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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Denied treatment, the former soldier who's been battling brain


cancer for eight years. My kids, my wife, they are what I am here for.


You know. And they need me. And I need them.


Tributes ten years on, the East Yorkshire man who escaped the death


and destruction of the Twin Towers. Those that went to the left and


right didn't survive but those of us that went straight down the


street did survive. It was that closed.


The late run in for Rovers. A last chance for the Robins to make the


Super League play-off places. And just when is it too soon to


start shopping for Christmas? A new campaign to limit it to December.


And it has been a lovely afternoon with temperatures in the low 70s.


Will it last for the weekend? Join Good evening.


It's a drug his doctor says could prolong his life, but a former


soldier from Gainsborough has been told the NHS won't fund his


treatment. Mark Bannister has brain cancer and wants to take the drug


Avastin. Because it's not officially recognised as a


treatment for brain tumours, he's struggling to get it. But if Mark


lived just 15 miles away in Scunthorpe, he would be entitled to


it. Phil Connell reports on the drug decision that's dependant on a


Playing with his family. These are precious days for Mark Bannister. A


rare type of rain cancer may have left him with just 12 months to


live for. According to his doctor, a drug called Avastin could prolong


his life but here, in Lincolnshire, the health body responsible for his


care, it is refusing to be prescribed. There are no words to


describe it. My kids, my wife, they I trust what I am here for. You


know. And they need me. For nine years, Mark served in the Army and


has received support from the British Legion. A social networking


sites has also been established to publicise his story and in the last


few days it has received more than 2000 hits. I feel they have played


God. They have chosen weather mark can live or not live. I am angry


and scared at the same time. It can be asked today but anybody else


tomorrow. The first make say they are the victims of a postcode


lottery. Just 20 miles away in Scunthorpe, Avastin is given free


to patients with the same type of cancer. And it is a similar


situation across the whole Yorkshire and Humber region where


the drug is also free to all patients that need it. In Mark


Bannister's area, applications are assessed by the East Midlands drugs


found crusade decisions are based If there is a chance of seeing


another two Christmases, and their birthdays, another 12 months extra


them what I have got, then it is worth a fight. Despite his


deteriorating health, he says he will keep fighting. And as a last


resort will move to an area where the treatment recommended by his


Earlier I spoke to Sarah Lindsell from a charity which works on


behalf of patients with brain tumours. She told me Mr Bannister's


situation was all too common. Every week we hear from hundreds of


Patients that are affected by brain tumours and, unfortunately, it is


the case that they seek fair and consistent treatment. If you live


just a few miles away in Yorkshire and Humber area, for example, you


could get the drug, but where -- not where he is. Is that there?


can only imagine how devastating it must be to find your oncologist has


suggested a drug regime for you that you cannot take an spend


longer with your loved ones, with your family because of where you


live. We need much fairer, much more consistent treatment. If a


course of treatment costs �21,000 per patient, it is down to the fact


there is not enough money. It is more about fairness and consistency.


Why is it in one area you can but in another you can't? If you want


and need to spend longer with your loved one Sunday drug can increase


your life expectancy, then we need fairness and consistency. What


about capitalised nice? What we can say is that it is very clear there


is a severe lack of investment nationally in finding a cure and


for better treatments for brain tumours and thousands of people


died every year as a result of a tumour fools stop if there is a


drug available which helps a patient, should it be the patient's


cost? It needs to be fair and consistent which is so key issue.


If there is a drug that can extend your life and can enable you to


live longer, it must be very, very difficult to be denied it based on


where you live. It needs to be fair and consistent. Very good to talk


to you. What do you think on this one


tonight? Should access to potentially life saving drugs


depend on where you live? How could the system be made fairer?


You can e-mail, a text, and to meet. In a moment:


Bidding to play ball. We meet the Lincoln Paralympic hopeful as Games


A documentary maker from Hull has spoken of his memories of 9/11.


Paul Berriff was caught up in the attacks on the World Trade Centre.


This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of the tragedy. Mark


and Christine Egan from Hull were killed when the Towers collapsed.


