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Here are the headlines: Bereaved families criticised politicians for


scrapping changes to military inquest.


And the residents who will have to pay for some of their recycling.


People will give up the recycling bins and fill their green Benn's


instead. Why do you pay council tax anyway?


The plan to return this piece of Lincolnshire history to the skies.


And the 16-year-old from North Lincolnshire on the verge of


superstardom. We have seen sunny skies today but


it will be mostly cloudy tomorrow. The mother of a Lincolnshire


soldier killed in Afghanistan has criticised a government cost-


cutting measure which has abandoned changes to the way that military


deaths uninvestigated. The new role of chief coroner was supposed to


improve the speed and quality of inquest, which can take up to three


years to be held. They cost has now been scrapped to save money. It


prompted an angry response from one Tory MP.


Almost five years have passed since this woman lost her son Matthew.


The royal marine died in what was believed to have been a so-called


friendly fire incident involving another British soldier. He was


killed during an attack on a Taliban fought in Helmand Province


on January -- in January, 2007. In December 2008 A coroner cake in


narrative verdict, which means a cause of death without attributing


blame. I think with the new chief coroner


things would have been done differently.


Two soldiers who were killed by a broad Afghan gunmen were the


subject of an inquest. A verdict of unlawful killing was returned by


the coroner. There have been proposals to create


a new post of chief coroner to deal with some cases. But the government


has decided to scrap that idea to save money, a decision which has


prompted one Tory MP to rebel against his own government for the


second time in a week. There has to be someone at the top,


be it a chief coroner or some other type of chief position, who is


independent of ministers and can drive this reform and make sure


there is accountability back to Parliament.


He is supported by the Royal British Legion.


At the end of the day it is quite wrong to reduce a matter of honour


to a question of cost. In is so dense like Matthew's, they need a


specialist person. -- been no incidents like Matthew's.


There are other people who have lost sons in situations like where


we lost hours. For many families, the quest for


answers continues long after their loved ones have been Barnett. --


Was the government right to scrap the role of chief coroner, which


was designed to improve in quest for bereaved families? It was going


to cost a lot of money. If you want to e-mail me, the usual address.


Coming up: P Hull shopkeepers opposed to an organisation that is


trying to promote them. Residents in north-east


Lincolnshire will have to pay to the cycle. The council wants to


charge �25 per year to anyone with a prime garden waste bin. The


authority currently collects 50,000 brown bins. The proposals are


designed to save �2.5 million on refuse collection.


There are more bins than ever to collect our waste. Brydon bairns


are for clippings from our back garden. -- brown bins.


Until now, brown bin collections were clear -- were free but soon


bed will cost �25 per year. People will not want to pay this


extra money. That is the problem. A lot of people will just boot


their staff in the green then and you will get problems them. -- put


their staff in the green then. If we do not find savings here, we


must find them elsewhere. We have one cake and I cannot make it


bigger. Those who do not want to pay can


give their brown then back and that is what many will do. -- their


brown bin. This woman is a keen recycler but he is sure that the


charge will put people off. Every fortnight, my brown then is


full to the gunwales. We have the boxes as well, will they too are


just for them as well? -- will they charged us?


For years we have tried to encourage it. We now impose a �25


charge and people will stop recycling and put the waste simply


into the normal waste then and it will go to landfill. I pay council


tax and I would have to pay for a brown bins. We all have to make


hard decisions. Be charged to collect a bend works


out at 50p per week. -- the charge to collect a bin.


I am sure this will be controversial for some people.


Hardy council right to charge for recycling collection? -- are the


Some more news. Three MPs have met with managers from BAE Systems to


talk with them about the future of the site in a region. Nearly 900


workers at the side face redundancy. Up to 57 redundancies have been


announced at a factory in Hull. The heating factory makes boilers. The


job losses, after the decision to close the company's boundary.


He 45-year-old lorry driver arrested in connection with the


death of the policeman on the M1 has been released on bail. The


police officer was killed when he was head by a truck as he helped a


woman whose car had broken down. Hull bed has the job of making the


city more attractive to investors. However, some claim it is a waste


of money. Our correspondent has more.


This man opened this cafe in Hull City Centre on Monday. But he is


one of a number of businesses shunning the help of Hull bed. --


Hull BID. I do not think they promote the


area well. I would rather do it off my own back.


It cost retailers 1% of their business rates and for small shops,


that can be 200 to �300 per year. They say it is at waste of money.


