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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


A primary school bans nuts from its pupils' lunchboxes. I think they


need to relax. If my child suffered, I would be happy for that warning


to go out. The leader of Boston Borough


Council describes a newspaper article about immigration in town


as disgusting. This this town troubled or tranquil? I am here to


find out. The family giving up food from afar


as they source all their meals from close to home.


The teenage singing star who's the next big thing down under, all the


way from Scunthorpe. And join me for the detailed


weekend forecast in the next 15 An increase in the number of


children suffering from food allergies has forced an East


Yorkshire school to ban nuts from all packed lunches. Parents were


told about the change of policy in a text message warning them that


nuts must not be brought into Minster School in Beverley. It is


just the latest school to introduce such a ban but it is prompting


claims that this is a step too far. Our correspondent has been finding


out more. This girl has only recently been


diagnosed with a nut allergy and she is getting used to the special


equipment that comes with it. Her mother has nothing but praise for


the school which has had a ban on nuts for some years. They have been


very supportive, and sometimes I have felt like I am being a pain,


because I have been at the school, checking things are in place and


they have the medications. It is not just at meal times that nuts


are banned. The children are very creative and they do extract cities.


We have the parents sending in things like empty cereal packets,


but we ask them not to include anything that might have that nuts.


One in 50 children are now estimated to suffer from a nut


allergy and it is estimated that boys are 30% more likely than girls


to suffer from the condition. It is also thought that children from


affluent families have a higher rate of nut allergies.


We have organised some reminder training...


At Minster primary, the latest school to ban nut products in


packed lunches. If my child suffered, I would be very happy for


that warning to go out. They are just being careful, I do not have a


problem with it. I think they need to relax all these things. Take


individual cases. Nobody knows why food intolerances and allergies are


on the increase, but it is certain that more schools will have to


develop strategies to protect their pupils.


Joining me is Mandy East. How common is it for nuts to be banned


in schools? We do hear of schools who ban nuts. Particularly in


schools where there are the younger children, year one classes. Given


that you represent those at risk from severe allergic reactions,


presumably you are pleased about this?


We do not actually have a policy to introduce not bans across the board


in schools. One of the reasons for this is that children can be


allergic to a lot of substances, milk, fish, and you cannot ban


everything that children may be allergic to. We also feel is lolls


children into a false sense of safety. We cannot ever say that a


school is 100% not free. So actually this could have a


counter-productive effect? What the family and the child have


to understand is that while the school is doing everything they can,


been on allergic children's families will not be reading labels


in the same way. It is sensible not to allow peanut butter sandwiches


and lunch boxes, we are not sure that you can ban all nuts


altogether. Thank you very much. I am interested to hear what parents


think. You may think that parents should be able to send their


children to school with whatever food they choose. Get in touch in


the usual ways. Here are the Coming up: 50 times quicker, super-


fast broadband begins in rural parts of East Yorkshire.


The head of Boston Borough Council has described a national newspaper


article about immigration in the town as totally skewed and


disgusting. Peter Hitchens claims that emigration has led to a


strange and troubling Trans formation, their cultural


differences have created barriers between local people and migrants.


I will talk to Peter Hitchens shortly. What have people been


saying there locally? People are bemused. Nobody is denying that the


mass influx of Eastern European workers has changed the town but


they do object to the prop -- be provocative picture painted in that


article. I spoke to a Portuguese family earlier. The father told me


he brought his children here and I asked him if he had experienced


this negativity and segregation. People come here to work and have a


good life but they bring business to this country as well. They bring


money. They have to say that -- see this from the other side. They just


see that people come men to take a job from them, but it is not true.


What have people said today? They would like to invite this


journalist to Boston and spend some time here. They are not very


pleased. I think it was totally missed directed and not really a


reflection of what Boston is. The national media seem to have picked


up on the fact that Boston is an immigration centre. Yes, we have a


lot of immigrants, but in the majority of cases, people get on


together. Is this a troubled town or a tranquil place? Nobody has


denied there are problems but that provocative tome in the article


upsets people here. -- tone. The journalist concerned is Peter


Hitchens. He told me earlier that the council's criticism of his


article is unfounded. I do not know what basis they have for saying


that. I made no criticism of the local council, the authorities or


the local people. I do not think anyone living in Boston, or indeed


the in commerce, are to blame for what has happened. I think this is


the result of decisions made hundreds of miles away by


politicians who do not care about Boston. Are you saying there are


too many immigrants for that small town? When the numbers are so large,


and they are very large in Boston, and with the language difference is


so great, and indeed the cultural differences, people who have grown


up in many cases in the Soviet empire in completely different


cases -- situations. I think it does transform the place in a way


that makes people uncomfortable, lead to one necessary hostility. We


it do not want that to happen. you think that Boston is in a mess


because of this cultural barrier? It is not for me to say as an


outsider. With goodwill and hard work, people could overcome this. I


hope that they do. I think it would be ridiculous to claim that this


has not caused major problems for the people of the town. What are


those problems? I just think it is very difficult for a town of that


size to function, when there are two almost isolated communities


within the same city limits. yet without those people, many of


these shops which are open would be boarded up. Many of the


employers'... I have said that in the article. But what compensation


is that to the people of Boston who feel that the place they grew up in


is no longer familiar to them? I think there is more to life than


economics and money. Living in a place where you feel funnel their


and where you know your fellow creatures is important. -- where


you feel familiar. Thank you very much.


