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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


They fought for our country. Now former military personnel in Hull


are told they'll get priority treatment for council services.


have our lives road from us. I feel quite bitter. We have had our lives


ripped from us. The BAE workers campaigning to save


their jobs, who are cycling through the night to speak directly to the


Prime Minister. I are not the factory, where workers say they are


determined to get their voice across.


Fans get a voice. Grimsby Town's biggest shareholder hands over a


dominant stake in the club to the supporters trust.


And spilling its secrets. The 1,000-year-old salt-making works


uncovered in Lincolnshire. Join me Good evening.


They fight for our country, but often claim they are left


unsupported when they return to life on "civvy street." Today Hull


City Council has made history by becoming the first in the country


to promise veterans they'll get priority treatment for council


services. The so-called veterans charter will see servicemen and


women given free access to leisure centres, help getting housing and


help finding new jobs. Simon Spark has more. I came out of the RAF


last year, and than it really difficult. You do not just lose


your job, you lose your home, like a family in a sense, because that


is what they are. It is like your way of life. You're dumped. Paul is


one of the ex Armed Forces personnel who have returned to


civilian life then had to cope with no support. We knew having done


your rate for 12 years and have to live with your parents, it is not a


nice feeling. -- when you have lived on your own with your...


Signature after signature from leaders endorsing a veteran's


charter. It is the first in the country to recognise the role of


those who served in the Merchant Navy, and the first to offer


practical help. Free access to leisure centres, and advice. A do


not want to see a situation where I meet people who have ended up


living in Pearson Park after they left service, because nobody helped


them. The question is whether this charter would have helped cases


like Aron Shelton, who returned injured from Afghanistan, but had


to fight for his right to mobility benefits. Sean spent 20 years


trying to get Gulf war syndrome recognised as an illness. They


should not be a precipice. There needs to be a transition. Whether


these commitments and promises make the difference they need to will be


judged in the months to come. I'd like to hear your thoughts on


this. Is it right that veterans should be given this help? Where


should the line be drawn - what about firefighters or police


officers? Perhaps you're a former serviceman or woman. Did you get


help or support adapting to life on In a moment:


How Lincoln and Hull are vying to fly the prestigious purple flag for


the quality of their nightlife. Workers at BAE systems in Brough


are preparing to head to the Tory party conference, after learning


almost 900 jobs at the East Yorkshire site are to go. Nine


employees are cycling across the Pennines to Manchester, hoping to


ask the Prime Minister how he intends to help. Paul Murphy is in


Brough for us this evening. Paul, what exactly are they hoping to


achieve by doing this? You can probably see the gathering


crowd of cyclists and their families and friends behind me.


They hope to keep the momentum going in this campaign. They will


have the ear of Mr Cameron, potentially the of the defence


secretary, Liam Fox. They want government intervention to save


these jobs. At night time cycle ride across the


Pennines needs planning and preparation. These BAE workers are


stocking up on energy bars and spare tyres. They also preparing


for a One 2 One audience with the Prime Minister. We want to ask the


question regarding the future of our jobs. Is all lost at BAE? Can


anything be done? Can Mr Cameron speak to the management to stop


what is happening? It has been a week since this work force was


officially told BAE intends to end aircraft manufacture at the site in


Brough. A campaign to save jobs here has been energetic. This


burgeoning online petition needs 100,000 signatures to force a


parliamentary debate. Local MPs asking BAE to open its books and


justified 900 job losses. We have heard the reasoning behind this. We


hope to see the business plan later this week. A lot more questions


have been raised. We will go back to BAE and the unions. We will say,


what about this? And what can we do to change it? Their message


ultimately to the Prime Minister will be simple, that the government


needs to do all in its power to keep jobs at BAE in Brough.