We have no-one objections to the council rates, but why pay an extra


up levy? It is totally wrong. Since the organisation was set up


in 2006, crime has been reduced in the City by 33%. The team has


cleaned up 6,000 pieces of the graffiti. On average they walk


3,000 miles of the city's streets per year. This shop says they are


doing great things. The graffiti problem is nothing


like it used to be. Those guys have done a tremendous job.


Elsewhere, similar schemes in Boston and Lincoln have had mixed


success. In Boston, have the levy is spent on Town Rangers.


With one in five shops here lying vacant, some traders say that the


scheme has failed to deliver and they are seeking legal action.


How layer I spoke to a representative. -- earlier.


Businesses have already seen improvements. We have seen a


reduction of crime by about a third. We have increased footfall four


hour event by about 30,000. And we have cleaned up 60 about -- 6,000


pieces of graffiti. If should that not be done anyway,


with business rates and everything else?


I thank that the businesses came to us because it was a top priority


and the local authority would not remove graffiti from private


premises. There is a sizable voice against


the organisation. There will always be opposition. It


is an expense that people have to pay. A lot of people don't agree.


And a lot of people to agree. Pound for pound, it delivers excellent


results. What would you say to the sizable


group that has been campaigning against this?


I would like to meet with these businesses. We are a business


improvement districts. We would like to help every member in the


area. To the benefit of their businesses and the bigger picture.


How do you know if you have done your job? What about these


businesses that have been boarded In our area, we have seen a


reduction of empty units since 2009. Compared to the bigger picture, we


have a 20% empty unit rate and the bigger picture of his 24%.


How do you respond to these people who are against the organisation


taking legal action? The legislation is fairly straight.


They were set up in 2004. It is not for me to decide who is wrong and


who is right, and what the legislation dictates, and if the


opposition feel they have a grudge If you run a business in the city


of hole, you might have a view on that. Get in touch. -- if you run a


business in the city of hole. Still ahead: The campaign to save


an RAF icon. Every week, you deliver.


Scunthorpe teenager taking Bit of a bonus tonight. We have got


three pictures, mainly be cast of the unexpected thunder storm that


hit parts of our area last night. The first one is of Coningsby, the


second one is a snap of the walls at South Cave, and this one. Good


pictures. Was this advertised? It walls. Everybody seems to have


missed me saying it. I did say that some showers would be thundery! I


must be whispering. I apologise. Bespeaks a Co-op!


I will do. To marrowbone not be as nice as today. -- tomorrow will not


be as nice as today. There is a warm front which will be working


its way northwards. There will be some rain, mostly light and patchy.


It has been lovely for most of those, but there have been a few


showers. This evening will be dry. Overnight, cloud will increase from


the South and rain will arrive in the early hours of the morning.


There will be a gentle breeze from the south. Temperatures down to


single figures. The sun will rise just before 8am, setting at 5:38pm.


Tomorrow will be a cloudy start with outbreaks of rain. Most


delight and patchy. It will stick with us through the day. There will


be some drier spells, but mostly cloudy skies. Gentle winds from the


south. Temperatures down on what we have seen today. In Bridlington,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


The number of children being adopted in England has fallen to


its lowest level in a decade. Now a mum from Scunthorpe is hoping to


change that. Charlotte Carson says adopted a


child is the best thing she has ever done. I remember seeing a


programme about adopting Romanian babies. And me and my husband


thought, let's looking to adoption. As part of National adoption Week,


Charlotte has made a short video about what adoption meat -- what


adoption means to her. It has been shortlisted in a competition.


year, we need 4,000 adoptive families in the UK. It is a


continuing need to find more people. Children are so special. Adopting a


child so it can have a life, that is extra special, and it would


change your life for the better. I'm incredibly passionate about


adoption. Shah that and her husband are planning to adopt a again next


year. She hopes her story will inspire others to give one of the


4,000 children waiting to be adopted a safe and happy home.


Hope her film has a good effect. Lincoln City's new manager David


Holdsworth has been given seven months to turn-around the club. The


Imps are facing the possibility of their second successive relegation.


