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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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The airlines at this evening. -- headlines. Why or half of the


region's Conservative MPs rebelled over the European Union.


We need a sensible, clear decision from Parliament.


He a died attempting to help a motorist. Tributes paid to the East


Yorkshire police officer described as the ultimate professional. And I


am at the pub trial in a new alcohol breath tester.


And the residents helping to maintain Woodhall Spa's perfect


image. Some sunshine on the way tomorrow.


We are not going away. The words of the campaigners from Grimsby who


are calling for a referendum on the future membership of the European


Union. Seven MPs from East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire rebelled


against their party leadership in a last night's parliamentary vote. A


clear majority rejected the motion. But those who want to break away


from Brussels insist they are not giving up the fight. They say that


they are down but not out. Anti- European union campaigners meeting


today to plan their next move. MPs rejected calls for a referendum on


our future membership of the European Union.


This shows a huge division. Our politicians are letting us down


badly. Seven MPs from the region voted for


a referendum in clear-cut defiance of their party leaders. They


included David Davis, Edward Leigh, Carol McCartney, and Martin backers.


Labour's watch -- Austin Mitchell also supported calls for a


referendum. We are being forced to vote against


a referendum. An abomination of democracy.


Grimsby has long been regarded as one of the most Euro-sceptic towns


in the country. They blame European policy for the demise of a once


mighty fishing fleet. The EU is stopping places like


Whitby from having a fishing industry.


Yet a Grimsby smoked fish has been given at the same geographical


protected status as Parma ham. We are pleased. Although we got


this from Europe are we did expect a little bit more help however from


the national government and that has not been helped -- for coming.


So it says a lot that we had to go to Europe to get this recognition.


Opinion polls suggest that 68% support a referendum. The issue


looks certain to remain on the political radar for some time to


come. Earlier I spoke to the political commentator and former


Conservative MP, Michael Brown. I asked if he thought this was the


end of the line for the referendum rebels.


Of course not. There were six rebels in Europe a year. -- in the


you're area. They will not give up easily. The subject is clearly


exercising the people of this country. We will hear a lot more


about it. But it has not done these


Conservative MPs any favours. Willett count against them?


A government whip in the 1990s once told me that there was nothing he


wanted from me, no threats they could make against him, and that he


would represent his constituents. - - I once told a government whip. I


suspect that is what the MPs in your region are saying.


Hull and Grimsby were devastated by a EU attacks on fisheries, and the


steel industry. So it has had a huge impact in terms of free trade


and poor development. -- port development. I tend to agree with


many local MPs who would say that. Are you surprised that the strength


of feeling is so high? I am surprised that as a


consequence of David Cameron issuing threats and intimidation


that members of parliament turned around and said no, we take our


orders and our three-line whip from Our voters. Not from Downing Street.


That is good for democracy. I hope that David Cameron will learn the


lessons. People like Martin backers, Andrew Purcell, new members of


parliament, they are not to be trifled with. -- Andrew Vickers. If


David Cameron has sensual recognise that he is only Prime Minister so


long as his MPs maintain their seats.


A significant response after the programme yesterday. One reviewer


If you want to get in touch there are the details on screen. In a


moment, on tonight's programme: tougher penalties for fly tippers.


The Chief Constable of West Yorkshire has been paying tribute


to PC Mark Goodlad, killed on the M1 last night. The 41-year-old from


East Yorkshire walked as a traffic officer for the West Yorkshire


force. He was struck by a lorry as he helped a woman motorist who had


broken down. He was just doing his job. Helping a driver in trouble on


this busy stretch of motorway when he was hit by a lorry and killed.


He was a stellar professional. I would like to pay tribute. He paid


the ultimate price. People in the town are saddened by


his death. It must be horrendous for his wife


and children. Was it the driver paying attention?


That needs to be looked into. People have also been paying


tribute online. Mark was on the hard shoulder when he died. It was


a routine a job which ended shockingly.


It is a rare event. Motorways are generally safe but when an accident


does happen it is significant. His colleagues must deal with the


loss of a friend and the incident itself. They do that in a very


professional manager of -- Manor. Our correspondent is close to the


scene of the accident. What is the latest?


Police are questioning a 44-year- old lorry driver but this is a


difficult day for the force of. Their grieving for a friend as well


as investigating his death. This afternoon, emotional colleagues


came to this approach to lay floral tributes to their friend. -- this


bridge. But this was a tragic crash that could have happened to any of


Efforts to raise money to pay for Lincoln's first purpose-built


mosque will begin today after provisional approval was granted at


a meeting last night. This former of day they will be transformed


into a supermarket and Moscow. Muslim leaders claim it will take


at least two days to build. -- supermarket and mosque.