Their family have spoken for the first time about the day which


changed their lives forever. Linsey An event that defined a whole


decade. Paul Berriff is a documentary maker from Hull. He was


in New York making a film about animal welfare. When he heard a


plane had hit the Twin Towers... got itchy feet and my instinct


kicked in so I went and looked. I was there for about five seconds


with the camera, filming this torrent of debris coming towards me.


And then everything went black. I remember crawling through all of


this hot debris. It was in my mouth, up my nose, in my ears, I had to


put a finger in to clear my airways. I could hardly breathe. It depended


on how you ran down the street. Those that went to the left and


right didn't survive, but those of us that went straight down the


street did survive. It was that close. There were 67 British


victims of the terrorist attacks. Michael and Christine Egan were


from Hull. They are remembered here in the Peace Gardens. Michael


worked in insurance. His sister Christine was just visiting New


York. She was in the Tower as she wanted to see the view from her


brother's office. I spoke to Michael's son Jonathan, who is


still in New York. He remembers his father's passion for sport in Hull.


My father wasn't -- when my father wasn't in a suit, he was either in


a rugby jersey or a Hull city Jerzy or wearing a T-shirt saying, it is


never dull in Hull. He was very fortunate enough to get a phone


call from my mother, because it gave my mother some closure in the


fact that he was able to say goodbye to her, he was able to tell


her, to kiss the kids, and he got the point across he wasn't coming


home because he was trapped. Simon Cocklin from Humberside Police will


pay tribute to them this weekend. He's stand in the Guard of Honour


in the official remembrance ceremony at Ground Zero. It is


important that all the British civilians that died in the World


Trade Centre are represented by all of the police forces. Paul still


has the camera he used that day. Covered in the dust which almost


killed him. Another reminder of the day that changed the lives of


Experts have been monitoring the Humber Coast for the remains of a


dead whale that was found off Cleethorpes yesterday. It was


thought the 30-foot fin whale may be washed up with the tide. Earlier


in the week, the mammal had to be rescued from mudflats at Immingham


but, unfortunately, it couldn't be saved when it became stranded again


near Cleethorpes. It is believed a sighting of the whale this morning


was a false alarm. This morning, we had a report the whale had come up


on a sandbank between have -- between Cleethorpes. we presume he


is still out there. Bottles of illegal vodka have been


seized from a shop in Scunthorpe. Trading Standards are warning


people that the drink, labelled Drop Vodka, should not be drunk as


it contains rubbing alcohol, which is normally used as cleaning fluid.


Students have moved into their new building at the School of


Engineering in Lincoln. The �7 million school has been developed


by the University of Lincoln in partnership with engineering giant


Siemens. It will also see collaborations with other local


firms. Entrepreneurs in East Yorkshire are


being offered a share of a �300,000 investment fund. It comes as many


businesses are struggling to secure loans from the high street banks.


Leanne Brown has been to meet one company that's benefited.


Busy working on their latest order. Helix Precision makes parts for the


aerospace and medical industry. And they're just one of the companies


that have benefited from an investment fund. When companies


begin, it is very hard to get funding because the banks think


there is risk involved. The extra cash they've received has helped to


buy extra machinery, meaning more work and the creation of jobs The


major high street banks are falling short on a commitment to lend more


to small businesses, and public sector cuts means there's less


government funding available. has made a great deal of difference


to us. When we are doing jobs, we have got a lot more capacity and


My members in the area tell me that they are having a lot of difficulty,


particularly those members that wished to increase their factory or


machinery. The banks are wary. help bridge the gap, Hull-based


telecoms firm Kingston Communications is putting �300,000


into a new fund. I think it is important for all large employers


in the area to step up to the plight. The private sector needs to


fill the gap where the public sector has left. It's hoped the


investment will help boost the local economy by enabling companies


Still to come on the programme... Fans gear up for a crucial game as


Rovers play to win the final Super League play-off place.


And is it too early for redecorating? Their campaign to


Tonight's photograph was taken by Jane Eyre, it is Kenwick Park.


Another picture on Monday night at the same time.


Paul is at the National Science Festival in Bradford, which brings


together 350 of the best brains in science in the country.


His is the beginning of a very exciting week. Before I get on to


the weather, bang goes the theory of the star performer this weekend.


And we have got someone from that series to show us an experiment.