Michael Hortin met the new manager as he arrived at the club. This is


the man Lincoln City's fans hope will change the fortunes of the


club. After relegation and a poor start to the season, David Laws


what has been tasked with improving the results and putting a smile


back on the face of the football club -- David Hallsworth. I can


feel it is a position where it is a long journey. A long journey of


unhappiness, but we would like to change that. We have to roll our


sleeves up. There's plenty of ingredients to make a cake, and how


do you make it taste nice? Change the ethos of perhaps the


temperature. A blend of fitness, communication, organisation,


rethinks and strategy is that perhaps have not been successful,


and hard work. Hard work will get us everywhere. Though Lincoln


City's board of directors have taken a cautious approach with the


appointment of their new manager, giving him a contract only until


the end of the season. Nobody should be in any doubt that David


Holdsworth has a major job in turning around Lincoln City. He


hopes to start doing that on Saturday. Yesterday, we told you


about a pub in Hull that has installed its own "do it yourself"


breathalyser for customers. The Old Zoological on Princes Avenue is the


first pub in the city to use the machine. It allows customers to


check if they are over the drink drive limit. Here are some of your


Thank-you for those. A minute's silence took place


before Scunthorpe United's home game last night. It was in memory


of six-year-old North Lincolnshire boy Jack Marshall, who died from a


rare brain tumour almost two weeks ago.


Scunthorpe went on to draw 2-2 against Huddersfield town.


The last flying Vulcan bomber, an icon of the RAF's history in


Lincolnshire, is being prepared to perform at the Queen's Diamond


Jubilee celebrations next year. But once again the charity which runs


the Vulcan is appealing for hundreds of thousands of pounds to


carry out repairs. Dan Johnson has been to Robin Hood Airport, where


money raising tours are being given to fans of the aircraft.


The shape, the sound, the spectacle. The Vulcan Bomber pleasing the


crowds area this summer. But then, things took a turn for the West.


towards the end of the season, we had two a separate faults and we


are having to raise 10 displays at the end of the year. It was


disappointing. We pay bills were expensive, but the cost ran much


bigger, so the begging bowl is out again. We have lost about �100,000


from missing those their shares. We are still fighting for life in


terms of funding. Shortage of money is not the biggest threat of


falcons fate. In the Cold War, it carried Britain's nuclear weapons,


ready to retaliate if a Russian threat came. The air were only 11


years between the first flight of the Lancaster and the first flight


of the Falcon. A rather fine season is over for the, tours of the


plane's new home offer a chance to get close. His flew over my house


about a month ago and I could not believe it. -- it through over my


house. How the devil does it get off the ground? It is the pinnacle


of technology from a bygone era, in preparation for the end of the


world, essentially. The aircraft is due to take part in a green's


diamond jubilee celebrations next year, but it needs an expensive


winter service. It will be tough. The economic climate is tough, but


I am sure we will be OK. I think people will rally round. A few


months of TLC and around half-a- million pounds should see the


Vulcan Bomber take to the skies once again next year.


Fantastic pictures. If you want to see the Vulcan Bomber, its home at


the moment is that the Robin Hood Airport.


He's a 16-year-old from North Lincolnshire who's in the live


finals of the Australian X-Factor. Reece Mastin is now through to the


last six of the show. Simon Spark has been to meet his increasingly


nervous family in Scunthorpe. And just to warn you, there are


flashing images at the start of this report. Five weeks ago, Reece


Mastin had made it to the live finals of the Australian X Factor.


I wish I could get hold of him and cuddle him. It is a pop star, not


my nephew! Now he's in the final Every single week, you deliver.


overall, it was a knockout performance. It always is from June.


Regardless of what happens from here, Reece already has Australian


celebrity status, and back with his relatives in Scunthorpe the


excitment's still building. I think a lot of people like the fact that


I am English. I do not think they know where Scunthorpe is!


So nervous. When I get home from work, I have to switch him straight


on. I play him for five or six times before I decide to do


something else, then go back and play him again. Once you see him,


you have to look again and again and again. He is absolutely


brilliant. And today for a brief moment, Uncle


Philip was reunited on the Peter Levy Show. Hello. Hello, how why


you? I am fine. When a you coming over? If you get into the final, I


will be there. When they said he was on the line,


there was such a prize. It was brilliant.


Reece says his strategy is to take things one step at a time, but he's


already made giant leaps as a future rock sensation.


Great story. Fingers crossed. Let's get a recap of the national and


regional headlines Arriving for crunch talks. European leaders


gather in Brussels for a crucial summit on the Eurozone debt crisis.


The mother of a Lincolnshire soldier killed in Afghanistan


criticises a cost cutting measure which could have improved military


Response coming in on the subject of North East Lincolnshire Council


charging for the brown bins. Plea and said, if councils have budget


cuts, what do you expect? Debate think most people put their garden


waste in the normal bins? Stands says, my garden waste will be going


into a different coloured bin. Mike says, this is disgraceful. It is


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