A windy evening for a cycle across the Pennines, but they are very


determined. Let's talk to him so debate. -- let's talked to Ian so


there be. I am devastated by the announcement last week. Hopefully,


this will raise the awareness of what is going on and have an impact


with the government. What can they do, realistically? This was a


commercial decision. Hopefully, it can raise awareness and put our


point cross. We can try and get them to change their minds. Sarah,


aged you're one of 900 families facing up to this news. What impact


will it have on family life? will have a huge impact on family


life. There are a lot of people were both husband and wife work at


the site. It is a big worry. You cannot plan, your life is on hold


until you know what is happening. My husband wants to work here at


the plant. He loves his work. It would be a shame if they lost the


skills that are here. Thank you both. Good luck on your hundred


mile plus cycle ride. It used in the next 20 minutes or so. We will


hopefully sure the departure of the cyclists.


The thank you. Some more news now. A fellow prisoner has admitted


trying to kill Soham murderer Ian Huntley. Damien Fowkes pleaded


guilty at Hull Crown Court to slashing Huntley's throat in March


last year. He also admitted the manslaughter of child killer Colin


Hatch, who was strangled at Full Sutton Prison near York in February.


Rare medieval glass at Howden Minster has ben destroyed by


thieves. This window had just been restored at a cost of �6,000 when


thieves smashed it to steal �20 in change and half a bottle of


communion wine. Weird up fragments of medieval glass. They were put


together in the window so people could see them. Medieval glass is


quite rare, needless to say. It's devastating that this damage has


been done. Most of know that a blue flag is


given to clean beaches, but now Hull and Lincoln are both bidding


for a purple flag. They're given in recognition of good nightlife. Only


14 towns and cities in the UK have achieved purple flag status. It


celebrates places which offer a "better night out" for everyone,


not just young people. And the aim is to raise standards and broaden


the appeal of town and city centres at night. Jake Zuckerman reports


from Lincoln. If this is the image you have of an


evening out in Lincoln, city centre managers want you to think again.


They're keen to present a more diverse picture of the


entertainment on offer, like restaurants and theatres. It's part


of their bid for a purple flag award. It is supposed to show that


his city has a good night like that is saved, with a range of


attractions. People believe it is not as safe as it actually is. It


And it's not difficult to find evidence of that image problem if


you speak to people in Lincoln. Come night time, when drinking


stout, misbehaviour comes with it. Are would not like to be out of my


own. A I imagine it is busy. The volunteer group Street Pastors


have been patrolling the city centre for four years now, offering


help to revellers. The group's coordinator says it's safer than


some people think. People often say, I cannot do what you do more why


not? There are a lot of light, bright jackets. We have 41 street


pastors, and nobody has ever felt unsafe. 14 other towns and cities


already have a purple flat, including Manchester and Bristol.


As well as Lincoln, Hull is also applying for a purple flag award.


But it'll be some time before either city finds out if they've


been successful. And this is another you might want


to have your say on. Should Lincoln and Hull be given a flag for the


quality of their nightlife? Do you feel safe in these cities? There's


the text and email details for you now.


Still ahead tonight: The meals-on- wheels service in Lincolnshire


taking its inspiration from TV chefs The Hairy Bikers.


And 2,000 years of history, crystallised in an ancient salt-


making site in Lincolnshire. Chris Moran took this of Sewerby


Park in East Yorkshire. If you have a picture you're proud of, send it


in. We will have another one I have an e-mail from somebody


saying yuan on the cover of a glossy magazine. She said they only


needed to use the colours orange and grey. We would all like to know


which magazine! Plane spotters? It is getting a bit tired now.


I hope you were fully closed. I was almost photographed with some


sprout. Beverley! It is milder and windy.


There will be a bit of patchy rain, chiefly first and into tomorrow


evening. Today, we had 17 at Coningsby. Yesterday, 28. Tomorrow,


21 is possible. Behind these cold fronts on Thursday, it might be 14.


