18/10/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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The ALF. Welcome to Tuesday's Look North. -- hello. Calls for a cull


as road crashes with deers increase. A deer just ran out, straight


across the road, I did not see it inside -- I did not see it in time


and it hit the car. The mother left distraught by the theft of her baby


son's gravestone. The fruit that the supermarkets


used to bin it now helping families in crisis -- food.


Not as easy as it looks on the TV. The property guru was struggling


with her money pit mansion in East Yorkshire.


All the latest weather details in 15 minutes.


They are an increasingly common sight in the field of East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, but deer are posing a danger on the


region's roads. Beer are responsible for more than 40,000


road accidents nationwide each year, and the situation has got so bad


that one group is calling for a cull of the animals.


One of major's most elegant creatures, but the menace on the


roads. The Deer Initiative, which has a role in advising the


government, says that without a cull, the deer population will grow


out of control. Dr a prey animal. There is no predator, apart from


foxes to may be taking very young deer. As a professional deerstalker,


John gets called in to kill deer for landowners. He says careful


management is needed to stop the collisions on the road. Man has to


be the apex predator, and kill them as humanely as possible. A rifle


bullet is the way to do that. It causes as little disturbance to


their heads, and is as ethical as can be. Sam is not alone in


thinking a deer cull would be wrong, even they are just two days before


her wedding, she hit a deer close to the shop where she works. He it


was terrifying. It was 9 o'clock at night, and the deer came from


nowhere, shot across the road, went on to the bonnet and its head was


at the windscreen. It was terrifying. It did not cost some


her life, but getting her cat repaired was expensive. This body


shop at Hutton Cranswick prepares many deer damaged vehicles. They


tend to be Bonnett, headlight, bumper, and if the deer flies up


you can get roof and windscreen damage. It is quite substantial


sometimes. To two or three cows end up in his body shop each week


through the winter having had collisions with the air, so now is


the time to be most vigilant. Dangerous or not, these creatures


are not, and any plan to kill them by the 1,000 will meet stiff


opposition -- these creatures are loft. - loved.# I spoke to war from


the animal rights group People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals.


-- I spoke to Mimi Bekhechi. It is a really ineffective way of dealing


with wildlife. It does not address the problem. More animals will move


in to take the place of the ones who have been killed, and they will


reproduce even more quickly. We need to look at humane ways of


dealing with any conflict. We need to address the problem. But the


deer are causing accidents, damaging crops and property. How


would you manage the population to get rid of the numbers of deer?


Successful population management programmes deal with things like


Habitat modification, humane exclusion, like putting up electric


fences or repellents in order to keep the animals are. As long as


the area is hospitable, more animals will move in, and it will


not solve the problem. Deer are involved in 42,000 accidents a year.


What do you say, for example, to the family of 15-year-old Ben


Madden who was killed when his bicycle crash into Libya in August?


I am so sorry for them. -- his bicycle crashed into a deer in


August. I would want to see a situation


where we do not see any more of these accidents. Scapegoating deer


will not resolve the situation of accidents on the road. We will not


see a reduction in the number of accidents if we do not address the


problem. There was one stretch of road that saw culling brain


operation, and accidents when from 50 in a year to none. Is that not


evidence that it will cut down on the accident? If you do not address


the environment, more animals will move them. You may see a drop in


numbers initially, but as I said, as long as that area is hospitable,


more animals will move in and the numbers will spike again. It is not


a long-term solution. Long-term solutions look at you make


repellents and putting up electric fences. This country used to be


covered in warts. As we build more roads and encroach on the space of


wildlife, we need to find humane solutions that allow us to live


together. We will never achieve ecological harmony through the


barrel of a gun. Very good to talk to you.


What do you think about this? Should DAB culled? Is it down to


motorists to take more care? -- In a moment, the counterfeit toys


seized by trading standards been donated to a Christmas charity.


A mother from Lincolnshire has described thieves who stole her


son's gravestone as heartless. Michelle Holness discovered the


memorial stone was gone after a recent visit to the church.


