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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


One in ten out of work. Unemployment figures hit hardest in


Yorkshire and the Humber. It comes on the same day as workers


fighting to save their jobs get support from the Shadow Defence


Secretary. These are generations of workers


who have helped build remarkable pieces of engineering ingenuity.


The country is proud of them, they shouldn't be dumped on the dole.


Told to pay more than �20,000 after putting the lives of staff and


students at risk. Taking over at Hull City. Nick


Barmby is named as their caretaker manager.


And TV presenter Matt Baker continues with his Children in Need


rickshaw challenge. And don't forget your detailed weather


forecast in the next 15 minutes. Unemployment is at its highest for


a generation, and the latest figures show the Yorkshire and


Humber region has been hit harder than anywhere else in the country.


The government has blamed a large rise in unemployment here on the


economic crisis sweeping the euro- zone. Of the 129,000 people added


to the national jobless total between July and September, 50,000


were in the Yorkshire and Humber. One in 10 of the adult population


in the region is now without work. The number of people claiming


Jobseeker's Allowance in Hull is more than twice the national


average. In Grimsby, it's 50% percent above the national average.


The Employment Minister told BBC Look North the government was doing


everything possible to create new jobs. The disappointment in


Yorkshire and Humber and other towns like them across the region


is that a few months ago, we were seeing genuine recruitment in the


market. As a result of the crisis, we have seen a drop in business


confidence and the labour market turning in the wrong direction. We


need to focus on getting the economy in the region are growing


again. That is why so much of the many attractive through the


Regional Growth Fund is coming to Yorkshire and the Humber.


It comes on the day that almost 900 workers facing redundancy in East


Yorkshire were visited by the Shadow Defence Secretary. Labour's


Jim Murphy was at BAE systems in Brough to meet the affected workers.


The cuts were announced in September when BAE said it would no


longer be manufacturing the hawk jet in East Yorkshire. The shadow


defence secretary arrived at the British Aerospace factory with


words of support this morning for the 899 workers set to lose their


jobs. Many whose photographs and stories have been listed in a book.


33 years. You must have started here straight after school.


mandate here where, for more than 40 years, the Hawk Gent has been


built. Production which is believed to have been stopped for no good


reason. The Government has got to look at what it can do about


changing its approach to defence investment and spending. The


company will have to look again at its plans. The workforce have made


a country proud. The end of manufacturing here was announced at


the end of September. A decision much managers have blamed on


falling orders. Protesters have raised concerns. A week on Thursday,


it has now sparked a parliamentary debate. In December, workers to put


-- in 10 to lobby Parliament. are hoping to get our wives,


partners, or go friends, children to take part. It sums it up. This


is a family photo. Some men have got a long service at the site.


Shadow Defence Secretary met the team poor, in October, cycled to


the Labour and Conservative Party conferences. Some people just think,


that is it, it is the end. My job is no more. Other people are


thinking, let's do something about this. We can make a difference. We


carry on fighting as long as we can. It is hard to say how much


influence today's visit by the shadow defence secretary will have.


Some see it as nothing more than a gesture. For a desperate workforce,


it seems that all support she is welcome.


I spoke with Jim Murphy after his visit to Brough. I asked him what


the workers there had to say to him. They are pretty approach of all


they have done over the years. They have changed as times have changed.


They have changed their shift patterns and modernised their work


practices. They are really annoyed at that after the redundancies in


the summer, there is a new round of redundancies. There are more than


annoyed. They are very determined. They will not go down without a


fight. Is your visit today a bit of a gimmick? You are in opposition.


There is nothing you can do. unions and management asked to meet


me. I was pleased to do that. More importantly, we have got to take


that case to the country. There is a big debate in the House of


Commons where the case will be made very strongly. He do not think this


story is over. You think there is more to come. What can be done to


reverse the decision? There is a long way to go. When the


announcement was made, some people thought that was it. There is no


space for belligerence from the company. We cannot have a


consultation that ends at the same point when the announcement started.


