05/10/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. Welcome to Look North. The headlines:


Lincolnshire's chief scone stabl says he can't rule out closing


police stations as he trying to balance the books.


If I had a choice, I wouldn't be in the business of closing police


stations. We have to deal with the reality here.


The school girls being forced to wear trousers after a ban on skirts.


I don't think it's right. It will be way to hoot in the summer. Some


parents have bought the skirts. BAE workers ride through the night


to the Conservative conference. Find out if they got to speak to


the Prime Minister. And the pub in East Yorkshire


launches the country's first vaping bar to beat the smoking ban.


A real taste of autumn tomorrow. Much colder and windy. All the


Lincolnshire's Chief Constable admitted he can't rule out closing


police stations as part of budget cuts. Both the Lincolnshire and


Humberside forces need to make savings this year of over �11


million between them. One idea being trialled in Spalding to


reduce costs is the temporary closures of town's custody suites.


The move away from traditional police buildings has the backing of


the Government. On a Saturday night, Spalding's


custody suite has been known to hold two prisoners to a cell. But


for now, it stands empty. Closed. The latest casualty in place --


police spending cuts. But that's not a problem according to the


policing Minister. I don't have an attach ment to old buildings who


may be visited by a handful of people every day. I have a strong


aFatchment to the high visibility of police. If they set up shop,


sharing premises with the community. Visiting superrpblts markets they


can see thousands of people during the day. Offenders in Spalding will


be escorted 15 miles to Boston F there's no room at the inn there,


they'll be taken to Grantham, another 32 miles away. That's a


real worry to pub landlord Peter Williams. On occasion, the police


say, peat er, calm things down, the cells are full. We can't take any


more. What problems can that cause for you? No police on the street.


It will take two police officers to transport one person to Boston or


Grantham. It will be at least a two hour round trip. Saving money is a


top triert for police forces. In this financial year, Humberside


Police is aiming to save �5 million. That will include 142 job cuts.


Lincolnshire is cutting �6.7 million and 160 posts. Both forces


say they are belt-tightening. Lincolnshire's aiming to recruit 50


exca voluntary -- extra voluntary special constables. Both say they


are looking at the way the public get to talk to officers face-to-


face. How do the community feel about their bobbies being based in


the supermarket? Rpblgts very good. They are utilised the light ing,


heat and rates of the super market. Plus they are more visible and


accessible. It is more ridiculous. They are better off having the


police station. It is difficult to cut back. If you're going to cut


back on the police it affects everybody. Like it or not, these


cuts are coming and are proving a challenge to chief constables


across the country. Earlier, I spoke to Lincolnshire's


chief scone tabl Richard com -- constable Richard Crompton. I asked


him if any police stations are likely to close because of the


cuts? Anything's possible. I was reported in the national press over


the weekend talking about the national position. All chiefs in


all authorities across the country are having to make difficult


decisions. Some have already made decisions on police station


closures. In Lincolnshire, our Police Authority will consider the


issue later on in this month. But, in our conversations to date,


they've made some principles pretty clear. They value very highly the


local accessibility and con tact people have with us. Is it right


you want to see people in supermarkets than police station


sns There are new ways we can get police officers more visible and


more accessible to people. Supermarkets is certainly one area


I'd be very happy to explore. you rather see a place man in the


supermarket than in a police station? Look, if I had a choice,


Peter, I wouldn't be in the business of closing police stations.


We have to deal with the reality here. If the Police Authority do


need to reduce our number of police stations, and we have over 5 50, we


would not be talking about the larger Motherwell known police


stations. How many of that 52 are we talking about? I'm not going to


second guess the Police Authority's decision. I can tell you they've


made it very clear to me in conversations to date if they do


take a decision to reduce the number, that would only be after a


lot of consultation with the local community but number two and most


importantly, they would have to be convinced there was a viable


alternative and that brings us into the area of supermarkets, libraries,


Post Offices, a viable alternative in place before a station or an


office was closed. You're shutting the custody suite at Spalding for a


trial period with those arrested taking to Boston. What saving will


that make? It is more about the fleeing up of police officer


numbers. At the moment, with the five custody stations that we have,


unfortunately, we frequently have to bring in uniformed searchants


who should be out on patrol to help staff up the custody centres by


reducing it by one, I will reduce that burden. That will have the


impact of keeping more police officers and supervisery officers


out on the streets. What else up your sleeve to save money? The


police are going on Twitter. Is that to make us think the police


are there when they're not? Absolutely not. I think it is just


a really useful way of making us easier for certain people to


contact. People who are used to using social media. They contact me


and my officers all of the time. It allows us to get out messages about


crime prevention, criminals we are looking for. It has a really


practical, positive effect, it also helps provide a human face to


policing. Chief Constable, thank you for talking to us tonight.


