24/10/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


This man was killed two years ago - police say they are still committed


to finding Alan Wood's murderer. A decision will be made tonight on


Lincoln's first mosque. Humber industries rely on the trade


links, now Parliament debates whether we should leave the


European Union. And meeting the people who are


trying to preserve the local lingo. For the dialect is from a Lound.


But I will have the forecast. It has been bright and breezy. To find


out what is in store, join me later in the programme.


Good evening. He was brutally tortured and murdered in his home


in a quiet Lincolnshire village. Two years after the killing of Alan


Wood, police have issued a new appeal for information as they


continue the hunt for his killers. During the two-year inquiry,


officers have investigated 16,000 possible suspects and examined


3,000 pieces of evidence. In a moment, we will hear from the


detective in charge of the inquiry. First, Jake Zuckerman has this


report. Described as gentle, kind and well-


liked, it is two years since a 50- year-old Alan Wood was murdered in


a horrific attack at his home in the tiny village of Lound Amir


Bourne. -- near Bourne. An attempt was made to decapitate him. They


have done this horrific thing and they are just walking around and


what else are they going to do? They cannot have come to do this to


Alan without having done something before. They will do it again.


Police released CCTV pictures that show a suspect using a Mr Wood's


credit cards to withdraw money in Stamford and Bourne. Despite an


appeal on Crimewatch, the case remains unsolved. At the incident


room in Sleaford, detectives continued to work full-time on the


investigation. They have collected more than 3,000 pieces of evidence


and investigated 16,000 possible suspects, both in the UK and abroad.


This is one of the biggest investigations that we have ever


carried out. Thousands and thousands of staff hours have been


used. We have log to the details of more than 16,000 people. It has


been a huge investigation. Although two years have passed since the


mutilated body of Alan Wood was discovered here at the small


bungalow where he was living, police say they are still just as


determined as ever to catch his killer and so on the second


anniversary of Mr Wood's murder, they are making a further appeal to


the public for help. A high I miss Allen. If I needed him, he was


there. -- I miss him. He came to check I was OK. Police are urging


anyone who may have information about Alan Wood's murder to contact


them. They are adamant the case remains very much open.


As we saw, detectives -- Detective Superintendent Stuart Morrison is


leading to the investigation. I asked him how the case has


progressed over the last two years. This is a very interesting


investigation. After two years of work, thousands of hours of work,


we have so much information, a DNA profile, CCTV, what we do not have


is the last piece of the puzzle that would take us to a final


result. It is surprising if you have DNA and CCTV that you are not


further on. It is. One of the most perplexing elements is the DNA


profile we have, there is no trace of that in the UK database. We are


checking that in 49 other countries around the world. Do you have any


idea of the motive of the this killing? The motive is still


something we keep an open mind on. At some stage during the events,


there was a decision to take money from Alan. His cash cards were


taken, money from his account. What I cannot say with certainty for is


what took people there in the first place. He had no connections with


those people. This is very much an ongoing investigation. There is a


reward. How confident I do you will catch the killer or killers? How


confident are you. We still have �60,000 on offer as a reward. It


has been very challenging. Two years is a long time. We have every


confidence we will catch the people involved. Alan Wood's family know


that. How can the public help? would like the public to revisit


our forced website, look at the CCTV, look at all the information


we have provided, in particular the image of ATM Amman and if they have


any suspicion they know who that person might be, to bring us. We


can eliminate people easily. Thank you. -- to bring us.


Lincoln City reveal their new manager at Sincil Bank.


BAE Systems is being prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive for


failing to ensure the welfare of its staff. It follows an


investigation into the death of Gary Whiting three years ago. The


51-year-old died after becoming trapped in machinery at BAE Systems


factory. He had worked for the company for 20 years.


Major roadworks started in Lincoln this morning. Part of the A15,


Lindum Hill, is closed southbound for emergency repairs. Drivers


trying to get into the city will face diversions - the work is due


to continue for the rest of the week.


