counterfeit tobacco is thriving in


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. More than half had admitted that


they know about cheek -- cheap imports or fake cigarette being


sold. For some, the practice could see then pushed out of business


altogether. It is a market costing businesses


millions of pounds every year, the sale of illegal cigarettes.


Thousands of packets have been seized across the past few weeks,


all in an attempt to tackle the problem. Have you ever bought


cigarettes on the street? demand is fuelling their sale. I


found plenty of people willing to buy them. If you can get it on the


black market, everybody is human. I'd buy as many as I can get. They


are cheaper. How much cheaper? Three or �4 a packet. There are a


couple of girls who are openly sell them out of a rucksack. More than


half of the shop owners are aware of the problem, which is costing


them hundreds of pounds a week in lost revenue. We pay the taxes, and


the people on the streets selling the three pound cigarette, they do


not pay any money on it. This is why they are so expensive. A


typical packet of cigarettes cost �7. The but �4.24 of that price is


excise duty, and �1.16 is VAT. 78% of the price goes to the government.


Sometimes that can be up to 90% on cheaper brands.


Officers of the UK Border Agency are constantly patrolling the


boards here in Hull. They found 1.5 million cigarettes stored inside


concrete blocks. But this is not just a financial issue, it is a


healthy one. People are looking for a cheaper deal, and this is not


necessarily the bargain you expect. There are content -- problems with


the content of the tobacco. Sawdust has been found in them. Mohammed


says if the price of duty is not reduced soon, the smugglers will


put him out of business. Chris Ogden is from the Tobacco


Manufacturers' Association, he told me earlier why he believes the UK


is so bad for smuggled and counter pit tobacco and cigarette. There is


a simple answer, tax. The UK is one of the highest tax regimes in the


world, and it is a charter for the smugglers to come in. As a result,


over 20% of cigarettes and 60% of hand-rolling tobacco is avoiding


duty in one way or another. But the companies you represent make huge


amounts of money. Should you try and do more to stop it? We are


doing all we can. If we can call it a fault, it lies with government


and tax policy. In the last Budget, the price of cigarettes went up by


more than 50p a pack, and hand- rolling tobacco by more than 60p.


The but smoking is the largest cause -- cause of much illness.


government is right, isn't it, to make it more expensive to stop


people smoking? If the government wants to use tax to further its


health policy, that is laudable. But it does not work, because it


encourages the black market. They also brought down the smoking


numbers as well. Smoking numbers have been in decline for many years,


but it is levelling off because of the ready supply of counterfeit and


smuggled tobacco products available. On an average packet of cigarettes,


I gather the retailers and manufacturers make one pound 55.


Reduce that big profits, and there will be less counterfeit cigarette.


I am not sure way you have that figure from. Well over 80% of the


price of a packet of cigarettes is tax, and that goes to the Treasury.


If it is a huge market, the tobacco market in the UK is worth �14


billion a year, of which the government takes �11 billion in tax.


What do you want the government to do? We want the government to take


a long, hard look at their tax policy, ideally freeze tax, but we


are with them in supporting Revenue and Customs and the border Agency


in intercepting smuggled loads, and do all we can to share intelligence


and fight this crime. We will throw this one open. How


bad is the black market in illegal cigarettes way you are? Do you


agree that high taxes are making the problem worse? What can be done


to tackle it? Is the tax level too high? How do we get rid of the


An announcement on cuts to RAF and Army personnel is expected to be


made tomorrow. It has thoroughly been confirmed that 175 student


pilots will be let go from the RAF's flight training programme,


affecting trainees and instructors at Cranwell in Lincolnshire.


Firefighters say this of action of cruise help save the lives of a man


and woman engulf. They were rescued from a fire at his house this


morning which had no smoke alarm. Both were treated for smoke


inhalation. Smith and Nephew, one of Hull's


biggest employers has refused to comment on rumours of a takeover


bid today. US company Biomet is thought to be planning to buy the


firm for �8 billion. The company employs around 700 people in the


city. Still ahead tonight: 60 years on -


the couple brought together by a bicycle made for two. Why there is


a Royal meeting for this little girl named the bravest in Britain.


A fantastic story. This photograph is of Gould docks


and it was taken by Peter Jones. -- Goole docks.


Good evening. I recorded last night's programme to refresh my


memory of what Paul Hudson look like. I have seen you're comment.


Do you want me to wear a blonde wig?


The headline for the next 24 hours is a cloudy one. It looks as if it


will be generally dry. Although there will be quite a lot of cloud


tomorrow, Friday looks brighter and warmer. The weekend, a good deal of


uncertainty. Saturday could turn out to be warm before rain tries to


come in from the West. All the cloud on the satellite picture, it


has not been thick enough to produce any showers. It has been


quite grey for a good part of our region. We keep a lot of cloud for


this evening and overnight. Most part should be dry and we will see


temperatures down to nine Celsius. The sun will rise in the morning at


just after 6 o'clock. I think a predominantly dry picture. A


variable amount of cloud. Just like today, there is every chance we


will see a few glimmers of sunshine. But a lot of cloud around. The


breeze will be a light one from the South East. We will see top


temperatures around 16 or 17 Celsius around the cost. Possibly


and 19 Celsius if we get some decent rates. Friday looks a nice


day, warmer and brighter. All parts should be dry with sunny spells.


Saturday looks warm and 22 Celsius are 23 Celsius. Sunday looks


unsettled. We will keep you updated with that tomorrow.


My local charity shop is selling Paul's last book for �2.99. You


will be robbed I would say! My next book is also available.


Residents in a part of Goole in East Yorkshire are attempting to


split the town in two. Hundreds have signed a petition calling for


the area known as Old Goole to be given village status. Sarah Burton


has been to the town to find out more.