The unions and beast work force are making a strong case. They will


come to Parliament. I think the company should change its mind.


This is it comes as it is announced that unemployment sure is one in 10.


The Tories say this is a legacy of when you were in power. What would


you do to get people back into work? We have got to render its


problems year. It is a very bad day for the whole country. We have got


over one million young people out of work. Sadly, in Hull, the


problem is possibly the worst in the hall of England. We would


introduce a scheme called the future jobs fund which would give


young people the chance to get back into work, to get the skills, the


confidence, to earn a living, to earn a wage. Surely that is a


better thing to do them having a million young people on the dole,


not paying taxes, taking benefit. There has to be a more sensible way


of doing it. The Government should use today as an opportunity to


think again. People have all worked at Brough do not care who is in


power were, as long as their jobs are safe. Could that happen?


think there is a chance that many of the jobs at's could be saved.


The company has to change its mind, but the Government has to come


involved. It cannot just watch on the TV screens or read about it.


They have to do whatever is necessary. No option should be


taken off the table in terms of happened these people. That


involves the Government been much more active than they are at the


moment. I'm sure you have a view on this.


One in ten people in this part of the world are now out of work. Are


you one of them? Does that figure surprise you? We've heard what


Labour thinks is the answer, what do you think needs to be done?


Please get in touch. The details In a moment:


How Children in Need is helping disabled youngsters break into the


The University of Lincoln has been fined �10,000 after admitting


putting the lives of thousands of staff and students at risk of


contamination from asbestos. The Health and Safety Executive has


criticised the university for failing to implement adequate


precautions. It's also been landed with a bill for almost �13,000 in


costs. While the University of Lincoln is one of the minister in


the country, some of its buildings are very old and many are full of


asbestos. The Health and Safety Executive were alerted by a


lecturer for got locked in a room and noticed grey dust around the


handle. This was in February of last year. Lincoln magistrates'


court here today that the University of Lincoln had been made


aware by independent asbestos assessors back in 2006 that


remedial work was needed on the doors in the area. But nothing had


been done. The magistrates at the University's early guilty plea was


taken into account and they reduced its fine from �15,000 to �10,000.


The actual offence today alleged was the failure to implement the


plans that they did have in place and to have suitable arrangements


to do so. Asbestos was a proper building material until it was


banned in 1999. It can be found in ceiling tiles, pipe insulation and


boilers. Asbestos material in good condition is safe, but can become


airborne when the materials are damaged. If people breathe it in,


it can cause serious diseases which are responsible for around 4,000


deaths a year. It is a very good and safe material if it is in good


condition, if it is sealed and sound. When you just did it, it


needs removing properly, you have got to control any release and do


with through certain methods. You cannot knock it down by hand. You


have got to treated with respect. He the risk increases according to


the degree of exposed here to asbestos fibres, how heavy the of


exposure was a loss of the length of time. This is a particular


concern to people have had heavy from the University have resigned


since the incidence and all buildings have now been made safe.


And Vicky is at the Magistrates' court for us now. Vicky, what has


Lincoln University had to say about this? Nobody has been made


available for an interview, but they have released a statement


saying that the health and safety of all of its students, staff and


visitors remain of the utmost importance. They say that


university officials co-ordinated fully during the Health and Safety


Executive investigation and have continued to co-operate fully since


then. They say that the policies and procedures have all been


updated, they have been modernised and that now, all the regulations


surrounding the premises are now fully compliant.


The family of a father of 10 who was murdered in his own home in


Lincoln have made a renewed appeal for help in finding his killers.


70-year-old Sonny Grey died following a violent attack at the


end of last month. His family say he was a loveable rogue with a big


heart and they say they want anyone with any information to speak to


the police. A decision is due shortly on


whether to approve plans for a 220- berth marina at Cherry Willingham


near Lincoln. The development would give access to moorings from the


River Witham and includes plans for a hotel and restaurant.