Businesses in the centre of Hull are voting today whether to keep


the city's Business Improvement District. They all pay a levy


towards Hull BID, which aims to put on events and attract more visitors


to the city centre. But recently, some managers have been calling for


it to be scrapped. A decision over whether Lincoln's


first mosque can be built is expected shortly. At the moment,


are a community centre is used for Muslim prayers. They have been


calling for a proper place of worship for the last few years.


Plans for a new mosque in the city have been turned down previously


following traffic concerns by local residents. Our reporter has the


story. Gathering to worship. Many of these


Muslims will be hoping after today if they will get permission to


build their own mosque rather than cramming into the Lincoln


grandstand. This is not a place of worship. We have to rent it. It


belongs to the council. We have to have something that belongs to us.


Under the plans, this will be transformed into a supermarket,


mosque and car park. But the road is busy and the thought of more


traffic is a big worry for some local residents. Our main concern


about the whole development is traffic. No-one from the Muslim


community has accused us of being anti-Muslim, and he Islam, or anti-


mosque. The rate how it -- the route has not been easy. They were


given approval to turn up a church into a mosque. But then it was


destroyed in a fire. In October 2009, plans for a two-storey mosque


were turned down by the council due to traffic issues. An appeal was


launched but in 20th August 10 the Government rejected it.


Muslim leaders are hoping for more success tonight. All the issues


raised previously by the residents and the highway authority have been


resolved. I hope it will go smoothly. Planning officers had a


final look at the site of his afternoon and tonight could be


their night dreams of a mosque in Lincoln are realised.


The meeting has been going on for one hour. What has been happening.


Around 250 people have attended tonight. At times, tensions have


run high. A one point, one of the councillors were heckled by a


member of the public who was told to be quiet or leave. As yet, no


decision has been made. The local residents say if this plan is


passed tonight, they will work to mitigate the impact on the local


community in terms of traffic or the look of a supermarket. Tonight


could be a cause for celebration for the local Muslim community.


After years of trying, they may finally get permission for their


own purpose-built mosque. Thank you. We will let you know the


decision later. If you have a view, you can text in. The e-mail


address... 9 out of 10 A-level students say


they will still go to university from next year despite the prospect


of having to pay up to �9,000 a year in new tuition fees. A survey


commissioned by the BBC's Inside Out suggests a 10% of students have


ruled out university because of a high cost of loans. �75,000. Is


that for one person? Yes. That is horrible. Is that just for the


average degree? That is if you take out the maximum loan. But what if


for some reason careers don't go as planned and may never earned more


than �21,000 a year? -- and they never learn. The amount you have to


pay back is zero. You can see more on that on tonight's Inside Out on


BBC One at 7:30pm. Still ahead tonight:


The last gasp goal which gave Hull City a 3-2 victory over Watford.


The people who are celebrating centuries-old dialect in


Tonight's photograph is of dawn over East Park in Hull, it was


taken by Terry Wilde. Thank you for taken by Terry Wilde. Thank you for


that. Smite favourite text of the weekend. Lisa Gallagher is like...


I was nice to you! I am sure there will be plenty more to come over


this week. Today has been nice, windy towards the coast. And


tomorrow starts of damp and breezy, but conditions will improve. You


can see we have this weather front that will cross over us tonight,


that will bring some rain. But it will clear a way into the North


East. The satellite picture from earlier shows we have had plenty of


sunshine. Cloud will gradually increase from the South West. There


will be clear spells, through the night, but cloud will increase and


rain will push its way towards the east. The wind will stay strong and


gusty through the night. Or the coast, around 25 to make the 50


miles per hour, temperatures down to 12 degrees Celsius. The sun


rises tomorrow at 7:48am, setting at 5:42pm. Tomorrow, it will be a


damp start today, some heavy bursts of rain across the Yorkshire Wolds.


But it will clear right to the North Sea. The rest of the day will


be dry. The cloud will break at times to give us some bright or


sunny spells. Today -- like today, the best of the weather will be in


the afternoon. Temperatures average, 13 or 14 degrees Celsius for most


of us. Perhaps 15 degrees at best. Wednesday may start with some


showers towards the coast, but they will die away. The rest of the day


will be dry with sunshine. will be dry with sunshine.


