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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


As fuel prices soar, one Lincolnshire council looks to


negotiate a better deal for its residents. The price of gas has


come down for the wholesalers, and the price of oil, but for consumers,


it has gone up. Four years on from the floods, East


Yorkshire villagers get new defences to better protect their


community. It is a fantastic feeling to know you are safe.


Why a vote by drivers could mean the end for these speed bumps in


East Yorkshire. The Lincolnshire farmers growing


those all important crops for Christmas. And it stays mild and


unsettled. The very latest detailed forecast shortly.


A third of people in Lincolnshire will struggle to heat their homes


this winter, according to the latest figures. Now, the leader of


South Holland Council is trying to use the financial clout of the


authority to get all 34,000 households in the district a


significant discount on their gas and electricity bills. It's one of


the first local councils to try the idea. Tarah Welsh has been to one


village near Bourne where residents have already got together to lower


their bills. Heating the manor house was never


going to be cheap. Especially in Rippingale. There's no piped gas,


so most homes use heating oil. When residents got sick of of the


high prices, they grouped together to buy energy in bulk. It is an


attempt to keep the local suppliers on their toes, and try to get the


best price. There are roughly 80 members of this consortium. They


will get a reduced rate for filling their times. This type of group


buying has saved each person two or three pence a litre.


So people here say their buying power has worked. The contractor is


a very good deal. Well, now the leader of South


Holland District Council wants to do this on a much larger scale. He


wants to negotiate a competitive tariff for residents that want a


deal. We are proposing to use the council's buying power to stand to


negotiate. They are making far too much money on the back of a


commodity whose core price is going down. The price of gas has come


down for wholesalers, and the price of oil, but for the consumers, the


price has gone up. While he doesn't know how much will be saved, he


hopes it would cut the average �1,300 bill by 10%. I think it is


an excellent idea, definitely. think anything on them lines will


be beneficial. The proposal still needs clearance


from the government regulator, and it's still unclear how many of


South Holland's 34,000 households will buy in. Dedicated to do


shopping around for consumers, to make sure you are getting the best


deal. People could see more than the temperature going down.


I'm joined by Barry Earnshaw, the chief officer of Age UK in Lincoln.


What have you done to know why your bills? We have done a couple of


things. We have done some price comparisons on our electric, and


just changed our supplier. In our village, we have a very proactive


parish council. Some time ago, as part of the parish plan, oil was an


issue because we were a no gas village. We set upon all syndicate.


One man in the village who, as part of his job, was procurement, he


runs it and you get a regular reminder about your request for oil.


What they do then... What do you think about this idea of 34,000


households getting together, grouping together for cheaper


bills? His is a non-starter? think it is a good idea. It


supports the work that we are doing, in terms of looking at some


initiatives which help older people with price comparisons, access to


alternative fuels and getting a better deal, bearing in mind that


their incomes are under pressure at present. The savings at best are


only 5-10%. That will not mean that much, when bills go up at the rate


they are. If you are spending �1,000 a year, on fuel, that is


quite considerable. For everybody else, they will be slightly jealous


if this goes ahead in the South Holland area. We would want that to


be shared across Lincolnshire. There are seven district councils,


as you know. We would want that expanding. Very good to talk to you.


We would like to know what do you think about this. Would you buy gas


electricity off your local council if it meant lower bills? Will


enough people get involved to make In a moment:


Fishermen on the East Coast are urged to work together to make the


most of European quotas. They've waited more than four years


for their homes to be protected from flooding, and today, a


government minister officially opened new defences in Burstwick in


East Yorkshire. 120 homes were damaged there in 2007. It's hoped


these new measures, operated by the residents rather than the


authorities, will stop that ever happening again. Anne-Marie Tasker


reports. At Stephen's home in Burstwick, the


flood damage still shows. Like many on Trinity close, his home was


flooded, causing �90,000 of damage. It is something he hoped he will


never face again. The it is peace of mind. We can go to bed and no


matter what has happened, the band will protect us. We have the pumps


as well, just in case, so it is fantastic. Stephen is among the


volunteer flood wardens who will operate the pomps. Today, Mr


Richard Benny and met the man said he hoped other communities would


follow their lead. They were 5.2 million homes in England that are


at risk of flooding. We will protect them all the way we can.


With schemes like this, we find that working in partnership with


the local community like this, we can get a much better result.


Residents hope that these Poms will protect them for decades to come,


but the question they are asking is, why did it take so long to get them


in the first place? After the 2007 floods, we had communities all over


Yorkshire the Web devastated. We have done our best to do it as


quickly as we can. We have worked very hard. This is as fast as we


could do it. The wardens and his �3 million scheme have reduced best


with's flood risk from significant to know. It could bring down


insurance premiums. A people want to sell her house, for example,


there have not been able to because it is classed as a flood risk. We


do not have a problem any more. We just have to wait for databases and


so want to get updated. Environment Agency says that should


happen soon, and tonight, residents should sleep easier, knowing scenes


like this are unlikely ever to be seen again.


