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The 4th Good evening. Welcome to BBC Look North. There headlines:


Rescued from the freezing North Sea. How a woman survived a fall


overboard from a ferry. When we head there was a person in the


water in the sea at night, I think she was in there for half an hour,


chances of survival are normally quite minimal.


A race against time to save a whale stuck in the mud on the Humber.


loaded about Revolver, to be honest, because I thought rubes. One of our


functions is to prevent suffering. -- I thought, whoops.


�19,000 and more will be spent on moving this playground. And the


smallest car in the world, made in Lincolnshire.


All the latest coming up on the Good evening. A woman who fell from


a ferry off the Flamborough coast has been described as the luckiest


woman alive. She managed to keep itself afloat for half-an-hour in


freezing water before emergency teams arrived to save her. The


incident was 20 miles off the Flamborough coast. The drama


happened as the 23-year-old was travelling on a ferry from


Newcastle to the Netherlands. Phil Connell has more.


In dark, stormy conditions, the RAF search-and-rescue helicopter found


the ferry 20 miles off Flamborough Head. On board, the woman was


winched to safety after being rescued from the sea by a lifeboat


crew 30 minutes earlier. It was thought she had fallen 30 ft into


freezing water after going on deck to light a cigarette. When we heard


the situation, a person in the water in the sea at night, I think


she was in there for half an hour, chances of survival are quite


minimal. Extremely lucky. Condition as last night were said to be


similar to those seen along the East Coast today. How winds and


stormy seas. In weather like this, the safe rescue of the woman has


been described as nothing short of a miracle. Today, the quick actions


of those on board the ferry have been praised for saving her life.


There is a survivability time in any water, any open-water. The


lower the temperature, the survivability time is Low Wood. It


is -- it was crucial she was found quickly. A Humberside Offshore


Training Association is one of seven companies in the country that


train people for eventualities like last night. This session today was


for those working on oil and gas rigs, but experts say cruise on


board the ferry would have been trained in similar ways. They then


have to launch boat, how to recover them, how to identify people in the


water. When the lady was pulled out of the sea, she will have been very


cold. The crew have to know what to do to enhance chances of survival


before they even get back to the ship. The one-man has now been


released from Scarborough Hospital, returning home to Hertfordshire


with a story of survival she will never forget -- the woman has been


released. He incredible story. And it has


been a very busy 24 hours for rescue crews along the Humber. They


were scramble to Immingham docks this morning to help free a 30 ft


whale calf stranded on the nearby mudflats. Crispin Rolfe was there


as crews battled to save its life. I actually loaded up my revolve --


I loaded at my revolver with bullets, because at one time, I


thought whoops. The outcome is unbelievable. They started with a


light. Rescue teams from across the region come to the aid of the


stranded minky whale. Became more in hope than expectation, after the


cat was found trapped on a mud bank. The mud, hazardous to the whale,


was a danger to the rescuers as well. That was not the Aironi wife.


It was quite intimidating, when you first saw it, their weight and size


of it. We did not want to get too close to it. We started off by


digging a trench to help the water come in. We were told we had


reached high tide, and the water still have not floated their whale.


We started so were the tactics. of theirs was this, using the


inshore lifeboat to create waves and frightened of whale into action.


Eventually, that had some except -- that had some success. We only had


about 15 minutes before the animal would drown. It was a simple option.


It is now six hours since rescuers came together to try and ease his


way of the mud flat. It is estimated to weigh between 12 and


15 tonnes. They have managed to get it out into the water. The question


now is worried be able to swim for itself and escape to the safety of


the Humber? Rescuers held their breath, fearing


the worst, that the tide would fall to fast and there were would have


to be put out of its misery. Until base. Fins turning, sea churning,


and an escaping to the Humber and to its waiting mother. It will be


known whether it has made it to the safety of the North Sea in another


24 hours, but for the rescuers, the result they hoped for but never


really believed could happen. are over the moon. It makes you


feel wonderful. Crispin is in the studio now. How did the best two


teams make sure this had a happy ending? Extraordinary stuff. These


things often do not go the way we plan them. It has been a very long


day for the rescuers. The whale was stranded at four am. By 8 o'clock,


a team of rescuers began trying to free it. By 10am, 20 rescuers had


got out to the shoreline, turning up the whale into one upright


position. That was critical for its breathing. They began to dig a


channel to try and release it. 1:30pm, and high tide. Not high


enough to float the wealth, but enough to turn it, so it faced


forwards towards the Humber. By 2:30pm, the tide had turned and


there was a possibility that they would again run out of water. One


told me that they had had half an hour to save the whale at this putt,


and it was getting to just before 3 o'clock that they successfully


freed the Whale and gutted to swim away into open water. Her plea to


the safety of the North's sea. Thank you very much. -- hopefully


to the safety of the North Sea. In a moment: Back to school, but


not as we know it. New classrooms. It is 40 ft tall and cost more than


�90,000 to put up. A climbing frame at a Cleethorpes youth centre is to


be taken down and move to a new site after complaints from people


living nearby. It could cost a further �70,000 of taxpayers' money


to do it. It was meant to improve the lives


It is hoped a private sector partnership will help Shell some of


the costs, and they will charge people to use it. A waste of money.


