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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


Caught on camera. Claims that a PCSO slapped a teenage boy.


I am shocked and disgusted. Eight years, seven days a week I have


been doing this. All that work has gone to waste. One thing puts us


back. Among the worst in the country for


youth unemployment. Almost one in four young people aren't in


training or work. Home for the weekend. A welcome


return to Hull for the city's own warship, HMS Iron Duke.


I'm live at the Lincolnshire Showground, where this weekend's


celebrations for Bonfire Night have already begun. Will it stay drum


macro this weekend? I will be back An inquiry is under way after


allegations that a Humberside police officer slapped a teenage


boy in the face. The incident took place on Hallowe'en, as the 15 year


old was arriving at a community centre on the Nunsthorpe Estate in


Grimsby. He claims the PCSO hit him, before then walking off. An officer


has been suspended from frontline duties while an investigation takes


place. Our correspondent Paul Murphy has the story.


Court on-camera, at the moment an officer from Humberside Police is


seen allegedly slapping the teenager across the face. The


teenager claims the bloke marked his skin. The incident was recorded


in the grounds of this House on the Nunsthorpe Estate, a project which


promotes community cohesion. I was shocked, and couldn't sleep the


same night. I went to school, couldn't sleep, so I took the day


off school to get over it. I am still shocked and disgusted. Liam


has been coming to this community centre since he was nine. He was


described to us as a role model for younger children on this sometimes


troubled estate. My view of it is, just absolute disgust. I am so mad.


We do not hit our kids, why should anybody else, especially an


officer? The founder of this community project believes the


incident will place a strain on the relationship local people have with


their police force. If you turn the tables and on about kids did that


to a PCSO, I know what would happen. We have kids on the estate showing


no respect for the police. I can't blame them. Eight years I have been


doing this seven days a week. All of that work has gone to waste.


Humberside police have launched an internal investigation into this


incident and have confirmed tonight that the officer against whom these


allegations have been made has been withdrawn from any duties which


would involve personal contact with the public. The force declined to


The incident is being reported to the independent Police Complaints


Commission. It is a Halloween Liam is unlikely to forget.


We will follow that store it on Look North.


In a moment. Why a local rugby league legend could be honoured


with a memorial statue outside Wembley Stadium. The body of a


woman has been found in a drain in East Yorkshire.


The discovery was made by a member of the public in Hollym near


Withernsea. Police say it's not being treated as suspicious.


A man from Grimsby has been jailed for posting comments on Facebook


encouraging disorder during this summer's riots. Martin Hartshorn,


22, has been jailed for three years. He'd admitted encouraging an


offence and publishing racially inflammatory material.


Controversial new charges for garden waste collections in North


East Lincolnshire have been put on hold. The council had wanted to


charge �25 a year for brown bin collections. But it's been told it


needs to look at different money- saving options.


More than 40 extra trains will be re-routed through the centre of


Lincoln again this weekend. It's because of work being carried out


elsewhere on the rail network. Businesses say the time the level


crossing barriers are down is putting off shoppers and having a


big impact on their trade. If you lie, you will be caught out.


So say Humberside Police, after a Cleethorpes man who faked a


burglary at his own home, was given 200 hours community service. Andrew


Leadbetter tried to claim more than �16,000 from his insurers, saying


he'd had several electrical items stolen. Last year, insurers


uncovered 133,000 fraudulent claims, with home insurance being the most


common. The estimated cost is �2 billion a year, and it adds an


average of �44 to all of our bills. Tarah Welsh has the story.


In July, Andrew Leadbetter said burglars had broken in to his house


through a cat flap. He was lying. Today, he was sentenced to 200


hours of unpaid work for committing fraud. A penalty his insurers say


should be harsher. It is a deliberate deception, where people


are deceiving to that extent clearly we would like a custodial


sentence. When Andrew Leadbetter said he's been burgled, he alerted


his insurance company, who grew suspicious. Among the items Mr


Leadbetter claimed for were three TVs, including one 50 inch screen.


Five different types of games consoles, and two guitars. In total,


his claim came to more than �16,000. The defendant was caught through a


joint operation between his insurers and Humberside police, who


insist they are cracking down on this type of crime.