Plans have gone on display today for a new �74 million flood defence


barrier in Boston. People are being asked for their views on the


barrier, which will be built just downstream from Black Sluice Lock.


It is claimed it will help to protect thousands of homes from


tidal flooding. A large team of regional police


officers have been brought in to investigate the murder of a 70-


year-old Lincoln man. Sonny Grey died after being attacked by three


men at his home in Westwick Gardens in the city on Saturday night.


House-to-house enquiries are taking place.


An 86-year-old man injured when his car was in collision with a police


van in Scunthorpe has died. Harold Kilmore was driving on Frodingham


Road when the crash happened last month. The Independent Police


Complaints Commission has been informed.


East Coast fishermen should be prepared to work together to save


their industry. That's the message from the Government tonight as many


fishing communities in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire fight


for survival. The controversial system of EU quotas, limits the


amount of fish that can be caught off our shores. Now, ministers are


urging boat owners to join forces to maximise their catches. More


from our from Tim Iredale. - - more from Tim Iredale.


Dawn breaks over the East Yorkshire course. Our fishermen are hard at


work. Like many skippers in this part of the world, Dave Wilkie now


specialises in catching crab and lobster. European Court has


severely limited the amount of white fish, like cod, that these


boats are allowed to land. Organisations which have nothing to


do with fishing can own quote and lease quota out to fishermen.


British fishing fleet has 160 small boats. According to latest figures,


they are allocated just 3% of the UK's total fish total. That is just


1% of what they were allowed to catch before 1997 when the present


quota system was introduced. The government recommends one way to be


the gritters would be for more boat-owners to join together to


form new corporate sense -- one way to beat the quotas. 15 years ago,


there were 20 active trawlers act - - operating out of Bridlington. Now,


they ran on, and many acute of fishing port need an agent lifeline.


If people could pool resources, it could improve the situation.


Fishermen had desperate to diversify from shellfish. Many


skippers argued that without wholesale reform of the European


fishing policy, they will be little or no industry left on the east


coast for future generations. We will continue to follow that story.


Thank you for getting in touch about the increase in the number of


people using their mobile phones whilst driving. The number of


drivers caught on their phones behind the wheel has more than


doubled in the last year according to Humberside Police. Officers say


they consider the practice as dangerous as drink driving.


Lots of you have been getting in touch about this. Thank you for all


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Still ahead tonight: Why it could be the end of the road for these


speed bumps in East Yorkshire. The Lincolnshire farmers making


sure their crops are ready for Tonight's picture was taken by


Richard Davidson. If you have a picture you are proud of, send it


We have an e-mail here which says, I am an insomniac and I peered the


Peter Levey so on, and it gets me It will be miles further next 24


hours. It is also one settled. There is some rain around. This


huge area of low pressure affects us. The breeze will still be in the


South and temperatures will stay above average for the time of year.


Cloud is increasing from the West and there will be some patchy


outbreaks of rain on the way in the next few hours. It looks like


amounts will be small. Some rain might be persistent later on.


Eastern areas will not see much at all. 11 or 12 degrees Celsius. The


sun rises in the morning at 7:05am. It will be a cloudy start and


perhaps damp as well. Any overnight rain will move northwards. A bit of


sunshine but later on cloud will build again. Further rain may push


up from this out later in the day. The top temperatures, quite chilly


along the coast. 13 or 14 degrees. Inland, 16 degrees. Friday will be


mild with scattered showers. At changed over the weekend as the


wind turns from the North East and temperatures are back to normal. A


cloudy weekend with the rest of some rain.


See you tomorrow. It was one of the first villages in


East Yorkshire to get speed bumps and could be the first to get rid


of them if some residents get their way. People in Walkington are being


asked if they want their humps flattened. An online petition has


been started to save them. Our correspondent is there. Why are the


speed bumps a problem? If you drive through Walkington you


rather in for a bit of a bump because there are seven sets of


speed bumps and five sets of speed ramps. Drivers claim their cards


are being damaged so the parish council are asking villagers to


vote on whether to save them. Workington's speed humps are not


always pleasing for drivers. There will be a vote on whether to keep


them. There it does a lot of damage to


your suspension, ruins your Ipsos system. I am not for them.


believe if we take these be the bombs away, the speed will increase.


I liked the idea of children being able to walk to school.


They are a nuisance. The chicane at one end of the


village remains popular but opinion is divided over the speed humps and


the parish council will look at alternatives if villagers vote for


change at the end of November. Official statistics suggest that


speed humps to reduce accidents and injuries by up to 60%. However,


there are alternatives. Light here, where there are no


speed bumps, just an electronic sign.