Let's open this open. How would you feel if your local police station


was to shut? Would you welcome officers being base in the


different places like supermarkets instead of traditional police


buildings. Your thoughts on this buildings. Your thoughts on this


In a moment, village ers in Lincoln are plunged into darkness by cable


thieves using a dinghy to move their stolen goods.


Girls at a North East Lincolnshire school are to be banned from


wearing skirts. Pupils at Tollbar Academy near Grimsby will have to


wear trousers from January after some were caught wearing skirts too


short. The decision's left some parents unhappy at the prospect of


having to kit out their daughters in new clothes. Nch


The weekly uniform watch won't look like this for much longer. From


next year, there will only be trousers on Wendy Reeves' washing


line. I've bought my girls two sets of skirts for school hopefully to


last them a year but now I've to go out and buy them trousers and socks.


The uniform rules here at Tollbar state skirts can be no shorter than


5cms above the knee. The school says girls ignore the rule or


parents find it difficult to find skirts long enough. So they've been


banned. Up until now, girls could choose between trousers are skirts.


Some are not happy about the changes. We don't think it is fair.


In the summer, it is rather warm at times. It is a waste of money. It


is against our freedom to wear what we want. The academy say if it is


choice the students want they can choose a new school. Young ladies


and very short skirts so we've been trying to address it. It hasn't


proven successful. They are finding difficulty acquiring the right


length of skirt. The skirt ban will be introduced at Tollbar sister


school Cleethorpes academy. It is not just here uniform's causing


controversy. Skirts were banned at St Aidan's in North Yorkshire.


Kingswood also had rules tightened. This this boy wore a skirt when his


school banned shorts for buys boys. Some say Tollbar's new rule is


unfair. To put an extra cost on is bonkers. If griplsqi town changed


their football top in the middle of a season, fans would be in up roar.


It is like a money-making scheme. Despite the backlash, Tollbar won't


change its position and is showing pupils here just who wears the


trousers. Alice Robinson is from the


Association of Teachers and Lecturers. She told me schools have


the right to enforce their own rules.


Every school has its own responsibility to ensure they have


a uniform code and behaviour policies. And that they stick to it.


The Chief Executive of the academy says it is health and safety? Have


you heard that before? I've never heard it in this respect before.


You can't trip over a short skirt? They might get cold in a cold


winter but never come across any use of this reason before. Is it


fair enough to say all trousers, no skirts. Is that OK? I would always


hope schools work with the local community, parents, consult with


them, about what they feel is the most appropriate uniform within


that community. It is about ensuring you have the backing and


support of parents. They are the people buying the uniform.


teachers care if the pupils are wearing short skirts or trousers?


It can become an issue. If you're trying to enforce school rules and


students are repeatedly breaking those rules, it can undermine


behaviour in other areas as well. There is an issue if a school has a


poll policy they stick to it. Parents say this decision will be


costly for them.? Most schools tend to have a handover or changeover


period when they introduce significant changes to uniform


introducing the changes by 1st January with a complete


changeoverst September. It helps parents plan. When their child


grows out of uniform, they buy the new one without a sudden cut-off


point. If girls refuse to wear trousers would you be in support of


them if they are sent home to change?, if the if parents know


that is the school uniform, we'd expect children to abide by the


uniform as any other aspect of the school's behaviour policy. Very


good to talk to you. Thank you. Let's have comments on this one


from pupils, parents and teachers. What difference will banning skirts


in school have on behaviour and pupil safety? Do you agree with the


decision. Get in touch with us. Some more news: A judge called for


an urgent review of prison security as he jailed an inmate for life


today for attempting to murder Soham killer Ian Huntley. Damien


Fokes pleaded guilty to slashing Huntley's throat in March. He admit


the manslaughter of child killer Colin Hatch who was stronged at


Full Sutton Prison in February. �300,000 of taxpayers money could


be used to bail out the red line quarter in Spalding. It opened in


April designed to support local produce. Only three of the units


have been let. South Holland district is being asked for the


money to clear operator's debts. Money is owing to local businesses


which is why the District Council is keen to bail them out. I


appreciate the community interest company will give us the


opportunity by bailing them out to stat afresh with a new company and


go along with our original aim and vision for a food Heritage centre.