In simple terms, we check all the facts. You cannot get a 50 inch


screen through a 30 inch window. The court heard that despite


earning �26,000 a year, Mr Leadbetter staged a burglary at his


home to "get something" back from his premiums. But insurers say this


type of crime is far from victimless. Given the extent of the


problem, that money adds up, cumulatively they think �44 per a


premium. The judge said the offence was so serious he could have


sentenced him to up to five years. He said, if you had thought about


it you knew you would not get away with it. He said, you have been


lucky this time but do this again and you will go to prison.


The number of young people - who are not in work, education or


training is higher in parts of our area than anywhere else in the


country. That's according to a new study which has named Grimsby as


having some of the highest rates of youth unemployment - with Hull not


far behind. The report's been published on the same day the UK


Youth Parliament debates the issue. More now from our political editor


Tim Iredale. 20-year-old Craig spends much of his time helping out


at a charity shop in his home town of Bridlington. He says he is not


optimistic about finding a permanent job, and believes


politicians do not understand the scale of the problem facing many


young people. I think more could be done to help young people get work.


David Cameron is promising but there's nothing to show. East


Yorkshire has some of the highest rates of young people not in


education, employment or training. In howl macro, the percentage of


these is put at 18%, almost one in five. In the Grimsby, that number


is almost 25%, almost one in four young people not in a job or some


kind of training. Councillors in north east Lincolnshire have


questioned the report, and described the findings as


misleading. But the new chairman of the Humber Local Enterprise


Partnership believes there is no quick fix. We can lobby on behalf


of more training, and press government locally and nationally


to do more. Those on long-term projects, they will not solve the


short term problem we have. Youth unemployment has been a big talking


point at Westminster today where the famous green benches have been


filled with some unfamiliar faces. The UK Youth Parliament has held


its annual debate in the Chamber of the House of Commons. Members


include this 18-year-old. I know some young people who have filed a


180 job applications. Some people feel they cannot achieve. You can


be what you want to be but we need to support young people to help


them have a future. I apologise... The man who utters those words on a


daily basis says he has some sympathy. You have only to look at


how few young people by comparison with the population as a whole vote


in elections, to realise there is a problem. With youth unemployment at


a 17 year high, some are already talking about a lost generation of


young people. Joining me now is John Butterick


from the organisation The Childrens University, which works closely


with youngsters, encouraging them to learn. You work directly with


young people. Do you agree with this report that we are dealing


with a "lost generation"? These figures are demoralising. I work


with young people and I am surrounded by inspiration, hard


work, towards their studies, and added it is rather sad when they


work so very hard, that the job market is how it is. And yet there


are so many who are desperate, not in work, training or education?


is awful. We have to keep those dreams and hopes alive.


Educationalists have to rely on politicians and economists to bring


back the economy into stability. Whose responsibility is it for


these young people? I do believe that the government has a huge part


to play. It needs to be more vocational lies, -- vocationalised,


training. Some children do not know what jobs are. They can see a vast


array of opportunities out there, to give them hope to get training.


Grimsby is at the top of this list. But it will have longer term


effects on the town. There is not an instant fix. We want to keep the


adrenalin flows of these young people, keep them interested in


learning, so when hopefully the economic climate is more viable,


they will be prepared for that world of work. And met a lot of


young unemployed people, they are desperate. They don't even have the


money to get to interviews. I have young people sending out 50 CDs,


young people walking from company to company -- CVs. Young people who


are over-qualified. It is day-case of desperation. I support them


wholeheartedly. I'd like to hear from you on this one. Whose job is


it to get young people into work? Is enough being done to help them.


If not, what more could or should be done? Maybe you're young and out


We will have your thoughts on this before we finished the programme. A


reminder that there is more on this story on this week's Politics Show,


that is on BBC One on Sunday at midday.


By the way, thank you for your responses after last night's story


about the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston. Their Care Quality


Commission has raised the 11 areas of concern about patient care. The


report shows conditions have improved but says the Trust needs


improved but says the Trust needs to do more. Lot of messages. Ray in


Thank you for all the messages. It is 17 minutes to 7pm. Still


ahead... Fresh frontiers in the Gulf, that


Iron Duke comes home to Hull. He -- from jurors.