Lincolnshire Police are now investigating.


Dion Holness died when he was just five days old. Ever since, his


grave has been a comfort to his mother. Now, someone has stolen the


gravestone. My own I first found out, I felt very cold inside -- and


when I first found out. I was in a state of shock. I went to bed and I


woke up at 4 o'clock, and I was distraught. It's is thought thieves


targeted it because it was in the shape of a heart, and it had made


gold leaf. The local community cannot believe someone would steal


a child's gravestone. It was very shocking to hear this had happened.


When a family has been bereaved, you cannot believe anybody would do


something to give them more pain. It is not the first time a


graveyard has been targeted by vandals. A few years ago Withernsea,


hundreds of headstones and ornaments were damaged, and there


was a similar incident in Scunthorpe, where maybe 150


headstones where tack. In May, several momentos went missing from


graves in Hull. Crimes like this are usually extremely difficult to


investigate, so the police are appealing to the local community to


help them solve this. Michelle and her family just want whoever took


this to give it back. It is sentimental. It is my special place.


Michelle Holness ending that report. The Foreign Office has confirmed


that a pilot from Hull has been killed in an air crash in southern


Africa. The plane had been taking off from a remote airstrip in


Botswana's Okavango Delta on Friday when it burst into flames. Martin


Creswell was among eight people killed in the accident -- Martin


Gresswell. Crispin Rolfe can tell us more.


Martin Gresswell was employed by the plane company Moremi Air, for


whom he flew tourist charters. The company described him as their most


experienced pilot, with more than 12,000 hours of flying under his


belt. According to social media site, he had said that the British


Army before flying for the UN in Somalia and Sudan. He leaves behind


him a wife and daughter. It follows the crash on Friday in which the


Cessna 208 he was flying burst into flames just after take-off. The


flight had been leaving from a remote airfield at a site famous


for its birds and wildlife. Botswana attract thousands of


tourists to its wildlife spot. This trip went tragically wrong. It left


eight bed and just four survivors. An investigation into the crash has


begun. Thank you.


The best of a toddler at a caravan park near Skegness last month was


an accident. -- the best of the toddler. 19 months old Kai Game


wandered away from his family at the park and was found in the water


a short time later. The deputy coroner for Louth and Spilsby, Paul


Smith, described the best as it dreadful and tragic accident. - -


the death. The East Midlands Ambulance Service


has been criticised for failing to ensure all its staff have clearance


from the Criminal Records Bureau. The Care Quality Commission says


all frontline ambulance staff working with all the bore adults


and children should have the necessary approval. -- vulnerable


adults. Still ahead: The celebrity property


developer with a nightmare mansion in East Yorkshire.


Joiners from Hull University when the sports teams from the area have


got together to find the spot Tonight's picture was taken by


Simon Croson, of Caythorpe in Lincolnshire. Their Rustenberg


which I cannot identify. Good evening, young man. -- there are


some birds which I cannot identify. They look like seagulls to me. It


is not rocket science, Peter. We have all got a hobby. At least


they did not have a cloud set when I was four.


Did you go to a jumble sale for that tie?


The headline is a cold and windy one. There will be plenty of


sunshine tomorrow. There will be showers across western parts of


Lincolnshire in the morning. A little nudge of high pressure means


was the night into Thursday will be dry, but a widespread ground frost


on the cards. We have had a few showers. Temperatures have just


been into double figures. It is cold out there now. Most of the


showers will die away and we are looking at a dry night. Still quite


windy. If you have shelter, you could have very ground frost.


Temperatures generally four or five. The sun will rise at 7:36am,


setting at 5:55pm. It's a lovely day across East Yorkshire. For


Lincolnshire, the cloud might thicken in the morning, bringing


We will have a touch of frost on Thursday. Friday 8, temperatures


will be back to normal. Saturday looks fine with some sunshine.


