13/09/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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The boundary changes which leave these two Tories fighting for their


jobs. From East Yorkshire to Afghanistan. The quad bike training


being pioneered for troops overseas. The earliest harvest in history


that's leaving some local producers with a bumper crop. And we'll be


meeting the Lincolnshire business woman who convinced the dragons to


don their forensic suits. MPs from all sides have criticised plans to


change the areas they represent in Parliament. East Yorkshire will


lose a constituency under a proposal to reduce the number of


seats in the House of Commons. Senior Conservative, David Davies,


has told BBC Look North he expects to remain an MP even though his


Haltemprice and Howden constituency will be abolished in its present


form. Let's cross live to our political editor who's in


Cottingham this evening. What's been the reaction there to the


shake-up? I think many people are struggle to name their MP at the


best of times. I got some puzzled looks today when I asked the these


people about the proposals. I am at one end of what is due to be a huge


new constituency. By the time that clock gets to election day 2015,


this will be part of Goole and Cottingham. It is a political match


that many believe is not made in heaven. Take two Conservative MPs


and only one seat up for grabs. Many familiar faces at Westminster


are preparing to play musical chairs, including David Davies,


whose Haltemprice and Howden constituency will be redrawn and


Andrew Percy whose Brigg and Goole constituency will be carved up.


support the principles. You cannot think selfishly and say I agree


with the principles and then when it affects you personally see it is


a bad idea. So here we have a proposed new constituency with much


of north Lincolnshire becoming part of another new seat. Grimsby would


remain on the electoral map but Cleethorpes would disappear.


Bridlington replaces the current East Yorkshire constituency. The


three Hull seats would remain but would take in more daughters.


Lincolnshire remains largely unchanged but there is a change at


Seaford. King's Lynn would cover north-west Norfolk. This is what


voters in Goole feel. I think they were best as we were. I don't think


there is any need to change, someone will always lose out.


Cottingham is much more of a suburb of Hull really. And here are some


views from Cottingham. How do you feel about being linked with Goole?


Not at all! I think it should stay as it is. I do not know why they


keep messing about with all these things. I do not think they should


be merged, they are entirely different. It will be a struggle


and at the moment representing an area like Hull North is challenging,


there are lots of issues over health, education, housing, jobs


and employment. It is going to be a challenge. All voters can have


their say on the proposed new boundaries before they are signed


off by Parliament new year -- by new year. If they do get the go-


ahead, where will we see the big political contexts -- contests?


Hull West and Hessle could be one of the most interesting


battlegrounds. Traditionally Tory voting place is becoming attached


to Alan Johnson's constituency. One national newspaper today suggested


that it the last General Election had been fought on these new


boundaries Hull would have gone to the Tories. I do not think many


people would have predicted that. spoke to David Davies, the


Conservative MP for Haltemprice and Howden in East Yorkshire, which


under these proposed changes would be split up. I asked him what he


thought of the plans. I was always concerned about how they would


workout. As you can see in my constituency, some eight years are


now being moved into West Hull. Will you be fighting to save the


existing boundary? Whether we can do that I doubt. What we will


certainly be looking to do is make sure the constituencies have some


sort of Keegan's. There are villages who do not feel a part of


Hull. Are you in favour, in principle, to the boundary change


even if it could lead to you losing your job? I do not think we should


do that. The way they should do it is paid at least lip-service to the


interests of local constituents. I think where they feel their


constituency is is important. you be standing to be the new MP


for cool and Cottingham? -- Goole and Cottingham? The most important


thing is that my constituents are well represented. Do you think the


boundary changes are a cynical attempt by the Tories to reduce the


number of Labour MPs? I do not think that is true. What I have


said the historically is that the Labour Party had to get around 5%


less votes to when. It is right that should be corrected. In a word,


is it a good idea or a bad idea as it stands? It is an all key idea


but it needs to be modified, I think. -- OK idea. Let me know what


you think tonight. In a moment, spreading the word, how


Lincolnshire community groups have Over 17,000 British troops are


currently posted overseas and some of the most specialised training


for them is taking place in East Yorkshire. Hundreds of soldiers are


learning to use the army's most up- to-date equipment at the Defence


School of Transport at Leconfield. In the second of our reports on the


armed forces, our reporter has been to see the final preparations for


deployment. Dusty, unpredictable, unwelcoming. This landscape has


been created to prepare quad bikers for a Afghanistan, even though its


The primary role is for battle extraction for the casualties. Also


for resupplied for the guys out on the ground with the patrol. Some of


these students are on top-up training, having already driven


them in Iraq. It is very similar to the ground in Iraq. It is useful.


This is the only place in the UK that serves -- trains soldiers on


quad bikes. From here they go back to their bases where they are


deployed. There are currently 10,000 British troops in


Afghanistan, 900 involved in the Libya conflict and 300 in Cyprus.


