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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


On the edge. Crisis talks are underway in London tonight after


fears the Humber could lose a massive wind turbine deal with


Siemens. This is huge. It is vital we have a company like Siemens


coming into Hull. Staff are asked to help out at the


University of Lincoln as it runs out of accommodation for students.


The unique medal from football history on sale at a Hull auction


house. And the green fingered gardener


who's stayed ahead of the rest for more than 25 years.


The best day of the week is coming up. The details very shortly.


Good evening. A crucial meeting is under way right now which is hoped


will secure tens of thousands of jobs for the Hull and come back


area. MPs and councillors from the city are in talks with the


government over concerns that the region might lose out on a massive


contract to build wind turbines. The energy giant Siemens has yet to


fully signed-up to we deal which could see many thousands of jobs


created in the region. Paul Murphy reports now from Westminster.


The this is one of the hope Paul's, a long-established engineering firm


in Hull which, like hundreds of other companies here, is eagerly


awaiting the arrival of the German giant. This is the most exciting


development by have ever had in my lifetime in Hull. It is huge. It is


vital we have a company like Siemens coming into Hull. It will


offer the bedrock of a huge investment. This is what it is


hoped Siemens will eventually build, a huge wind turbines factory on the


dogs in Hull. Were it ever get beyond artists' impressions? Local


councils and businesses are doing all they can to attract business to


the area. Last week, that concern reached the heart of government.


is vital for the future of our economy and for the area she


represents. They government needs to have growth and the economy. To


pay off the deficit, we need to grow the economy. This is one


brilliant example of how the government can get some Brownie


points from making sure the Siemens company comes to Hull and invests.


Siemens decision partly hinges on what the UK government can offer it


as an encouragement to invest in this country. It requires very


clear leadership. It needs of various political parties to step


past the day-to-day political rhetoric and work together, and


give a long-term solution to the renewable energy situation. That is


by putting together a definite, long-term, clear understanding of


where the industry is going. present, they ran a variety of


grants for beamed -- grants for building turbines factories, and


subsidies for producing green electricity. Siemens said it needs


more clarity from the UK government on its future plans. Paul's MPs


want the government to immediately clarify what sort of grants and


subsidies are available, but they say it is also about the things


money cannot buy. The government should launch a charm offensive on


an industrial scale towards this company. The government will point


out that it has already said the Business Secretary to Hull, where


he met Siemens managers and reaffirmed his commitment to


getting a factory built. We are putting a lot of money into this.


It is critical, not just for the Bowmans of the green system of


energy, but also for a new wave of industrialisation on the back of it.


Look North understand that Siemens intends to make a decision before


the end of this month. It is also known that there are two rival bids


from Germany and Denmark for this factory, something which will focus


the minds of all of those involved in this project.


And Paul Murphy joins me now from Westminster. How important is it


that the MPs send a strong message on this? I think that message will


probably take the form of a very loud wake-up call. The MPs believe


that ministers here in this department and others are in danger


of sleepwalking away from a potentially huge contract. This is


on the day that the unemployment figures out released, and pretty


dismal reading they make. The MPs are encouraging the government to


deliver more transparency in terms of what money is available to


Siemens, but also changed their attitude towards the company and


appear to be hungrier, to go out there and want this contract to


happen. This department issued a statement this afternoon saying


they are doing all they can publicly and privately to win this


deal. Thank you very much. We will continue to follow that story.


In a moment. We're on board one of Yorkshire's


best known naval ships as she prepares to be decommissioned.


200 new students are facing having nowhere to live when they arrive at


Lincoln University this weekend. The campus is struggling to find


places for some of the 3,000 freshers due to start in the next


few days. It's now having to set up a temporary student village in the


heart of the University to cope with the extra number. The man in


charge of enrolment at the university is joining me now.


Stairs are same on the University's Facebook page that they are worried,


they do not know how much to bring with them. Can they be guaranteed


there is some way to stay when they arrive on Sunday? Every student


that arrives on Sunday will be accommodated. We have plans to


extend the provision of long-term accommodation across the city, but


we have taken the unprecedented step of developing a new student


village fault of Twain on suite cabins for students took living in


the first few weeks. Have you taken on more students than you can


realistically handle? There are not too many students. The interesting


development this year is we have seen our recruitment mushroom


significantly nationally and internationally. We are finding


that a higher proportion of our intake require accommodation and


has historically been the case. you think you did in of


preparation? It would always be busy this time with the increased


number of students getting in before the fees go up. -- do you


think you did enough preparation? We had more than 500 additional


hall places. We did all that we can. We were surprised by the late surge


in requests for help with accommodation. We housed everybody


who had applied to us by 20th August. We are committed to going


the extra mile to make sure all of our students are accommodated in


safe, secure accommodation. Thank you for talking to us. The


Lincolnshire police have launched a nationwide hunt for a man they want


to speak to in connection with the murder of a man in Boston. They've


warned members of the public not to approach this man, 37-year-old


Stephen Sleaford. Ports and airports have been put on high


alert. It follows the murder of father of three Janusz Smoderek,


over the weekend. He has violent tendencies, and I would edge of the


bone -- I would urge the public not to approach him if they see him.


