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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines tonight. Extreme measures - fears half a


million people will struggle to pay their fuel bills this winter.


at the beginning of autumn really worried about January's bills.


in the air - the Red Arrows perform for the first time since the death


of one of their pilots. The east coast seals under attack


from an infectious disease. As one of the most luxurious trains


in the world arrives in Hull, we climb aboard. And join me for that


all-important weekend weather forecast live from the Hull Freedom


Festival. There are warnings more than half a


million households across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire could struggle to


pay their bills this winter. Rising prices means a growing number of


people are facing fuel poverty and can't afford to heat their houses.


Siobhan Robbins has more. Cutting wood for the winter. It may


only be September but this man says a lack of insulation means heat and


money are seeping out through the walls. Through the upstairs, could


be 60% going through the walls and downstairs, 50%. By that


calculation, we could save 50% -- blues that the descent of gas money


going through the walls. When you walk in from outside, you feel the


temperature drop immediately. Recent price rises mean future fuel


bills are a worry. I'm sad that the beginning of autumn really worried


about January's bills. We need to eat as well as heat. A lot of money


has to go on the bills and a lot of people cannot afford to eat. This


is a question of poverty. Rising prices mean that even net cost of


boiling a kettle -- settled can be a worry. Gas prices up 18% and


electricity 10%. It means more than half a million households across


Yorkshire may struggle to pay the bills. Struggling finances mean


elderly people are often hit the hardest when prices rise. It's


cheaper for people do come in here. Bills are getting bigger and bigger


and it is becoming harder to enjoy other things in your life.


smaller businesses like this Grimsby glass company are also


feeling the pressure. I do not pass gas and electric pace is on to the


customer. It eats into your bottom line so the profit margins a law


under four and it affects the whole business. Phil's now building a


shelter to protect from the cold. Just one of many fighting to stay


warm over winter. I spoke to Pete Moorey from the


consumer group Which and asked him whether he was surprised that half


a million people across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are facing fuel


poverty this winter. Unfortunately, it is not surprising that these


kind of figures are being announced today. With energy price hikes of


anywhere between 10, 15 or 20% this winter for all consumers, it really


is not a surprise that so many people are slipping into fuel


poverty and struggling to pay their bills. They are huge figures. What


help is available? It is difficult really for consumers to know what


to do. There are some simple things that too many people are not doing


in the face of rising bills. Things like looking at whether they can be


in a better payment scheme. If people pay by direct debit rather


than by cheque, they would be saving money. Energy companies


would be giving them discounts. Or, if they were able to pay online.


Equally, if they decided to get both the gas and electricity from


one supplier, each of these things would ensure that they would get


discounts from their suppliers and save money. Do we have to help


ourselves. The film was saying that there so much can be lost. There


are some simple steps in terms of insulation. Loft insulation and


cavity wall insulation need not cost a lot of money. Some suppliers


may supplied to you for free or subsidised. Consumers should be


calling the energy companies and finding out whether there are deals


available. They should take those options where they are available.


Very briefly, five out of six energy companies have increased


prices. Will this continue? We should expect this. This is partly


due to investment needed an hour energy infrastructure. Consumers be


to help themselves but energy companies need to answer the tough


questions about whether these price rises are justified. Thank you.


Let us know your thoughts and us. How What's your view on this


tonight? Are you one of the half a million people who are going to be


in this situation this winter? If so let me know how you're planning


to cope. And what needs to be done to help.


In a moment - the �500,000 homes helping to revive the caravan


industry. The Lincolnshire based Red Arrows


have performed in public for the first time since the death of one


of their pilots. Flight Lieutenant John egging died almost two weeks


ago litany a festival in Bournemouth. The remaining eight


planes today performed a world famous routine.


Back in the air at less than two weeks after the loss of Red four.


