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Good evening. The Pilgrim Hospital in build -- in Boston has been


criticised for the third time in ten months. The latest report


follows an investigation into standards at the hospital. Hospital


managers insist that improvements are being made, but the new report


has made 21 recommendations which the hospital must fulfil or risk


being fined. With more, here is our correspondent Vicky Johnson.


The Care Quality Commission first raised its concerns about patient


care at the Pilgrim Hospital last February. By March they were


demanding the hospital trust take immediate action to ensure patients


received the care they need. June saw the CQC launch investigation


after expressing concerns that the trust had acted with -- had not


acted with more urgency. Today's report has found a number of areas


of concern. These include poor quality care and clinical errors


resulting in complaints and serious incident. The systems for


monitoring patients' experience were inadequate and staff


recruitment problems mean that trust was too reliant on locums. Dr


Andrea Gordon is the regional director of the Care Quality


Commission. They have started to make some positive improvements but


they really need to find creative ways of finding out what the


patient experiences like at that hospital. But the chief executive


of the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust, Andrew North, has


insisted time and time again that improvements are being made.


remain absolutely focused on improving the quality of service we


provide. We are moving in the right direction. We need to build on the


work we have already done. The enormous progress has been made but


we have always acknowledged that it is a journey of improvement here


and that we do have more to do. spokesman for the Department of


Health said to date, sub-standard care will not be tolerated. The CQC


insists its 21 recommendations must be carried out otherwise the


hospital could face fines or even service closures.


Those are the details. This afternoon I spoke to Boston's MP,


Mark Simmonds, and I asked him why it was taking so long to get the


problems at the hospital sorted out. Well, I think many of these issues


are historic and they have been going on for some considerable time,


but the two key messages I think that come out of this latest CQC


report are firstly that progress is being made and but secondly there


is good care taking place in Pilgrim Hospital. The unfortunate


thing is is -- the unfortunate thing is it's -- is it is not


universal and there is work to do so it is work in progress. It does


not seem to be getting much better. You must be hugely concerned.


concerned. I'm frustrated. There are specific issues that do need


much greater retention far faster than they have received so far. One


example is the complaints procedure, which is not up and running as it


should be. The lessons from complaints from patients and


patience' families are not being learned and implemented across the


Pilgrim Hospital and that is a key issue that needs -- that Andrew


North and his team need to look at quickly. A 21 recommendations,


three critical reports, shouldn't the government stepped in and take


control? I am having a meeting with the Secretary of State and with his


senior officials about Pilgrim Hospital in the next fortnight or


so and one of the things we will be discussing is exactly what happens


now. How can we make sure the quality of care that is delivered


at Pilgrim Hospital is excellent and improve its from the stated is


at the moment but I must emphasise that is good quality care being


delivered from Pilgrim Hospital by some very good -- very dedicated


people, so this is not universal criticism. Are you going to last


the Dupport of Health to bare their teeth? I am going to discuss with


the Department of Health what can be done to support the hospital


trust to make sure that the people who use Pilgrim Hospital, the


patients and their families, receive the best possible care with


the resources available and this report yet again demonstrates this


is not being delivered universally. Bent you very much indeed.


Mark Simmonds -- thank you very much indeed. Mark Simmonds,


speaking earlier. Other criticisms in the report, or reports, fare? We


are interested in your views. If you want to get in touch on the


subject of the Pilgrim Hospital in We will have more before we finish


at 7pm. I look forward to hearing from you.


In a moment on the programme, a big thank you from the Deputy Prime


Minister to RAF servicemen and women returning home from


operations in Libya. It is one of the fastest growing


industries in our area and it has created hundreds of jobs locally.


Many in the last year alone. But now green energy companies in


Lincolnshire say all this could be about to be wiped out because of a


government decision. One firm says it has lost �1 million of business


in an hour after the government announced it would halve the amount


of money it gives to householders who generate their own solar


electricity. At the beginning of last year the solar power industry


employed just 3,000 people in the UK. There are now nearly 4,000


companies operating nationwide employing 25,000 people. Our


environment correspondent Caroline Bilton now reports.