If you are in Boston or Lincolnshire or generally, you


might have something to comment on. E-mail or text us. There will be a


longer interview with Peter Hitchens tomorrow lunchtime on BBC


radio. Growing fears for the safety of a


missing teenager from Sleaford. 15- year-old Clarissa Britton suffers


from depression. Police are asking anyone who may have seen her to get


in touch. A man has died after a serious


accident involving three vehicles. It took place on the A52 near


Bennington. He women has been taken to Boston pilgrims hospital with


serious injuries. -- a woman. Both of Hull's teams have crashed


out of the Super League play-offs. And the singing star from


Scunthorpe who has made it to the Thank you for all the pictures.


This is a picture of the QM to two. How you? I am very well. This is a


very funny e-mail from Phil. Grey very funny e-mail from Phil. Grey


hair is now fashionable. He has cracked it! How funny is that?! Why


don't you do what you came in for? The headline is an unsettled one,


and there is going to be some rain later. It looks like it could


linger across parts of Lincolnshire it. The best of the bride weather


on offer for East Yorkshire. It is a little further north than this


position suggests. It could bring rain across the Wash, for example.


We have had some sunshine around. It has descended -- tended to cloud


in it. This is a warmer front bring some drizzle in places now. Most


places are dry, and later on, we will see rain spreading in from the


West. It will still be fairly small, and temperatures will be down to 13


Celsius. The sun will rise in the morning at 6:43am, and setting at


The rain will affect southern parts of Lincolnshire, with pulses of


rain, not all day. As you can see, to the north of the Humber, were


once the overnight rain clears, it should be dry with some terrible


cloud. Sunny intervals. Readings and having the best of it tomorrow


with I temperatures of 18 Celsius, but the further south you go, the


more likely you are to run into some rain. Wednesday to Friday


looks generally dry. He needs to speak properly, like Lincolnshire


folk do! We will do some more It's claimed new broadband being


installed in parts of East Yorkshire today will be 50 times


faster than the current connection. Last year, campaigners proved slow


internet was a problem for some after a pigeon carried a file to


Skegness faster than they could download it. Now residents in


Woodmansey near Beverley are trialling a new service with speeds


of up to 100 megabits - well above the national average of 6.2


megabits. It means they can now download an entire music album in


less than two seconds. An hour-long television show in 31 seconds. And


a full high-definition movie in one to two minutes. Our business


correspondent Paul Murphy has the This family are not untypical when


it comes to internet usage. They are regularly on line for shopping


and entertainment. They are the first in the Hull area to try out a


super-fast broadcast -- broadband service. I will be using it for


iPlayer and Facebook. Also Downloading using -- music. Once


they have connected the cable, the capacity will allow multiple users


to watch TV and front online businesses. Simultaneously if


necessary. It is one of the first products in the UK to be rolled out


in this way, using fibreglass cables straight into customer's


home. This could soon be rolled out across the whole city. As a nation,


we are getting hungrier and hungrier for internet data. Be that


downloading films or working from home. The network that delivers all


of that is going to need to have much greater capacity in years to


come. Another of -- a number of other companies are planning to


offer super-fast broadband in Hull and the surrounding areas. It will


encourage businesses to stay in the City, it will encourage investment,


and it is about encouraging jobs. The rural communities especially


see broadband connection as vital. These people dug their own trenches


to build a cable. I could never use online shopping for grocery


shopping. It took too long to check the ingredients and things I wanted


to buy. Now I can check ingredients in an instant. Fastball back --


broadband Connectivity is seen as vital. The Government's target is


to have 90 % of UK homes connected A couple from East Yorkshire are


out to prove they can survive by only eating food which is grown or


made close to where they live. For the next week, they will gather all


their supplies from within a 20 mile radius of their home. But as


Crispin Rolfe reports, that means no fish, no sugar, and a struggle


to find milk. They have wanted some honey to take back to Germany.


Mother's Day. That is about four miles away. On a mission for a week.


