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Good evening, and welcome to Look North. The headlines this evening:


The former Scunthorpe MP Elliot Morley is released after being


jailed for four fiddling his expenses.


I do not think that is, that he has served his time. Ordinary people


would still be in. There is a different role for M and everyone


else. Calls for more help for soldiers


leaving the Army with mental health problems will start after a


disastrous Liberal Democrat performance in local elections,


Nick Clegg tells Look North that voters will come back to the party.


People recognise that what we are doing is in the long-term interests


of the region, the long-term interests of the country, and that


we are doing it for the best reasons.


And find out what is causing this protest in one Lincolnshire village.


At right today to come tomorrow. All the details coming up shortly.


-- at brighter day. The former Scunthorpe MP Elliot


Morley has been released from prison after serving four months of


a 16 month sentence. He was jailed in May for fiddling his expenses.


He walked out of prison every man this morning. He claimed more than


�30,000 in false mortgage payments on his home in Winterton. Crispin


Rolfe explains the latest twist in the story.


In prison for the biggest fraud of the MPs expenses scandal -- scandal.


It was in May 2009 that the Daily Telegraph revealed he had claimed


�16,000 for a mortgage he had paid off. Two charges, under section 17


of the theft Act 1968, for false accounting, have been brought


against Elliot Morley. By February 2010, he was charged with false


accounting, but spent the rest of the year trying to use


parliamentary privilege to avoid facing justice. Her what is your


message to your constituents? Why do you not want to be tried in


record? But when that failed, he finally appeared in court in April


2011 and pleaded guilty to fraudulently claiming �30,000 worth


of expenses. In May, he started a 16 month prison sentence, only to


be freed just four months later. So what now for the former Scunthorpe


MP? His life and politics is surely over, but at least he should have a


home to go to. Crispin Rolfe joins us now live


from Scunthorpe. How has the town reacted to the news that Elliot


Morley has been released? Well, here at his home in Winterton and


also in Scunthorpe you can imagine there is some surprise at the news


he has been released. There is also some anger. But take a look at this,


delivered around lunchtime, flowers, and a message from supporters. It


says, a welcome home Elliott, could MP, first past minister and a


decent men who is not short of men's -- friends. Forward nary


people would still be in, but there is one rule for them and to a


different one for everybody else. Five he has lost his position. And


I think that he has paid for what he has done. He has been fiddling


everyone out of their money, he should have served more time. I am


not pleased he is out so quickly. He should have a longer sentence.


There is also political reaction from the Liberal Democrat


conference in Birmingham. Nick Clegg is saying that at least


Elliot Morley's case showed that no one was above the law. You have to


have a situation -- you cannot have a situation where politicians


second-guess the justice system. The most important thing is that a


punishment has been issued and that MPs have ended up behind bars. That


sends out a really clear signal, that she cannot abuse the Trust of


tax payers and had to get away with that. You had been in the town all


day. Have you seen Elliot Morley yet?


I have spoken to one member of his family, he suggested that he could


return to this home within the week, over the next few days, after his


release today of. We believe he has been released early on a home to


detention curfew order, which is basically designed for low risk


prisoners to be released early after one quarter of their sentence.


They are then attacked and left to look after themselves -- provided


with attack. Eventually that will come off. But the stain of the


shame will take longer. But the question is what his future will


Earlier, I spoke to Michael Brown. I asked him whether he was


surprised that Elliot Morley had been released so quickly. I am. We


all know that sentences lead to people getting remission. But I do


not think anyone would have expected four mum said of the 16


months sentence. I think it brings the justice system into disrepute.


Although in the eyes of the law, Elliot Morley has done the crime


and done that time, there will be a lot of raised eyebrows over this.


How is the decision to resist -- release and so early going down?


have looked at the websites of the local newspapers, and I can tell


you that it is quite clear the general public really does think


that this is an outrage. People do not understand - 16 months is not


necessarily 16 months. But it is also not four. I think it would be


more honest if judges gave an honest sentence. If in the view of


the justice system this crime is worthy of four months in jail, then


give somebody four months in jail. In a way, you could say that this


kind of white-collar crime fills up the prisons and cost the taxpayer


money. And maybe give bigger penalty ought to be withholding his


pension, making sure he pays the illicit gains, the �30,000, back.


That might be something to consider a. What career path is open to him


now? Out as soon politics is shut? Yes, I think so, some people like


Jeffrey Archer, who were jailed for a considerable period of time,


became experts on the judicial system. And they managed to


rehabilitate themselves. I am in favour of rehabilitation. I think


we have to be careful between Breen cruel on the one hand, recognising


that wants criminals come out of jail we owe them a duty of


rehabilitation. Hard though, is most of your life has been in local


government and/will government politics? Some of us who did not go


to jail lose sight some -- seats and have to find alternative work!


So I do not think we should have too much sympathy!


