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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


Humberside's Chief Constable speaks of his shock and disbelief after


Christopher Alder's family was given the wrong body to bury.


It'll bring hundreds of jobs to the area, but opponents say a new


shopping complex will damage It'll bring hundreds of jobs to the


area, but opponents say a new shopping complex will damage


Scunthorpe's high street. We have lost quite a few retailers in the


past years, where does it end? As Hull Truck's original building


is demolished, we're with the man who's name is synonymous with the


venue. The choirs hitting the high notes


in aid of Children in Need. A great day to come tomorrow, but a


The Chief Constable of Humberside Police has told BBC Look North that


he is appalled by the Christopher Alder body mix up. Tim Hollis has


been speaking publicly for the first time since it had emerged


that as of old's body is still in a mortuary in Hull 11 years after his


family thought that they had buried him.


Tim Hollis took charge of the Humberside force shortly after


officers were accused of unwitting racism following a Mr Alder's death


in police custody. He had assumed that the controversy was long gone.


Frankly, I could not believe suddenly getting a phone call


telling me that Christopher Alder's body had been sitting in a more


tree all of that time. Mr all the's body was discovered by its


officials dealing with the funeral arrangements of Grace Kamara who


died in 1999 but whose burial was delayed. They say that they want


the truth out and clearly so do we. We need to establish exactly whose


body is there and then to start to try and work out how this appalling


confusion came about. Under normal circumstances the Ministry of


Justice would need the consent of the grave owners to carry out an


exhumation. But these are not normal circumstances. Quiz of old's


family have said that they do not want at the grave disturbing


picture was at the ashes of his niece have been buried there. --


Christopher Alder's family. I am very unhappy about it. It prolongs


the matter and again we are in limbo. We do not know where we are.


We do not know where Grace's body is now. There has been no


application to exude the human remains yet. We have been told in a


Officers from South Yorkshire police who have been called in to


investigate have told both families that there will be no cover-up.


They are warning that it could be months before their inquiries are


completed. It is almost a week since this


dreadful mix up was discovered. Have the city council had anything


more to say on it? They have been noticeable by their silence. Within


the past half an hour they have sent me a new statement. This has


been issued on behalf of the chief executive. They say they have been


on constant contact over the exhumation. She describes this as a


rare and complex legal matter. She says this must all be resolved for


the six of the families involved. Thank you. Of course, we will


continue to follow that story here on Look North.


In a moment, hundreds lined the streets of Scarborough as the Sir


Jimmy Savile is laid to rest. For more news now, and national


newspaper says it regrets any distress it has caused to the


family home of a Red Arrows pilot in their coverage of his death.


Flight Lieutenant Shaun Cummins -- Sean Cunningham was killed on


Tuesday. The Daily Mail confirmed his identity even though the MoD


There have been more than 90 complaints is the newspaper.


The local MP, Edward Leigh, has again raised the issue in


Parliament urging the MoD to keep RAF Scampton open. He told the


Armed forces Minister that despite the recent tragedies the base


continues to play a vital role. do suffer very much in Lincolnshire


from the RAF at closing bases. As we have so many personal coming


back from a Germany by Twenty20, will the Minister bear that in mind


that we have a wonderful base in RAF Scampton which can remain open.


Young's Seafood is reviewing its manufacturing operations in


Grimsbury. But Craig Grimsby. Managers are now talking to staff


about possible restructuring plans. Police have released this image of


a man who are they have lured like to speak to after a train guard was


threatened by a meat cleaver. They say at passenger became aggressive


asked -- after being asked for his ticket. He is believed to have left


to the train at Grantham. It will spell the death of our High


Street, that is the fear of many traders in Scunthorpe who joined


the fight against a proposed retail park on the outskirts of the town.


The proposals include and Marks & Spencer store, but the Keep


Scunthorpe Alive group claims it will damage high-street trade. Over


the last year, high streets have seen a drop in customers of over


2.6 %. Out-of-town retail parks have fared better with a drop of


just 1%. Like so many high streets up and


down the land, Sculthorpe has been struggling in recent months.


Traders feel that a new out-of-town retail park could make matters even


worse. The jewellers in this town has been here for three generations,


but they are now worried about the future. We have four or five units


and that could pull some of the other retailers out of the town


centre. We have lost quite a few retailers in the past years and


where does it end? And this is what developers want to build. A multi-


million pound investment creating more than 200 jobs. Marks & Spencer


will be the anchor store. There are 300 jobs that will be created by


this development. It represents a �20 million investment in


Scunthorpe at a time when towns up and down the country would give


their eye teeth for that kind of investment. One of the irony is not


lost on the traders here is that for months they campaigned to keep


an MMS in Scunthorpe. This crucial difference with this talk is that


it was in the heart of the High Street. -- Marks & Spencer. Marks


has better left the High Street in January of this year at the same


time it also pulled out of central locations in Skegness and Grantham.