I am at the Lincolnshire Showground Tonight's photograph is of the


market raises fishery. It was taken My favourite e-mail of the week,


Jane is one of our new viewers in Jane is one of our new viewers in


Sheffield where they are enjoying the programme. Please ask Paul lot


to stand in sham -- front of to stand in sham -- front of


Sheffield, he blocks it most nights! I am getting a bit of but


that these days! I will not reveal it any more. I was going to mention


I had had an e-mail about you hanging your underpants out on your


balcony, but I will leave that until Monday it! They headlines for


the next 24 hours is a bit of a mixed one. Tomorrow looks as though


it will be cloudy, and late in the day, for the bonfires, it could be


disappointing - patchy rain, especially for Norfolk. All


associated with this troublesome weather front. A lot of cloud on


Sunday as well. After that very wet morning, it turned out to be a


lovely afternoon. I am just watching this cloud, which is


bringing up some rain from the South. Last night, the heavy rain


came across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. It looks as though it


is going for Sheffield today. Elsewhere, just one or two showers.


But we should avoid the heaviest of those, some places could stay dry.


Some mist and fog early tomorrow morning, temperatures around 10


degrees Celsius. The sun will rise at seven 09 am. The high-water time


in Skegness is 25 past three -- 3:25pm. Quite a cloudy day to come


tomorrow, mist and fog, drizzle in places. The fog will lift and skies


will turn right for a time. But there is the weather fronts that


will bring wet weather in June Norfolk, Lincolnshire and possibly


up dingy East Yorkshire tomorrow evening. There could be some damp


bonfires on Saturday evening. In the North East, it will be cool -


highs of 12 or 13 degrees Celsius. Sunday looks cloudy with a little


drizzle. You were a little bit vindictive when you mention


Sheffield! I will move my head! There dr! Can you keep going a


little bit that way? That is so Have a good weekend. Prince William


famously spent six months serving on at. Today the HMS Iron Duke is


back in its home port of Hull. The vessel and its crew are fresh from


tours of duty in the Gulf and off the coast of Libya. It will


celebrate its freedom of the city tomorrow before welcoming the


public on board on Sunday. Sailing into its adopted city, the


warship HMS Iron Duke. It docked in Hull this lunchtime, ahead of a


busy weekend. Tomorrow morning, the ship's crew are being given the


freedom of the city, marching through the streets. There will be


an impressive homecoming for Matthew Wellington. It is always


nice to come back to your home town. It is a proud moment. Being from


the city and it's being the city's ship. His it an unusual way to come


back? Yes. My whole family will be turning up. We are looking forward


to it. Just four months ago, the ship was in action off Libya


fighting alongside international troops and the inside the ship,


this is where the operation was controlled. This is the operations


room, the war fighting heart of the ship. Although visitors will not


get to see this bit, they will get a full tour of the decks, and they


will even get to see the guns and missiles. They will be able to see


everything there is outside. We have service to surface missiles,


the gum, which you can see behind the at which is in action in Libya.


You will see that actually, it is a really -- it is really a small,


To ensure the ship is safe in dark, the crew practised a rescue


exercise with Humberside's fire fighters. Now, Iron Duke is ready


to welcome aboard the people of Hull. And its crew are ready to


march before them. I am sure Sunday will be a very


good day. Five he is regarded by many as a


legend. Now Clive Sullivan could be immortalised in bronze at Wembley


Stadium. He played for both Hull se at Hull KR, and is now on a short


list of 10 Rugby League players being considered for a statue.


Simon Clark has more. The Bobby Moore statue cuts and


lonely figure at the head of Wembley. Scene, he will be joined


by a figure from Rugby League. And this man is one of 10 being


considered. Scorer of more than 100 tries for Hull FC, and incredibly


for Hull KR as well, Clive Sullivan won the Challenge Cup with bows. No


wonder news of his nomination has gone down well. He was one of the


people, he always mixed well with supporters. I think people could


see a bit of themselves in him. He was very modest, always had a smile


for everyone. And he was exciting on the field. He was loved by rugby


fans in Hull, until his untimely death at the age of 42 in 1985.