They have been appearing on moves across the region. In fact


Lincolnshire has been leading the way when it comes to harnessing the


power of the sun. In the last year the UK's first major some park


opened near Louth and in Bardney this fire station became the first


in the country to open its own solar farm. But it is a momentum


that has been brought to an abrupt halt and businesses like this one


in Stow near Lincoln have lost thousands of pounds in business as


a result. Within the first six hours of these cuts we had about �1


million wiped off our order book. Julian Patrick has built up his


business over the past three years. It has been a lucrative one thanks


to a government initiative that pays people to generate their own


electricity. But the government has announced its intention to half the


amount it will pay for that power in the future. At the moment


householders receive 43.3 pence for every kilowatt-hour of solar


electricity they provide, which means the system could pay for


itself within seven years. But under these new proposals that will


drop to 21 pence per kilowatt hour which will mean that some systems


will take 16 years to pay for themselves. We knew it was not


sustainable at the current rate but we saw the cuts were coming in


April and we had planned for that. A lot of companies, ourselves


included, have brought to the stock to require -- have bought in the


stock required for the planning could on the 1st April. We have


advertised for five jobs but unfortunately there are a lot of


companies knew it and we aren't they simply will not be able to


ride this out. There will be a lot of job losses. In a statement the


climates change and energy minister said that a distinctive new, lower


tariffs will be a big challenge but it will not come as a surprise to


many in the solar industry who have themselves acknowledged the big


fall in costs and the big increase in their rate of return over the


past year. This is by no means the death of the solar industry but


there is now a mad rush to install projects before the tariff drops in


six weeks' time. And when it does it is feared the future may not


look as bright as it once did for solar.


Caroline is out in Hull at the moment. What does this mean for


consumers? Is it still worth investing in this -- in Sola at the


11th hour? It certainly years and how about this for timing? This


particular house in Hull behind me as having its panels fitted


tomorrow, so the householders have been telling me they're incredibly


relieved. They're going to get the 43.3 pence per kilowatt hour.


Anybody who has been receiving that will continue to do so. Anybody who


has their panels fitted before December 12th will get the full


tariff. It is those fitted after December 12th that will receive the


reduced tariffs. Does that mean the death of the solar industry? It


certainly does not. I have spoken to a consultant this evening who


tells me that basically things are going to slow down a little bit now


and it will mean that consumers will have to make a longer term


decision. As I pointed out in my piece, it will be 16 years before


your panels pay for themselves but your energy bills are not going to


go down, they will continue to rise and this is one way of controlling


those energy bills and generating your own electricity. I suppose it


was good while it lasted, all those who got in, like this house here


behind me, will be benefiting but that is not to say those in the


future will not benefit -- will not benefit either, and the best thing


to do if you want advice is to go to the Energy Saving Trust website


and they will point you in the right direction.


He might want to comment on this. I was talking to a lady who in


Lincolnshire had spent �14,000 having panels fitted on the roof.


If you have a view, there is the e- Campaigners who claimed that a wind


farm would be a blot on the Yorkshire Wolds landscape are


celebrating after the plans were thrown out. East Riding Council has


rejected the proposal for the turbines at Middleton-on-the-Wolds


at a meeting this afternoon. The Crewe would now like to see the --


the No to Wolds Wind Farm Group would like to see the Wolds awarded


a special status to avoid further development.


The parliamentary committee has hit out at the handling of the


Government's's policy over the Gateway Project in Hoare. Some


families had to stay longer in poor quality houses. The houses in those


areas have been emptied and boarded up for the large part but there are


still people left behind, trapped in these areas, living next door to


because there is not the money to compensate them and there are not


the new homes to move into. Plans for an Academy at


Lincolnshire appear to be in disarray after one of the schools


withdrew from the partnership. The Cordeaux Secondary School and Dowes


has pulled out of plans to merge with the Monks Dyke Technology


College and the Tennyson High School -- in Louth. The governors


at Cordeaux would not be the best interests of the pupils.


The Lincolnshire based RAF servicemen and women have been


given a big thank you for their part in the overthrow of the former


Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi. Military chiefs organised a special


debrief at RAF Waddington today. They were joined by Nick Clegg, if


we braced aircrews and support staff who manned operations over


Libya during the uprising. Recognition from the highest level


of government. The Deputy Prime Minister came to RAF Waddington and


Lincolnshire to meet air and ground crew from across the UK. To thank


them for their hard work and bravery in assisting in the


production of Libyan civilians and the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi.


