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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Facing protests again - the Muslims still trying to find a site for a


new mosque in Lincoln. It is not racism in any way.


Teenager is sentenced to 12 months in prison after injuring a four-


year-old girl with a brick. She was just lying there. It was


heartbreaking. Joining the Royal Air Force is more than starting a


new job. Despite defence cuts, the new


recruits need for the future of our military.


Forget Monza - the real driving daredevils taking on the hills of


rural Lincolnshire. A warning in force. The latest in 15 minutes.


Residents fighting plans to build a new mosque in Lincoln insist they


are not racists. More than 500 people have signed a petition


calling for the local council to reject the proposals, which also


include a car park and supermarket. It's the second time that the local


Islamic Association has tried to build a new mosque in the Boultham


area of the city in recent years. At a small community centre,


Lincoln's Muslims gathered to pray. On Fridays they can be more than


150 worshippers. We urgently need her place of worship that is bigger.


The needs -- we need a space for women as well. We need to make sure


there is a space for them. For more than three years the Islamic


Association has been trying to build and the Boultham area. In


August 2008 there but given approval to turn a disused


warehouse into a mosque. In October 2009, plans for a two-storey mosque


were turned down. An appeal was launched, but in 20th August 10,


the government rejected it on traffic grounds. Now the Islamic


Association is pinning its hopes on this site. They will share it with


a supermarket. But the same residents opposed the new scheme as


well. We are not objecting because it is a mosque. We are objecting


because it is a large public building that will bring a great


deal of traffic into the area. It is not racism in any way. We are


open to any religion, but we do not think it is the right place. There


is too much traffic here. Lincolnshire co-operative that owns


the land has submitted plans. there is a commercial development


on this site, that for increase the traffic that is already there now,


but the advice we have had from Highway consultancies is that that


junction can cope with extra traffic. The planning committee


will consider the application next month when it will face the


difficult task of balancing the needs of the growing Muslim


community 80 and Boultham residents. Joining us now is Dr Chris Allen,


who has written a book about the spread of Islamophobia. Good


evening. Residents say they are against these plans because of


traffic and parking. How often do local communities dispute the


building of mosques? It is happening across the country. We


need to disentangle the legitimate concerns that residents had with


the illegitimate. There are groups like the BNP and EDL but tried to


drive wedges between communities, so up that beat mosque and becomes


the big issue that people are divided against. Do people use


traffic and parking as an excuse because they don't want a mosque in


there then? Absolutely. Sometimes there is a concern about traffic


and congestion, but there is no real evidence to suggest that will


be the case. If you look at the British Social attitudes survey


that was published last year, 55 % of people said they were opposed a


mosque been built in their community. If you look at that


compared to a church, only 50 % would oppose that. It highlights


the issues we have a round Muslims and Islam. In is it an open feeling,


or is it lying beneath what they actually say? Sometimes there are


legitimate concerns, but a lot of the time, it is a smokescreen and


people do not want a directly say they do not want a mosque. What


people do is use this as an excuse at times. So how do we get over


this, if it exists and break down the stereotypes and prejudice?


local authorities need to take a lead in this. They can be very


influential. We live in a country where it is everybody's eye to have


a religion, or have no revision whatsoever. We need good leadership


from local authorities. They can find areas before places of worship


to be built. Thank you. Do you think that Lincoln should have a


dedicated mosque? Or do you agree with the residents? Here is how you


The council's importing grit as they prepare for a winter, but have


they got the cash to get through A teenager from Grimsby is tonight


spending his first night in jail after admitting to throwing a brick


through a van window, injuring the young girl inside. Four-year-old


Jersey Lou Perry suffered serious injuries to her face following the


attack by Kallan Richardson in April. Her mother says Jersey Lou


still has nightmares about what happened.


Five months on and victor macro has made a full recovery. Back in April


vote these were the pictures that shocked us all - a little girl left


with horrendous injuries through the reckless actions of a teenage


boy. Kallan Richardson, who is now 18, through the brick following an


altercation with charred macro's father. -- Jersey Lou's father.


was heartbreaking. She went from one extreme to another. She is


usually quite loud, but she was just lying there. At Grimsby


Magistrates Court, Kallan Richardson apologised to the family


and said he was ashamed of what he had done. He was sentenced to a


year in prison, six months of which will be set on licence. She knows


what pain is now. She did not know that before. It should not have


happened to her. It should not have happened to any child. No-one


should throw a brick. The court heard how the incident on this


street in Grimsby had not been a spur of the moment events.