Please alert the police on 999 if you see him.


The number of attacks on ambulance staff in Lincolnshire is down by


almost half compared to last year. More than 80 incidents ranging from


verbal abuse to physical attacks were recorded between 2009 and 2010.


That number has dropped to just under 50 in the last 12 months.


More football clubs should be allowed to let their fans stand up


for the duration of matches. That's according to a leading supporters'


group, which is lobbying for the re-introduction of terraces at top-


flight grounds. The campaign comes as Scunthorpe United fights to save


its standing area. The future of stadium safety is being discussed


at Westminster this evening. With more, here's Tim Iredale.


Long gone are the days when the majority of football fans stood


shoulder to shoulder to cheer on their team. The horror of the


Hillsborough disaster in 1989 led to a situation where only lower


league clubs were allowed to keep standing only areas. Last season


when they were playing in a championship, Scunthorpe United


were told to remove these terraces, much to the anger of many fans.


Rugby league, rugby union, Horseracing, even rock concerts,


people can stand up and watch their sport. We are being discriminated


against about things that happened to the 80s. In Germany, standing is


allowed at many top-flight clubs. Standing is used regularly in many


of those grounds. It may be time to look at whether there are ways of


moving to more standing in some grounds. Of Risley, without


jeopardising safety. What fan who is campaigning against the


reduction of terraces is Barbara Kane, a Liverpool supporter from


Sheffield who witnessed the Hillsborough disaster, when 96


people were crushed to death. they bring this in, they will be


another crash. We do not want that. Football is a family thing. That is


how we need to stay. A family occasion, where we can all go and


enjoy it decent football game without having to worry about being


heard. The government says it will consider both sides of the argument


before deciding whether more fans can once again enjoy the view from


the terrace. I spoke to Martin O'Hara from the


Football Supporters' Federation a little earlier and asked him if it


really makes a difference if you watch a game stood up or sat down!


I would think the average football supporter would say yes, it does


matter. It matters both ways. It matters to those who want to stand


and to those who want to state. The current situation is that we have


both at the same time. The Football Association and Premier League say


that bringing back standing would see fewer kids and family-friendly


days. Do you go along with that? do not. Nobody is suggesting that


families, wives, children, whatever, have to go into his standing


section. We are suggesting we have small areas of standing, so people


who want to stand can stand in peace and quiet. If people want to


sit and be with their families, there is plenty of family areas.


Trevor Hicks from the Hillsborough Family Support Group is absolutely


again standing and says there is no case for it, and it is a step


backwards. I can understand his position. I have been in those


positions, most of us have, football supporters, we have been


on terraces that have been over packed and how we have felt in


danger of our lives at times. We do not want to go back to those packed


terraces. If you have people standing, you will always have that


risk that something like that or similar could happen again. If you


look at the current situation, you have got people standing at


football matches. Every match you go to, people stand all the time.


We are suggesting we do it in a safe manner. We are asking for some


changes to the rules and regulations that allow was to


provide safe standing areas. Currently, you have thousands of


people standing in between their seat and in front of their seats. I


do nothing that is particularly safe. Very good to talk to you.


Thank you very much. Do you agree with the Football supporters'


Federation that ground should be allowed to have standing areas, or


Thank-you for watching. Still ahead tonight:


Up for grabs. The unique winner's medal from Hull City's playoff


final sold for charity. And the suburban garden which keeps


on harvesting awards for its green Tonight's photograph is of a White


Good evening, young man. Following on from this plane


spotting thing, a fantastic e-mail from Roger Carter. He says, I once


sold Peter a new pair of binoculars, I always wondered what he would use


them for! You'll be using them tonight!


They have done very well, they are Tomorrow will be the best day of


the week. He will be pleased to know that the wind will leave.


Light winds lot of sunshine. There will be some patchy rain in the


West. It will be very unsettled with showers. It is not that bad


out there at the moment. The cloud is broken. There is some sunshine


around. There is the chance of some showers. Any cloud that is around


will melt away. It will be a chilly night. The ride, with long, clear


periods. -- dry. The sun will rise in the morning at 6:45am. -- 6:35pm.


A chilly start, but it looks like it will be a beautiful day. Could


be a bit of patchy mist first thing. A lovely day, and if you're fed up


with this wind, there will be very little of it tomorrow. It will be a


south-easterly wind. Temperatures not bad at all. A fine, bright


start on Friday. That is followed by a cloudy afternoon with patchy


rain heading in from the West. That I don't know about wind, there has


been a lot of hot air this week! I would love to stay and chat, but I


am moving on. She is one of your trip's best


known naval ships but is about to be decommissioned after 30 years in


service. HMS York was involved in delivering aid to Libya, amongst


other things. By the end of next year, she will be taken out of


service and replaced by newer model. Joshua live from Hall -- from Hull


is the HMS York's newest recruit. He admits joining the service is a


daunting prospect. When I first joined, and walked up the gangway,


I was nervous. They have made me very well -- very welcome. I am


starting to get used to it. During its 28 years of service, HMS York


has taken part in some of the most high profile operations in recent


years, including rescuing stranded Britons in Libya. With the emblem,


it is the white rose of Yorkshire. As a Yorkshire man, I am


representing myself and Yorkshire and the country, so why am proud of


it. After five-and-a-half months at sea, HMS York is in dock for its


service. While it allows the crew to visit friends and family, it was


the chance to travel the world that drew them to the job in the first


place. We went down to the Falklands in July. We had a trip


through the Caribbean and the way home. It is the lifestyle. I have


done a lot of travelling in the nine years I have been in.