We know you have got -- gone over the top because Victoria gets a


See you tomorrow. In Britain, we waste �12 billion worth of edible


food every year. Just some of that food will be redistributed now as


aid in Hull. Thousands of needy families in East Yorkshire could


benefit. It is good quality food that has


been discarded by the supermarkets, thrown out and wasted for often


trivial reasons. What will have happened is either they will have


been overstocked, or they may have something wrong with the packaging,


they may have a wrong back. They would have gone to landfill. Under


a new scheme, the good World Development Trust has taken charge


of this warehoused. From here, unwanted suppliers will be sent to


grips across a Hull and East Yorkshire, helping families who are


struggling to make ends meet. and egg sandwich? This cafe is one


place that may be used to distribute the food. Family say it


will make a massive difference. feed ourselves day-to-day because


that is the only way we can do it. If you're getting food for free,


that saves on all sort of resources at home that you do not have to


mess around with, like potatoes. You can do so many meals with


potatoes. As a nation, we now discard more than 5 million tonnes


of edible food every year, costing as around �12 billion. A rise in


food poverty may be changing people's habits. These have become


other charity food banks have opened in Scunthorpe and grab them,


with around 2000 people seeking help.


The latest scheme in Hull is one of the biggest so far up with 17


projects now established across the country. The situation in these


times is that people are struggling to afford basic foodstuffs.


Hopefully, this food will go out and help people. No one is going to


judge you. They can claim the food and take it away. I think it will


be such a help. You cannot put it into words. I think it really would


be a big help to people. The scheme is seeking volunteers to help -- --


help the project to expand. It is helping thousands in poverty to


feed their families. Thank you for the e-mails and text


messages last night about our story on litter. The East Riding Council


it is asking people to form their own groups to it start litter


picking patrols. The authority says it could save hundreds of thousands


of Pounds a year, with a lorry loads being collected by volunteers.


What do you make of the volunteers? There are a for you here. Rebecca


believes a hard working people should not have to come home from


You will not be surprised to know there is quite a response on that


story. Thank you very much. People are being encouraged to


volunteer to get involved with sport in Hull. The government idea


is to have thousands more volunteers in the country by the


Times -- time the Olympics finishes next year.


This boy he's the best Trumper leanest in the country and is using


his expert skills in the Batman life world tour. But he would not


have got anywhere without a band of volunteers. This would have been at


the National Championships. Julie Williams has spent the last 30


years helping to run a club bringing together at Yorkshire's


top competitors. It is very rewarding. We have had people at


the championships have recently. You are very proud of them. Other


coaches in the clubs have taught them the skills that have got them


there. The Sports partnerships are engaged in attracting and


volunteers who can give up to 10 hours of their time. 548 are wanted


in Lincolnshire and 700 in the Humber. It is part of the Olympic -


- government's Olympic legacy drive. You may want to start something


from scratch. It could be that sort of new activity, or it could be


people do not know what is available on their doorstep -- a


doorstep. One man who knows the value of a


good volunteer his Olympic and Commonwealth cycling made us...


we get better as a nation, as you have said already, British Cycling


grows. It is important in the future because we need to have more


Olympic medallists and we will need more people in the background and


the local community engaging people in sport as we get better. There


isn't a sport in the country that would not benefit from unpaid help,


and that is why footballers, rugby stars and basketball players are


rubbing shoulders tonight. Simon is at the University of Hull


Wedd this is being launched will stop can anyone get involved?


You have got to be over 16 years of age. But apart from that, at what


was put forward by Julie, who was in that film, was that you do not


have to be a coach. If you are a website builder or photographer,


you can help the club in that way. That is what many of these people


who are in workshops now are learning more about, to see what


skills they have. It is all about four when the Olympics have been


and gone, to make sure that the sporting heart of this community


continues to beat. It is just those people, the unsung


heroes of sports clubs, that the BBC is looking to honour. We are


asking you to nominate people for the BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


Unsung Heroes Award. Last year you chose a Julie Norman who runs the


Acorn Judo Club in Lincolnshire. It was an unbelievable on her. It


was a surprise because I come here every week to enjoy teaching the


children. Parents are really good and they are proud of what we do.