An East Yorkshire teenager has told Look North of the challenges of


trying to become an actor when you suffer from Down's syndrome. Young


Tommy Patrick has big ambitions of working in theatre. And now, thanks


to a charity which receives money from Children in Need, he's a step


closer to that. The Shipmates drama group in Goole is specifically for


children with disabilities, as Tommy explains.


I am 13 years old. I have Down's syndrome. I want to do acting when


I grow up. We provide inclusive music, dance and drama activities


for children with learning difficulties and autistic spectrum


conditions. It is helping me learn how to act. I really enjoy acting.


What if this was a bouncier ball? Before he came here, we tried a


mainstream classes, but he does not have any friends. Where have --


where his year, they have all that special needs and can all be


friends put together. I think it is a lot of fan. By left to come every


Monday mallet. Tommy did a performance of Peter Pan and has


really come on leaps and bounds. Peter Pan was very fan. I was one


If it wasn't for this, he would probably be sat at home. I would


have nothing to do without it. I love being here so much. Tommy


Patrick from Brough there. And of course if you want to get involved


in this years ChildrenIin Need, it's not too late. - - Children In


Thank you for what chain. Still ahead: Landscapes of Lincolnshire


caught on camera from the 1,800. The crowd is on hand to support


Tonight's photograph is of Flamborough. Thank-you for that.


Another photo tomorrow. I think you're going to point out


that the forecast went rather well today!


I do not think you should be gloating.


I have not had one complement! Cloudy skies will clear. That is


the main focus of the forecast. We will have a south-westerly breeze


tomorrow, something we have not been used to for the last few weeks.


It might take Lincoln all morning to brighten up. East Yorkshire


might see the sunshine in the morning. By the weekend, we will be


back to square one. There could be a lot of cloud from the Continent.


The clouds have broken across Lincolnshire, so it is quite chilly.


We have temperatures down to five degrees in Holbeach. It looks as


though these breaks will be short- lived. The trend is for cloud to


increase from the south-west. It could be thick enough for some


patchy rain in places. I think about will be small. Quite a few


places will stay dry. The sun will rise in the morning at 7:31am,


setting at fora 1pm. Perhaps there will be some dampness in the air.


That south-westerly breeze Brighton's East Yorkshire, then


Lincolnshire brightens up a early afternoon. It is a big improvement


on the way. By the afternoon, most of those will be basking in the


autumn sunshine. It will be mild in Hull at 12. Friday is cloudy, mild


and windy. It looks as though the weekend will be mostly dry.


Some viewers have found a way of getting rid of you. Look at this.


It says, if I am white, it is raining -- if I am aware it, it is


raining. It is very small!


After days of speculation, Nick Barmby has been officially named as


Hull City's new caretaker manager. The 37-year-old is taking over from


Nigel Pearson, who's returned to take charge at Leicester City.


Barmby's played for the Tigers for more than seven years, but he's got


no experience as a manager. Sarah Corker has been to Barmby's old


school in Hull to find out more. For many, it is a child dream, to


manage your local football club. At Nick Barmby's old-school, we asked


some aspiring managers of the future for some words of wisdom for


the new boss. Get good players, so we win more matches. But a good


team up. Some good defence. Ask for a load of money and bring in new


players. Get the fans behind us. With more than 23 caps for England,


Barmby has plenty of experience on the pitch, playing for a number of


top clubs, including Liverpool and Everton. After joining Hull City,


helping the Tigers to promotion to the Premiership, he has become a


favourite. With little managerial experience, some feel his


appointment is a gamble. One person backing him for great things is his


former boss. Not only has he been a fantastic servant for the club, I


think the players will respond very well to him. I wish the club every


success. The farmers say they are willing to give him a chance.


Somebody has to start somewhere. -- the fans say they are willing to


give them a chance. You learn on the job. A after a turbulent week


here, what many fans now want to know is will Nick Barmby continue


playing and become a player manager, what does this signal the end of


his career on the pitch? His first challenge will be keeping their


promotion push going away at Derby this weekend.


