05/09/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Town versus country. Claims that rural areas pay more tax but lose


out to urban centres on vital services.


An investigation is underway after a toddler drowns at a caravan park.


Bed was bad for us that were standing by, so I cannot imagine


what that family is going through. It is just so upsetting.


The speed camera repair bill that runs into hundreds of thousands of


pounds. Why this seaside town is one of the


top tourist destinations in the country.


And that taste of autumn in the next couple of days, the forecast


coming up shortly. People living in rural areas in


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are getting a raw deal when it comes to


Government spending. That's the finding of a new report claiming


people in the countryside pay on average �100 more in council tax,


but get 50% less money. The Rural Services Network is now calling on


ministers to address the issue. Our communities correspondent Vicky


Johnson has the story. But it might be green and it might


be pleasant, but many people living in a rural areas feel they are


paying way over the odds for the privilege. This woman has lived in


East Yorkshire for the past 15 years. I think we already been off.


We are certainly being more than a lot of people who live in and are


then environment. He this is not just a perception. A new study


reveals that if you live in the East Riding of Yorkshire or line


future, the average amount of government money spent per head is


around �300. But in Hull, that amount is doubled to �600. That is


despite people in rural areas paying more in council tax than


their Aardman counterparts. This woman works for a charity that


supports rural communities. There is a perception that people that


live in rural areas are more affluent. That is a method. The


need support and the monies into them to keep them sustainable and


viable. If regular bus services, two pubs and shops mean that people


here still enjoy a country life. They worked together, rather than


simply relying on their council. in a council house, it they would


look and see why the Electric had gone off rather than wait for the


council. Those living in the more remote villages with fewer


amenities certainly feel more hard done by.


Graham Stuart is the MP for a rural area Beverley and Holderness, and


also chairs the Parliamentary Group on Rural Services. I put it to him


that big cities and urban areas were bound to need more money than


a country area. The truth this the cost of delivery in the rural areas


is higher. There are more primary fires per head in a rural areas and


there are in our been at is. They tend to be more serious. A road


traffic accidents are another big business, if you like, for the Fire


Service. But are they coming off that badly? Many people that live


in a rural areas are affluent. Why should they not pay more?


average income in a rural areas is are actually at war than that on


the urban areas. They are paying higher council tax and then they


receive substantially less just to support services. I planned to


pressure this government until the move to make a fairer system.


are no longer in opposition, you are in government now, so you can


change it. And the Government has inherited this terrible financial


mess. It is much more difficult to change the system when you have so


little money. But we have to make the case and get changed because it


is not fair that we should have this continuation, whether it is


health care or the skills, that are all more expensive to run than the


RN it relate -- are been areas and yet his soul much less money. I


applied to pressure I've is this government. -- I plan to pressurise


this Government. If you do it, then they are been at is will miss out


on money and then a Labour MP will be on the complaining. Is there a


fairer way? It should be based on need and be transparent. We have


had Labour using the formula to push money into a been at is at the


expense of a rural areas. I do not want a repeat of that the other way


round. I want a transparent system that gives the full support to


everybody, wherever they live. Thank you very much indeed. The


later we know what do you think about this one. -- let me know what


do you think of this one. Contact In a moment:


Just half the visitors of last year, but organisers say Hull's Freedom


Festival is set to continue. An investigation is underway after


a 19-month-old toddler drowned at a Lincolnshire caravan park. He


disappeared while his parents were putting up a tent. The tragedy


happened at the Skegness Water Leisure Park in Ingoldmells. Park


staff there had tried in vain to revive him.


Throughout the day, flowers have been left at the campsite, close to


the lake where the little boy's body was found. His family had just


arrived and were pitching their tent when he disappeared. I feel


for the family. It was bad for us that were standing by, so why do


not know how they must have felt. She was very upset. She had just


bought a teddy bear and an outfit and he had gone. In a statement


The owner of the port is now working closely with that the


district council, who have had inspectors here over the weekend.


They say they are completely happy with their health and safety


precautions in place here. Because of that, it is believed no further


action will be taken. I have two children under the age of 10 myself


and I go camping with them. He know that when you are putting something


up, it is difficult to keep your attention on the children. That is


why all my sympathies go to the this family, because I am in the


same position. The events have been described as a tragic accident, a


simple family all the that have ended -- that has ended in


unimaginable circumstances. Some of the day's other news now.


Police have named the pilot who died when his plane crashed near


Stamford. Clive Greenaway was 52 and from Stratford-Upon-Avon. He


died when his light aircraft hit a power line over the A1 on Friday.


The road was closed for 24 hours as the cable was in danger of falling


onto the carriageway. People living on the Humberston


Fitties near Cleethorpes have been told they might be able to stay


there for 12 months a year. The caravan park currently only allows


people to stay for ten months. Now councillors say they will consider


the request from residents, and hold a vote on the issue.