Here he is talking to Look North about the resurgence of those clubs


in the late 1970s. Nobody can put their finger on what has happened,


it has just taken off and we are having a good time. He had a wide


range of friends inside and outside the game. But no one was closer


than his team-mate. You could not read at better person. Everybody


loved him, everybody. He was just a down-to-earth person. He had a good


sense of humour, he was brilliant. The only lasting memorial to his


this stretch of road named in his honour in Hull. How appropriate we


did before or the last English footballer to raise the World Cup


to be joined by the last British player to raise at the Rugby League


Let's hope it goes to him. Hull City take on West Ham in what


promises to be at Cup match at the KC Stadium tomorrow. Scunthorpe


United make the long trip to Bournemouth. Adam Wild has the


details. South Hull City's unbeaten run may


have come to an end at Barnsley, sat Nigel Pearson said his team's


performance was one of the best of the season. West Ham are the


visitors to the KC Stadium tomorrow. A win for City would move them to


just one point behind the London club. It is a good challenge for us,


the players are looking forward to it. And it is by no means a case


off us going into this game and hoping we get something out of it.


It will be a competitive game. And we are looking forward to it.


Scunthorpe United go to Bournemouth with a spring in their step after


only their third league win of the season. The 4-2 victory over


Tranmere Rovers' move them away from the relegation places,


something the manager Alan Knill says is an award for their


consistent performances. If it is good, but obviously the points do


not reflect their performances. But we are going steadily, good results


last week scoring four at home. We made it difficult for ourselves,


but the team and the players showed great character. Grimsby Town and


Lincoln City returned to leases -- action tomorrow. The Mariners are


playing at Bath City while Barrow are the visitors at Sincil Bank.


A team from Lincolnshire will be flying and replica World War One


aircraft through the French song for Remembrance Day. Today, final


checks were being made at the airfield before they begin their


journey -- the Somme. The DH2 flew over the Somme in 1916. Eight will


form part of a fly-past on the day. Pupils at one of Bridlington's


primary schools have had an unusual lesson today. Eight Tibetan monks


were in the resort to teach children some of their customs,


including music, traditional dance and meditation. Sq we came here


choosy some monks from Tibet, and we watched them prey and the


dancers - we came to see. I like the dancing. I like the long it


tubes. They were really loud. is not an opinion on the show!


There may be rain on the way, but that has not stopped thousands of


you making plans for Bonfire Night. Dozens of events are planned across


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire this evening and tomorrow. At


Lincolnshire Showground, there is a big display tonight. Vanessa Clarke


is their. Is all going well? It is indeed. Thousands of people are


expected here tonight. Many of them have already gathered for a


children's firework display. There are basically loads off fireworks.


They were perfect for children. Earlier, but people here told me


about Bonfire Night. We always come to the first ones rather than the


ones later. It is a really nice at this year. What are you looking


forward to? The fire works! daughter has not seen fireworks,


they are expensive and we thought it would be nice to come along.


organiser of the event joins me now a. How is it going? Fine at the


moment. It is a very big crowd. Please come down and watch! Will


the bonfire go ahead? Yes. We are just trying to move people around


tonight, safety is paramount. not just this event that is taking


place. Events are taking place across East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire and you can see them on the bottom of your screen. But


here, the crowd are enjoying themselves. And they are hoping


that the bonfire will go ahead. If you are doing anything this weekend,


please take care and enjoy yourself. Thank you very much. If you are


having fireworks or going to fireworks be very safe. But enjoy.


A recap of the name of national and regional headlines.


G20 leaders leave Cannes with out detailed plans to save the Eurozone.


Claims that a PCSO sat a teenage boy.


Tomorrow, a dry start up rain passing over later on. Temperatures


still very mild at 13 degrees Celsius.


On the subject of youth unemployment, we have some e-mails.


Dalton says I have tried and tried to get a job in Hull and I get no


reply. It is so sad. I did well at school but now I am working in a


charity shop to get some experience. Sue says never mind use


unemployment, what about the older people who do not get any chances?


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