Temperatures of around 17 -- 13 degrees Celsius. You realise our I


will get a lot of hate mail for calling you the smiling assassin!


Nice to have tea with us this week. A Hull businessman has said that


Europe provides half of his turnover, and pulling out of the EU


could have serious repercussions. He runs a haulage firm in this city.


His comments come as MPs prepared to vote of whether a referendum


should be held on the issue of the UK being part of Euros. Six of our


local MPs are expected to rebel against the government.


It is known as the gateway to Europe, providing valuable links


for the area's trade and business. In Hull, this haulage firm says


work in your it is crucial for its survival. 50 % of its business that


happens abroad. This lorry is heading for Rome. If we were to


pull out, the goods that we are currently bringing in from Europe


would become so expensive that and customers might source them from


further afield, from the Far East. And our own business would suffer.


A referendum would be the first vote on Europe since Harold


Wilson's referendum on entering the Common Market. It means people


under 54 have never had their say on Europe. So in 2011, how would


triple vote in Hull? Out of it, definitely out of it. It is


draining us of money. It is a global environment. As long as we


keep a way of the euro. I think it takes money out of things we could


be spending it on. But over the years, our area has seen benefits


from you at. After the floods in 2007, around �5 million of European


funding help with plans -- flood prevention schemes in East


Yorkshire. In Hull, scientists have received �400,000 for research. A


�30,000 grant from year it helped create this work of art in Lincoln.


For I think before any kind of strong decision to leave the EU is


taken, you need to do a very clear piece of cost-benefit analysis.


rebel MPs, including six from our region, will not win. But they will


cause embarrassment for David Cameron. With Britain's future in


Europe again causing political fall-out.


The debate is later tonight. The Tory MP for Brigg and Goole Andrew


Percy is one of those rebel MPs, who will be voting against their


own government later tonight. I put it to him that if we pulled out of


the EU, the country would lose its voice. Lose what boys? At the end


of the day, we can be out for did - - out voted on policy issues in


Europe anyway. We do not have a veto on everything. It is a bit


backwards looking to think in terms of Europe. The future of the world


economy is in countries like China, South Africa. We spoke to a haulage


company earlier that says 50 % of business depends on Europe. We are


not going to suddenly, we would not suddenly stop selling and buying


goods from Europe. We could have a free trade agreement. It is in


their interest to do that, we import more than we export. So it


is this idea, the scare tactics, that suddenly the barricades would


come up and no one would trade with Europe again, is nonsense.


three of our party leaders, they are intelligent gentleman. By a


misguided? The problem, certainly in terms of Nick Clegg and Ed


Miliband, they are Europe fanatics. That is why they are in the parties


they are in. David Cameron is a Euro-sceptic, but he is in


coalition with the Liberal Democrats and has to think in terms


of that. You are a rebel. You are defying this three line would. It


is not exactly career enhancing for you. Probably not, but at the end


of the day as I have always said, I have always said I would be


independent-minded. I think my constituents would welcome this


referendum. I have had hundreds of then e-mail me. Maybe you are


playing to the gallery rather than thinking about the bigger picture.


If that means doing what the people who put me into Parliament want me


to do, I will continue to do it. What will happen tonight? I think


the motion will be defeated. Because the Labour Party have quit


to their members, so there's -- have the Conservatives and liberals.


There will be some Labour members he will defy their right. But we


will lay down a marker. It could be anything up to 100 MPs. Willing to


put their name down as demanding a referendum. Thank you very much.


What do you think you Mac do you think we should be able to have our


say on whether we stay in Europe or not? Maybe you are a business who


has benefited from being part of the EU over the years. Did you vote


back in the 1970s? Do you stand by your decision? Should we have a


your decision? Should we have a Thank you for the comments about


the Lincoln school spending almost �2 million on luxury accommodation


in France. The Priory Academy has bought the converted farmhouse in


Normandy for students and teachers. It says it has budgeted well and


should not be penalised for reinvesting the money.


There was a mixed response to this. Jenny sent his text, two-tier


Jenny sent his text, two-tier schooling appears to be the norm.


