16/09/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. Welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines - the race


against time to put up hundreds of students starting life at


university this weekend. To put a freshers in as a bit nerve-racking,


because they are nervous enough already. I think it ruins the


experience of it. I after nearly 120 years, the daily paper that's


going weekly. A Hull man has survived after a metal bolt hit him


in the face as he drove down the M 62. If it had hit the in the eye


could have swerved into the central reservation or anywhere else. I'm


really lucky it hit me where it did. And the rare, old footage capturing


life in our area that's on display this weekend. And that weekend


weather forecast will follow in the In just over 24 hours, thousands of


students will be arriving at the University of Lincoln for the start


of freshers week. For more than 100 of them, these will be their


student digs. Portable cabins, after the University ran out of


space in its normal halls of residence. Leanne Brown has been


for a look around the temporary accommodation. They are just three


metres wide, that's nine ft, but these boxers will soon be housing


200 students. There's no arguing the fact that the cabins are


relatively compact, but they do have two beds in and an en-suite


shower room. They are comfortable, heated and safe. The cabins are


usually used as an upmarket alternative to a tent at festivals.


But they have been used at universities before. The feedback


has been positive from the other universities because they had them


for a number of years. One university has had them on and off


for five years, it's survived peaks and troughs in their accommodation


requirements. But these current students wouldn't have been happy


if they were housed there. wouldn't have felt comfortable, I


wouldn't have wanted to stick around for as long as my whole


course. I would have been looking for somewhere else to go. They are


horrible. You are not going to be very comfortable if all you've got


is this tiny box and you've got to share with someone else. If you are


completely different people, one of you goes out and the other stays in,


you are going to feel awful. Threshers on nervous enough already


coming in on the first day. The sooner they get them out the better,


but they are looking for other places for them so it should be all


right. It's the first time Lincoln University has had this problem.


Student numbers haven't risen but the amount coming from outside the


county has. It's not the fact that the student numbers have increased


so significantly, it's that we are seeing more students coming from


further afield. We find that local students tend to stay at a parental


home, around a quarter of them, and students from further afield to


dump. The reputation of the universe Tycroes and students are


coming from further afield. Students will be arriving on Sunday.


It's perhaps not the start to university life they expected.


Leanne is live at the University now. Why has the University gone


for these temporary units rather than putting students in what


people would be thinking about -- thinking about, a B&B or hotel


accommodation? They didn't want students to miss out on those


important few weeks of university life. Down at the waterfront, where


there are lots of pubs and restaurants, you can see behind me


the student bar. Lots will be going on around here for freshers week.


They wanted to make sure that students felt they were a part of


that. If they'd been placed in B&Bs they'd be disjointed and in various


different places across the city. This way, they are all together in


one local community. Traditionally, they would have been in halls of


residence, so they wanted to recreate that kind of feel. But I


must stress that they do say this is a temporary solution and they


are working with local tenants to find them alternative accommodation


in a shared house. What do you think about that, would you fancy


starting university life in a portable cabin, has the University


Campbell did the best way? You can e-mail us. In Hull, its claimed


that changes to planning laws could force students away from an area of


the city known for cheap accommodation. Hull University


students Union says stricter planning rules would stop houses in


the Newland Avenue area being turned into shared homes. The


council says it's talking to residents and Stevens before a


decision is made. We've got a meeting on the 20 sixth. This is a


day when we get 5000 new students to the city, bringing millions of


pounds worth of economy with them. It's a devastating message to send


out to them, that they are going to be put in student ghettos and not


able to live where they want to live on the thriving streets in the


city of Hull. The Grimsby housewife who wants us to have our say on


leaving Europe. It's been a daily fixture for thousands of people in


Lincolnshire for nearly 120 years. But today, following months of


speculation, it's been announced that the Lincolnshire Echo is to


become a weekly paper. Circulation has fallen to just over 17,000, a


drop of more than 7% since this time last year. That's compared


with a circulation of more than 30,000 a day 20 years ago. Bosses


say that scrapping the daily edition will help to secure the


paper's long-term future. The paper's future was its own front


page story today. After 118 years of daily news, the Lincolnshire


Echo is going weekly. The latest victim, it seems, of our changing


reading habits. People are very busy in their lives and the number


of readers who religiously read a paper six times a week is dropping.


What we want to do is be able to give people everything in one


weekly edition. It's a problem that's been experienced by other


papers. Several weeks ago, the Scunthorpe Telegraph went weekly


following and 9.1 % fall in its circulation. In Hull, the Daily


Mail is down by 8.2 %. Yngling picture, sales of the Ecole have


fallen by 7.6 %. In Lincoln today, people had different reasons why.