The problem is that if you want water you have to make it fall from


-- wait for it to fall from the sky. Here we make our own by reacting


hydrogen and oxygen! That is what you get with hot air! So you should


be careful, Peter! Says this is going to be fantastic, it has


singed my hair, what I have left of it! There is all sorts going on in


Bradford sold --. Also there is a lot going on with the weather,


there is talk all fall-out from Hurricane Catia, severe gales


across East Yorkshire and across East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire's. But right now, this evening, it is OK. There is some


sunshine this evening. There is just a risk of one or two showers


pushing up from the South. But very hit and miss, and apart from some


patchy rain later on it will be mostly dry and very warm for


September - 16 degrees Celsius in Lincoln. The all-important weekend


forecast: It will be reasonable in the morning, a lot of cloud and


some patchy drizzle in places. But on a whole, dry weather. Then there


will be a cold front, that could bring a bit of patchy rain from the


West. But it will be small and some places will stay dry. Cloudy, a bit


of sunshine, the risk of a shower, 22 degrees Celsius is a high. A


moderate south-westerly wind. Sunday is bright and windy with


sunny spells and a few showers. And Sunday-night into Monday there is


some concern about the Harry came, it looks like strengthening winds,


so stay posted with the forecast. I so stay posted with the forecast. I


will be back on Sunday. Did you really have to put earmuffs on for


that?! It was not a little path. It blew off live -- up my legs! They


have seen it all before, Peter! joy the science festival.


Thank you were getting in touch about the news on last night's


programme that high-street shops continue to face tough trading


conditions. It shows that some shopping areas in our region have


more than one-quarter of premises standing empty. Grimsby has the


worst figures, with 27 % of shops vacant. A few of you a message has.


Peter Ingram is be says there are 50 shops in Freeman Street that had


50 shops in Freeman Street that had Thank you for all of those messages.


All next week we are looking at the issues affecting servicemen and


servicewomen from the East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Armed


Forces Week starts on Monday's programme, and we will be following


some new recruits -- recruits who are leaving home and starting their


training. Today is 355 days until the start


of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. You can now apply to be there in


person. Many people struggle to get tickets for the Olympic Games


earlier this year. But one Paralympic hopeful says people


should stand a better chance of getting tickets this time round.


Andy Skinner is hoping to be at the Paralympics next year, as part of


the Great Britain sitting volleyball team. While he is


working hard, he things getting a ticket to watch should be quite


easy. I think it will be better than the able-bodied Olympics,


because it is not as popular as able body. So I think, they go on


sale today, to watch us play is about 15 counts. I have sent e-mail


still a lot of people, and I think there should be enough to go round


on the day. So will the people of Hull be trying their luck? I would


like to apply to watch it, yes. haven't got the money, up with a


transport to London. I wish I could go. It has been confirmed that 1.2


million people were unsuccessful with their applications for tickets


for the London Olympics. The story of the Olympic tickets


was more about have not stand a haves. Four many of those people,


the Paralympics will represent their best chance for sampling the


atmosphere of London 2012. It will give a lot of people a chance to


see some of these boards they missed out on at the Olympics. And


it is disappointing that not as many people cost to see things they


wanted to see at the Olympics. But I would encourage everyone to apply


for Paralympics to pick -- take its. How can you get in on the action?


There are two main tickets up for grabs, many of them will be priced


at �10 or less. You can apply before the window shuts on 26th


September. But if demand exceeds supply, the dreaded ballot will


decide who gets to watch this sport Xantia is disappointed.


Good luck if you are calling for tickets. Be it is winner-takes-all


at Cravan Park tomorrow. Hull Kingston Rovers the be trying


to secure an appearance in the Super League play-offs. It would be


a remarkable turnaround in their fortunes after a slow start to the


season. But a defeat by Castleford would bring their season to an


The perfect start, at try, and another try!