These Territorial Army soldiers from East Yorkshire have been


completing their final exercises in preparation for deployment in


Helmand province, Afghanistan. looking forward to it. We are


training hard for it. We are looking forward to using our skills


out on the ground. Their training, in part, is designed to keep them


safe. They hope they are never in a situation to test its worth. Well,


for those soldiers deployed abroad, they leave behind family and


friends. It can be equally distressing for them. Derek


Shakesby is the welfare officer for the 4th Battalion Yorkshire


Regiment. We've seen some of the soldiers in your regiment training


there ahead of active duty, how difficult a time as that for the


soldier and their family? It is very difficult for the soul dear. A


lot of them are deployed. You have got soldiers there which are new to


ate and also some who have been there for 18 months or so. It is


also very difficult for their families, some have not been


through the process before and therefore do not know what to


expect. How do you get them through that? We have a series of briefings


for them. They also bring their families in four briefings giving


an introduction to Afghanistan, what the facilities are like, and


covering the welfare aspects, communications, what happens if


there is a casualty out there. What happens if there is an emergency at


home and how to get the soldier back home as well. How can you help


families cope when their loved ones are actually away and in very


dangerous circumstances? One of the key factors is to keep them


informed all the time of what is happening. There are lots of Leeds


they can communicate with the soldiers but when they are actually


away out on the ground there are difficulties. They can communicate


through satellite phones, telephones, the have warfare cards.


Better than it used to be? It is better and it is progressing all


the time. We have set up family support groups in the areas and we


have widened the family support network. We have taking in the mums,


dads and Grand parents, we are keeping them informed and forming


support groups. That is very interesting. Thank you for coming


in. I will be talking to Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary on Thursday


night. You can contact us with your A man whose body was found in a


garden in Boston at the weekend has been named by police as Janusz


Smoderek. A post-mortem examination revealed that the 48-year-old died


from stab wounds, and police are now treating his death as murder.


Divers have today been searching a waterway near where the body was


found. It's quite shocking, I suppose. It's not the sort of place


you expect murders. He was killed just round the corner from where we


live. I don't know if he was English or whatever but I feel like


moving out to the town now. another development, this evening


armed police officers have been sent to Boston. They've been


deployed to an incident on Skirbeck Road. Police haven't said if it's


connected with the murder investigation.


On Look North last Thursday, in a story about vacant shops in Grimsby,


we showed a picture of Not Just Cards, in Freeman Street. In fact,


at the time we filmed, the shop was simply closed for a holiday. As you


can see it's now reopened, and remains very much in business.


We're happy to make that clear, and we're sorry for the mistake. Do


love to them. -- good luck to them. Still ahead tonight: The bumper


harvest that's boosting some Lincolnshire businesses. Teaching


kids to learn through things that interested them rather than just


sitting there would have done me a world of good in school. And a


Lincolnshire businesswoman who faced the Dragon's last night.


Tonight photograph is of Skidby Windmill against a lovely sunset


I think we're all hoping for another aircraft landing at Leeds-


Bradford. I didn't say three hours, I said five minutes. Just read the


forecast. The headline for the next 24 hours has quite unsettled. Quite


a lot of cloud and some sunny spells. Also a risk of some patchy


rain on this or collusion. Quite a few places will stay dry. We've had


quite a bit of sunshine today and it has once again been a windy day


with winds of up to 40 mph. There are a few showers working their way


in from the West. We have about half-an-hour's 4th of sunshine left.


Overnight, the wind picks up a bit and that weather front could bring


in a few spots of rain into western areas. It will be mainly dry


weather tonight with temperatures down to 11 Celsius. These are the


sunrise and paid times for tomorrow. The variable and often large


amounts of cloud. You can see some gaps in the cloud their but the


cloud will tend to build and there will be a few showers coming across


East Yorkshire and northern parts of Lincolnshire. Eastern areas


looks set to be dry for the what will turn quite cloudy. Top


temperatures tomorrow around about 17 Celsius and that strong


overnight when false slowly ease. Thursday will be the best day of


the week with the lighter winds and a risk of showers on Friday. An


unsettled weekend. A public service announcement if


you're an aircraft spotter and wish to make a complaint... You complain


about things like transmitter about things like transmitter


pictures. David Cameron has said he wants more of us to give up our


time to help others and become part of the so-called Big Society.


The idea is that volunteers take the place of government bodies.


Well, this week some of the best examples of this in Lincolnshire


have been shown to a group of the Prime Minister's key advisers.


Vicky Johnson has been to find out if they were impressed.


The phrase whistle stop tour could have been invented for the team


from the commission for rural communities. Over the past day and


a half, they've been to Alford to see how a local church is running a


community bank. They've visited the new Caistor arts and heritage


centre and taken part in a new age kurling session. All of these


projects run with the help of volunteers. What I'm trying to do


is to collect some of the best practices around here that I can


talk to the government about and that can be replicated. Seven years


ago, this was an empty church hall. Now, it's Alford's thriving


community centre complete with cafe, citizens advice bureau, and youth


groups and it's all thanks to an army of volunteers. In a small


community like this, like so many others in Lincolnshire, it is


essential that people work together. Going back 200 years, they had to


provide their own facilities because there was so little central


government. I think we're going back that way with the cuts.