They are the guardians of freedom who have provided to the Libyan


people a future of freedom and democracy, and hope that they


otherwise would not have got and I think it is very fitting that we're


here to pay tribute to them. At its peak almost 2,500 UK personnel were


involved in Operation Ellamy flying thousands of sorties. At the heart


of that operation were a crew from Lincolnshire. It was clear we were


having an effect helping that. It gave the guys focus, it brings


their training together rant the operations they have done, so very


positive and knowing we were fundamental Park was great.


expected to come to the squadron and do you corporations, look after


our own area, so straight away my first tour I was out there on an


operation that our aircraft has been employed in really is fully.


The operation called on locally based aircraft and a variety of key


roles. From intelligence gathering by sentry can assent and I learnt


Nimrod aircraft from RAF Waddington to, to air cover supplied by


Typhoons from RAF Coningsby and the ground-attack capabilities of the


Tornados based at RAF Marham in Norfolk. Over the last few months


we have got used to seeing pictures of Libyan rebels fighting on the


ground but today's visit by Nick Clegg turns the focus back on to


the unseen contribution made by UK air crew. It has been very


successful campaign and of course a great victory for the people of


Libya. To have the Deputy Prime Minister come to thank everyone


himself means a great deal. welcome home by the Deputy Prime


Minister recognises the vital contribution made by UK armed


forces in Libya's transition from The debrief earlier today at


Waddington. Thank-you for watching this Thursday. Then to fall on


messages last night about South Holland District Council trying to


use their buying power to get residence a discount on energy


bills. It is one of the first councils to try the idea, and could


benefit 34,000 households in the area. Just a few messages. Charles


says, the best deal on Hull is for Still ahead: Compliments to the


chef. The award-winning the East Yorkshire pub.


Your dream beach wedding closer to home. Could Cleethorpes beach be


the perfect place to say, I do? Tonight's picture is of the sunset


at Barton upon Humber, looking across the Humber to South Ferriby


Will you be saying, I do, on Cleethorpes beach? You could use


your bus pass. Nobody is laughing! I will be like


Michael Winner! I cannot believe I said that.


You do remind me of him. Let's look at the headlines. Very,


very unsettled. There will be heavy showers, possibly prolonged with


the odd crack of thunder. There is an intense area of downpours


heading for the Wash. It is part of a big system. There is at risk of


some heavy rain over the next 24 hours. Not everyone will get them.


We have been tracking an area of thunderstorms that has been working


up through London and Cambridgeshire, and it is now


raining hard in Cambridgeshire and across the Wash. It will probably


clipping to Skegness. It eases the way be fog and next lot comes and


envelops most of the reason -- most of the region. Temperatures around


12 Celsius. That is 54 Fahrenheit. The sun will rise at seven there


7am, setting at 4:22pm. If you are getting married in Cleethorpes


tomorrow, there is the high water time. A wet start to the day.


Showers and longer outbreaks of rain. A risk of thunder. That area


of rain will move away smartly, followed by an improvement. Still


risk of heavy showers. They will be that improvement, certainly for the


second part of the day. The breeze will be lighter and top


temperatures will be up to 14 or 15 degrees. In Holbeach, around 59


Fahrenheit. The weekend, a crew let north-easterly. They will be the


north-easterly. They will be the risk of patchy rain or drizzle. Can


down, dear. Barry said, tell Paul you cannot have a bit of rain.


Barry, get a life! I am sure Barry has a sense of humour, but maybe he


has not! We will soon find that when I check


my e-mail! All in the best possible taste!


See you tomorrow, if you were still here, that these! - - that is.


The Pipe And Glass Inn near Beverley has been awarded the Pub


Of The Year award by the food guide Michelin. The pub, run by husband


and wife team Kate and James Mackenzie, already has a Michelin


star, one of the highest awards that can be made to an eatery.


Linsey Smith has been finding out what makes the pub so special.


A typically busy day at South Dalton's Pipe And Glass. But today,


there's something even more desirable on the menu. A Michelin


Pub Of The Year award. We try and use as much local produce as we


possibly can, even so far as using the wild garlic that grows in the


garden and the metals. It is quality that counts, but we are


proud ambassadors for Yorkshire. Michelin is basically an


independent ratings agency. Its guide books started in the early


1900s. This is not a directory. Only the best establishments make


it into here. The reviews are obsessively researched by those


tasters who have quite a job. round a year, they travel, their


research anonymously. They never let themselves be nine. They come


up ways good ideas. -- they never let themselves be known. The food


is fantastic here. There is a good range of local beers as well.


more-or-less vegetarian, so I always have the fish, which is very


good. But it might be even more difficult


to eat here now, with foodies from across the country wanting a taste.