If I'm going to get my news from anything it's usually Sky News or


BBC News on the internet. I don't really read the Lincolnshire Echo


because the information in it doesn't really appeal to me. I


don't think it's aimed at our age group. There isn't enough news to


fill a paper every day. A weekly one would be brilliant. Unlike many


daily papers, the Lincolnshire Echo Sir -- covers a wide and sprawling


counter. Village shops and newsagents have been closing fast,


and now reaching areas -- people in areas like this has become


increasingly difficult. Shops have closed down, the post office has


closed down, that has undoubtedly had an impact on our sales.


years of daily reporting will come to an end on 14th October. A sign


of the Times, with the printed word battling to compete with internet


technology. I spoke to the media commentator Roy Greenslade, who


writes a blog for the Guardian newspaper, and asked him whether he


was surprised that the Lincolnshire Echo is going weekly. Not at all.


It's clear that Northcliffe media have been reviewing the situation


at several evening papers, and this is the fourth in their group that


they decided to turn from a regional evening into a weekly.


That follows one even earlier, the Bath Chronicle, in which it


pioneered this kind of move. circulation of the Scunthorpe


Telegraph has gone up since it has gone weekly. Is this the answer to


save the papers? I think it's an interim stage, because I think we


will eventually end up with no papers at all and will move totally


on screen, but that's a way off yet. So it's a way of ensuring that a


paper which is probably not making a great deal of money, if any at


all, can turn a profit and therefore can survive. What they've


found his by transforming rather thin the daily papers into thicker


weekly papers, it does get a big sales flippered. People get


interested again. The Bath Chronicle has been doing this for a


couple of years and is still a very successful newspaper. Let me go


back to that point you made a few minutes ago. Can you see the end of


papers? Yes. Eventually, we are obviously going to do without


newsprint. That is clearly a big digital revolutionary move which we


are going to want. But it's hopeless trying to put a date on it.


Some newspapers will survive but overall, we will lose newsprint


altogether. Maybe 20 years' time, maybe 30, it may be sooner. What


about more immediately? The Grimsby Telegraph, the Hull Daily Mail - of


a guaranteed to stay daily? For the moment they are. I'm sure


everything will be constantly under review. This is not really about


sales and circulation, it's really about advertising revenue, about


whether you can turn a profit. Advertising is obviously affected


by the number of papers that you sell, but then we've got the


problem of people migrating to the internet. Advertisers migrating to


the internet. And also the overall recession, the government


withdrawing a lot of advertising across Britain. All of this is


having a marked effect on the regional newspaper industry. Very


interesting to talk to you. I'd like to throw this one open to you


tonight. Do you still buy your local paper? If not, why not? Do


you agree that eventually daily newspapers will disappear? Thoughts


on this and the change in the Lincolnshire Echo, you can e-mail


Hull City Council has pledged �5 million to support the proposed


Siemens wind turbines factory. The development to bring thousands of


jobs to the area, but negotiations to gain the contract have currently


stalled. MPs and council leaders met the Business Secretary, Vince


Cable, earlier this week to gain government support for the bid. 18


Afghan men are staging a peaceful protest at a Lincolnshire


immigration detention centre. One of them has told the BBC that they


are afraid of being sent home and says they've gone on hunger strike.


The men are being held at Moreton Hall near Lincolnshire. We are just


here for a strike. We don't want to go for to our rooms. It's raining,


it's cold as well. We are just here, sitting down, no food, no water,


nothing. A 15-year-old girl has been missing from Scunthorpe since


the early hours of Sunday morning. Police are appealing for help to


locate Jamie slight, who was last seen at her home on Tomlinson


Avenue in the town. It's thought she may be with a male friend in


Scarborough, but it's out of character for her to go missing for


this period of time. A mother from Hull says her son is lucky to be


alive after a metal bolt smashed through his windscreen and hit him


in the face as he drove for over the River Ouse Bridge on the M 62.


Adam Davies says if he was left unable to breathe after the bold


hitting in the throat. -- the metal bolt hit him up through the throat.


Just where it came from is a mystery. But for Adam Davis, it's


beginning to sink in just how lucky he is to have escaped serious


injury, after this six inch metal bolt hit him in the throat while he


was driving. If it had hit me in the eye, I could have swerved into


the central reservation or anything else. I'm really lucky it hit me


where it did. Had it come head on, it would have killed him. Adam was


on his way home to Hull on the M 62. But as he was approaching the top


of the bridge near Goole, he saw a sudden flash and his windscreen


shattered. I didn't really know what was happening. It all happened


so fast. All I could do was break and get it across onto the hard


shoulder. He walked away with just cuts and bruising to the neck and


chest. Back at the scene of the accident and he's now trying to


find out where the metal bolt came from. When I managed to get my


breath back and stopped the car, I was stopped at the top of the


bridge. That's where the car stayed until the paramedics came for me.