Hickson is typical. He does up to 40 hours unpaid work at the centre


every week. I think anyone would do that if they had the same passion


we have to see the community develop. They were also interested


in seeing how young people overcome barriers to get into jobs. This


place does not only offer apprenticeships to young people


excluded from school but also help solve transport problems. I have


learnt a lot since I came here. I now know how an engine works where


I did not know much before. I did not really enjoy a school so to be


more hands-on has taught me a lot. The commission's visit has been


used on many ways. Not only have they learned more about the


problems faced by our rural communities, they have also seen


some of the solutions. Positive solutions which might work


elsewhere in the country. Thanks for getting in touch about


the proposals for a new mosque in Lincoln. Residents opposed to the


mosque in the Boultham Park area insist their objections are nothing


to do with racism, and insist they're worried about traffic


levels. But the Islamic Association says it urgently needs bigger


premises. Here are just some of your responses: Dan says it's


preposterous having a development Thank you for all of those.


It's the earliest harvest in years and for some its producing apples


that are bigger, juicier and sweeter than ever. For one


Lincolnshire orchard, they've got so many apples they don't know what


to do with them all. As our rural affairs correspondent Caroline


Bilton reports. Things are looking pretty rosy at


this tortured. A family-run pick your own business that had had a


bumper crop, not just in quantity but in quality as well. This is a


family orchard. As you can see, we are laden with Bramley apples this


year and they are considerably larger than most years. The long


hot spring and cool late summer has, for some, led to the biggest,


juiciest, sweetest apples, and they are already for the picking earlier


than usual. Last year he would have had to wait


another two weeks before you had to pick your apples. This year's


harvest his earliest and 25 years. They say, over the next 10 weeks,


200,000 tonnes of apples will be picked in the UK. For this orchard


that relies on the passing trade of the public, a bumper crop does not


mean a bumper business. If we have a lot, everyone else has a lot, so


it does not always work in our favour. These fallen apples do have


a definite home to go to. They are picked up by local cider maker who


marshes them up and presses them to produce local brew that he thinks,


this year, could be one of the best yet. This tank is no of over 2000


litres, and this one has over 1000 litres. We have never seen this


much for it and it is very good for it, very early. We're expecting


record volumes and the best side of we have ever made. For the next few


weeks, he will be working round the clock, squeezing the goodness out


of this plot of apples. Sander is hoping people will avoid the


supermarkets and helper picked her prize apples.


Scunthorpe United striker Andy Barcham has failed in his effort to


have a three match ban overturned. He received the suspension


following this challenge against Sheffield United. It means that the


Iron must seek their first league win of the season, against Rochdale


tonight, without him. It's frustrating but we're at the start


of the season, not the end, so you have to have a bigger picture and


an idea of where you want to be at Christmas and that the end of the


season, and I think we're progressing. And don't forget you


can get the full coverage of tonight's match. BBC Radio


Humberside will have commentary on its FM frequency. The build up has


started on Sportstalk, which is on air now.


It was an unusual business idea but still failed to win investment from


the dragons last night on the BBC programme Dragons Den. Jacqui


Thompson from Lincolnshire wants to get more children interested in


science by using techniques developed by forensic experts. Phil


Connell has been to meet the entrepreneur who says she's


undeterred by the rejection. The Dragons Den found itself


embroiled in a different kind of inquiry. It's one of the more


unusual business ideas they have seen. What we have Asif vitality


has happened. This was created in 2008 as a way of engaging children


into liking signs and a fun way. Jacqui Thompson's police themed


workshops is based around forensic science. Despite an entertaining


pitch last night, her idea failed to persuade the dragons to part


with their cash. It is not a scalable business at all because it


is wholly dependent on yourself. If you get knocked down tomorrow, bang


goes a our investment. Back home today, she said the Dragon's Bach


had been worse than their bite. She has taken on board their comments


and bullies her business is stronger than ever. It is maybe 1-1


to a lot more schools to deliver this concept, because I know it


does make a difference. It teaches the children that if there


considering a life of crime, they will get caught. Every contact Lisa


trace. While Jacqui came home with no investment, these three


entrepreneur's from Hull had more success last night. They are now it


exporting to 10 countries with endorsements from several


celebrities including one of the judges on at the X Factor. For our


latest entrepreneur, it is back to the drawing board. Undeterred by


rejection and determined to succeed with or without them. I am not


defeated and I will certainly take this business to the heights that


they wanted to go to. Just watch this space. She is nearly as scary


as Hillary. We wish her well. Let's get a recap of the national and


regional headlines. Soaring energy bills and record increases in the


price of clothing have pushed inflation to a three you hide. The


boundary changes which leave these two Tories fighting for their jobs.


Tomorrow's weather will be rather cloudy at times with some sunny


intervals and a risk of scattered showers. Maximum temperature of 17


Celsius. Response on the subject a boundary


changes. Sarah says we need fewer MPs but a fairer way of


representing people, the current system does not work. Mike says it


is silly to change the boundaries just to benefit the Tories. He says


we have more people than ever but we are reducing the number of MPs,


madness. Steve says we have an increasing population and should


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