A thrilling win in France against the Catalans last week saw Rovers


replace Castleford in the play-off places. Setting up a dramatic


winner-takes-all clash between themselves and the Tigers at Cravan


Park. The best way to go on to it a play-off is on a winning streak.


the last few weeks that been the same pressure, whatever they have


done over the last few weeks it is really important that they win this


one. The Robins are effectively starting sudden-death rugby one


week early. With victory here on Saturday, they would be rewarded


with that final play-off place. But if they lose, it is all over.


think they all know what is at stake. And they have all worked


very hard to get to this position. And I do not think they will let


the opportunity go by them without putting in all the effort. Former


Rovers legend turned landlord George Fairburn knows all about the


pressures of going into bigger games. Do not make mistakes early


on. If they get their own game going individually. If they do not


win tomorrow... For a just and the end his career. With seven wins on


the trot, the Robins go into the game as favourites. At with coach


Justin Morgan and seven players leaving at the end of the season, a


win and a play-off place would be the purse -- perfect a leaving


present. You can follow that game on BBC


Radio Humberside on FM and also online tomorrow. Kick-off is at


5:45pm. It has been confirmed that outgoing


Hull FC coach Richard Agar is moving to Wakefield Wildcats.


Speculation about who will replace him continues. The talk is of


Australian Peter Gentle. But Richard Agar says that will not


distract the players from tonight's game. We are feeling confident and


good about ourselves. It has been a difficult week, but I would praise


the players were the focus during training. And there is a chance


that we can win, that is a good Hull City are playing this weekend


after the break for international matches. The Tigers travel to


Peterborough where they will have to continue their winning form.


That would build on their recent 1- 0 victory over wedding. Four it


will be the game in which we have to be physically ready for the game,


but also ready mentally full what will be a very high-tempo game. We


have to match them and make sure have to match them and make sure


Scunthorpe United are looking for their first win of the season, but


face a difficult task against Sheffield United. In the conference


Blue Square Bet Premier, Lincoln City will be looking for their


City will be looking for their second win of this season against


Kettering Town. And Grimsby Town are at home against Hayes and


Yeading. That will be on Radio Yeading. That will be on Radio


It is only September, but it seems that Christmas may be coming


earlier than usual. Reports had been reaching us at Christmas has


broken out early in the shops, garden centres and hotels in East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. It has prompted Radio Humberside to start


a campaign to keep Christmas in Christmas is a magical time of year.


Everything has more twinkle. The cold weather gives us breathtaking


landscapes. And people do funny things. But already, you were


thinking, why is this weird though even talking about Christmas? The


children have just gone back to school, we are in 24 degree heat


and the flowers are in full bloom. I'm talking about it because


current events are forcing me to. My first example is near Lincoln.


Just look how his garden centre is already transforming into a


Christmas grotto. We are not going to sell much garden furniture as


the weather turns. Obviously, if we start putting Christmastide,


hopefully they will start buying. It is only men who start -- wait


until December. I am as guilty as any one! And even where the


Christmas trees grow, as September Christmas-tree frenzy has begun.


There are some customers who like to be ready, they are buying potted


trees did it in the garden before the season really kicks off. So


that they can get the outside trees decorated. It is not only


Lincolnshire folk. Those in the East Riding I know better. There is


a fully decorated Christmas tree at the Room at a hotel. Their first


Christmas party is on 30th September. They have no shame.


would like to introduce our beautiful Christmas tree, which I'm


sure you will agree is tastefully decorated. We have our first


Christmas party at the end of this month. The theme for this year is


James Bond, and here he is... some people like it,... And some do


not. I think it is really a bit early. And a man he has no deep --


have many campaigns against it. Fair enough, people are doing


Christmas shopping early, spread the money throughout the year.


but when Christmas is being rammed down your throat in September it is


a bit much. But let's face it, this is a train either of us can stop,


and we are in for the long right. So if you cannot beat them, Merry


Christmas, everyone. A fake James Bond and Andy comfort


all in one film. Do not forget, if you have a story that we think --


you think we should know about, drop me an e-mail. A recap of the


main headlines: Americans brace themselves following a credible


terrorist threat 10 years after 9/11.


Calls for fairer treatment after a brain cancer did teach -- patient


is told his local health the authority will not fund his needs.


Temperatures tomorrow up to 22 degrees Celsius.


On the subject of Avastin and that story, James has sent a message to


say that the young man should get the treatment he deserves. It is a


disgrace that a man who fought bra country should not get a drug for


cancer. John says that he thought the NHS


was there for all. How wrong I am. Shocking that people do not have


access to drugs. And from James, you do not pay a


different amount of National Insurance depending on where you


live. So treatment should be available to all.


Tin says if that was me, I would move. Parents moved to being a good


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