The time is nearly a quarter to seven. BAE workers whose jobs are


under threat cycled through the night to get to the Conservative


conference. And the East Yorkshire pub getting around the Government


Tonight's photograph... Thinking very much. That a sunrise. Another


picture tomorrow night at around the same time stomach good evening,


thank you to everyone he told me you were being slated on 5 Live! We


do not know the details, but I enjoyed hearing about it.


So did die, but it was a load of cobblers! -- so did I.


No details. Any glossy magazines today?


No magazines, just the weather Ate cold wind from the West today,


22 degrees in Bridlington today. Showers on the way. The Ed goes


back towards the Arctic Circle. -- the air. It does get modified


across the warm sea but it gives you an idea the wind will be Chile


tomorrow. Not too bad a day, to 22 degrees. But clouds now invading


from the West and a cold front is on the way that will introduce cold


weather tonight and tomorrow. Patchy rain, moving quickly,


followed by showers towards dawn. Temperatures down to 8, 9 degrees.


The sun will rise in the morning. - - the sun will rise in the morning


at 7:12pm. There will be a mixture of sunny spells and scattered


showers tomorrow. As the day develops, a few showers could be


heavy with the risk of thunder, but in between showers, dry and bright


weather as well. It will be a stiff westerly. Look at these top


temperature. Bridlington today 22 degrees, Tomorrow 14 degrees. A


significant winter chill to come. Friday looks a bit better. Mostly


dry with some sunshine. A changeable weekend. A bright start


on Saturday and possibly patchy This e-mail from a woman who lives


in Russia, that I watch your weather forecast -- I watch a


programme every night. I find the programme very instructive and


interesting! Probably does not understand a word


of it! We do not understand a word of you!


See you tomorrow! Good evening, Russia!


Hundreds of homes have been left without electricity in a village


near Lincoln today after thieves stole more than a mile of overhead


power cables. Police say the those responsible were highly organised,


and they even used a dinghy to cross a stretch of water. Burton


Waters is the latest place to be hit in the county. Simon Spark has


spent the day with engineers and shop keepers in Burton Waters, as


they deal with the effects of the theft.


Shopkeepers in the village of Burton Waters, were forced to open


in the dark this morning, without power. The latest victims of a


series of cable thefts in Lincolnshire. It is very annoying.


It is more annoying knowing they are not dealt with properly and


somewhere somebody is buying cables. I had to cancel all my clients, so


not very good. Over 500 homes were affected, so temporary generators


had to be brought in to restore power. But the source and scale of


the problem was no more than a mile away.


There should be three wires between these poles. They have been chopped.


Good grief! This is quite heavy copper -- a quite heavy gauge


copper conductors. About eight spans of cable were


taken, 2,400 metres in all, but as recently as Monday, the cable had


been smart watered, giving the police some hope, as did the


evidence left behind. I found this boat by the lake. They


rowed across. They had equipment on the other side of the river, and


made it, came back and wrapped it up. Within an hour.


In is a very dangerous crime and clearly they know what they are


doing if they are able to isolate the power, they must have knowledge


of working with electricity. We are very aware of the incident now and


we are looking out for suspicious vehicles, we are following up


several positive lines of inquiry, but the message is that we need


early reporting of suspicious activity.


It is estimated this haul alone could be worth over 10,000, but it


will be a bigger price that we all pay while this sort of crime


continues. They cycled through the night,


covering 100 miles, to urge the Prime Minister to fight for their


jobs. A group of workers from BAE Systems in Brough have taken their


campaign to save almost 900 jobs at the aircraft factory to the


Conservative Party conference in Manchester today. Our Political


Editor, Tim Iredale, has been following their progress. He joins


us live from the conference tonight. Tim, have the BAE workers had any


success today? I think in terms of raising


awareness of their plight, it has been a success. They set off from


Brough exactly 24 hours ago. They cycled across the Pennines,


overnight. They took some of their own video footage along the way.


