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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


Fears a wind turbine factory planned for Hull which could bring


10,000 jobs could be under threat. First phone and railway cable now


our area's houses are the target for metal thieves. Anything they


can get their hands arm, they take Cracking down on drink driving in


Lincolnshire for migrant workers. Your weather forecast will follow


There are fears tonight that a multi-million pound contract


bringing thousands of jobs to Hull and the Humber is under threat. An


agreement with the wind turbines manufacturer, Siemens, to bring a


huge development to the area, ran out at the end of July. Now there


are two of rival bids from elsewhere in Europe. Three Hull MPs


have called for urgent talks with the Government. In a moment, will


be speaking with one of those, Alan Johnson. First, let's have a look


at the background. When the plans were revealed, it


was the biggest economic boost to our area in generations. A giant


factory that would make thousands of wind turbines, bringing with it


thousands of jobs. Siemens currently make turbines in Denmark


but they want to relocate closer to the sides of three huge new wind


finds -- wind farms planned for the North Sea. Hull was the preferred


location. The contract ran out in July, prompting MPs to it seek


assurances from the parliament in - - in parliament today. We face


foreign competition. What this Government do what the last


Government did and back this bill - - this bit? Will he do everything


he can to secure or Siemens coming to whore? I agree with the lady for


raising this issue. It is vital for the future of this economy and the


area she represents. I met whiff if Members of Parliament to discuss


this issue and have spoken to the head off Siemens. -- I met with


members of parliament. We are supporting the development of this


EST astray. Now it seems the fight to bring this investment to Hull


has only just started. Alan Johnson is joining us. Good


evening. The memorandum of understanding between Siemens and


Hull City Council has role -- a run-out. Could Siemens walk away


from Hull any times -- any time it likes? The memorandum said they


will look exclusively at Hull in the UK. The point I have made his


if Siemens don't come to whore, they won't come to the UK. They


will go elsewhere in northern Europe. -- if they don't come to


Hull, they will go elsewhere. The fact that the contract ran out in


July it doesn't mean the deal is there. Some people are saying that


Siemens is dead. Neither comment is true. Your point was right, it


seems like this has just begun. There is an enormous amount of work


that has been dunces January. We are coming to the end game and


there is a role for Government here. Hull City Council have been


brilliant. Who holds the cars now - - cards now? The Government hold


the cards. Because there are different departments, energy,


Department for business, Treasury, we have to make sure someone was


getting a grip on this from the start. The Prime Minister's


comments were important. Now we are sure there is a real ministerial


group on Mez. These talks are commercially confidential. Siemens


of receiving offers from other countries and offers of Health --


help. We are doing everything we can to make it an attractive


location. If in a sentence, you message to Vince Cable and the


Government to make sure we keep this? If is to say, get a


ministerial group on this, they sure it is coming from the top. We


want this country -- company to move to this country and we are


doing everything we can within reason to help them to do that.


Good to talk to you. In a moment, rescued yesterday but


this whale in the Humber could become stranded again.


Empty council houses being targeted by metal thieves have cost one


housing association �70,000. Shoreline Housing in crispy says


thieves of ripping out boilers and copper piping. -- Grimsby. The


price of scrap metal continues to rise.


The point of entry has been through the window. It is a problem that is


costing Shoreline Housing thousands of pounds a week. In Grimsby,


houses with no sitting tendance are being stripped of lead, copper


piping and other metals. Anything that they can get value for and any


means, they don't have any problems in ripping up floorboards. This is


a common occurrence. It is existing tenants that are the biggest victim


of this crime. In Grimsby, Shoreline Housing provides houses


for 8,000 families. The cost of repairing damaged homes has cost


them at �63,000 so far this year. A cost which means investment is


being lost from other important areas. Not only are we paying for


these costs, it means we are delaying the opportunity to let


those hands for families in great housing need. We are upset about it.


On this street, one resident told me how bad the problems have become.


Anything they can get their hands on. They will take it. In recent


months, they read it -- and railway lines, churches and a memorial


statue pulled from its plinth have been targets. For Tony Bateman, it


means extra checks. His scrapyard has never been as busy. If they


come with a vehicle, we take the registration number. They have to


show identification. Phase thousands of pounds worth of metal


here. Housing associations are doing more to protect their homes.


Scrap metal prices are true -- driving thieves to wreaking havoc.


I would like your thoughts on this one. What should be done to stop


the amount of metal theft at the moment? Is the your tough enough?


A man who claims he was abused at a Catholic boys' home in East


Yorkshire says he will die before any compensation claims are settled.


Robert Maxwell was a pupil at the St William's home near market


Wheaton in the 1960s. He and other former residence, which closed in


1992, are seeking compensation from the church. The diocese of


Middlesbrough denies being responsible for the running.


The Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has welcomed a move by


Lincolnshire County Council urging all county schools to become


academies. Yesterday, councillors agreed their schools should be


encouraged to take on the status. Mr Gove claims it will help raise


education standards. Lincolnshire is a very well have run local-


authority and schools have been doing well for young people over


the last few years. They can do better and academy status gives


them the freedom and flexibility and resources to raise standards


for all children. Experts say they are becoming


increasingly worried that the whale rescued from Immingham Docks may


become stranded for a second time. Rescuers worked for more than six


hours to free the 30 ft whale yesterday after it became stuck in


the mud. Despite hopes it had swum at to see, they have been several


reported sightings in the Humber estuary.


We have an expert here monitoring the whale. Good evening.


Can you tell us what has been happening? We had a report from the


coastguard at 9am this morning saying it was just off the north


coast of Grimsby in the centre of the Humber estuary. In a deep


channel by wasn't causing a problem. It was swimming westwards back into


the estuary. We have had a report an hour and a half ago, something


large were seen in the area that the animal was stranded yesterday.


They are out there trying to track it to see if it it -- it is the


animal we saw yesterday. The area is not his natural habitat,


does that caused concern? We were thinking it was an adult mink you


wail. Looking at the footage, it is a juvenile or very young fin whale.


They need to live over the other side of the continental shelf in


deeper waters. There is not much food for them here. This animal


would be weaned by now. It is 27 ft long. It may not be the eternally


dependent but we have had reports of another whale in the area as


well. That is an confirmed at the moment. There is a possibility that


it could get beached again. What would happen then? It is a case of


looking at the situation as it is there. We don't make any clinical


decision on what happens to the whale. It is down to a vet. They


would decide whether the animal is fit for refloating or whether it


should be euthanasia or put out of its suffering. Because it has a


history of stranding and it is not innate good place, if it does need


the guidance of its mother and his mother is gone, the vet will


probably take a pragmatic view and put it out of its misery. It is


case by case. Thank you very much. We will follow the story.


Road signs in Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish are being put up in


parts of Lincolnshire warning of the dangers of drink-driving as


part of a big campaign. It is targeting Eastern European drivers.


Migrant make a 1% of the working population in Lincolnshire but


account for a third of those who test positive for drink driving --


drink-driving. We have been finding out what is being done to tackle


the problem. They are posters to warn drivers


but not many in Boston will understand them. They are aimed at


Latvian and Polish drivers. Statistics show a disproportionate


and worrying number of convictions. Even though migrant workers make up


1% of the working population in Lincolnshire, 32 % of those caught


drinking and driving were foreign nationals, burst from the Boston


and sporting areas of Lincolnshire. -- at most from. It is socially


unacceptable to drink and drive. We don't know whether they have the


same feeling. Hopefully we can influence what we feel about drink-


driving upon them. In addition, leaflets like this will be


distributed at key points from tomorrow. Then there will be


advertising on buses from Monday. Why is all this necessary when all


these three countries have strict alcohol limits and higher penalties


if you are caught drink-driving? In this Latvian bakery in West St,


we asked whether this campaign was a good idea. We got an insight into


how big a problem this was. It is really good because especially in


Latvia, people drive drunk very often. In Latvia, we have very


strong walls. They don't care. people like to drive and when they


are drunk. The law isn't strict in Latvia. These are the views from


one of the countries targeted so changing many cultures to a


different way of drinking could Think you for watching. Still


ahead: the crowds gather to see the works of one of the world's most


famous artists. And why Yorkshire has the happiest


Tonight's photograph is of Green Lane had Sledmere and it was taken


A snazzy new shirt and tie! Removed to Seville five years ago, and we


watched Look North every night, says a cure. Peter is more tanned


than the locals! Let's have a look at the headline for the next 24


hours. It will be fairly cloudy for tomorrow. There will be a


frightening process and apart from the odd shower, they should be a


good deal of dry weather. But the weekend is looking unsettled. We


weekend is looking unsettled. We see cloud increasing from the west.


They are one or two showers around with patchy outbreaks of rain


coming in from the West. Although there is a good deal of dry weather


around, rain will come through. Amounts will be small but it could


be down at times. A breeze coming in from the West and we will see


lowest temperatures down to 11 Celsius. The sun will rise in the


morning at 6:22am. The high water times. Quite cloudy, especially at


first. A bit of dampness and the odd spot of rain and drizzle. But


other than that, a fair amount of dry weather. A few bright and sunny


spells coming through. It is not looking all that bad tomorrow. Less


of a wind, and we should have temperatures up to 18 Celsius in


Hull. Friday - patchy rain at first, brighter and warmer later. The


weekend looking very unsettled. Windy at times with the risk of


rain. Gales could develop early rain. Gales could develop early


He was Hull's first victim of one of the worst blunders in medical


history. He was not expected to live long after he was born with


deformed arms and hands. His mother had taken the drug thalidomide


during pregnancy. But now Simon Wilcock says while life could not


be better, the fight for justice continues.