York's days are numbered. She will be decommissioned next year, to be


replaced by this newer model. For those who sailed on her, she will


continue to be a symbol of Yorkshire pride.


Thank you for getting in touch after we talked about the changes


to our political boundaries. East Yorkshire will lose a constituency


under proposals to cut the number of seats in the House of Commons.


It could leave current MPs competing for the number of seats.


Ian says, it is a pity the Government do not have anything


Thank you for those. It has been described as an


important part of Hall's football history. -- Hull's football history.


It is a medal that belongs to Dean Windass, who sent the Tigers into


the Football League in 1990 -- in 2008. Dean Windass has scored at


Wembley for Hull City! The moment that secured Hull City's promotion


to the Premier League and sealed Dean Windass's reputation as a Hull


City legend. It meant celebrations across Hull. This rare piece of


club history was sold at auction today to raise money for the local


council charity. -- for a local cancer charity. It is a one-off.


There is another 15 medals, but they were not all presented to


Dean! People say, why did you sell it, but the memories are always


there. I am glad it has gone for that sort of money. The auction


house was packed. The supporters' club feel that the medal should


stay within the city and be available for all the fans to see.


All finished at 5,000? This was the lucky bidder, but he was acting not


for himself but his boss, the club owner. He was determined to buy the


medal. It is a good idea to keep it in the football club. It is good


for the fans to enjoy it. They can remember the day we were promoted.


International interest from Canada and New Zealand prompted fears the


medal might leave the city but now Hull City fans can see it for


themselves when it goes on display at their home ground.


History will be made this weekend as Sean Bristow will be the 4th


player ever to play more than 100 games for both Hull clubs. He is


said to leave Hull Kingston Rovers at the end of the season. The game


against Catalan Dragons will be his hundred -- is hundred for the club.


We have had some great wins and some poor losses so it has been a


roller-coaster. The majority of it has been enjoyment. Add to that the


100 games he played for Hull FC and he joins only a few others to have


played more than 200 games for both sides. Next season, he is moving to


play for Widnes. Wherever I go from here, I will always hold Hull in a


special place in my heart. It is where I grew up as an adult and


where my children were born. Justin Morgan would like his 100 game


against Catalan in France to be a win. He has been a wonderful


servant for us. Everyone will be working hard to make it an


enjoyable day for him. They are all hoping that this will be shorn


Briscoe's last game for the club. A win means the chance of a few more


games before he goes. The Egyptian Paralympic team are to


use Lincolnshire for a base ahead of the Games in London made next


year. They will lose -- they will use their the Princess Royal Sports


Arena and in Boston. Over 22,000 people, cast their vote


in an online poll. Lincolnshire now has the title of Britain's


favourite food spot. Paintings by David Hockney are


taking centre stage. There are also images created on computers that


have not been seen anywhere else in Britain. It is interesting to see


him working with a more urban landscape. He is telling us that


everything is really beautiful, you just have to look a bit harder.


Dennis Shaw has won the hole in Bloom competition for the 26th year


in a row. -- Hull emblem. -- Hull In Bloom.


Hard work, dedication and a passion for gardening other secrets to this,


Holt's best garden. Dennis has built every part of this with his


own hands on a shoestring budget. feel as the why and achieving


something and enjoying it. I am happy and content with this. Over


the years, he has made quite a name for himself. He has even appeared


on gardener's World. I have come to the city of Hull to meet a past


master of the art of gardening on a shoestring. He is no stranger to


awards, either. So far, he thinks he has picked up around 90. It all


began at school. This is the first trophy I ever won. My mother was so


proud of May because there was a big family of us. These are the


recent ones. This was presented to me at the Guildhall last Thursday


night. I am a proud man, actually. Along with his wife, he is already


planning next year's garden. He is hoping to add more awards to his


growing collection. Fantastic achievement, well done.


Let us have a recap of the headlines.


The dole queue gets longer. Unemployment in the UK hits 2.5


million. Talks are under way in London


tonight after fears that the Humber could lose a deal with Siemens.


Tomorrow's weather - dry, with We will have the latest on those


Siemens talks tonight. Talking about football, a response coming


in - standing at football matches create a great atmosphere, says


Rick. Another man says, they should have


terracing on all football grounds, it creates atmosphere.


It depends on the size of the club, says another. We must never forget


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