Richardson had dislodged the brick from a nearby wall, chasing the car


down here and Derek it through the window as it stopped at this


junction. A I just think he is a cupboard. He tried to get away with


it as long as he could. -- I just then. He is a coward. Jersey Lou


has recovered, but she remembers what happened and still has


nightmares. A murder inquiry is underway after


a man was found dead in the garden of a house in Boston. The 48-year-


old was discovered with a single stab wound at a property on


Sleaford Road yesterday morning. Detectives are urging any witnesses


to come foward. Despite last winter being the worst


in 30 years, new figures obtained by BBC Look North show that most


councils aren't planning to spend any more this year on keeping the


roads safe and clear. Lincolnshire County Council has frozen its


budget of �4.4 million and in North Lincolnshire they have done the


same, with �500,000 set aside. It's the same picture in the East Riding


with spending set at �1.7 million. But in Hull the budget has been cut


by almost �8,000 to just over �194,000. North East Lincolnshire


Council was unable to provide any figures. Siobhan Robbins has been


to find out if the money available will be enough to deal with another


harsh winter. This salt arriving at Immingham


Docks will be spread on Lincolnshire's roads this winter.


And although like the majority, the county council isn't spending any


more on protecting the roads. It says it's better prepared than ever.


We shall have 42,000 tonnes of salt, which is in excess of what we have


had before. It is ready to go as and when it is required.


But not everyone's convinced. Last year smaller rural villages were


hard hit. Like thousands of others, Middle Rasen school was forced to


close. And in nearby Binbrook villagers villagers were cut off by


snow - their roads missing out on grit to heavier snow. Last year in


particular, the roads were clear. They could have cleared a route


into the village. I just hope that somebody in the council is thinking,


we need to make a clear way for the school. I was getting to be


wholesalers and getting the necessary things. As quick as I was


buying it, it was selling out too fast, so I had to ration it.


snow may be gone, but for much of the year council budgets had been


on ice. When the bad weather returns, at Maine Road will be the


priority and there will be more pressure on smaller communities


like this one to protect themselves. Villagers in Gilberdyke in East


Yorkshire are used to working together. Last year they used a JCB


to clear the roads, but beofre this becomes a permanent move they say


they need more council support. need more of the raw-material so


available. Even if it is for the locals to put out, it will make


sense. It did not happen last year. We were forgotten about. Towns and


parish councils have received money for self-help. East Riding is 1,000


square miles and we cannot treat every where when we get this tough


conditions. All the councils say they've


stocked up on salt and their gritters are ready, but until snow


falls again we won't know how well the lessons of last year have been


learnt. Will there be one last accolade for the outgoing coaches


of Our Super League teens? And it's beget Monza, look out Lincolnshire.


It has been very windy throughout the North of England. There has


been no it travel disruption, apart from the Humber Bridge been closed


to high-sided vehicles. These pictures were from Leeds airport


where the winds meant that several I am glad it was not on a plane! 64


mph are winds at the airport. I believe that they are now a


diverting aircraft aware from their diverting aircraft aware from their


diverting aircraft aware from their airport. Very windy indeed. This is


what it has been like it in Goa region. -- in our region. We do get


the sort of weather in autumn and winter. There is still a warning in


place for gales. A fairly widespread gales. They will


gradually ease down as the night wears on. Still windy tomorrow with


some sunshine and a few showers. You can see the isobars on


tomorrow's charts. There will be some sunshine as well. Despite the


wind, it has been a nice afternoon. We have had sunshine and


temperatures up to 20 Celsius. Very windy this evening. Overnight looks


set to be dry. That a deal will Those are your high water times. We


are often a fairly my start tomorrow. Lots of sunshine and up


lots of dry weather. In the afternoon, there will be a few


showers coming through from the West. Still that's strong West to


south-westerly wind. Very quickly, they are at look on Wednesday,


sunshine and a few showers. Thursday and Friday looking nice.


On Twitter, you were spotted by some igloo, so we knew it is good


to be abide idiot. -- it was going to be a bad day.


The armed forces still need new recruits from East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire despite the cuts announced in the Government's


Defence Review. That is according to the head of RAF recruiting who


has been speaking to BBC Look North at the start of our Armed Forces


Week. Gemma Dawson reports. Calvin is preparing to lead his own


to join the Army. My brother is in to join the Army. My brother is in


the army. It is really good. And this is what he will be


training for. Calvin's joining the infantry, which means he could end


up serving in Afghanistan. But with more than 330 servicemen and women


killed in action there, his mum's concerned. I did not want him


joining, to be honest. I am proud of them now. It is what he wants.


But it is frightening, the thought of him being out there. Joining the


Royal Air Force is a lot more than just starting a new job.


These new RAF recruits in Hull are the latest to join up. In the last


year, nearly 14,000 people have entered the armed forces. But


compared to the previous 12 months, that's a 25% drop. Our recruit


their numbers are slightly down this year. But we are still looking


to recruit 2000 people this year for the Royal Air Force alone.