And they arrived in Manchester early this morning to a warm


welcome, a windswept -- windswept and tired but determined to have


their say on the day the Prime Minister made his keynote speech.


And they had this message for David Cameron.


I think he does a bit of cycling so if he would like to cycle across to


Brough, we will talk to him. If not, we will cycle to London. We will


put as much effort into what we would like him to put the same


effort into into talking to the BAE bosses to see if anything can be


done to safeguard any manufacturing jobs at BAE in police macro. -- in


Brough. Have Conservative ministers offered


any hope of saving these jobs? Ministers were careful not to offer


false hope to the workers. Interesting that BAE was not


mentioned in the speech. By the Defence Secretary Liam Fox or by


the Prime Minister this afternoon. And as the conference season draws


to a close tonight, there are growing calls for the BAE jobs


crisis to be debated in Parliament. And the Tory MP whose constituency


covers Brough, David Davis, says the government cannot afford to


ignore these workers. It is already in people's minds and


the Prime Minister will take it seriously. George Osborne has, we


talked earlier in the week about Enterprise Zones. Vince Cable I am


seeing next week, and Alan Johnson will be seeing the national unions


next week. So there is a lot of attention on this issue, and there


has to be, because we are fighting against the odds. It will be very


difficult to pull this off. I think the workers were


disappointed not to have met the Prime Minister face-to-face, but


they say they already planning to cycle to Downing Street to lobby


David Cameron directly. As one of them put it today, at least it will


be downhill next time. And we will continue to follow that


story. It was a disappointing night for Scunthorpe United, who were


knocked out of the Johnstone's Paint Trophy by Oldham Athletic.


This first half goal was enough to decide the game at Glanford Park.


The Iron came close on a number of occasions in the second half, but


couldn't find an equaliser. An East Yorkshire pub is today


launching what it calls the UK's first 'vaping bar' to help drinkers


get around the ban on smoking indoors. Vaping is where small


doses of flavoured nicotine are inhaled through an electronic


cigarette. Jo Makel has more. Puffing away in a Driffield pub.


But these people aren't smoking. They're vaping. Landlord Andy


Walker believes this could help pubs like his that have lost


customers because of the smoking ban.


Most licensees around the country agreed there has been a drop in


trade since it happened and we are trying to offer customers the


opportunity to come in here, have the smoking experience with a drink


without braking or oars breaking it. The definition of smoking in the UK


is the burning of tobacco. There is no tobacco in this and no burning,


so it is not smoking. So Andy has decided to make it clear to his


customers that vaping is allowed in his pub. But these converts have


had mixed responses from other landlords.


From down on the south coast out -- right up to the top of Scotland, at


every venue I have been in, once they have realised this is not a


cigarette and it is legal, I have had no problems. People are not


used to it. It needs to be made clear it this is not a cigarette.


And Alan Graystone, from the Hull Licensed Victuallers Association,


says the look of electronic cigarettes can make it difficult


for landlords. Other customers who do not know


about these things will see this man smoking, this electronic


cigarette, they will not know the difference and they will think, he


has looked up and nobody is saying nothing. I will light up. So people


will light up real cigarettes. The Government wants more research


done on the safety of these products, but until a conclusion is


reached, it will be down to landlords to decide if vaping is


allowed. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. David Cameron tells the Conservative


conference that the party will turn this time of challenge into a time


of opportunity. Lincolnshire's Chief Constable says


he can't rule out closing police stations, as he tries to balance


the force's books. Tomorrow's weather: Cold and windy


with sunny intervals and scattered showers, locally heavy with the


risk of thunder. Maximum temperature 14 Celsius.


Response on the subject of policing. Jess says, an acquaintance of ours


was arrested for a minor offence requiring two police officers to


require him to Boston. The officers were told Boston and Grantham were


closed and he had to be taken to Skegness, a waste of petrol and the


time of officers. Peter in Beverly says, it is an


excellent idea, it just needs to be publicised.


On the subject of skirts. Alex says, a pair of trousers is under �5. It


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