We have money for posh schools and poor countries. But when it comes


to helping poor schools, it seems Thank you for all of those. Let's


move on to football. Lincoln City have announced their new manager.


David Holdsworth, not the biggest name in the world. The 5th manager


at Lincoln City in five years. But he knows the leak. Lincoln confirm


today that he will take charge of the impasse on a contract at any


runs to the end of the current season. The former Watford and


Sheffield United defender was in charge at Mansfield Town until his


departure one year ago. His experience at that level was a key


factor in Lincoln City appointing him.


And with Hull City, a fantastic last minute when, wasn't it? Some


people had already run for the Arts!


-- the bus. Robert Koren's strike four minutes


into injury time stretched their unbeaten run to eight lead rein --


games. In League One, Scunthorpe United earned a useful point at MK


Dons. Simon Clark has the round-up. There had been some epic encounters


between Hull City and Watford over the years. The Tigers only Wembley


experience was at Watford's expense. What for scored first, an own goal


from James Chester. But City would not healed, and Matty Fryatt


equalised. Five minutes later, the dangerous Chris Iwelumo put the


Hertfordshire team back in front. But not for long. As sweet strike


But not for long. As sweet strike from Alan Maclean made it 2-2. And


that is how the match looked destined to stay, until deep into


That put City just outside, with a game in hand on most of their


rivals. The margins are small, and the players get an awful lot of


credit for how they have gone about really changing the fortunes this


season. In League Two, Scunthorpe United remain in mid-table after


holding MK Dons to a 0-0 draw, in a game of few chances, most of which


fell to the and. We were playing OK, and we went to MK Dons, and


afterwards, you speak to their staff, and they are probably saying


we are the best team they played. Their best -- next task is to hold


Huddersfield Town tomorrow. Grimsby town's joint managers will


meet former chairman John Fenty this week to discuss the future of


the club. If they will consider finances and playing matches as


they look to progress, following their poor start to the season.


Just time to let you know that in ice hockey, Hull Stingrays' long


run of defeats came to an end last night. They beat Dundee Stars 2-1


with goals from sole banker TA and Jason Silverthorn. -- Sylvain


Cloutier. Poets, singers and storytellers


gathered in the Lincolnshire Wolds this weekend to celebrate the


county's dialect. It was part of National Dialect Day. Sarah Corker


has been finding out how many With the Humber to the north and


the Wash to the South, Lincolnshire was for decades isolated from the


rest of the country. This weekend, yellow bellies have been


celebrating one of the things that makes them distinctive. SPEAKS


LOCAL DIALECT National Dialect Day in Louth. But if you understand


this lot, you are one of a dwindling breed. Ancient tongues,


which were three or 400 years ago. The speech of not just the common


folk but all the folk of England. And over the centuries, it has been


slowly whittled away and homogenised. We are here in Louth


to test out just how many people still understand the all dialect.


And who better to help us out than the county's dialect expert, far


lower wink. Do you know what a bogey is? No idea. Speaks local


dialect. I did not understand a word of that. Sometimes I cannot


get them to understand what I want. The regional accent is forever


changing. But in a small corner of Lincolnshire, this group of


enthusiasts are fighting to keep things just the way they are.


He will have his own show soon, I think!


A recap of the main headlines: David Cameron appeals to MPs not to


rebel over Europe as he faces his biggest revolt since becoming Prime


Minister. Murder two years ago. Police say


they are committed to finding Alan Wood's killer.


Tomorrow, heavier outbreaks of rain which will ease. Top temperatures


of 14 degrees Celsius. Responses coming in on the subject


of Europe. It would be nice to be able to let least have our say and


the government not treat us like children. I a referendum would be


great, but it will never happen. In a week where dictatorships have


toppled, we are still denied democracy. And this is from Bob.


Surely MPs should represent us, the voters, not be puppy dogs to the MP


or the leader of their party. surprisingly, at big response. Alan


e-mails, this is not democracy, we should have a referendum now a.


They are there to represent constituents not be bullied. And


finally, this one, I voted to go into Europe at the last referendum.


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