15/11/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


A pioneering new approach to child obesity in Lincolnshire.


The plate that states how much our children should be eating. He would


get half that sort of size. She would get a full one. That is all


they get. Safety concerns after P&O announce


plans to re-register its Hull passenger ferries abroad. All my


life in Parliament, I have fought against flags of convenience. They


are not as safe. Putting their skills to the test.


Firefighters training in tough conditions ready for challenging


rescues. The One Show's Matt Baker brings


the latest leg of his epic rickshaw challenge to Lincolnshire.


And will the sunshine still be with A radical scheme to cut child


obesity is being pioneered in Lincolnshire. All four-year-olds


starting school will be given a small plate to guide them as to how


much food they really need. The county has more overweight and


obese children than the national average, with more than 14% of 4


and 5-year-old children being overweight. By the time they leave


primary school, this figure has risen to more than 19%. NHS


Lincolnshire is issuing 7,000 of the so-called "me size" plates this


year to try to reverse this trend. Our correspondent, Vicky Johnson


reports. These 4 and 5-year-olds at St


John's Community Infants near Lincoln are being measured and


weighed, like all new school starters across the country.


They'll be monitored again when they leave at 11. Current figures


show by then, around 20% of them will be overweight. Health


officials are convinced that introducing these new small plates


will help control both portion size and their weight. And there is a


plate for you. This is about getting parents to think about how


to give their children the right amount.


But most parents we spoke to already realised that young


children need much smaller portions. How do you gauge how much to give


your child? I would give two slices to him. She would get a whole one,


all topped up. These plates are just the latest


initiative to tackle the obesity epidemic. There is now more funding


for hot school meals, workshops on healthy eating and fit kid


programmes across the region. Individual schools are doing their


bit too. We try to keep that element of fun going throughout the


school. Further Upper School, we have all sorts of equipment and


innovative approaches. These little ones are slim, fit and


raring to go. The challenge for us all is to help keep them that way.


Tam Fry is from the National Obesity Forum and he joins me now.


Tam, are these portion control plates a good idea? I think they


are very good idea. What a Lincolnshire is doing is to try and


blend of what happens at home with what happens at school. You can do


all you can as cool -- at school, but then what happens at home?


Giving the plate for the children to take home gives parents an idea.


I thoroughly approve of. But all these years, parents have managed


perfectly well. The greater proportion of mothers and fathers


have managed. But there is a significant minority who really do


not have a good idea of a child reading and how much it to give


children. -- child to a reading. Should are the plays be given to


every child or just the overweight ones? They should be given to every


child, otherwise have there is a stigma attached. You may lose a


little bit of money on it, but you when I read in the end because


everyone is treated the same way. can almost hear some parents


screaming at the television when they hear this. Can you imagine


them doing that? It is the nanny state gone mad. People can scream


at television sets as much as they like, but they have to understand


that the schools and the NHS are doing this as good advice. They are


not insisting that the plates are used. We think that these plates


are perhaps more appropriate than the plates children might normally


have, which could be large and full of food. Very interesting to talk


to you. Thank you for joining us. And we are interested to know what


you think about this one. Is it a good idea or a waste of money? Get


In a moment. From lonely and isolated to


confident and sociable. How a youth scheme supported by Children in


Need is helping to bring teenagers out of their shell.


The Hull MP Karl Turner has demanded an urgent meeting with the


ferry company P & O after it decided to re-register two of its


passenger ferries which sail out of the city's docks. The Pride of York


and the Pride of Hull are currently UK registered, but will soon fly


the flag of the Bahamas. The company says it's trying to save


money on staff pay, but Mr Turner says he's worried about safety and


the rights of workers. In a moment, we'll hear from him, but first


here's our Business Correspondent Paul Murphy.


The Daily arrival and departure of the ferries in Hull has been a


common sight for more than 40 years. The impending changes that to most


of the state are subtle but important. Many ferries will be


registered, not in the UK, but in the Bahamas. It means that the


company can avoid European employment law if. Under new


European laws, P&O are required to pay all staff the same rate for the


same job. In a statement, P&O said Take-off the pride that. It is not


the pride of Hull. I spent all my see life fighting this sort of


thing. People have died under these are flags of convenience ships.