Around 1,000 jobs have been protected after plans for a multi


million pound gas turbine plant have been approved in Lincolnshire.


Siemens will open its site at Teal Park in North Hykeham, near Lincoln


next year. More than �300,000 has been spent


this year alone in Lincolnshire on fixing vandalised speed cameras.


The Road Safety Partnership has released the figures after the


latest incident, which took place over the weekend. Since the start


of the year, 16 sites have been targeted in the county, including


in Lincoln, Grantham, Louth and Spalding. Our reporter Vanessa


Clarke is at a site near Spalding. Vanessa, tell us what happened


there. The latest camera to be attacked.


In the early hours of yesterday morning, someone came along and set


fire to this whole hedge and the camera. Thousands of pounds of


damage has been done. This road here is a particularly dangerous


one. I was speaking to a garage owner up of the road and he said


that before the speed camera was here, a number of accidents were


taking place. It is said that the damage done here could cost


people's lives. The people that are attacking these cameras are not


looking at the bigger picture. The bigger picture is that the cameras


are there to speed -- save lives. The artist's old people down at


significant danger areas. For them to burn these cameras, they are


diverting money that we can better spent in other places.


seriously are these incidents being treated?


This is the 17th camera to be attacked. People are quite worried


about. A new camera was put in place recently near by because two


weeks ago, at �10,000 worth of damage was done. The Road Safety


Partnership said they are on the case and will try to bring people


to justice. At �10,000 reward is being made available to anyone that


can help with the investigation. And I'm sure this is another you


will have a view on. Should these camera sites be fixed, costing the


taxpayer thousands of pounds? There's the email and text details


for you on screen now. And if you want to hear more on the


story, you can do on BBC Lincolnshire's breakfast show


tomorrow morning from 6am. In the last five years, the amount


of waste being recycled in Hull has more than doubled. Pushing the city


towards the top of the green league tables. The council claims new


recycling and better waste schemes are behind the rise, which has also


cut the amount of rubbish being sent to landfill. Phillip Norton


reports. Household items being recycled in


Hull. A few years ago, most of this was going to landfill. Now, it is


helping the city to become one of the best in the country for cutting


down on waste. We were in the bottom quarter in terms of er


recycling performance. Now we are potentially the best in the country.


We're certainly in the top ten to 20% told all local authorities.


They have a 51.4% to recite Tingley rate. The amount being recycled has


doubled to almost 66,000 tonnes. Over the same period, thus the


amount being sent to landfill has been cut by almost one third.


credit to them. I am a great believer in recycling, I think it


is very important. I am all for it. A you cannot keep the putting it in


a landfill, because it will run out. This has got to be better. It is


not just homeowners who are helping. Don Wilson has set up a business


that collects and refurbishes broken and unwanted office


furniture that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Beagle and click


the furniture, bring it back here, strip it down, refurbish it, clean


it checked for safety. -- will be cool. We then offer it to the


client or it to charity. We really wanted to go to start up businesses.


The council is among those backing recycling and reuse projects. And


with Government targets for 2020 already met, they will further


Thank you for watching. Still ahead, Hull Kingston Rovers arrest get


closer to joining Hull FC in the closer to joining Hull FC in the


play-offs after a favour from their city rivals. The seaside town


ranked as one per of that took top countries to US destinations. --


top tourist destinations in the country. The two so clean along


Tonight's picture. Thank you very much for that, John. Good evening,


young man. How are you? I am very well, thank you. Happy birthday,


Peter. Someone has just treated, happy birthday, Peter. 1 year


It is an autumnal headline. This is a tumble looking chart. -- chart


that looks very autumnal. There have been some sharp showers around


this afternoon. Some sunshine you can see from the West. There should


be some fine weather in the next couple of hours but it will not be


long before we see some patchy rain developing. The lowest temperatures


will be around 12 Celsius. The sun will rise in the morning at 6:19am.


Watch out for the commute in the morning. There will be a lot of


spray on the surface. This weather front is moving quickly so I reckon


that by late morning, it will have moved on. A lot of fine weather


with some sunshine. Still a risk of one or two showers. The rain will


be the main feature tomorrow. Temperatures will not be too bad.


It remains unsettled, a scattering of showers on Wednesday and


Why is it that all turned up as a festival of culture looking like a


lumberjack had been to a car-boot Sale? Wonderful! That was one of my


75,000 people normally visit the Freedom Festival. That was just


half the people that came last year. Organisers claim it is still


taxpayers' money well spent. Without the big-name pop acts of


previous years, the focus was on the part. It seems to have gone


down well. There are less people on the streets but there is still a


good buzz. Just because you have not heard of the talent does not


mean to say it is not good. streets are buzzing, it is cool.


prefer it this way. Businesses have always -- have also benefited. This


cafe, which normally only opens at the weekend. The have had way too


many people in to cope. A weekend like this is important to generate


business. It get surname out there. Replenishing stock begins. It is a


constant flow of the family's. In terms of success, it was as begged.