The Highways Agency, who look after this part of the road, say it would


be nearly impossible to determine how it came to be on the motorway.


What are you going to do with it now? Frame it. Definitely. That


will be a talking point for quite a few years. Sell the family will be


keeping this missile as a lasting reminder of his lucky escape.


Meanwhile, car fixed and injuries healed, Adam is back behind the


Adam's incredible story. Thank you for watching. Still ahead before


the top of the hour. Your chance to catch a glimpse of rare footage of


life in our area from the last 100 years. And the time is 17 minutes


to 7. Tonight's photo was taken by Mark dots worth of the old


lighthouse at Spurn Point. Thank you Mark. Another picture tomorrow,


Monday night. That is the one. That Monday night. That is the one. That


picture didn't look any different! Linda says how sad that Peter got


so excited about the aircraft picture. Ask him will he get his


telescope out this weekend? Please. Just the forecast will do. The


headline San unsettled one. Sunny intervals and scattered showers.


Some of which could be on the heavy side. So a mixed bag this weekend.


There will be drier and brighter interlueds but you can tell how


unsettled t it is going to be. Low pressure driving bands of showers


in from the west. After the showers this morning most parts of East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have been dry. There has been a bit of


brightness in the last few hour, we have got a very active weather


system. We could see the tail end, the chance of a thundery shower,


some HM Revenue & Customs I have downpour, but it will clear out of


the way, behind a lot of dry weather before showers threaten


again from the south-west, towards the end of the night. We will see


lowest temperatures round 10 or 11 degrees. So the sun will rise in


the morning, at 6.38 setting at 7.13. So there will be some sunny


spells round tomorrow, but at the same time showers probably from the


word go, some of which will be heavy, there could be the odd clap


of thunder rblgt and some hail. There will be some drier and


brighter spells in between those scattered showers, but if you catch


one you will know about it. Temperatures round 16er 17 degrees.


17 in Grimsby and Lincoln is 63F. With a moderate south-west wind,


but if you catch a heavy shower that wind will be gusty. A similar


sort of forecast on Sunday, with again sunny spells, scattered


shower, Monday a final morning, cloudy later patchy rain, Tuesday


at the moment looks mostly dry. at the moment looks mostly dry.


That is the forecast. You need danger money working with you. One


viewer says the weather should be on performance related pay. Paul


would be heavily in debt. I would be bankrupt. At least you admitted


it. Don't go there again. Have a nice weekend. Goodbye. A house wife


from Grimsby is leading a group of campaigners calls for a referendum


on whether the country should leave the European Union. The decline of


the fishing industry and the financial crisis in the Euro done


are two of the reasons why some say there should be a public vote on


the future of membership of the EU. With more here is our political


editor. As European leaders fight to save the single currency, a very


different battle is being fought closer to home. Grimsby house wife


Jo White leads a group of campaigners is who say it is time


for a referendum on whether we stay in or get out of the European Union.


The EU makes so many of our laws these days, I think that in itself


is undemocratic. Mr Cameron, the politicians need to ask what we


think. It is time we were asked. The last time we had a referendum


on our membership of what used to be called the Common Market was


back in 1975. Which means that no- one under the age of 54 has ever


been asked directly whether they want to be part of the EU. Do you


think there should be a referendum? Yes, we pay a lot into it. We get


very little out of it. Except red tape. I would vote to stay in. I


think it is essential we stay in a wired market because we need to


have more contacts to grow our business. -- wider market. With


many blaming Brussels for the decline of the fishing industry,


Grimsby has long been regarded as one of the most Euro-sceptic towns


in the country. But one MEP believes those who want to leave


the EU should be careful what they wish for.N't Look, there is nothing


to say our own economy won't be in dire straits and we might be


looking from help from Europe. We need Europe as much as it needs us.


The Prime Minister has rejected calls for an EU referendum. But a


petition signed by more than 100,000 people supporting a public


vote was recently handed in to Downing Street. And campaigners say


they will be keeping up the pressure on the Government. There


there is more on The Politics Show at 1.35 on Sunday afternoon here on


BBC One. Thanks for being in touch about changes to the planning laws


that we were talking about last night on the programme. The


Government has proposed changes which could see green field land


released for develop: It prompted a row in Stamford where a develop


developer wants to build hundreds of homes on farmland. A big


response. A few here, Wilfred says grabbing green belt land for


development will not ease the housing crisis, the real answer to


the shortage is improving the supply of mortgages to those who


can afford them. Jenny says while there is is a need to build more


home, it isn't planning that is stopping them being built, it is


the economy. If people can't get mortgages developers won't build.