Maritime the unions believe it is bad news for British jobs.


Government needs to look again at seafaring and British jobs. One of


the consequences of not being on the British register means that P&O


will not be under the tonnage tax register and it not duty-bound to


train up British sailors. Concerns are already being expressed about


the ethics of unequal pay. Hull MP Karl Turner says he's


extremely concerned. Many people who live and work in my


constituency will be affected by this. This is a blatant attempt by


P&O Ferries to get round the employment legislation, long


established employment laws, which protect workers. It is also an


attempt to circumvent health and safety laws, which is very worrying


to people who use those ferries. Different flags, it is commonplace,


no big deal? It might well be commonplace, but the management who


I have spoken to today, they have accepted this is an attempt to get


around employment law and they are worried about increasing cost and


wages bills. That is a massive concern to me. Are you saying that


safety is at risk? Absolutely, I am saying that safety is potentially


at risk. In 1987, the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster happened.


We have learned a lot from that disaster since then. Lots of


employment and health and safety legislation has found its way onto


the statute book as a result of that. You say you do not want to be


scare mongering, but you said today that you would not sail on one of


these ferries if they were registered like this, you would not


risk your safety. Isn't that irresponsible? It is not


irresponsible, I mean what I have I have had reassurances from the


management today that they do not intend to sack any workers, but I


am concerned that this is about driving costs down which can only


have one result. But we are trying to attract people to Hull, should


they register in the Bahamas or move out of Hull? There is a ferry


terminal in Hull, I doubt very much that P&O are planning to do


anything but sail from Hull. But it is very concerning to me for the


reasons that I have talked about. But P&O need to do all they can to


survive. P&O told me that this is an attempt to get around employment


laws. That is very worrying to me. Thank you very much indeed. Do you


agree or disagree with those The girlfriend of a man who died


after leaving a Lincoln nightclub has told an inquest that door staff


ignored her warnings that he wasn't able to breathe. 23-year-old


William Pleasants was removed by bouncers from the Engine Shed venue


three years ago after getting into an argument. Victoria Nichol told


the inquest in Lincoln that Mr Pleasants wasn't put into the


recovery position until emergency services arrived at the scene. The


More than 10 areas of the Court of Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire


have been proposed for special protection from dredging, and


pollution. The Government says it has had delays on advice.


There were major hold ups during tonight's rush-hour as bomb


disposal experts dealt with the suspect object. Dodington ward was


closed after the object was uncovered. It was revealed to be


scrap-metal. A 16-year-old from Hull says a


charity funded by Children In Need has transformed her life. Rachel


Lawson's attention deficit disorder led to a been bullied. That has


changed. Thanks to visit Bransholme Community Arts Enterprise.


I live near Kingswood. I used to get bullied down my street. I have


not been out to place since I was nine. That made me feel bad because


I felt I was isolated. When I was in year five, I was diagnosed with


attention deficit disorder. I was treated like cannot weekend before


that. It made me lose my confidence. It made everything like a living


hell. I started going to a youth and media club at Bransholme


Community Arts Enterprise. It has helped me so much. We do lots of


photography and to make stuff. are we doing today? We have


costumes. This benefits the K Irons in ways that are beyond what can be


described. The kids who come here, this is the only social thing they


do. I'm going to the club and it changes the way I feel. I do not


have to worry about people thinking I am weird. Everyone here is the


same. I have been able to meet new people. My confidence has built up.


This club and the other clubs like it are really important. It helps


them feel like a regular part of society. Her story and it is


Still ahead, staying with Children In Need, a welcome for the one show


presenter Matt Baker as he travels through Lincolnshire on his right


shot challenge. Here is the apology. Is then


appalled on the line? I heard that. What do you mean has she got it


wrong? I got that or cast drawn. They headline it is one of variable


cloud. Sunshine will be fake. After days of dark skies, we had some sun.