Life is about to change dramatically for Rachael who has


been working in a bar in Kirk Ella. My it can be demanding here, but in


air force, there can be no mistakes. James has also handed in his notice


at the betting shop in Hull where he's been working. Working here,


you are not going to get shot. But in Afghanistan and Libya, that is a


chance. They have now started their basic training at RAF Halton and


are being tested, to see if they're fit enough for the forces. For them


the RAF, won't just be a job, it'll become a way of life. Gemma Dawson,


BBC Look North. Joining me now is Sir Michael


Graydon, former Chief of Air Staff. 17,000 jobs in the Armed Forces


have to go by 2015, should these new recruits be concerned about


their job security? I think that is a big question. I suspect it is a


question very much on the minds of the leadership of the armed


services. As you have rightly said, the Armed Forces have been cut


fairly severely. But it is splendid to hear that young people still


want to join the Armed Forces. I am delighted to hear that. A idea


surprise that people are still very keen to sign up and joined the be


see what is happening in Afghanistan? -- when we see. I am


not surprised. I think young people traditionally want excitement, what


adventure. And today's done generation are no different. What


is the appeal of the job? Excite what is one thing of course.


Trouble. -- excitement. And the I think young people identify with


that excitement. They want to belong to something that is quite


special. The Armed Forces or first that. -- offers that. Do the Armed


Forces offer what they did 20 years ago? Are pay a will have to offer


their -- I think you will have to ask the new recruits that. It is


very different. Many more campaigns nowadays. Thank you very much for


talking to us. It's Monday, so Damian is here as


And Damian, both our Super League sides now know who they will meet


in the playoffs. Yes, Hull is at Leeds. Hull K R


against Catalans. Hull FC now know the identity of their new coach for


next season. He's the Australian Peter Gentle who will succeed the


departing Richard Agar. Before then, both Hull clubs are in play-off


action next weekend, dreaming of a place in the Grand Final at Old


Trafford next month. Simon Clark reports.


When Peter Gentle arrives in Hull, he is in for a pleasant surprise.


Two of his players had been picked for a dream team. Both confess they


do not know much about the new man. I have not heard too much about him.


It is an exciting future for the club by the was see what happens


next year. That is next season. I am not concentrating on next season.


I do not want to lose my focus which is on the play-offs. Hull at


me to show more to get the better of Leeds in the play-offs following


Friday's defeat against Warrington. Hull K R Arran Gray form heading


back to the south of France after defeating Castleford. -- Hull KR


will be. We are both looking forward to the match. They had a


good win against Salford saw their confidence will be renewed. I am


looking forward to it. All roads lead to Old Trafford, but first


there are the games in a Headingley and the south of France. But Hull K


R chairman will be on a flight to Australia looking for a successor


to Justin Morgan. Onto football now and Scunthorpe


United are to appeal against the controversial red card awarded to


Andy Barcham in Saturday's draw with Sheffield United. If the


appeal is successful, Barcham would be available for tomorrow night's


game at Rochdale. The Iron are still without a league win this


season which remains a real puzzle. Seven games in and still no big win


for Scunthorpe United. Already this season, they have hit the woodwork


seven times, suffered controversial red cards and had a late winning


goals chalked off. You just have to keep that belief and as long as our


performances are good, and we are playing really well, it will come.


I think it is just around the corner. If you look at the league


table... I do not look at it, not after six or seven games. I am


quite sure that league table will be death from by the end of the


season. It was another frustrating after them on Saturday. Andy


Barcham it was controversially red- carded for this file on Michael


Doyle. The decision has been appealed. Scunthorpe a lead after


this goal on half-time. Despite their continued dominance,


Sheffield United equalised. The search for that elusive first


victory continues. Every game, we think we are going to go and break


are dug. It was better news for Hull City who are up to 9th in the


Championship. This was the only goal the game.


In cricket, Yorkshire have been relegated to the second division of


the County Championship, despite their win at the weekend over


Somerset. Today, Worcestershire earned a bonus point in their match


against Durham to move above the Tykes in the table.


That's all the sport for now. While Sebastian Vettel and Lewis


Hamilton were in Italy this weekend for the latest round in Formula 1,


an alternative race was being held in Lincolnshire. More than 100


drivers entered the 10th Belchford Downhill Challenge near Horncastle,


including presenters from BBC Lincolnshire. Kate Sweeting has


I am absolutely terrified. Very good. I am enjoying it. It may not


be a Monaco or a Monza, that other drivers are on edge. If I break the


car, the rest of the table not be able to have a go. I am very


Do I want to do it again? Yes, I do. It is such good fun. I think I can


eat now. It started 10 years ago. One of us had the silly idea of


racing carts downhill into Belchford. We have had up to 48


carts was stop this year, we have got 3000 people here. We have


entered on other occasions and finished well. It is a brilliant


day out. It is tremendous. Absolutely brilliant, I want to go.


More than 100 drivers tested their skills a double the champions of


the day did not quite get Formula One glory, they will certainly go


down it as heroes in Belchford. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. A radical overhaul of Britain's banks plans


to protect taxpayers from another multi-billion pound bail out, but


it won't happen until 2019. Residents fighting plans for a new


mosque in Lincoln insist they are not racists.


Tomorrow's weather. Another blustery day with sunny spells and


occasional showers although quite a few places will stay dry. Maximum


temperature 18 Celsius. On the subject of a mosque in


income, Dave Hodges asks why it is anything to do with mosque planning


deemed as a lamb of phobic -- and the Islam. There could be hundreds


of reasons. One other Twitter says no other


religious buildings should be built no matter what a religion. They


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