14/11/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. Hopes that cutting more than 100 speed limits will


reduce accidents. One day there will be a bad accident.


exclusive report on an East Yorkshire company defending the


sale DVDs featuring naked children. I special protection for a coastal


gems might be refused by the government.


Could fans' favourite Nick Barmby be named as the new Hull City


manager? Hundreds of stretches of roared


across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are having the speed


limits reduced. Many villages will see 40 limits drop to 30. North


Lincolnshire Council is introducing 67 speed changes. Bestriding is


reducing the limit in Bharti places. In Lincolnshire, all A and B roads


are being reviewed. This is one of the of UK's most


dangerous roads. This stretch saw 67 accidents, 31 serious injuries


and four deaths. Little wonder it is part of the UK wind speed of you.


In North Lincolnshire, that review is complete. You get lorries and


cars and some cars coming this way, the speed something terrible.


should be educating people rather than speed limits. North


Lincolnshire Council has decided to change the limit. They are or where


it is a decisive visit -- issue. reviewed those processes and have


now come up with what we think will be a better set of speed limits.


The national speed limit on rural roared. Five years ago, the


Government charge local authorities with the reviewing the speeds. Many


argued that changes needed to be made. But Theddlethorpe Road is


under review. What we are doing is putting up numbers and pitting safe


drivers into the grip of offenders. One rod where speed is going up is


a hall and bypass in north Lincolnshire. He it is going from


30 to 60. Other changes to roads will be phased in over the next few


years. Spacious it -- - isms are still to be made over accident


hotspots. Is reducing more than 100 speed


limits the answer to improve road In a moment, remembering the pollen


and helping those left behind, a ward Weddle's attributed to her


husband. A legal expert has told the BBC


that naturist DVDs of children sold by a company in East Yorkshire me


be indecent. The professor of law at the University of Langton says


that scenes which show some girls naked could be breaking the law.


The company says it affects all its titles and does not think they are


indecent. From a small offices in Goole in


East Yorkshire, New Freedom Publications runs a website selling


naturist DVDs among dozens on sale at some costing �40. He shows naked


children playing, climbing rope ladders etc. Showing nakedness does


not break the lock but Professor of lock Richard Stone thought these


films might. If the pictures are showing genitals, that becomes more


likely to be indecent. Would you consider this indecent? I think


some bits of it we that focuses on the genitals can be regarded as


indecent yes. Naturist Freedom centres this document. It also says


that their cages done in a sensitive way. For years, naturists


have been filmed. This is naturism as the nudist likes to see it. We


asked someone from British naturism how unusual it is to film children


are that is very unusual because the law is so beak because no one


knows what is legal to film. I have had conversations with naturist


families who have complained that they are not allowed to have


photographs, or they feel they are not allowed to have photographs of


their children doing normal things. Health and efficiency did not want


to speak to us but its parent company new freedom gave us a


statement. It said, the company vet all DVDs for suitability before


supplying them and has rejected summit felt inappropriate. It says


there is nothing inherently immoral or harmful about naturist videos.


It added that whether run DVD is indecent is open to interpretation.


One veteran child protection campaigner agrees. Esther Rantzen


who set up the Childline charity. do not think they dwell on


children's private parts. It does not have a nasty feel. I would


allow it to be sold if I were a judge but thank heavens I am not a


judge because of paedophiles got hold of it, they would watch it for


the wrong reasons. Trading standards is investigating whether


the title should have been examined by the British Board of Film


Classification. We have handed the footage to Humberside Police.


You can see that full report on tonight's Inside Out on BBC One.


An inquest into the death of a 23- year-old man following a night out


in Lincoln has heard that bouncers used their feet to restrain him.


William Pleasants from Cambridge Show was found unconscious outside


their Engine Shed in 2008. He died three days later. Witnesses said he


tried to get up but was pushed down. A secretary is starting at two


you're jail sentence after stealing �130,000 from a Lincolnshire


primary school. Of rat ten-year period, Jacqueline Macintyre used


money from Trent Primary School near Lincoln to pay her bills and


credit card. She used blank cheques to pay a self-starter 1000 pines.