All three units remain vacant. In Scunthorpe, the out-of-town


development is receiving political support. It is really positive that


Marks and Spencer's, having left the Scunthorpe, are looking to come


back into the town. That is a really positive thumbs-up for


Scunthorpe and the local community. Plans for the new retail Park will


be submitted in the coming weeks. If approved, the centre could


opened by a late 2013. Our correspondent is on the High


Street right now. How big a decision does the council have this


with a dagger with this planning application? You can see the


dilemma. It is issued investment and a big vote of confidence in the


area, but there is evidence from other parts of the country that


these sort of out of town centres can harm of the High Street. Here


in Scunthorpe, the traders will face an uphill struggle because


this proposal has already got the support of the leader of the


council and their local MP. Thank you.


Richard Dodd is from the British Retail Consortium and I asked him


this afternoon if the traders are right to be so worried about this


out-of-town development. People in the area should be pleased that


they are getting a big new retail investment because it actually


shows real confidence in the long- term future of the locality. It is


certainly true that many of our high streets are in trouble, but


that is not about competition from other sorts of retail locations. It


is about the cost of doing business in town centres, party -- parking


and access and often a failure over years of investing in the town


centre. That is what we should be tried to tackle. We should not do


down or restrict other sorts of retelling. You reckon the traders


are wrong and they should be celebrating the development out of


town? They should certainly be pleased that this vote of


confidence in the area. Of course, they will be having difficulties


and they need addressing, but those difficulties are not about


competition from somewhere else. Saying that somehow we should be


restricting the so-called out-of- town retail parks is a bit like


saying let's curtail the growth of internet retailing. We just cannot


do it. Customers need to be given a choice and they will make their


indecisions about where they chop. Certainly retailers everywhere are


under pressure at the moment. They do need supporting across the board.


A It is interesting that Marks and Spencer's closed in the town and


then open a new store and out of the town. You need to be constantly


reassessing what you're doing as a retailer. If you can only do that


in and out of town or suburban location, that is what you will do.


If we make it easier for customers to get a town centres and for


retailers to invest in town centres in a way that works for both of


those groups, then those town centres will revive. That is what


we should be doing. But customers have to have the best choice of the


best sort of retelling available to them. Very interesting. Thank you.


I would like to know what you think about this one. Should traders in


Scunthorpe be welcoming the plans to build and out of town MMS, or do


you agree that it could damage the Thousands of people have paid their


respects today to Sir Jimmy Savile. This lunchtime he was laid to rest


in Scarborough. His coffin was buried after 45 degree angle so


that he can forever face the sea. Arable of applause as Scarborough's


adopted son came home. -- a ripple. Crowds lined the route and many of


them knew him personally. A message spelled out by the future theatre


just for him. He will be missed everywhere. There are very few


people like him nowadays. We came down last night and parked in our


motor home to come and pay our respects. He seemed a great guy and


he made people's dreams come true. The cavalcade continued into the


North Bay. Sir Jimmy often ran this route while training and he asked


to be buried with a view of the sea. At the cemetery, a suitable plot


was prepared as more family friends and fans gathered for the burial


itself. Bless this grave and send your holy angel to watch over it.


We buried here the Boris -- the body at our brother, Jimmy.


Jimmy wanted to lie at an angle of 45 degrees to enable him to see the


sea. His wish was granted and members of the public were allowed


up close to see. For the family, there were mixed feelings at the


end of a long farewell. It is sad because it is a family funeral and


he melt a great deal to the members of his family. We always looked at


him as being our Jimmy. It is also joyful in the fact that he brought


so much happiness to people's lives and people respected him so much.


It was so nice that people actually turned round and said that they


would pay their last respects to him. That is Yorkshire people.


There is a part of the Jimmy and that would undoubtedly have enjoyed


the last three days. But it is not what he asked for. He asked for


some wore her to rest with a view There is a special programme to


remember him tomorrow night. It is on BBC One at half past eight. It


is called "Jimmy Savile - As it Happened".


Thank you for watching. Still ahead: The vintage vehicle heading


for London's Lord Mayor's Parade after a two-year restoration.


And hoping to hit the high notes - requires competing for children in


If you have a picture you are proud Thank you very much, John. Another


one tomorrow. Good evening, young man. How are you?


I am very well. I have had several messages after last night's


humiliation. One says he won't is the main because his fake tan would


Let's have a look at the headline. It will be a dull and damp day


tomorrow. Extensive fog over their heels. We saw a bit of brightness


today but it is looking gloomy tomorrow. The weather front will


come through on Friday giving a spell of rain. That should clear


things up on Saturday and Sunday. Something to look forward to. Now


it is a real makes. Some clear slots and reports of fog on the


coast. Some low cloud developing shortly. If you have clear whether


at the moment, it will not last long. Extensive low cloud is


pushing him of from the North Sea. The sun will rise in the morning at


A bit of an uninspiring start to the day. Dull and damp with


extensive low cloud and drizzle and fog. That could persist in the


higher parts of the Yorkshire Wolds. The drizzle to should largely peter


out later. Temperatures near average but the breeze will pick up


from the south-east and it will be a chilly wind. Looking further


ahead into the weekend, it looks as though it will be brighter with


variable cloud. The chance of a shower on Saturday but some


See you tomorrow. It is a venue which entertained


thousands of people for over a decade but this week, demolition


workers have moved on to the site of the former Hull Truck Theatre to


start knocking it down. For one man, this venue holds more memories than


most. John Godber is the theatre's artistic director and we went back


there this afternoon. What is your memory of this building? Of the 60


odd plays I have written, 57 of them started here. Some fantastic


experiences and memories. You have had some celebrities? Shirley Anne


Field arrived for Romeo and Juliet and she walked into Julie Edwards


at the box office, through her cars at her and said, "Power my car".