Elliot Morley is out of jail. If you have at view. -- if you have


the view, get in touch. After a poor local election results


for the Liberal Democrats, the party leader tells the programme


that voters will be back. As Scunthorpe veteran is calling


for the government to give more support to soldiers when they leave


the Army. It is thought that up to one quarter of them leave the


forces with mental health problems. Many suffer for years before


seeking any help. Siobhan Robbins has been to meet some of those


readjusting to civilian life. Northern island in the 1980s. At


bitter and bloody battle was raging, it was a conflict that took many


lives and scarred many more. It was not more than 20 minutes after they


had left the police station that we heard the explosion. And 1000 -- a


�1,000 bomb was hidden in a dustbin next to a wall. It exploded as the


first vehicle went past, and three Lad, Steve Wilson, private Macaulay


and private Macdonald. They were killed instantly. Years later, the


memory of Northern island still haunted this Scunthorpe soldier.


used to sleep with a machete next to my bed. I got angry, I have road


rage, thinking I was getting out of the truck, grabbing the person out


of his car or and just really going to town on him. It took him 13


years to ask for help and start putting the past behind him.


Government should fund smaller, there are over 4,000 men in


treatment for combat stress. But you can triple that. Between one-


fifth and one quarter of veterans suffer some form of mental health


problems. If there was symptoms are not recognised, either by the


veteran or by the medical public health system, and treated as


quickly as possible, they can add up over years.


After 23 years in the army, Jason Logie found adjusting to civilian


life hard. When he left in April, he had no home and no job. I feel


let down. You're just let your own devices. The family has finally


settled, but like many veterans, he has vowed that move to Civvy Street


hard. Every year, we rightly remember those who died at war. But


it is those who have returned home yet still feel they have lost their


lives but now what our support. Do you think enough is being done


to support for my shoulders when they returned to civilian life? --


former soldiers. Get in touch with former soldiers. Get in touch with


The funeral has taken place today of a 19 month-old boy who drowned


at a caravan park in Lincolnshire. Kai Game from Peterborough died two


weeks ago after falling into a lake at Skegness Leisure Park. His


parents described him as an amazing little boy.


Police hunting for a man connected with the murder in Hull eight years


ago have released new CCTV pictures. Sheik Muhammed died in 2003


following an assault in the city centre. Detectives are trying to


trace Tony Karim in relation to the attack. These images show that men


together shortly before Sheik Muhammed died.


And the report says a plan to close fire control rooms in Hull


unblinking was a complete failure. The idea was to replace the 46


smaller centres with nine at regional bases, and was scrapped


last year. The centres were due to deal with 999 calls from an area.


The Public Accounts Committee says the scheme has wasted nearly �470


million. Detectives investigating the murder


of a man in Boston say they believe they would have found the knife


used in the attack. Two local men have been arrested and bailed in


connection with the death of Janusz Smoderick. Officers are trying to


find Stephen Sleaford, who they named as their prime suspect.


The Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg says he understands why many


voters in these Jorja and Lincolnshire have rejected his


party. Speaking to BBC Look North, he said the recent election


meltdown came as a direct result of difficult decisions having to be


made by the Coalition Government. Tim Iredale reports from the party


It is no exaggeration in saying that this has been a night made


year for the Liberal Democrats. In May, they lost hundreds of council


seats and were then read -- removed from power. Abi Bell now leads the


Lib-Dems in opposition in Hull. I asked her how she intends to win


back the voters the party has lost. I have been out on the doorstep,


listening to people, understanding what their issues are and working


with them for the solutions weep -- they want to see.


The main problem is many voters in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


didn't like this man's decision to jump into Government with the


Conservatives, something the Deputy Prime Minister acknowledged when I


spoke to him today. These are controversial Times, difficult


times economic clay. People recognise that what we are doing is


in the long term interest of the Yorkshire and Humber region. We are


doing it for the best possible reasons. Do you accept they are


people in Hull and Grimsby who have turned their backs on to the -- on


you and may never vote for you again. Any compromise his treachery,


any compromise is a U-turn. That is what some say. The Lib Dems are


hoping to avoid another election meltdown like they saw earlier this


year. At present, the opinion polls show little sign of improvement in


their prospects. I asked Tim what the Lib Dems


needed to do to become a political force in our part of the world.


Politics is about branding and the Lib Dems are seen by too many


people as a toxic brand. They are associated with all the difficult


things that have been happening in Government recently, from cuts to


public spending, rising unemployment, two broken promises


over tuition fees. Politicians are held in low esteem at the moment.


Look at the reaction in Scunthorpe today, two Elliot Morley's release


from prison. All political parties are going to work harder to regain


people's trust. In the Lib Dems case, that means creating jobs


across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, so during jobs that could be


created by the wind turbines at manufacturing industry. -- securing.


They will struggle to get out of Thank you for watching. Still


ahead: At the pressure builds on Lincoln City manager, Steve Tilson,


as they face a crucial game tonight. And why a change of Rams for this


post lady has caused a stir in a Lincolnshire village. -- rounds.