The show must go on, and the Red Arrows are now only 80 number. For


those watching the comeback display at a country fair, the side brought


mixed emotions. It is amazing, a fantastic shot. Really amazing and


encouraging to see them back up there. It's been quite emotional


but it was fantastic. You feel very attached to them really. It is a


great loss. The flight lieutenant was killed when his jet crashed


following a display at the Bournemouth their festival. Back in


line to show whether there are also based, well-wishers left their


tributes. Crash investigators began their work, and the display team


were grounded than their engagements cancelled. Initial


inquiries cleared the jet to fly once more. The Red Arrows return to


base last Saturday and began practising for displays using an


eight aircraft formation instead of the usual nine. Before the display,


the squadron leader said, the fortitude, resilience and pride


that he showed in life were the qualities which defined our armed


forces, and it is these which will enable us to get back in her feet


and move on. Today marks the Red Arrows return to public displays.


The displays are dedicated to the memory of Flight Lieutenant John


begging. A few minutes ago, I asked a


reporter to describe the mood among the public. The Red Arrows has


hugely popular with crowds bought here at in the UK and across the


world. They got a fantastic reception today at Chatsworth


Country Fair. There was a slight sense of sadness surrounding the


whole display. The display today with eight aircraft instead of the


usual nine. A very poignant for those watching. Today's display


takes place just 24 hours before or the flight lieutenant is laid to


rest near his home in Rutland. Everywhere on, tribute was paid to


the fortitude of his wife, and said she was an example that the team


could look upon as they continued with their display season.


A light aircraft has crashed near Market Deeping. The plane went down


near the village of Wansford, close to the A1 after hitting power lines.


The A1 and surrounding roads have been closed while police


investigate the accident. It is likely to be shut until tomorrow


afternoon. It is an industry hit hard by the


recession, but because of caravans were to the in an upbeat mood ahead


of their to Rachel. It hopes to attack by us in their thousands,


but surprisingly, it is a luxury end of the market that is giving


cause for optimism. Caravanning does not get more


luxurious than this. Nearly �500,000 worth of mobile home, and


said to be selling well. You could be forgiven for thinking the


economy was booming. Some of these buildings cost a phenomenal amounts


of money, upwards of five under �1,000. The absolutely luxurious.


All the electronic gadgetry and so on. Nicer than many homes that have


been built. They are built to last as well these days. You can get


mortgages on a man finance. It is a great lifestyle if you can afford


it. Caravan camping - they do it yourself holiday made easy. From


their early days of the budget holiday, the industry has become


more sophisticated. As the finishing touches are made to this


year's show, it is hoped the new season's caravans will prove to be


bestsellers and support local jobs. The caravan industry in Hull is


very dependent on people and jobs. We're confident about the future


and feel we have products customers will be very interested in this


weekend. The industry is highly sensitive to the market. It is only


a few weeks since global manufacturer Swift announced


redundancies. Manufacturers are keen to counter out that so


economic downturn can mean fewer people are buying caravans, it can


also mean that more people are choosing to holiday in this country.


Guess where they are staying? This holiday park in East Yorkshire is


benefiting from the so-called state occasion. This year, more caravans


have been sold. We have done very well this year. When the public


come through the doors here tomorrow, they will be able to see


just about everything this industry has to offer. Manufacturers will be


hoping they are in a buoyant mood. Thanks be up e-mails, texts and a


tweets about the hundreds of 1000 pounds spent in East Yorkshire by


council's cleaning up fly-tipping. The survey, by the Countryside


Alliance, says most of our authorities are struggling to


reclaim their costs with just �15,000 recovered in fines. Here's


just a few of your comments: Phil in Lincoln suggests local


authorities should make provision at their tips to allow asbestos to


be left, as private firms charge a There was a big response on that


story after the programme last night. Thank you for those. Still


ahead: The course is one of the toughest anywhere in the world, and


can be very confusing. 50 years on, we will look at the


history of one of the biggest events of its kind in the country.


Passengers in Hull setting off on a And 83 year-old says most of the


shots to show on the programme are taken with electronic cameras which


do not take effort. This is Lesley Fussey's picture of Hull. More


pictures tomorrow. Port is at the Queen's Gardens


Freedom Festival. -- Paul. He I think you will find it is my


natural hair colour, I have not died it! What is your excuse?


Somebody said yesterday you were on holiday that long you have probably


gone grey! It is really nice to be here. There is a lot going on. The


crowds are building now as you can see. Will we get a wave? Yes we


will. There is lots going on with the Freedom Festival, five venues


across the city, and I have good news for tomorrow, because it looks


as though it will be mostly fine and drive across all five events.