This is how you can get involved. The competition is open now and


entries will be accepted until midnight on Sunday 30th October.


Lincoln City and Grimsby Town are playing in the Blue Square Premier


tonight. The Imps will be looking for a turnaround at home at two


Mansfield after slipping into the relegation zone at the weekend.


Sport, tree of their game is on BBC Lincolnshire in a few minutes a


Counterfeit toys seized by train did standards officers from a Hull


City Council have been donated to a Christmas charity. Operation


Christmas Child will take delivery of the toys to launch its and 2011


shoebox appeal. Toys cannot be distributed in the UK and would


normally go into landfill. If they don't pose a health and safety risk,


they can be sent to disadvantaged children outside the European Union.


The toys have trade marks on the packaging of the goods and to


remove those, it would basically destroyed the Tories so they could


not be given over to UK charities. -- the Tories. It is wonderful that


they have been saved from the scrapheap. Who would not want a


lovely cuddly toy? I have seen children playing in the streets


with newspaper. Gabriel bald is a delight to them.


Good luck to those involved with that operation.


She has built a TV career out of advising people how to restore


their old properties. But things have not been going all that


Smedley for Serie B me herself at her home in East Yorkshire. Work at


Rise Hall, a East did mansion, has been causing all sorts of headaches.


They have been documented in her new TV series. I will be talking to


Sarah in a moment, but he is a flavour of the programme.


At bit years of giving everyone else advice, it Sarah Beeny is in


trouble with the council over her restoration project. She should


have had permission in place. Earlier I asked Sarah Beeny if she


thought that restoring Rise Hall had been a straightforward


experience. No, it is a big old building to


take on and it is very much at risk. The biggest struggle for it was to


find it a purpose for existing. Our generation isn't here for that long


and we wanted to keep it alive and that is what we have done.


their days when you are sick and tired of the whole thing and you


think, I will let it fall down? Yes! There are days when I think,


what is the point? Swimming against the tide, that is how I feel. Then


there are other days when amazing things happen. For instance, we


discover something amazing in the house all we find some history that


is exciting, and we need someone who used to work at the house. Then


you see when you have lots of contract as an they are doing


things, you see the house come alive with people and then you


think, it is worth it. We have read a lot. If someone came along with


their pockets loaded, not me, but someone very rich, which you sell


at this evening? It is a love-hate relationship. One minute I think it


is wonderful. Tonight, I probably would! Baby on Christmas Eve when


we are opening hour stockings, then maybe I would be less tempted. It


goes up and down, but at the moment I am feeling a bit weary. Don't


whinge Of Me tonight! I went! still love the countryside when you


are up here? It is beautiful, and it has been a privilege being able


to live in East Yorkshire with the amazing people in the area. It is a


secret part of the world that is very well kept. There are some


amazing people that live there. have just wants a more fans there.


Lovely to have you on. We will watch the programme. Had the crows


at -- a happy Christmas in Rise Hall. I see my invitation is in the


purse? I am expecting you to be their! -- in the post.


Sarah Beeny talking to me earlier. The time is 6:55pm. The headlines:


Soaring energy prices have driven up inflation to 5.2 %, 83 year high.


There are calls for a cull after an increase after the number of


Top temperature tomorrow of 11 degrees. Dry and sunny.


Big response coming in, thank you for them all, on the subject of the


deer. Stephen says, I nearly hit a deer on my driving test day, and it


put me off for a while. Martin said, I agree to a cull. I ride him as it


-- a mite to cycle and I always look out for them. Frank says, it


is not their fault, to make people drive too fast in areas where they


are known to Rome. Kill speed, not the it. So the says, I completely


agree with your interviewee: Culling deer will not sell off the


problem. We should lower speed limits and build fences. Joe says,


a human's life will always be worth more than a beer's life. It is not


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