Tonight's photograph is taken by a Philip Burnett, who took this


photograph of Flamborourgh cliffs. It is a big night tonight because


Sheffield is going on the weather I have had several e-mails. Ruth


says, the great thing about the digital switch-over is we can get


Peter and Paul in my area. I don't know what Sheffield have


done to deserve you, to be honest. The headline for the next 24 hours,


it is going to be wet for parts of Lincolnshire tonight. Tomorrow


looks like a better day. Brighter with some sunshine. It has been a


disappointing day. We have this by the front running along southern


areas. Right now, it is very wet across some parts of South


Lincolnshire. There could be the odd spot of rain for East Yorkshire.


It is a Lincolnshire where we are focusing our attention on at some


prolonged rain. It will push away later tonight and we will see


temperatures down to ten Celsius. The sun will rise in the morning at


The forecast for tomorrow, it looked bright first thing. It is


bright and generally dry with sunshine. The chance of one or two


showers. A windy day with that fresh south-westerly and top


temperatures of 17 Celsius. The out lock, Thursday will be dry and


bright. -- out look. The weekend looks and settled. We will give you


On to football and Lincoln City and their manager will be hoping to


kick-start their season tonight. The Imps need a win a. The problem


is they are playing a top of the table, Gateshead.


Time may be running out for Steve Tilson. His side has claimed seven


points from the last 20 games stretching back to last season.


Gateshead are the visitors tonight. It is likely to be a make-or-break


week. If we can win one of the two, get a


draw, a would be a good return and get us going. -- it would be. It is


going to be a tough game, we know that. We have to make sure we stay


in the game as long as we can. latest setback came at Luton on


Saturday. They still went down on 1-0. He has had enough time and


they don't seem to be going anywhere. I think he should go.


Relegation from the Football League on the final day of last season was


a blow to local pride. There was a mass exodus of players in the


summer. The manager feels a revival is around the corner. If we get on


a good run, the confidence bills. If you win a couple of games back-


to-back, it can soon change. will hope to stop that winning run


tonight against Gateshead. If they lose again this evening, there may


be a vacancy in the Lincoln City dug-out.


A crucial night for Lincoln City. There will be coverage of the game


on BBC Lincolnshire. Grimsby Town's majority shareholder, Mike Parker,


has ruled out a return to the club's board and becoming its next


chamber. He has told BBC that he is hoping to find investors who will


take, Rolf at Blundell Park. It follows John Fenty's resignation


yesterday. Mr Parker said fans were right to be concerned about the


future of the club. It will continue to lose money and less


performances improve. -- unless. If those losses are not supported


financially, they have only two options. They either suffer


financial problems or it cut its cloth according to its income.


Thanks to those e-mails about the school banning nuts. Minster School


is cutting that's. Parents were told about the change in policy in


a text message. A children can be allergic to milk, egg and fish. You


can't start banning all the things that children might be allergic to.


Sometimes it lulls children into a false sense of safety. We are not


sure we can never say that a school is 100% net free.


There was a big response on that story. We read every e-mail and


listen to every message. An entire village in Lincolnshire


has been mobilised after losing their beloved post lady to another


area. People in Dunston in Lincoln say their posts lady, pale, is part


of the village life. She has been given another round India by


Bracebridge Heath. Dunston villages are fighting to get her back.


Getting on with the job. This might not be the round Paul Butler is


used to bet letters need delivering in a Bracebridge Heath. It is here


in Dunston where they are missing their beloved post lady. Everybody


knows how. She is held for with the people in the village. -- helpful.


She is the eyes and ears of the village. It is a new house and all


we need to do is tell her that it is our house. You can't blame her.


The villagers are concerned that they might be making the new galley


feel unwelcome. Losing her hair so upset people that it became a


feature in Dunston's Scarecrow Festival last weekend. It has moved


350 people to sign for her return. She is part of our community. She


knows everybody, she has lived in the village all her life. She knows


where people are, she knows who people are and looks after knows --


neighbours. The Post Office has told us that changes to services in


the Lincoln area mean some customers might notice a disc --


different pace man or woman at a For now, the new postie is getting


on with his rounds. The post is still coming through the letterbox


but it is Pearl that villagers want to live ring back to Dunston. --


delivering. We wish them well. Remember last


night at the end of the programme, I was telling you about 16 year-old


Reece Mastin from Scunthorpe who has been voted through to her next


round of the Life finals of the X Factor in Australia. -- life finals.


He moved to Adelaide six years ago that is being supported by many


family and friends who still live in north Lincolnshire. He will


perform before the judges again next week after being voted through


to the next round. A fantastic story and we wish him the best.


Fingers crossed. Finally, a recap. Experts warn that


the world economy, including Britain, is at risk of a double-dip


recession. The former Scunthorpe MP, Elliot Morley, is released from


prison after fiddling his expenses. He served a quarter of his sentence.


Dry and bright with spells of sunshine. Top temperature of 18


Celsius tomorrow. On the subject of Elliot Morley, Col Twitter bed they


should be put in jail for what they have been done.


Another says he has been subject to a home detention curfew and


probation service because he is not possessed of being a serious risk


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