She threw them back and said to park it herself. How sad I you when


you see that? It is a piece of whole history. Is it sad? It is a


quarter of this century's history. You could bring your beer in.


was the first -- first thing I remember. You could take your glass


in. That was a real stipulation. They wanted it to be a theatre


space for the people. All the early shows were only 40 minutes. Why?


that people could get to the loo! And it at the show to London and


they said it was a bit short. They thought it was the height of


sophistication sitting with a pint of beer and a packet of crisps. It


was very attractive. How do you see when you see it being pulled down -


- how do you feel? Hull has a fantastic though new and the city


has a wonderful piece of new kit -- fantastic venue. You are looking


well. We did some filming in the middle of the 1980s. I knew there


was a catch! We went to a school and when you look at the pictures,


you are half the such -- size. And I look like a schoolboy. I eat lost


a bit of weight, that's the good thing. Good to see you. Thank you


very much. At the time, those jumpers were the


height of fashion. So was the mullet.


This is another one you might want to comment on. You might have some


memories. Blair was a treat this afternoon he was an usherette. --


there was eight tweet. A bus which used to run between


Hull and Whitby is making its first Jenny decades this weekend. The


vintage Yorkshire tiger has been lovingly restored. Now it has been


offered a starring mile at that Lord Mayor's Parade in London. --


A labour of love for an East Yorkshire bus being restored in


Scarborough. A transformation for this Yorkshire Tiger, once a former


Shell of itself but now a two-year project completed by Bluebird


Vehicles. All these craft skills are no longer employed in bus


manufacturing. It was an idea to do it as a refurbishment project and


help teach old skills to modern apprentices. It would have been


dead and buried now. It is incredible how much it has turned


around. In the Thirties, it ran from would be to halt. But it's 80


year-old official history makes no mention of how it survived the


scrap heap. It was in service around the area so a few people


might remember travelling on it or one or two similar ones. It was


loaned to the RAF during the war and came back in 1943, I think. It


was stored and then sold. The archive is mysterious but I think


it ended up as a caravan. More than three million people will watch the


bus and its restorers take to the streets of London in the Lord


Mayor's Parade this weekend, giving them a rare chance to hear and see


a Yorkshire Tiger returned to its It's that time of year again, and


final preparations are being made for Children in Need. Fundraising


has already started across our part of the world and, for seven very


different choirs, they've certainly got their work cut out. They'll be


competing at a big event in Hull next Friday, Children in Need night,


and they're being mentored by presenters from BBC Radio


Humberside. Finishing touches or Hot Gospel,


one of the seven choirs competing locally for children in Need. --


Children in Need. Come the 18th, they will want your money as they


and their mentor, David Burns, will compete in Children in Need rocks.


It is a brilliant cause. We have watched it year on year and watched


the total go up. It is exciting to be part of that. They have


beautiful voices and they will move people. They are fantastic. They


have been on the programme and they are, wow! Radio presenter, Phil


White, has been geeing up the Leconfield Community Choir which is


looking to impress the dirges in a charity event at Hull Truck Theatre.


-- impress the judges. It is trying to balance the fact


that we may not be the best but we will give our best and we are


raising money. Hopefully they will have a lot of fun. That is what it


is all about although some are taking it more seriously than


others. Everyone's heart is in the right place in this quiet and the


harmonies are bang on. We love raising money for charity. We do it


all around the area and what a great charity it is. It will be


really good fun but we are they to win. -- we are there to win.


battle commence! It is all in a good cause for Children in Need


I would pay money for David Burns not to sing.


Children in Need is next Friday. We will broadcast that night from Hull


Truck Theatre but if you cannot wait that long, there is an event


at the city's Cineworld which is a A recap of the main headlines:


Heading for another recession in Europe - a stark warning as growth


in the eurozone is at a standstill and Italy is threatening a


financial crisis. Humberside's achieve constable is


appalled at their Christopher Alder body mix up and hopes it can be


sold as quickly as possible. A dull day tomorrow with fog and


Responses coming in on the out of town plans. Dave Green says that as


a steelworker, it is a great thing that they want to build an out-of-


town retail park and bring Marks and Spencers as the flagship retail


store. It shows our time must have a future as would people want to


invest there is the steelworks had no future? I see it as a good sign.


Another: The new M and S should not be built at all. They had their


choice and ditched it. Another, I cannot believe the


businessmen and Councillors of Scunthorpe are even thinking of


rejecting a �20 million investment with 300 jobs for the local economy.


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