The court has heard evidence from the father of a man from Grimsby


who was killed and dismembered. Keith Vincent said his son brought


down and said he was frightened three weeks before his death. Five


men are on trial for murder and a six for four perverting the court


of justice. What did he tell the court? He said he saw his son in


the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby in February. He


said Adam was poorly with pneumonia and he told his son he had to take


-- stop taking drugs. The reply he got was that his son had issues to


resolve. He said he could not tell his father who he was in trouble


with because they would come looking for him. When he was cross-


examined, the QC asked why he could not turn to his family. Keith


Vincent said he was too frightened. Three weeks later, he was dead. The


trial of the six man from Grimsby continues. The former chief


executive of Lincolnshire's hospitals has accepted a pay out


ahead of an industrial tribunal. Gary Walker was sacked in February


and has reached an agreement. Officials have declined to say how


much was paid. Still ahead, campaigners called for


the Government to do more to This photo was taken by eight Steve


I am very well. It is a dull and dreary one. There


will be some form. It will be similar to last week. High pressure


in charge. On Thursday, there will be a change. There should be some


brightness towards the end of the week. Look at the extent of the


cloud. It is not going to shift in a hurry. If anything, the cloud


will thicken. There will be some drizzle. It is very mild foreign


night time temperature. The sun will rise in the morning. High


water times are there. It is another straightforward forecast,


or were cast skies. As we head to the second part of the day, it will


brighten. The breeze and the south- east. Very mild for November. Abdul


You reckon if you try 400 miles, you are safe. But you are still not


safe. You were off on Friday as well, when two. I saw that one in


Magor Luther! Now, let us get back to our top


story: More than 100 new speed limits are being introduced in the


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Many places will seat speed limits


job to 30 in an effort to me to government targets.


Good evening. Good evening. Local authorities were told in 2006 to


look at speed limits on their roads. Five years on, all at Aand be mac


roads are under review. Some of that work has been completed and


certain villages and made roads have been -- have had their speed


limits changed. When you hear this story tonight about speed limits


being reduced, presumably welcome this with open arms? Yes, we do.


Speed limits of change, sometimes they are a increased, and it is


meted with safety. Reducing the speed limit is not always


appropriate, sometimes it is appropriate to raise that speed


limit. The A18 is of particular concern. Would lowering the speed


limit their actually help? Possibly, in some cases. There are a lot of


interventions that can be carried out on that particular road that


would, perhaps, help. As you mentioned before, there are four


fatal collisions that have occurred on that road. Many more incidents,


over 50, have occurred there. 38 of those have been for other reasons.


That is excessive speed, loss of control and other such reasons.


That is not about the road itself, that is about the driver. We need


to look at the driver before we look at the roads as well. The two


go hand in hand. We need to look at educational methods to try and tell


drivers how to behave on the road. Thank you.


Now, for conservationists, places like Spurn Head, Donna Nook and


Gibraltar Point are some of the most important in the UK. But they


are worried that a Government announcement to be made in the next


few days will see East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire coastline missing


out on getting the special protection they have been


campaigning for. It may be hard to believe that just


under the surface the North Sea is home to way hidden world of marine


life, that many of us never see. Conservationists say the area needs


to be protected from the unseen damage done by pollution and


overfishing. It is home to a whole range of different species, all


living on the sea floor. They're quite fragile, prone to damage. But


also this area is a perfect place for fish to come and spawn. Unique


habitats like Spurn Point were to become part of a unique network of


conservation zones. Flamborough Head and Gibraltar Point were to be


highly protected. Other areas included sections of the East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire coast. Now, only a fraction of these areas


could go ahead because of a lack of scientific evidence. We are quite


concerned, across England around one million people have been


involved and it has cost the Government around �8.8 million. We


are convinced that we can bring our seas up to health in one generation.


Sea users are backing the plans, even though it could mean more


restrictions on commercial activities in some areas.


stocks are really getting depleted and something needs to be done.


is a delicate balance to strike between the needs of man and nature.


We need good scientific evidence about what is happening in the sea,


and what we are doing it. Not just the fishermen, but other industries.


Places like Spurn Point could be unprotected. As you can see, this


is a busy shipping way but it all takes its toll on marine life. We


will find out later this week which of the sides, if any, get the


protection conservationists say they desperately need.


Let us hope they do. The new Bishop of Lincoln has begun his first


official week in the job. The Right Reverend Christopher Lowson was in


thrown at the Cathedral on Saturday. -- in throned at the cathedral. He


says is hard work begins now. not going to be sitting in up an


office, or a steady, musing on the meaning of life. I'm going to be


out in the community getting to know people. Anything I do have to


say as the leader of the community will be coerced inexperience.


Used think you know who the new Hull City manager will be?


Barmby is likely to take on the role as a caretaker initially with


a view to becoming the permanent manager should Nigel Pearson its


departure to Leicester be confirmed. He will be the First Hull bond


manager of the club and those supporters seem to be welcoming the


news. The name of Nick Barmby is every bit as synonymous with Hull


as fish and chips. Most of the diners at one fish-and-


chip emporium today were smacking their lips at the prospect of


Barmby's appointment. He deserves it. He is the longest serving


player there. The I think it is a good idea, I like him. I do not


think he has got enough experience to takeover. I think he would do


well if he was number two. But I do not think he would be good enough,


to be honest, because he has not got enough experience as a manager.