Well, James has been in the South of England filming with celebrity


Kirstie Allsopp. I spoke to him on his journey back to East Yorkshire


and I asked him what the award meant for the pub. It means a great


deal. It is great for us, our staff and customers. It is great for the


region as well. You have put this area on the national map. How have


you done that? What is the secret? I get there, just keeping our feet


underground and not losing our values of offering good service and


good food, good Yorkshire hospitality. Keeping our feet on


the ground. A I am not being rude, but it is not the cheapest tea in


the world, is it? MSM and juniper suet pudding, that is not what we


all have -- Tennyson and juniper. We have other things as well. It is


still value for money. Half the things, I have never heard of. What


is clapper shot? That is mashed potato and sweet. Just these posh


names. You have been the men with Kirstie Allsopp today. Are you


going to be a celebrity? Will we see whether television every five


minutes? Not at all. I am at the Pipe And Glass nearly every day of


the year. We were just filming today. I should maybe go where more


often. It is a fantastic success story. We put the prices up? Always


the same. Very good to have you on the programme. Congratulations, and


safe journey back. Thank-you. A Lincolnshire butcher is


celebrating today after winning a competition to find the best


sausage in the East Midlands. Lakings of Louth was crowned


champion, beating eight other sausage producers in the finals of


The Legendary British Banger competition.


Hull City manager Nigel Pearson has played down rumours of a return to


manage his former team Leicester City. Pearson remains one of the


favourites for the job, following the departure of former England


boss, Sven Goran-Eriksson. However, the Tiger's manager insists his


only focus is Hull's next game against West Ham. We are trying to


build up from a game. I have no control over what happens anywhere


else. Not interested in talking about anything else. There has been


no contact? And not as far as I am concerned. We will have to wait and


see Nigel Pearson -- we will have to wait and see. Nigel Pearson


talking earlier. Scunthorpe United's recent upturn


in fortunes is down to players returning from injury, according to


their manager. Alan Knill believes the competition for places helped


account for this win against Tranmere, their fourth game without


defeat. It gives us more competition. When we get everybody


back, we have a strong squad. Hopefully, it will be sooner rather


than later. Now, if you're planning a beach


wedding, the first choice for most couples is the Caribbean for its


sunshine and blue skies. But there could soon be a North East


Lincolnshire rival. The blue flag beaches of Cleethorpes could soon


be used as a wedding venue if plans to allow couples to tie the knot


there go ahead. Jamaica, Antigua and St Lucia. The


Caribbean has provided couples with picturesque beaches as the perfect


wedding location for years. But you could soon have your dream day a


little bit closer to home, right Here on Cleethorpes beach. A lot of


women do want a fantasy beach wedding. I think it is a wonderful


idea. North East Lincolnshire Council are


hoping to apply for a license to allow weddings to be held on


Cleethorpe's sandy beaches. It is fantastic! People have Rocky ideas


for getting married. -- people have crazy ideas. It would be based on


numbers. And it's not just the wedding, but


you could have your honeymoon here as well. There are plenty of hotels


and restaurants. Pleasure Island is just a stone's throw away.


could come and celebrate someone of the roller-coaster us, then have a


meal. You could have fantastic Vector Gas. We have the


accommodation as well, so we have got the whole package. -- you could


have fantastic so to grass. photographs.


So from the Caribbean to Cleethorpes, couples could soon be


able to have their perfect wedding day here for a fraction of the cost.


All that's needed are some blue skies. What do you think about


that? Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines The Greek prime minister is under growing


pressure to scrap his plans for a referendum.


And under fire again. The Lincolnshire hospital threatened


with tough action if patient care doesn't improve. And tomorrow's


weather. A wet start for most with heavy rain turning to showers in


the afternoon. Maximum temperatures of 14 degrees Celsius. That's 57


degrees Fahrenheit. Response coming in on the subject


of the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston. A big response. Barbara says, I


took ale in Boston Gala bingo last night. I could not fault the care I


got from the ambulance staff and the A&E department. Friendly staff


with smiles, despite bad publicity at President. -- bad publicity at


President. Someone else says can I have been a patient three times


this year and the standard of care has been fantastic. The staff are


seriously overworked and not appreciated. Helen says if the same


resources were put into Lincoln has was put into Lincoln Canticle other


problems would be reduced. Someone else says, I spent four days there


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