Rachel says we don't need more new houses, we need to make mortgages


more accessible for first-time buyers so they can buy the houses


that are already for sea. We will have more on the radio on Monday if


you can join me from midday. Fans of Hull Kingston Rovers could be


forgiven for having a feeling of deja vu as their side prepares for


their second match in France in as many weeks, they play the Catalan


Dragons tomorrow night. The last time Rovers won but only just.


Rovers are hopping to -- hoping to continue their winning run Feeling


confident. You I know, you coach and the players train for 27 rounds


to play in the big game, and it is finally here. The first part is


over and now ut it is the exciting part. We look forward to going down


and there getting the victory. you can hear that game of course on


BBC Radio Humberside tomorrow. The coverage is from Simon Clark and


Mike white on FM and online and 24 hours later, Hull FC will be


heading to Leeds for their play off tie where they will have to perform


better than last week. The black- and-whites lost 12-34 in front of a


home crowd. Having lost Super League encounters against the


Rhinos this season they will hope to put past performances behind


them on Sunday. Looking at going out and getting the win. We feel


that we have worked very hard for each other this year, to put


ourself in this position. I think, you know, when you look at the


competition at the moment, Wigan and Warrington are probably the


favourites. When you look down from that I think most teams can beat


each other. And coverage of the game also on Radio Humberside. The


Leeds Rhinos versus Hull is at 5.00 and on FM and online. Hull City


will continue to look to continue their winning run when Portsmouth


are the visitors. The commentary on the Tigers game will be on AM from


3.00. If you want to follow scuant's progress against Walsall


that is on FM. Grimsby is on DAB and on line. And Lincoln city's


game is on BBC Lincolnshire, with a build up starting from 2.00. Enjoy


your rugby and your football this weekend. Here is a nice one. The


Queen Mary II will sail past the Yorkshire coast tomorrow morning,


on a round Britain voyage. If you want to see the ship she will be


off Flamborough Head land at 9.is a tomorrow morning. An East Yorkshire


man who has spent 15 years trying to grow squashs in his back garden


has finally had some success. Keith from Driffield has spent his


retirement trying to find a variety that will cope with the climate.


am not doing it for any commercial reason, I just enjoy doing it. I


enjoy success, and that is success. And people like James Martin would


drool at a crop like that. In fact I may send him one, because he


loves his butter nut squash and this is better. James Martin will


be pleased with that! A rare screening of film footage soil. 100


years old has been taking place in Grimsby. It is part of a project


giving people an insight into the past through the lens of amateur


Boston in 1904. A day when the town was out in force, to celebrate the


opening of its new municipal buildings, and a day captured


forever, because someone cared to film it. Footage like this is still


finding new audiences and today you could step inside a tent in Grimsby


and transported back to the past through the world of film. Scenes


of Butlins in Skegness in the '50s, brought back treasured memories.


One of the red coats said do you want to meet Billy Butlin. I was


talking to him and he said are you enjoying it. We both fell in the


boating lake because we were too big for the canoe -- canoe, the


male times were fantastic. They could dispense about 300 meals in


15 minutes flat. It looked different. Do think it looked fun?


No. Not as fun as it is now. the fact that Harley and her school


friends can see what their holidays might have been like half a century


ago is thanks to the amateur film- makers like John Turner. People are


very nice. That is a big close up. She doesn't mind. John made his


films while a student at Hull university. He hasn't watched them


for 50 years. It is amazing isn't. It is quite amazing. First thing


that comes to mind why did it take it all? The street scenes were


engrossing, engrossing really, so, I, and also they were a way of


talking to people, and I was fascinated and a lot of poverty. It


sounds wicked to say interesting but it was, there was a certain


horror by it. Horror is better than interest. I used to wander round


with a camera and talk to people and film them. And now people are


grateful he didment some of the footage has been used by the BBC


programme which runs alongside the history project. The tent is up


again tomorrow ready for old films to spark fresh memories of the past.


And as I remember those old picture, here is living proof. That QM2


isn't this weekend it is on Monday morning at 9.15. My fault. Sorry


about that. Now a recap. The bodies of all four miners trapped


underground in South Waless have been found. More than one hundred


students heading to Lincoln will start their university careers


living in portable accommodation. The weather bright and breeze which


with sunny intervals. Top temperatures 17C On the soufbt the


Lincolnshire echo going weekly. Sharon says doesn't have enough


news for daily so makes sense. I don't buy it any more because it


has nothing new to say. Another one says there is not enough news to


fill a daily paper so it will repeat itself. A weekly paper with


everything in is better. And Emma says I feel sorry for the smaller


shops that sell papers and the paperboys and girls who will lose


income and finally this from Brian who texted in to say I don't buy


newspapers any more, I read the Mail every morning on the internet.


That way, I don't have to get the car out, so I don't have to pay for


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