These people have set up -- set themselves a challenge to eat food


and produced within 20 miles of their home. We are going to eat


fairly normally. We are substituting some of our projects -


- products. We are so subsidising. We are surprised by the number of


dairy farmers who have gone out of businesses because of the prices


they are getting, and consequently, we have had real difficulties


finding a local dairy. Another problem is a sugar. But on the


whole the couple have been lucky. Today they've bought a Chicken


raised in Driffield, Eggs sourced from Seaton Ross, Strawberries


grown in Bielby, Apple Juice picked and pressed in Wilberfoss and Rape


Seed Oil from Thixendale. Not bad considering half of Britain's food


is imported, and supermarket margins mean tough times for some


The only way we can compete today with the supermarkets. This shop


was -- founded in 1880, and we are the only one left. Back at home,


the Greens are living without bananas, fish and chocolate, but


they are allowing themselves one luxury: Coffee! After all it's


always been imported. Mind you, Peter & Jo will still have to


survive without sugar. It's Monday, so Damian is here with the sport as


usual - And you've been in Lincoln today as the Imps try and turn


their fortunes around. Some news just in. The Grimsby Town chairman


has announced his resignation. He is seen here in the middle. He had


been chairman since 2003. In a statement on the club website, he


said he is resigning because his position has come -- become


untenable now but Mike Parker is the majority shareholder. He


refuses to rejoin the current board of directors. More on that tomorrow.


The Imps face a must win game against Gateshead at Sincil Bank


tomorrow night with the pressure mounting on manager Steve Tilson.


They were beaten again on Saturday one nil at Luton and are now in the


bottom three of the Conference. I spoke to their manager at Sincil


Bank this afternoon. In the Football League, Scunthorpe United


are still without a league win. The Iron drew their sixth match of the


season. But in the Championship, Hull City won their third game on


victory against Portsmouth. There was a blow when look Fahmy was


dismissed, but Nigel Pearson said that his team's success was all


down to put their game. A I am really pleased with the players,


and I am pleased for them, because we have had an up and down start,


but they have shown a lot of character over the last few weeks,


to get three wins on the trot. That is credit to their application, and


we have played very well today. Scunthorpe salvaged a point away at


Walsall, despite losing the lead twice. It was Jimmy Ryan who scored


in the final minute of stoppage time. The two all draw leaves the


Iron still without a league one win. They'll be hoping to do better on


Saturday when they take on Yeovil. Saturday when they take on Yeovil.


Both Hull rugby league sides fell at the first hurdle in their


attempts to reach the Super League Grand final. Defeats to Catalan


Dragons and the Leeds Rhinos mark the end of an era for Hull KR and


Hull FC - who will see both their coaches and several first team


players leave the city. Simon Clark The local newspaper has his own way


of the field. There were 10 tries in all. There was just a single


consolation. A sad way to say farewell to Justin Morgan and


several players. The four lads who were leaving, we said thank you to


them, the night life tonight hurts. I am sure when I get over it, and -


- I will be back with fond memories. All eyes turned to Headingley.


Could Hull FC go one better than their neighbours? Although there


were good son -- some good moments, they were 18-0 down at half-time.


Leeds was soon back on track. There Leeds was soon back on track. There


was little to lift the gloom. Both clubs begin new eras with new


coaches and new playing personnel. Boat Hull Kingston Rovers and Hull


FC will target to do better than a Room in -- room for improvement for


both of them. A 16 year old from Scunthorpe is on the verge of super


stardom after reaching the final of X-Factor in Australia. Reece Mastin


is being supported by the likes of Beyonce and a growing army of fans


in his quest to win the show. This is the moment that Reece Weld


Australia in the finals of the X- Factor just a few hours ago. He


moved down under six years ago with his family, and now he is on the


verge of winning a huge recording contract. It has not sat -- sunk in


To get to the live finals has been my dream from the start. From now


on, I will keep pushing and try and get as far as I can. Back home in


Scunthorpe, his grandparents are tracking his progress on the


internet. He was strumming his guitar here. He heads got so far.


How nice does he look today? I wish I could cuddle him! It is surreal.


It is not Greece. It is a pop star. It is a to have -- totally


different person. Showbiz commentators in UK -- in Australia


are tipping him for big things. would have to say from the point of


view of him, I don't think it could have gone any better. This is the


second year that the X-Factor has been big in Australia. He was


chosen to work on the show, and that is not an accident. I think


that is the strongest thing about it. After training worldwide on


Twitter today, and becoming a hit on YouTube, he is gaining thousands


of fans. Reece has got the X- We find out tomorrow whether he


will be through to the next round. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines The evictions at Dale Farm on hold -


travellers win a last-minute legal reprieve and the bailiffs retreat.


An increase in the number of children suffering allergies forces


an East Yorkshire School to ban nuts from packed lunches.


Tomorrow's weather: Overnight rain soon clearing. Then mostly dry and


bright with some hazy sunshine. Patchy outbreaks of rain possible


Response coming in on the subject of banning nuts. They should mind


their own business. Surely the mother will know what a child can


eat or not eat. Another says my wife is allergic to nuts. It is in


everything, including bread. There's a fundamental fear of


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