How important is it too slow rural traffic? Nationally, over 1,000


people were killed on rural roads last year. That is over double that


killed in Arden rots. -- on on urban roads.


Beforehand, there their injuries including a fatality within the


village. Now, speeds in the village are relatively low. I have looked


at pollution data for the past five year and there have been no


collisions. What happens next? The answer is


that villagers have until 30th November to register their vote. If


the vote goes against the humps, the council will have to look at


whether there should be alternatives. East Riding council


will ultimately make the decision and in terms of road safety, they


will probably argue that if it is not broken, they want want to fix


The chief instructor from the Institute of Advanced motorists is


with us. Good evening. Should be bumps stay or go?


If there is not a replacement that will work for them it should stay.


Walkington is a lovely village. It should look to the driver that they


should go slowly. Humps do not always do that. Other things can do


it better. Are they are a must for safety?


It will they from place to place. The big thing is to make the rot


look to the driver as if the need to go slowly. If you put chicanes


in our banking, and make it feel as if you have to go slowly, because


it is natural, without spoiling the lovely view, and the lovely


appearance of the place, then you will win. If you cannot find a way


to do that, then you have to keep the humps.


What people have said to me is that it actually makes some people drive


worse because they try to dodge them.


You will get people who tried to dodge them and people who


accelerate hard in the gaps between them. And you will get some people


who have to have a built-in getting over them with some types of


vehicle because the bottom of their car is very low. There are other


ways to do it, and if there are better ways, then use them.


The flashing lights and anything at the side of the road to push people


to slow down, would they be better? Some of those work very well. It


does depend on where they are and what type of traffic you are


dealing with. Commuter traffic tends to travel at the speed it


wants to. If it is people going to bed early races and they are not


familiar with the road, they are more likely to do what they thing


says. Thank you very much. Is this the


end of the road for speed bumps? Do they make driving worse? Do they


work? If you are in the Walkington area, please get in touch.


The MP for Beverley has had a meeting with the Prime Minister for


improving rural services. He claims that people living in the


countryside often pay more but have less money spent on them. He wants


the Prime Minister to make things fairer.


This is typical, where residents pay more but receive less, in rural


areas. Will the Prime Minister made with me to discuss this?


I am happy to meet with my honourable friend. There are big


differences in the use of retained firefighters. But I am happy to


meet to discuss this issue. A mother from Scunthorpe is


receiving an award for a film she made about her family. She has won


the People's Choice Awards. More than 500 people watched the film on


YouTube and it was praised by Stephen Fry on Twitter.


Hull City's 9 game unbeaten run came to an abrupt end last night


with defeat to Barnsley. A first- half penalty and a this proved


costly. Hull City surrendered their


unbeaten run last night after a frustrating display inside


Yorkshire. It started well for the Tigers. This effort was deflected


wide early on. The visitors were then awarded a spot-kick when


Robbie Brady was brought down in the box. This LMS proved costly. --


early mess. Ten minutes later, a mistake was capitalised on to


double Barnsley's lead. A late goal in the 79th minutes was


not enough. It was nine games unbeaten. They


will have to build again. The Tigers remain six then this


table, but with a tough test against second-placed West Ham on


Saturday, the pressure is on to bounce back quickly.


Thank you very much. With Hallowe'en out of the way and the


pumpkins consigned to the bend, growers in their area are preparing


their latest season of crops. Getting there produce onto the


shelves in time for Christmas takes hard work and careful planning.


We have at least a month until we have to think about decorating our


Christmas trees, but they have been planning it for years here.


The trees that had been marked for sale this year will be cut.


It is a big job when you have 20,000 to be ready to sell.


You can see all the labels. Our use operations will carry on but we


will drop back into finally marking the trees. Getting ready for


deliveries, really. Elsewhere, Lincolnshire farmers are


getting ready with their vegetables. What Christmas lunch would be


complete without the sprites? Here they are more interested in


the romantic side. He is selling trees with mistletoe


already growing from the park. Just copy what the birds do. Pick


an nice ripe berry, squeeze the seat out, stick the seat on, and it


will glue itself in place. Come around March time, that will start


to germinate. It will attach to the tree.


You would be for Devon that Lincolnshire's pumpkin growers had


cornered the market, but I think The people of Waddington are


certainly in the spirit of Christmas early. The producers are


looking to forward to being in the swing of it as well.


The time is five minutes to seven. A recap of the main headlines.


Unions say the government's latest offer on pensions for millions of


public sector workers is not good enough.


As school prices -- fuel prices soar, one Lincolnshire council is


trying to cut the cost of fuel for its residents.


Responses coming in from you. Carl in Cleethorpes says it should not


be up to councils to get a better deal for people. It should be up to


the government to sort out the scandal as energy companies.


And another person says this is a good idea.


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