Get yourself into Hull. 23 degrees Let's look at the graphics for this


evening. Very pleasant with variable crowd -- cloud and


sunshine possible before the sun sets. Overnight dry it with broken


cloud. Temperatures down to 12 degrees, quite mild for the early


part of September. Tomorrow looks promising, the best weather in the


morning, dry and bright with some hazy sunshine. Clouds will


gradually increase, and the afternoon looks cloudy. There will


be one or two spots of rain in western parts of East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire, but basically it looks like it will be mostly dried


with good temperatures, 22-23 Cup Mar-24 around the Wash.


Some uncertainty about Sunday, more and settles with patchy outbreaks


of rain for a time, but the signal next week is a taste of autumn with


it turning windier and a risk of rain at times. That is the forecast.


This is a prestigious festival for this city, and you turn up like


that! Nice of you to make an effort! There is nothing wrong with


that and nothing wrong with me after Culture Festival!


contradiction in terms is what I would say! Have a nice weekend.


would say! Have a nice weekend. you later.'s his it is a sickness


that it is very infectious and its spreading through a colony of grey


seals at Flamborough. Four seals have been treated for


sealpox in the last few weeks and an animal charity has been carrying


out regular checks on the colony. Caroline Bilton was given exclusive


access to join them. Her report contains images you may find


upsetting. Flamborough is not the first place


you would come to to seize seals. You would probably end up further


down the coastline, where there is a colony of around 4500, but what


we have here is effectively a seal motorway. Hiding in caves up and


down this stretch of coastline, there will be hundreds of seals.


Keeping a close eye on them is the charity East Coast Seal Rescue.


day job is a nurse for Humberside and North Yorkshire police. In my


spare time, I rescue seals. It is an outbreak of sealpox keeping


Lesley and her team busy at the moment. These are the images of


their latest rescue of a seal suffering from pox. Its flippers


are covered in sores. As a result they're carrying out regular checks


and today they have invited me to join them. Being escorted by the


coastguard, we will keep an eye on the changing tide, and were only


have a short time in a cave before we risk getting cut off.


This is a cave underneath Flamborough, where the grey seals


had been suffering from sealpox. We are coming down to check that the


one we had the here the other day is all right and none of the others


are suffering. We also checking for blood on the rocks because that


would indicate that the seals with sealpox are still using this cave.


We might have won in front of us. We can hear it. I am quite happy


with that seal. There is no blood on it. It looks healthy so it has


been feeding and it has this wonderful big eyes looking at us.


In the last month we have been real busy with three fours in one day


Sundays. At other times we don't have any call-outs. This is all


time they devote voluntarily. Rachel is a full-time mum with a


love for seals. I am actually from Lancashire and move to Bridlington


and wanted to put something back into the community. I thought it


was a perfect opportunity. Today there is no evidence of poorly


seals, so how serious is this latest outbreak of sealpox? Sealpox


is not a serious issue, it is like chickenpox in humans, but the


problem is when they get it on their flippers or a place where it


doesn't heal. Then we need to check the more, and the healthy one is


now coming to metres. For now, this pup is free of sealpox, but Lesley


and her team will be back to keep They do some great work, and some


amazing pictures of the seals there. The Queen's new married


granddaughter Zara Phillips is one of 80 riders competing this weekend


in Lincolnshire at the annual Burghley Horse Trials. The event is


celebrating its 50th year and to mark the anniversary, we have been


looking back into the archives. They are the world's best risers,


and Burghley is one of the events they all want to win -- best riders.


Stanford's famous horse trial is in its 50th year and its it has been


every rider's dream to win here since the start.


50 years on, the same requirements apply, though back in the Sixties,


health and safety was never really a serious concern. We were very


lucky. Yes we had falls but most of us were lucky enough to get out. It


wasn't like it is now. It was far more basic. It was equally good fun


and challenging, though. She parted company with her rider, apparently


with no harm done. The way the fences are built now are so


different to how they used to be. Back then, a fence like this was


never heard of. The royal party enjoyed a sporting times. Over the


years, royalty have been regular visitors to Burghley, though these


days family members are more than spectators. This year, the Queen's


granddaughter is riding, just five weeks after her marriage to a rugby


star. What takes priority, horses or rugby? Both. We both work hard


in our sports, and we both supported other, and it is part of


our lives. The challenge of these enormous fences will test all 80


riders tomorrow. It is a sport which over the last 50 years here


has been seen as the ultimate test It has been warm their today


apparently. Zara Phillips will be competing on Saturday and Sunday.