Nick Barmby is the most decorated Hull City player of modern times.


He was part of an England team that famously beat Germany 5-1. He


played for top clubs including Liverpool and at -- Everton.


Appointing him as manager would be a gamble. Anyone you appoint as


manager it is a gamble, and the first time for anyone is a gamble,


but he has got such a lot of experience from the past, working


under big managers at the clubs he has been at. He could become a


brilliant manager. Nick Barmby's appointment will be confirmed once


the current manager's departure is a completed. His next challenge may


be to repeat the feat as Hull City manager.


How much of Eriskay is it? It is always a gamble. Key to get an


experienced No. 2 to nurse him through.


Scunthorpe United and Grimsby Town know who they could play in the


second round of the FA Cup. United will go to Bradford City if they


win the replay with a of see Wimbledon. The Mariners will play


Salsbury city if they get past the two opponents Port Vale.


The city of Hull has moved to the top of the pecking order for when


the host cities are announced for the 2013 Rugby League World Cup. It


follows the KC Stadium's hosting of the New Zealand against England


game. England! This is what the world Cup


committee wanted to see, stream after stream of fans heading to the


city for what turned out to be one of the matches of the season. Right


from the start, to the way the KC Stadium was prepared, has propelled


Hull forward. There are two fine clubs here, there is a fine club


over the river. At the end of the day, I think we have got a deadline


and a timetable to work to, but I think it would be a major surprise


if there was not something of the World Cup here in 2013. How much?


It is something of a surprise. did not have to dig deep to find a


ringing endorsement. Hull has got to be a short one in the World Cup


for me. If you look at tonight as a spectacle, a game and donate event,


this stadium, the Hull City is geared up to support Rugby League.


Hull people are mad Rugby League people and if they do not get a


World Cup game down here it would be an injustice to the town.


After registering a record crowd for a game against New Zealand, the


KC Stadium can look forward to more big games coming its way. The 2013


World Cup is just around the corner. That is all the sport for me. You


can send me your tweets. You do not read much, do you?


of wisdom. We are waiting for them. Children In Need is this Friday


night, the 18th, we will be broadcasting live throughout the


evening. If you cannot wait that long, there is an event at the


city's Cineworld tomorrow night. It is a Grease gala night with a


special screening of the film and cinema-goers are encouraged to go


in fancy dress. Tickets are �6, with �5 going to Children In Need.


It was one of the biggest turnouts on the Remembrance Day parade for


years. Thousands lined the streets of whole -- of Hull, as one woman


remembered her husband. Corporal Lee Scott was killed in Afghanistan


in 2009. Nikki Scott is raising money to help children who have


lost parents in war. On this day of remembrance,


thousands lined the streets of Hull this year to pay their respects. I


was servicemen and women greeted with spontaneous applause.


The Remembrance Day service in the city was described as one of the


busiest in recent years. With many personal stories about loved ones


lost in different wars and conflicts. It is my grandfather


that I have never met, obviously, he went down on the Courageous.


loved the Royal Marines, he lived for them, and obviously, he died


for them. He was such a lovely lad. For one bereaved family, though,


their recent grief is being put to good use. Corporal Lee Scott from


King's Lynn was killed in Afghanistan in 2009. His wife,


Nikki Scott, has now launched a family for bereaved military


families. It is children who it is hoped will benefit most. The bigger


gold is to raise around �450,000 to buy a holiday home throughout the


UK. So that widows can phone up and say, I am having a bad week, is


there a home available next week? And we can say yes, the fridge will


be stopped and they can get away. They have already raised �100,000,


paying for special trips and presence on birthdays and at


Christmas time. I think he would be really chuffed with what we are


doing. Kids were his life, if this charity is helping kids, he would


be really pleased. She is hopeful she can raise her target by this


time next year. Remembering the servicemen and women who have lost


their lives in conflict and their grieving families who they have


left behind. Of course, we wish her all the very


best with her work. A recap of the main national and


regional headlines: The full scale of the hacking scandal is revealed


by a an inquiry into press standards.


A dull, damp start to the day tomorrow with hill fog. It will


brighten up later. Temperatures around ten Celsius.


A response coming in on that story about speed limits. MSS, I think


reducing speed limits could cause more accidents because of impatient


drivers taking over. It could affect journey times, due


to the speed limits. Roads are sometimes very ill


thought out, making problems inevitable.


Another one, the speed limit of where I live is already 30 mph,


everyone, including the local bus, breaks the speed limit.


And finally, I think it is absolutely ridiculous to lower the


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