That money could be put into education or something. I disagree


with it, totally disagree. Council officers planned the site under


delegated powers, which means councillors did not need to


scrutinise plans. Leonor Pidgen was in charge of leisure at the time


and she admits it could have been handled better. All the sudden,


this sprouting on your doorstep virtually overnight, without really


knowing it was coming and how high it would be, I think they needed


more consultation and explanation. They new administration said they


wanted backing used as soon as possible. Mistakes do happen. We


have to correct that now. That is the important thing. Until a


private partner comes forward, the question of when people can start


using this again is left hanging. I have been speaking to Councillor


Chris Shaw, the leader of North East Lincolnshire Council. I asked


whether he thought the playground was a bad mistake. Not really. The


thing is, Peter, we inherited the problem. We were given three


choices. The first was to do nothing, which was not an option.


The second was to scrap the same, which could have been a total waste


of taxpayers' money. The third choice was to have it resurrected


where people could use it. could any council of any party end


up in this situation? It had not been properly checked! I was


involved in the decision-making process and it was first erected.


It is a problem we inherited. You're dismissing Miss, but it is


�92,000 of taxpayers' money for something which are standing idle.


Do you want to apologise? I have nothing to apologise for. I would


apologise if I had spent �92,000 for it to stand idle. It will be


used. It is standing idle now. It will cost another �17,000 to move


it. The thing about 80 years we have a choice, we either leave it


there or remove it. It was a bad decision made by what was a


coalition council. It was one offers a's mistake. A topper said


does not work for the authority. you want to apologise for the waste


of �92,000? I cannot apologise for someone else's mistake. How sure


are you there can be another site found? We are working with people


who have expressed an interest in putting it on their side.


English language, when will kids be able to pay -- when will could be


able to play on it? We hope it will be within 12 months. I will invite


you to play on it, and you can even bring Paul Hudson. Thank-you. How


do you feel about the amount of taxpayers' money being spent to


pull the structure down? Should it have been put up in the first


A toddler who drowned in a lake at a Lincolnshire caravan park has


been named as 19 month old high game from Peterborough. The toddler


disappeared while his prayers were put in a pretend at Skegness Water


Leisure Park. -- the toddler has been named as tight game. - - Kai


Game. The father of all when whose home


was badly damaged in an arson attack on a Hull estate says the


terrace has become a target for thieves and vandals. Dave Allen


says residents fear for their safety as these move in to take


copper piping from the homes. is a chap who lives in the end


house on his own, and he is terrified. He's frightened it gets


set on fire again, which could happen. Nothing is getting done


since the fire. To two Lincolnshire care centres


for adults with learning difficulties could be close to


privatise. Lincolnshire County Council says the review is needed


in light of use has been given their own budgets. And 90 day


consultation period will begin on they two centres, among others.


Thank you far watching. Still ahead, their new coach to take charge of


policy from next season. And the smallest car in the world now of


the production line and on the road Tonight's photo is of straw bales.


A lovely picture, perfect September colours.


A quick update now on the digital switch-over. If you live in certain


parts of the area, you may have seen adverts advising you to retune


on September 7th. But, because you are seeing this programme right now,


it means you are getting your pictures from the Belmont


transmitter which has already switched. The advice is, if you


like what you are seeing now, no need to retune again, just keep


watching. The headline is a very unsettled


one as we said yesterday. Autumn has already arrived. We have had


gusts of 50 miles an hour. You can see the number of isobars for


tomorrow suggests it will be a windy day. It offers some


protection from the showers that will be packing into western parts


of the country. Some places will actually stay dry despite the fact


that it is a very unsettled section. Here is this morning's rain, this


vivid cold front, it has left behind and mix of cloud and


sunshine. Some shares have been getting across but most cases it


right now are dry with some sunshine. Overnight, the risk of a


few blustery showers Cushing in from the West but they should be


few and far between. Quite a few places will stay dry but very windy


- that is the main feature of the weather. Temperatures down to 11


degrees. The sun will rise in the Another very windy day to come but


it should be fairly bright. It looks set to the summit at times


but a few blustery showers cannot be ruled out. Later, a cloud may


well increase from the West. But there will be a fair amount of dry


weather in between those scattered showers. The winner will be strong


and from the West, we are looking at highs of holiday in 17 degrees.


Patchy rain at first on Thursday, brighter later and a similar story


Hull FC have announced coach Richard Agar is to leave the club


at the end of the season. He has described working at the KC Stadium


as an honour. Richard Agar has been with the


Black and Whites since 2005, initially as assistant coach before


being put in the hot seat on May 2008. A Challenge Cup final


appearance in 2008 was the highlight of his reign.