Simon Wilcock enjoying time with the grandchildren he was not


expected to live long enough to see. His deformed limbs still a reminder


of the thalidomide scandal. We were given life expectancy of no more


than 20 or 30 years and that reflected in the amount and levels


of compensation we have got, which is why we are fighting for a bit of


Justice. More than 1,000 babies were born with deformities after


their mothers took the Thalidomide drug during pregnancy. Only Haft


survived more than a month. Simon's mother was told he would be lucky


to reach 30. I can only put it down to his bravery. We have sat and


cried, when he was little. He used to come in from school and tell me


what they would call him. I am so proud of him. I never thought he


would do what he does. Many other thalidomide survivors have been


much more seriously affected than Simon, but he is able to celebrate


this milestone birthday knowing he has so far enjoyed a full and


active life. I have played football, up to about 20, I went to the rugby


union club. From about the age of 21, I played rugby union until I


was 35. While the battle for more compensation goes on, the Wilcock


family still have every reason to celebrate this most important of


birthdays. The opening of a new �38 million


scored in Hull has been delayed after the collapse of the company


responsible for supplying furniture for the building. The school was


due to open tomorrow. The council says it will be a phased opening


with some students starting next Monday for stop those of you who


have been in touch about the story about the �92,000 climbing frame in


Cleethorpes to be taken down. It could cost a further �70,000 of


taxpayers' money to move it. Jamie texted to say, I think it was a


Thank you for those. In rugby league, Hull Kingston Rovers hooker


Ben Fisher says he is confident his team will make the play-offs by


avoiding defeat at Castleford. They need to win or draw in order to


finish in the top eight. Castleford are also vying for the sting --


same spot in the table. Castleford have been in the top eight for the


whole season. We have to be on our game. We have a big belief in what


we are doing and where we are going, and as long as we look after our


end, the result will look after itself.


A quick word on the digital six- over -- switch over, he may have


seen adverts are advising you to retune your TV but because you are


seeing this TV programme, you are getting your pictures from the


Belmont transmitter which has already switched. So no need to


retune again. You might have some new viewers tonight. Thank you for


watching. Lamb skips of East Yorkshire had


been at the centre of attention at an event in London today. David


Hockney unveiled his exhibition 1221 at the Royal Academy of Art.


It will feature 150 landscapes and this time not all of them will be


on the canvas. Linsey Smith was at the launch.


When you're painting sales fell over �5 million, you're guaranteed


to attract a crowd. David Hockney did not disappoint today. Just two


of the works introduced for the upcoming exhibition. Despite him


having homes in Kensington and the Hollywood Hills, all were painted


in countryside around Bridlington. It is a lovely bit of England still.


I always came before Christmas. The first time I did stay, I realised


how beautiful the winter was. It was not black and white, it was not


great, in fact sometimes a lot more colour than the summer. As arguably


Britain's greatest living artist, David Hockney's works are some --


in some of the most famous galleries in the world. It is his


home in Bridlington that has provided his inspiration. Driving


from his home, David Hockney has created many new pieces for this


exhibition. I shall paint it. Very beautiful. 150 in total will be


displayed, but not all on canvas. In recent years he has started


drawing with an application on his I phone and then on the eye pad Mac.


A closer winter tunnel. Or show an intense observation of landscapes


in nature. Kuwaitis say David Hockney has had the energy of a 30-


year-old while planning this exhibition. He says he spends so


much time on landscapes, expect some portraits soon.


The work of David Hockney. People living in Yorkshire are by happiest


in Britain. That is the findings of a new lifestyle report which shows


that six out of every 10 of us are happy with our lot. J Meikle has


been trying to find out why Yorkshire if such a happy place.


Being happy and from Yorkshire is not a new thing. Vintage radio star


Wilfred Pickles made an entire career out of it. Here he is


performing to a crowd and they are a very jolly lot. Yorkshire today


it and they are still smiling. fine with my life, thank you.


Yorkshire people are always very friendly. The survey suggest


Yorkshire people could be happy because there is an abundance of


wide-open spaces, quality of life was certainly one reason this


marketing firm set up here. Work matters but so does the rest of


your life. It was important we chose allocation where we were all


happy to live and access clients. There is a lot of pride in being


from Yorkshire. It is a county which revels in his tradition, its


food and celebrate being distinctive from the rest of the


country. But could happen is here also be simply down to attitude?


have a different culture here. It is not as conservative as it is


down south. You enjoy what you get. You smile all the time. Over the


generations, maybe Yorkshire folk have learnt to appreciate what they


have. I hope you are happy tonight. Thank


you fortune. If you have a story you think we should know about, get


in touch. A recap of the headlines: some of


Britain's top economists called for the 50 pence tax rate on the


country's richest people to be scrapped.


Fears the Humber could lose out in the fight to bring a wind turbine


jobs to the area. And tomorrow is mostly dry and


bright with cloud and sunshine. Showers are possible. Top


temperatures of 19 Celsius. Thank you for your e-mails and


texts. Jane says, this would not happen if we had police foot


patrols. Martin says, is the housing association replacing the


Mad tall stolen with plastic ones? Another says, icy metal theft on a


weekly basis as I work for a mobile phone company. The thieves are


stealing copra and cutting off phone and mobile for ban coverage


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