It has been a time for more than a century, steeped in history. But


some people living in the all-time have decided they want to go it


alone. We seem to be left out. If we had our own community, it would


be up to us what we did an hour -- in Old Goole. A lot of old school


has not been recognised at all. Residents in Old Goole won their


independence back and have handed in a petition calling for the


council to make them a village. school has always been here. -- old


Goole. We have been here for a lot longer than 2:20am. If all Goole


does become a village, the boundary will start here on the Dutch river.


Across the bridge will be what will remain of the town. By being made a


parish, residents say they will get more investment to return all Goole


to its former glory. But some people in the area are not sure the


idea has been properly thought through. I have not see any


costings for this. We do not know if it is going to cost the


community more money, whether the council tax is going to go up. We


need to have a better understanding of exactly what the whole process


entails. There is also people fighting for a Bill to become a


city who are not happy. It came as quite a shock. It was a surprise.


The harmony we have got for the city has been fantastic. East


Riding council is now deciding whether Old Goole will become a


village and create new history for this old port town.


Thank you for your response after our story last night on how cancer


patients would now be able to park for free and some hospitals in


northern Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. Those who have to attend


appointments for more than eight times a month at hospitals in


Grimm's May, Scunthorpe and Goole will be able to park without charge.


The changes will see the charges call up for most people. That was


the story. Thank you for all the e- mails and texts. Here are some on


the programme. Les, he says, parking for anybody who has to go


to hospital for treatment should be free. John in Lincoln says, people


should be thankful that their relatives are only in hospital for


a short time and should not begrudge those less fortunate


visiting patients with longer term illnesses. John Gregory end the


area says, I am happy to pay more for parking if it means someone


dying from cancer can park for free. Scunthorpe United have a new face


in the form of French player Damien Mozika. The 24-year-old signs a day


after the I and secured their place in the second round of the


Johnstone Paints Trophy. United also resisted the


opportunity to rest his first team, despite playing into extra time


with Newcastle next Thursday and then being been involved in our


trying game on Saturday. Garry Thompson almost scored his


first goal since a long-term injury. The Bard denying him. In the second


half, the Iron put all that pressure to good use as Bobby Grant


got an opening to score. But he could hardly believe they get their


came his way seven minutes later. They settled the tie. They only


have little chance came after the Iron fell to deal with a late


corner. Today Allendale has gone to bury to sign Damien Mozika on a two


year deal. They have signed Shane Duffy for a month.


This is a very moving story. Tonight is a special night for one


five-year-old girl from Lincolnshire. Sophie Cooper is


being given an award for her bravery by Prince Harry. Sophie


suffers from cerebral palsy. Simon Spark went to meet her and her


family before they left for the capital.


Sophie has cerebral palsy level five which is the most severe level.


She had epilepsy, and seizures. She has chronic lung disease which can


lead to her being oxygen dependence. She has a curvature of the spine


and she has problems with her Hibs. So is the premature birth of their


first twin children, the Cooper family have had to deal with 24-


hour care. As significantly to the brain was the start of Sophie's


cerebral palsy. Her twin sister is also mildly affected. It is not


something you have learned to cope with, it is something you have to.


It is something that happens. Are you Locking yet? Managing comes


with strict routine an organisation, whole cupboards are dedicated to


supplies and medication. But it has all become part of family life.


girls love each other unconditionally. They are very in


June and we like what -- we know what she likes. But it is how


Sophie has managed with all the care she needs that prompted them


to enter her for an award to recognise her bravery. It is just


insurmountable the amount of thing she has had to go through. The


least she could get was an award to say, Sophie we are proud of you.


And the fact that she is more -- smiling as well. The judges


unanimously agreed, Sophie has won the Bravest Child Award. She will


receive it at a ceremony in London this evening where she will get to


meet Prince Harry. I did mention to it to her. We're going to see


Prince Harry, how lucky are you? As soon as I said that, her face lit


up. She knows who Prince Harry us. She will have a private meeting


with the Prince before collecting her award.


Sophie meeting Prince Harry tonight. A couple from Hull has been


celebrating the 60th anniversary after being brought together by a


bicycle. When Biomet met Mike -- when juggler met Mike for the first


time, he turned up with a tandem!. The back brake used to be there.


For 60 years they have done everything in tandem - marriage,


kids and now retirement, all because of a bike Mike turned upon


on their first date in Hull all those years ago. I lived on the


other side of Hull. He said I will pick you up. There is the Tandem!


Cheers. Nowadays 80 sealed like and 80-year-old Vera stick to tea for


two. When I rolled up and I saw her in the stress, I thought fancy


putting that lot on to ride at random on. You managed it all right.


We have been married 60 years. in the 1950s, bicycles were a far


more common means of transport. But turning up with a tandem would


still have been seen at a little out of the ordinary. But at least


that Lady template for future family life. The story about Mum


and Dad meeting is quite a story. We think it is a lovely story. As


we were kids, we always cycled everywhere. 60 years on and the


celebrations have meant royal recognition and a party with a


surprise tandem in tow. So this was 19 great-grandchildren, because of


a bicycle made for two. -- so there is all because.


Time is the end of the programme: Here are the headlines: Hopes for


justice far the family of Yvonne Fletcher say one of the men wanted


for her killing may still be in Libya. And the Skegness ride which


injured seven people will be removed as the owner of the


pleasure Beach says the accident was his worst nightmare.


It will be dry with some sunny intervals tomorrow. Top


temperatures better at around 18 Celsius.


A response coming in on cigarettes. Smoking has been going on for years.


Black-market cigarettes are the only way.


Smokers cost the NHS �1.7 billion. Smokers and produce �7 billion in


revenue. If all the smokers stop smoking, all the non-smokers would


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