Temperatures all over the place at the moment. It is changeable. It


has felt chilly today across all parts of East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire. At least it has been dry. I think what will happen


overnight is the cloud will thicken. It could be enough to produce the


odd spot of rain or drizzle. It is predominantly dry, that is the


headline, with lowest temperatures down to 12. The sun will rise at


7:10am, sitting at 628 Pom. -- setting at 6:28pm. A fairly cloudy


start in places. Perhaps the odd spot of drizzle, but otherwise it


is dry. The strong south-westerly wind will break the cloud up to


some extent. Towards tomorrow evening, rain will threaten from


the north. We are looking at take them -- we are looking at a mainly


dry day. And milder than today. Thursday, much colder with


scattered showers. Mostly dry on See you tomorrow.


It was set up during the war to give the vulnerable one decent meal


a day. The rising costs means the meals-on-wheels service in many of


our council areas is being threatened with closure. Now a


small Lincolnshire company is bucking the trend and is providing


hundreds of hot dinners every week. Vicky Johnson has been to the new


kitchen to find out more. Peat used to have frozen meals


delivered to his home in Spalding once a fortnight but now a new


company delivers a freshly made hot dinner every day. Sometimes I can't


eat all of it because I get too much. With fees frozen ones, you


want something else after. This business evolved from making


dinners for a few friends. Now she has moved to more premises in


Holbeach. All our products are sourced from local farmers and the


meat comes fresh from the abattoir. It is called fresh in the morning.


The meals-on-wheels service started during the Blitz to feed those who


had lost their homes. The food is cooked in a central kitchen and


packed for the road. Over the years, many local authorities have stopped


providing hot meals and it is this postcode lottery approach that has


led to the Hairy Bikers campaign to revive the service. Good morning.


We offer a service that offers personal interaction and dignity


and some decent food. It is what we should all do. While they are


calling for more volunteers to help, Kelly's business is thriving


without. The team currently prepared 150 meals a day for


customers as far away as Boston, King's Lynn and Spalding. At his --


as demand grows, they will extend their area of coverage. Kelly's


customers are in no doubt that the personal service is just as


important as the food. I always enjoyed the meals. The best part of


it is, when Kelly comes in it in the morning, it is like a ray of


sunshine. Kelly is proving that getting back to basics can be good


for business and for vulnerable people in our local communities.


A boxer from Hull has become the first person from our area to


qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games. Luke Campbell trains at St Paul's


club in the City and has gained automatic entry into the Olympic


Games after a win at the World Amateur Boxing Championships.


We will be following him over the next few months.


Hull Kingston Rovers new coach has been unveiled today. Craig


Sandercock has joined from the Australian team, Newcastle Knights,


on a two-year contract. He is replacing Justin Morgan.


There is some very good players here. It is all about consistency


and trying to get those players to play consistency. It is just a


matter of concentrating and playing good football. What we be bringing


into the squad? There are a few a salary cap issues that we need to


look at. The Fans Forum is live on In football, the Grimsby Town


Supporters Trust has accepted a gift of half a million shares in


the club. The offer was made by the former vice chairman, Mike Parker.


It means the fans control the balance of power.


Relegation to the conference 18 months ago marked the end of 100


years and the Football League for the Mariners. After a shaky start


to this year's campaign, followed by the resignation of John Fenty as


chairman last month, fans are hoping their new stake in the club


and marks a new interior -- era. This is a golden opportunity for


them to flourish. Hopefully they will be of benefit to this club.


The gift of half-a-million shares from a leading shareholder, Mike


Parker, to the Supporters' Trust, means the fans now hold the balance


of power at the club. We are right at the bottom of everything so


let's hope they will pull us round a bit. It it spelling the ultimate


doom for the club. It is an advantage in every way. Many clubs


are struggling to survive on gate receipts -- receipts and commercial


activity. Supporters' group up-and- down the country are proving there


is an alternative way of running the game. Into a 1002, fans set up


AFC Wimbledon from scratch. They have been promoted five times in


nine seasons. It doesn't always work so well. With a 25% stake in


Lincoln City, supporters failed to stop them plummeting out of the


Football League. They may be a football fan at 3 o'clock on a


Saturday, but on Monday, they can be a commercial lawyer. It is about


tapping into them. With no place on the board, the test is whether they


have enough power to turn the club's fortunes around.