If this is achieved it is a great thing for the City and the Muslim


community. Retailers and Hull are taking legal


advice after 100 retailers and the City claimed that Hull Bid,


designed to promote business, is expensive. But the majority of


leaders polled were in favour of 519 tons of rubbish was dumped


illegally in the City last year. That is the equivalent of 100


African element -- elephants. It has cost the council �145,000 to


clear up. A crack down on offenders was launched today and culprits


were warned that they could face up It was to make a dramatic point.


The fridges and beds were found on the streets of Hull yesterday and


brought here today to illustrate a growing problem and mark the


council's biggest campaign yet against illegal fly-tipping. This


rubbish doesn't get dumped out of the way, it gets dumped everywhere.


It is not out of the way. These people who don't pick could not


care less where it is. They will dump it wherever. These are the


offenders the council are trying to catch. Filmed by cameras in Hull,


they are caught dumping fridges. They were traced and were fined


�300. It kills the areas around. It brings down the general feeling of


well-being for towards an area, it brings down the prices of homes and


makes areas more prone to things like crime. Humberside Fire Service


says at this time of year they deal with around one incident and night


where dumped rubbish has been set on fire. This man was again caught


by security cameras, he took was prosecuted and fined. A somebody


will set fire to it. Obviously, we get called to attend it. That puts


a massive drain on resources. A a special team has been established


by the council to deal with fly- tipping. This load of asbestos was


collected by them yesterday. Locals say it has become a regular dumping


ground. When it has been raining and then it goes dry, the smell is


atrocious. That is causing bats. They are getting into the gardens,


too. Those caught fly-tipping could face fines of up to �50,000 or five


years in prison. This man could have avoided court proceedings by


calling the council. They collect unwanted household items free of


charge. Still to come: The pub by allowing


customers to take a breath test before deciding whether to drive


home. And we meet the people helping to


maintain Woodhall Spa's picture- postcard image.


Do not miss that. Tonight's picture the director was so excited by we


got to match of the stormy weather. That was taken by Richard button.


I saw Peter in a charity shop at the weekend. I hope it wasn't an


expensive gift! Thank you for that. You are not


getting in now. We will get more of mac sunshine


tomorrow. It will be mostly dry with sunny spells. We are looking


at one or two showers. Today, this is the radar sequence from a this


afternoon. It is mostly dry. This area of showers has been pushed up.


The yellow and the green as show where their heaviest area was.


There will be further showers at times. They will become generally


dry by dawn. Temperatures will drop down to single figures for some of


us. It will be about eight degrees. Look at the Sun-Times tomorrow. It


will rise at 7:50am. Tomorrow are it will be cooler start than this


morning. There will be variable amounts of cloud and decent amount


of sunshine. For most of us, it will be a dry day but come the


afternoon, you could catch the odd shower. That is particularly for


all western parts. Able stake dry and fine for most of us. It will


feel pleasant in the sunshine. -- it will stay dry. There will be a


gentle breeze from the south. Thursday will be cloudy. There will


be bands of rain. The sunshine Any present you might have been


getting has just gone out of the window!


Do-it-yourself breathalyser machine is being trialled by a pub in Hull


with the aim of helping people to decide whether they are safe to


drive home. The Old Zoological on Princes Avenue is the first pub in


the city to install the machine. The police say they are concerned


it could encourage more people to risk a drinking and driving. Our


reporter has been following the debate.


A gimmick or a life-saving gadget? Put in a PoW and, breathing to a


straw and this tester will tell you whether you are over the limit.


Those backing it say it is perfect if you are deciding whether one


drink was one too many or if you are picking the car up the next


morning after a heavy night out. do not close the pub until 1am at


the weekend. People do leave their cars. When they come back the next


morning, people tend to get caught. About 10 years ago I lost my


licence for being one pint over the limit the day after recession. I


lost my job, my flat, pretty much everything. It would be good to


walk into a pub and test myself will stop there is a testing it


admit it is not an absolute guide and crucially the police remained


convinced -- the main need to be convinced. Can you trust them? I am


not sure. If you need to be tested, you have drunk too much. Today,


drink-drive victim Stephen Meara- Blount has been assisting its worth.


His brother was killed by a drunk driver five years ago while Stephen


was seriously injured. If it was police operated then it would be


accurate and I think if you are just going for one and you took


that test I would think that would be a good idea. But these way you


pay �1, I do not think you should trust them. A the fear from the


authorities is a publisher live there -- a pub breathalysers catch


us on, more people will risk drinking before driving. That is a


message they would rather not send. Far Crispin is live at the pub


right now. This machine is designed to give people the chance to make


an informed decision. What has been the reaction?