For others, it has not been the success they hoped for. This


delicatessen ran out of food last year, this year, it was not as busy.


After 4 o'clock, it was not very busy. I did not have to stay behind.


I am not very happy about this year. Tourism bosses say that this year


has been a learning curve. For us, it is like the first year almost.


It is very important that you get the balance. It is good to have


poor packed. But the balance is more important. We want it to grow


and feel like a festival. Organisers have plenty to build on


as funding has been secured for the next three years.


A response on a story about fears that more than half a million


households in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire could struggle to pay


their bills this winter. Some people are taking action to keep


their homes but rising prices mean that many are facing fuel poverty.


A big response. First of all. This women says, as we have lost


installation and cavity wall An emotive subject. We were talking


about it on the radio yesterday. Sport, now. A great weekend for


both of our rugby league teams. roads lead to Hull this weekend.


Can Hull Kingston Rovers make the top rate? More than 1000 fans went


to the south of France to see Hull FC pull off their best win of the


season against Catalan Dragons. It set up a final-day play-off decider.


They travel far and wide to see their team. It is nice, the weather


is great and the atmosphere is great. It is great to experience a


different culture, at different way of watching rugby. You're having a


holiday and watching your team play rugby. That is why we're here.


must have been worth every penny. Rover has got off to a storming


start. After adding to their score, along came the expected fight back


from the Catalan Dragons. But not for long. The Robins went ahead.


More Catalan pressure brought them back and told us try sealed a


dramatic one. -- this drat -- this tried sealed a dramatic winner.


Over in Castleford, wave after wave of Hull FC pressure saw them score


50 points to secured their place in the play-offs. Back in France, time


for reflection. Especially from these fans facing a 17 hour rail


journey from France to Hull. Very good, nice people and we have had a


great time. To watch Hull Kingston Rovers as well, it tops the whole


weekend off. During that game, they're your mortal enemies and


after the game, there shaking your hands.


Once again, a British set of fans have embraced the Catalan


experiences. They have had a great welcome from local people and


businesses. That is just as well, because in two weeks' time, one of


the sides from Hull could be back here for a play-off game.


What are the chances of one of the club's going back to France? Quite


club's going back to France? Quite high, actually. Let us have a look


at the league table. That yellow line is like the VIP area of a


nightclub! Clint Newton and Ben Fisher leaving Hull Kingston Rovers


at the end of the year. Football, and Scunthorpe United could have to


pay out �195,000 to one of their new midfielders. Jenny Wright


enjoyed in the summer from Accrington Stanley. A tribunal


today has ruled how much you will cost his new club. -- he will cost


his new club. Scunthorpe United are still without a league win this


evening -- this season. Lincoln City son to a 4th defeat in as many


games. Grimsby Town picked up a The ad was a fast thick with -- it


was a fantastic weekend for the horse establishment. Over 100,000


people attended these horse trials. More records were broken when this


man took the title for a 6th time. Zara Phillips finished 10th. It is


very exciting. I can pretend that I am relaxed, but deep down, it meant


a lot so that was huge. Yorkshire's cricketers face a must-win game. On


Saturday, their rivals Warwickshire were able to bat out a draw.


Anything but a victory against Somerset will mean relegation.


According to the latest figures from visit England -- from Visit


England, the numbers of people are holidaying in Skegness has risen.


When it comes to trawling in the tourists, the Jolly fisherman in


Skegness come 4th in the latest statistics. York is only the 5th


most visited. Bath's Roman attractions may be popular with


overseas tourists, but only the 20th with people holidaying at home.


Shakespeare's birthplace does not even make the list. It is not one


of my personal favourite, I can understand why it might attract


people, but I have always preferred to the Yorkshire coast. I went, but


only as a child, many years ago. I would not go there for a day out,


let us put it that way. It has been described as a tacky spectacle, but


yes, Culture vultures may run a mile, but not everyone wants much


more. It is my first time here, it is so clean and there is so much to


do along the front. It is not too far away and it is reasonably


priced. It is close and the children enjoy it. What more could


you ask? It may not have the wonders of Windsor or the sun set


of new quay, but with crowds of caravans, a minor recession and the


weak pound, Skegness is holding its own as a place to be Kate -- as a


place to holiday at home. Let us recap the main national and


regional headlines. The first batch of three schools


open, but there are claims that they will only help the children of


pushy parents. The weather tomorrow, grainy with


wind. Top temperatures, 19 Celsius. Back to a story on the subject of


speed cameras. There is a reward of �1,000. Nathan says, I think that


speed camera fire incidents are costing us a lot of money. Let us


just respray them and people think they're in service. That will lower


the cost. Another says, that people would


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