I spoke to Erik Samuelson, the chief executive of the organisation


which runs Wimbledon Football Club and asked him what the fans


involvement in the club will mean. They have agreed to accept the


offer made by a bomb of the directors to hand over shares. It


would give them a significant influence. It is a major decision.


They have to choose the right moment on which to take an


involvement. They have to think about what they are trying to


achieve. We created our own club and are the owners of it. In this


case, they are a minority and therefore they will be in a


difficult position. I have been given thought about what I want out


of this, what can we delivered to the board? And facing be difficult


issues that they will have to think about, like, you will have to be


seen by crossing the fence and he would be able to talk about some of


the decisions being made. Ken you maintain a relationship? It is a


difficult thought process. -- Can you maintain a relationship?


you no longer just a fan? Deep down, I am still a fan. One has to think


about the greater good of the club. Sometimes he would be acting in


what some fans think is not in their best interests. You are


balancing things, trying to make a football business success for so


you can spend as much as you can on making the team it successful. That


doesn't always harmonise with what the fans want. Best advice to


Grimsby fans now? Think it through, exactly what do you want from us?


What have you got to offer? Who is the best person to put on the board


and was skills will they bring? Very good to talk to you. Thank you.


Despite a call and five days, BBC Lincolnshire's Big Cycle Challenge


team are bridging the Hook of Holland. It is the latest leg of


their 600 miles cycling from Germany to Lincoln. They are


attempting to ride to raise thousands of pounds for BBC


children In Need. Yesterday was a really tough day. 11 hours in the


saddle. It was dark and we were still going to hours later before


we managed to get to the Hotel. A really tough day. We are feeling it


now and feeling the miles. There isn't a bit of me that doesn't hurt


but hopefully it is worth it. you want to donate, it is for BBC


Children In Need. Go to the website. A sort making site dating back 2000


years has been unearthed, Lincolnshire fells five -- fence.


The committee, which settled on the site backing 25 AD, would have


traded salt for food and other goods. Pottery, hairpins and tools


are among the artefacts which had been found.


2000 years ago, the Lincolnshire Fens were scattered with sea water


creeks. They were the perfect place to make salt. You have to have it


for diets, and if -- animals and preservation. It gives you


something to trade. All the pottery they are reducing, they would use


the extra salt to purchase that. The sea water was boiled in ceramic


pans, leaving behind that folly of pork sort. Remnants of that process


had been found by volunteers excavating the site. -- leaving


behind that salt. We have found a hairpin. You would have this on a


domestic site. This bone tool could have been used for working with the


leather. It has become an inhabited site. How did they know where to


dig? A light aircraft flew over the air -- area. A piece of equipment


fire blazes into the earth, telling volunteers where something


interesting may be hidden. I am a student for time. This started off


as a hobby but now I want to do it as a career. I really enjoy it. The


volunteers, they are really enthusiastic, really committed to.


Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust will now transform the site into a


nature reserve. The dryness of the land is proving a challenge to


their plans, proving how this landscape has changed over 2000


years. The headlines: Amanda Knox is on a


plane returning to the United States. Now veterans in hot told


they would get priority treatment for council services.


It is a mostly cloudy start with some brightness later on. Top


temperatures around 20 Celsius. Going back to another of our top


stories, the group of BAE workers setting off from Brough to the Tory


party conference in Manchester. It follows the announcement that 900


workers at the sight are to lose their jobs. Paul Murphy is with


them. What is happening? It is very noisy here. They are


getting a really good send off from their family and friends. They are


going on a 100 mile journey across the Pennines. They will reach the


Tory party conference tomorrow where they will hope for an


audience with David Cameron. They want something done to save the 900


jobs here. Thank you very much. We were


talking about the veterans charter. Thanks to the response.


Why should they get special treatment after leaving the job? It


is the same for everyone coming out of work. We also face the


difficulties. Martin says, we should say it well


done whole. Leading the country to give our veterans priority.


-- Hull. One person disagrees. They accepted


the terms and conditions of employment and should not expect


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