You know what it is like. If you are pulling a pint, you get to the


gossip. Customers like the idea of being able to gauge how much they


have had to drink. Something good is a gimmick and there is a split


over whether you use it to determine whether you should drink


and then drive. It might stop a few people. They


might leave their keys behind the bar. He is a good idea. It gives


you a bit of advice will stop it is irrespective of the Police's


decision and there breathalyser. would have to be in a Dieppe to go


by it entirely. I am sure you will find people use it to have won they


would not have done normally. As you know, the advice from the


authorities is if you are going to drive, you need to have something


soft to stay safe. What do you think about this? Would


a breath-test machine in a pub help you to stay on the right side of


the law or maybe it is time to put a stop to drinking and driving all


together? Your thoughts on this. If together? Your thoughts on this. If


you want to e-mail as... You can There will be a minute's silence in


memory of the North Lincolnshire boy Jack Marshall before the start


of Scunthorpe United's home game tonight. Six-year-old Jack died


from a rare brain it too much almost two weeks ago. If you cannot


make it to the game, you can listen to the coverage on BBC Radio


Humberside's Sportstalk. The match kicks off at 7:45pm.


He is only 16 but already a young tennis player from East Yorkshire


is one of the rising stars of the game. Kyle Edmund from Tickton has


just won the Junior Davis Cup. He has reached the semi-final of the


boys' competition at the US Open. Our sports reporter has been at to


see him. He might be just 16 but 2011 has


given Carlisle a taste of the big time. Based at the National Tennis


Centre in its London, the junior is the second best for his age in the


world. He reached the US Open semi- final. That has given him the


confidence to believe he cannot take a major crime. The ultimate


highlight would be getting to the junior semi-finals. I did not


expect to get that far. At the same time, I always knew, the way my


training went, I had the capability to get their. Cail, began playing


at 10, left home three years later to board at a sports complex. Along


the way, he has knocked along with influential people like Rafa Nadal,


all the time improving. He has a fantastic attitude towards his


tennis. He is very hard-working and conscientious. It is a long journey.


I think my mum is the worst. Dad is very much... It is good for his


learning, get on with it. Mum a panics, naturally. While we were


filming, a passing former Grand Slam player offered his opinion.


is good. This will be Carlisle's home, college and playing fields


for the next two years. If he shows the same progress he has this year,


he could have a very successful future.


Good luck to him. It is a village with four hotels, avenues instead


of streets and a kinema instead of a cinema. Now, to add to a long


list of accolades, Woodhall Spa has been named as the best-kept village


in Lincolnshire. Simon Spark has been to find out what makes the


village and its community so special.


What is it that makes one village stand out from the others? Is it a


perfectly trimmed hedge? A wonderfully manicured lawn? Or is


it members of the community? legs are the village. These are


some of my best legs. My Union Jack legs. If I do not wear my legs, it


upsets the village. We are here to find out how they have managed to


become a this year's best-kept village in Lincolnshire. If this


little lot are going to tell us why they think they have the truth mac.


-- won. We have florist, teashops. For all this village, we have no at


MTB tell you it's. That is why we have won the competition. Jubilee


Park is the jewel in the crown for this area. We have croquet, tennis,


we have the cricket club. The soaring well, too. We are


reconstructing it. -- swimming-pool, to. Then there is this - Kinema In


The Woods. We are here at Kinema In The Woods. It is a big part of


Woodhall Spa. It has been here since 1922 as a cinema. The


building dates back to the 19 hundreds. It is well known.


Becoming best-kept village means we can at St thank you to all those


volunteers who give up their time, not just for the residents but for


the many, many visitors who come here and enjoy it. I would like to


thank you Liz and her legs. Come and see us in concert, it will be


fantastic. �4. Thank you. Well done to them. But time is


7:55pm. Let us have a recap of the headlines will stop David Cameron


insists there is no bad blood after the EU rebellion by his own MPs.


Campaigners from Grimsby say they will continue the fight for a


referendum. If there will be a damp start


tomorrow but it will brighten up. Top temperature of 16 degrees.


E-mails coming in on the subject of the breath-test machine. Kevin says,


I believe in none of for the road. A breath-test machine encourages


drinking and driving. Sarah says it encourages people to


push the boundaries. No drinks if you're driving.


On Twitter, breath machines in pubs encourage be irresponsible people


to drink up to the limit. I am totally against this practice.


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