That has swept across all parts. I am sure we will not get it right


tomorrow but we will try our best. This dry area is bringing moister


and that is causing cloud to redevelop. It is colder than last


The sun will rise at 739. It will be a mixed bag in the morning. The


cloud will come and go but there is every chance we will get these


breaks from time to time. Thursday looks nice. Quite a bit of sunshine


coming through. It was the clouds called for going in the wrong


place? The weather goes wrong.


Thanks for being in touch about the reduction of speed limits. Many


villages will see speed limits drop Thank you for doors.


Firefighters from Immingham have been testing their rescue skills at


a quarry. They have been practising that more unusual scenarios


involving water, mud and drops. Hard work and teamwork are vital


during a rescue but it is not often that these men get the chance to


practise saving lives. This team of fire fighters are using the site to


try out their rescue skills and a number of situations. We are faced


with lots of challenging muddy areas around the Humber. There are


lots -- it there is lot of mud around. This is a or by four of raw


track. It is rough terrain. The fire fighters say these are perfect


surroundings to test their skills. It gives us the chance to work in


realistic environments. You get a sense of satisfaction that we eat


you are trained to the best of your ability. These are the scenarios we


find people trapped in. This is Utopia. Training like this usually


does not come cheap and with a tightening budget, they would not


be able to afford it. The company that run the site has offered it


for free for will stop we are offering something back to the


locals by training for the fire brigade. It is hoped that the next


time someone needs this help, this rescue service will be prepared.


Yorkshire cricket has sacked three of its long-serving coaches


following relegation from Division One. Martyn Moxon survives with the


backing of the board and his team will be boosted by the addition of


Australian Jason Gillespie. They have given me their support. I


thank them for that support. There is no one more disappointed by has


been relegated. Hull City say they plan to issue a statement about


their manager's position this evening. It is expected to confirm


net Barmby as caretaker manager Anthony offer some clarity on Nigel


Pearson's move. The one show presenter Matt Baker


brought his epic Children In Need right shot Challenge tour part of


the world today. This morning, he arrived in East Yorkshire before


heading to Lincolnshire. Through gritted teeth, Matt Baker


is making steady progress. His challenge briefly stopping or


unimportant break in Goole. It has been the most difficult day of the


challenge so far. Here when a few familiar faces, his grandfather and


his sister who lives in Hull. feeling that fatigue now. If he


says he will do something, he will do it. If he is on crutches, he


will make it. Every day has had challenges, the miles, injuries. I


have been up and down. Pushing two extremes is what Matt Baker is all


about. As a gymnast, he represented England. As a Blue Peter presenter,


he broke records. On strictly, he danced his way to the final. As in


Goole this morning, supporters have been out in force. It is fantastic.


He can consume 9,000 calories a day and look like that, I am jealous.


The support is unbelievable. People have been lining the streets from


here to end borough and have been throwing money at me. Along the way,


Matt has collected passengers. It makes the right shop feel like the


brakes are on. He is now heading for Lincolnshire and the flatter


landscape should prove easier. Matter is expected in linking later.


Where is he? He should be here by now. It has been an incredibly


difficult day. We have heard he is in a bit of pain. This challenge is


proving more difficult than many people had got. When he arrives,


there is a big crowd here. He is our national president and we


cannot wait to greet him. What you think about what he has done?


amount he has raised his amazing. Let us try to make a million.


is confident he can make that Television Centre on Friday. He has


already raised almost half a million times. As he continues to


more or, he will no doubt be hoping to raise more. Let us hope they do


not have to wait too long. A teenager from Scunthorpe has made


it through to the final of Australia a's version of the X


Factor. Reece Mastin moved to Adelaide with his parents 10 years


ago. He is now through to the finals which will be held on Monday


night. Good luck to them. Let us have a recap.


A backlash against the rise of fuel prices, more than 100 MPs backed a


petition. That the plague that states how


much our children should eat. Top temperatures of 11 Celsius. Our


response coming in on that radical scheme to shut -- Cup Children's of


Another says it is not be any use telling children what to eat. It is


the parents' fault. It needs to start pre-school.


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