Hull Kingston Rovers have arrived in France knowing victory over


Catalans Dragons will give them the greatest chance of making the end-


of-season play-offs. Rovers are in a three-way race for two places


along with neighbours Hull FC and Castleford. Simon Clark is in


France watching their preparations. In temperatures hitting the 30


Celsius mark, the players of Hull Kingston Rovers got a taste of what


faces them tomorrow. They stretched and sweated in the stadium in


France, all well barring one suspended player. We are going in


full of confidence. We have been here for a couple of days so the


players are looking forward to it. In terms of preparation, everything


has gone smoothly. Rovers come into this match fresh from their best


win of the season, a 24-22 victory over St Helens. BBC Radio


Humberside commentator Chris Clark saw that game and today's training


session and says much is at stake for Rovers and opponents Catalans.


Rovers are chasing 8 spot but Castle arms could be forced. --


Catalans could be 4th. It is their final home game of the season and


they will want a point. Four or PHI of weeks ago we were relying on


results to go our way, but destiny is certainly on our doorstep.


have given the player's one simple instruction: Win here and next week


at Castleford and Hull KR qualified for the play-offs come what may. It


Back in Hull, the black-and-white coach Richard Agar says there is a


lot riding on their game against Castleford tomorrow. They are


currently 8th on the Super League table following a convincing win


over Crusaders in a game that ended 58-18. Castleford is a great ground


to go and play at. We are certain that we will take a healthy


following, and ensure Castleford will as well. It makes for a good


game as you would expect at this time of the year with so much


riding on it. You can keep up to date on both games on BBC Radio


Humberside tomorrow. Full Commentary of Hull KR's game starts


Enjoy your football and your rugby league. It is the sister train to


the Orient Express, and it is more luxurious than a five-star hotel.


The Northern Belle is based on the style of the luxury of the 1930s


Pullman engines. Today it came to Hull's's Paragon Station for a rare


visit to raise money for Dove House Hospice. Linsey Smith has more.


Awaiting the arrival of a special guest: The mood was celebratory at


Hull's Paragon Station this afternoon in anticipation of the


Northern Belle. It is the first time it has come to Hull and it is


so iconic. We are delighted for it to be here. Everyone is so excited


about it! A sister train to the Orient Express, the Northern Belle


is based on the style and luxury of the 1930s Belle trains. Let's take


a ride on Britain's latest train. This is travel as it should be.


it was more exuberant -- exuberance than engines that drew the crowd.


We had a leather wallet with tickets to art day trip to


Edinburgh and a five-course meal on the way home. The nostalgia of


being on the train, and the lovely atmosphere. The thought of going on


a Pullman train at the start is exciting. At �300 a ticket, it is


more than the usual tip to Edinburgh, but this is travel how


it used to be. We have tablecloths, for a start! Fine china, glasses,


we are hoping for champagne as soon as possible. It is hoped the day


will raise thousands of pounds for Dove House Hospice and let these


passengers enjoy a piece of history. Carriages full of elegance and


refinement. Let's recap the main national and


regional headlines. The new leaders of Libya have called for guns to


come off the streets of Tripoli and call for the rebels to go home.


There are warnings more than half- a-million homes in Yorkshire and


literature will struggle to pay fuel bills this winter. Whether


fine, bright and warm, hazy fine, bright and warm, hazy


sunshine at times, top temperatures around ready for Celsius, 24, 75


around ready for Celsius, 24, 75 Fahrenheit.


Another reviewer says that it is a disgrace that in 2011 people living


fuel property whether companies make a profit, and the government


should intervene. Justin says he has given up using heating as


energy bills are so high. Kathy text did to say, we have loft


insulation and cavity wall insulation, but our bills are still


high. ! That is it, we are back on the


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