P and O Ferries have rejected claims by a Hull MP that they could


compromise safety by re-registering two Hull-based ferries in The


Bahamas. The East Hull MP Karl Turner claimed on last night's


programme that the move will mean the company can get round health


and safety laws. P and O say this is simply wrong and they'll


continue to abide by international laws on maritime safety.


And we've had plenty of responses It's been announced that Prince


Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will visit Lincolnshire in two


weeks time. The royal couple will have a tour of Lincoln Cathedral,


to see restoration work currently under way. Prince Charles will then


meet young farmers at Riseholme Agricultural college, and the


couple will meet up again at the Cholmeley Arms near Grantham.


will be really exciting. Hopefully, a lot of people come out onto the


street and welcome them into their village. You do not think of them


coming to a little village pub, especially one as small as this. We


are delighted. That will be a big day.


The search is on tonight find the owners of these, a forgotten set of


Lincolnshire photos dating back to the late 1800s. The old picture


album was found at a tip in Louth, and is thought to feature a family


thought to be living somewhere near Scunthorpe. As Crispin Rolfe


reports, the challenge now is to find their descendants. I think


they are working people. You can see the back of what looks like a


row of terraced houses. Where, when and most importantly


who. The questions Chris Belton is asking after finding this album at


a recycling centre in Louth. She's set herself the challenge of


uncovering who they belong to, but so far she's not got much to go on.


The photos at the back Arrow Flixborough, which is south-east of


Scunthorpe. I assume they are from this area.


The biggest clue to finding the family maybe in these regimental


markings. But there are other hints for historians about the wheres and


the whens. Looking at the eight children's dresses and the younger


women's costumes, it probably dates from early 1900s of the late 1,800.


Men a totally unfashionable. Of course, 100 years on, so much


has changed. Normandby Lodge for one no longer exists. And village


life in Flixborough is a world away from the end of the Victorian era.


The photo album poses the question. Not so much who do you think you


are, but who do we think they were? So much has changed. This church


did not have the tree in front of it, for example. So is the trail


cold? Well, the hope is that someone may recognise these family


snaps, and lay claim to them and their ancestors. If you think you


know anything, send an e-mail. Well, he finally arrived at around


half past ten last night, four hours later than he'd expected. But


today, the One Show's Matt Baker has got back on his rickshaw to


complete the next stage of his Children In Need challenge, cycling


from Edinburgh to London. But today's journey across Lincolnshire


en route to Peterborough hasn't gone quite to plan, as Amanda


Thomson reports. It should have been a 6 am start


from Lincoln this morning, but yesterday proved to me a nightmare,


Matt arriving four hours late to his hotel. I am feeling the fatigue


of the last four days. I am not sleeping well. My knees have been


the biggest issue. Bravely, Matt got up this morning,


and four hours later than planned headed to Peterborough. This was


He was welcomed in Branstonn and Scopwick.


But at Timberland they practiced their cheers for a rickshaw that


wasn't coming. We finally caught up with him. We're going in the right


direction, which is the main thing. Roadworks caused the last minute


change, but at least they did not miss this. We thought we would give


him a disco will come! -- welcome. I was pleased I got here and I saw


matter. He is wonderful. I voted for him when he was on Strictly


Come Dancing. Not only has Matt Baker enjoyed Lincolnshire, those


of us chasing around the country -- county have also enjoyed it. It has


been worth it, hasn't it? Yeah so! It is still a long way to


Peterborough. Well done to everybody who turned out to support


him. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines Fears of a lost generation as a record number


of young people are classed as unemployed and this area's one of


the hardest hit. One in ten are out of work in Yorkshire and Northern


Lincolnshire. Tomorrow's weather. A cloudy, possibly damp start to the


day brightening up with all parts becoming dry with sunny spells.


Maximum temperatures of 12 degrees Celsius. That's 54 degrees


Fahrenheit. Keith says, the unemployment


figures are disgusting. The government does not help by putting


retirement age is up. Why do they not bring the age down? Sunset, we


are trying to recruit an apprentice but nobody seemed interested.


Somebody else saying, most places require work experience, but my


school cancelled date for my year. Alex said, I am a 28, a single


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