Challenge Cup final, obviously be didn't get the result but for any


coach to take his team to Wembley is a major honour. His departure


comes six weeks after the club was taken over by Hull City's Adam


Pearson. At the time, he said Agar was going nowhere. In a statement


All the best for the future. We recognise the exciting new chapter


in the club's history. We're looking forward to the search for a


new head coach. The first couple of seasons was all right but all he


has done since then his lose games. A I think it is sad because of are


the last couple of years he did well, getting a good team together


and then sometimes it changes for people. In a statement earlier


Agar is now being heavily linked with the vacant job at Wakefield


and it's expected that Peter Gentle will be confirmed as next coach of


Hull FC but with at least two games left in the season, fans here in


West Hull hope it won't cause any We have just heard that all schools


across Lincolnshire have today been urged to become academies by the


county council. Hull's newest Academy building has thrown open


its doors to pupils for the first time. Sirius building incorporating


Ganton special school has cost more than �48 million. Archbishop


Sentamu's new building across in East Hull opens next week. They are


part of the huge �400 million Building Schools for the Future


programme in the city. The serious Academy certainly has


an impressive looked, with facilities ranging from a 3 D


interactive hall and a demonstration Lab. Tell me what you


see. The pupils certainly seem to impress. Everything is brand new


and of the range, it is great to have such an opportunity to be in


such a fabulous environment. should be better for the grades.


Before we had a uniform and everyone will now get down to


learning and everyone will concentrate a lot more. This new-


build is regarded very much as the icing on the cake, progress already


achieved here at the Academy. For instance, in 2008, just 18%


achieved five GCSEs including English and maths. By this year,


that had risen to 46%. Staff are confident these new facilities will


help improve attainment even further. It is investing in young


people and it has an impact in raising standards and showing that


they are valued and giving children the opportunity to study in a 21st


century environment means that they are prepared for the future. Across


the city, last minute preparations are underway at another academy


which opens next week. When we opened today, everybody was so


surprised. The facilities are a truly spectacular here. We have a


fully professional theatre, we have a wonderful cybercafe and basically,


if the student has an interest in something, they can follow it here.


The �400 million schools for the Future programme will see every


secondary and special school in Hull either rebuilt or remodelled.


We have a real chance now of making an impact because we have the


facilities and these are not just facilities that are bench marks,


they are the best in the country. These are the first academies to be


completed, the rest should be finished by 2014. Children


attending the schools are certainly the lucky ones as there is unlikely


to be the school's building programme on the scale for decades


to come. We have had a big response to our


story about speed cameras in Lincolnshire being vandalised. More


than �300,000 has been spent this year in the county, fixing


vandalised cameras. The Road Safety Partnership says 16 sites have been


targeted since the start of the year including speed cameras in


Lincoln, Grantham, Louth and Colin Dexter has received an


honorary degree from the University of Lincoln today. He brought us one


of TV's most loved detectives, Inspector Morse. He told the


audience today that he still is proud to be a yellow belly!


I thought it was extraordinarily clever Lee organised because there


was an awful lot to get through. I think the audience must have been


extremely happy that there was only one honoree, me, because if they


had had to listen to have a dozen, that might have had been too long.


Take a look at this - the smallest car on the planet. It's just 1.5


metres long and fits just one person. And it's made in


Our love for the small car has continued through the years with


models made it all over the world. But how small would you be prepared


to go? For instance, which you go this small? Comfort doesn't come


into it! But it is re-engineered, automatic gearing, reverse, a


weight distribution system to make it stable. It has conforms to all


the current loss for motorcars. is a fully roadworthy replica of


the world's smallest production car. It was promised last time we spoke


to Alan and Emma about their scale model German bubble cars and now it


has arrived. It is 1.5 metres long, has a 50 cc engine and will cost


�7500 plus VAT. I love it because it makes even me look tall. Five


have already been sold to an American collector and this


interest from Europe, too. I was away at the weekend that a major


exhibition of Micra cars and people commenting and it is a pat on the


back for all the cold long nights in the workshop. The big difference


from what Alan and Emma have made before is the fact that this one


can go anywhere except motorways. I think it's absolutely stunning!


It really is, what a fabulous little thing! They're very


economical but no, I think there will stick to the one I've got.


Still a little more attractive for collectors only but a two-seater


version could follow soon. A reminder of the stories making


the headlines: There have been renewed claims that News


International chief James Murdoch knew phone hacking went beyond a


single reporter. And a whale calf swims to safety


six hours after becoming stranded on mud flats at Immingham docks.


The weather, blustery showers with some places staying dry. Top


temperatures around 18 Celsius. Response on the subject of the


adventure playground that we spoke about earlier. Roy says, can


someone tell us how the pay structure was made up, what do the


council spend our money on? Another one says it is not ugly and is very


important for children's development. Finally, James says,


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