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Good evening. Thank you for joining us. Welcome to Thursday's programme.


The headlines - campaigners claim there is little point in


fundraising for research into cancer treatments as patients are


denied new drugs. I can understand then people saying what's the point


of him having the drug if he's going to - he's not able to do


anything anyway and he's dying. But I'm not. Humber Bridge tolls could


be halved, as a local council says it can take over the debt. The


couple who met under a Vulcan bomber at Waddington, return to see


it as they celebrate their golden wedding. It's that time of year.


I'm live in Lincoln, where we are waiting for the Christmas light to


be turned on. It will be fine for that. Join me for the rest of the


Good evening. Campaigners claim there is little point in


fundraising for cancer research if patients are denied new drugs. It


comes on the day that the National Institute for Clinical Excellence


has recommended that the NHS doesn't pay for a new breast cancer


drug, which could prolong lives. Instead, it will be provided


through a special cancer drugs fund, but only in certain areas. If for


example you live in Scunthorpe you'll get it. If you live if


Gainsborough you wouldn't. Mark Bannister looks fit and well.


Terminal brain cancer could mean he'll be dead in months. He's been


denied the drug Avastin, which could prolong his life. I should be


having that drug now, while I'm quite fit and able. NICE, which


provides independence guidance on promoting health that ruled the


drug shouldn't be routinely prescribed. Today it has added


Halaven saying: Yet, cancer patients like the Deans here have


been denied no treatments at all, because they live in the Yorkshire


and Humber area, where money's been made available from the cancer


drugs fund. NICE, they are not being nice at all. It isn't fair


and I believe that the people who say no to it haven't anyone in


their families that really need it. More than 800 million is raised by


cancer charities in the UK every year. Some of it in shops like this


one in Goole. Hety, one of the volunteers, -- Hettie, one of the


volunteers, says this is awful. Everyone should have a chance. It's


not just the person concerned, it's the families. It hits the families


so hard. While Mark is still fighting for his drugs, he fears


time is fast running out. I can understand then people saying


what's the point of him having the drug if he's dying, but I'm not. I


can still play with my kids and play about. That's what hurts.


Sorry. Joining me on this one is Professor Christopher Twelves, from


cancer research's UK clinical centre in Leeds. Good evening to


you. Good evening. Is it just unfair and hard to grasp why one


person would get and one person wouldn't depending on where they


live? What is your view? These sort of stories are heart-breaking,


aren't they? I think we should be offering cancer patients the best


possible drugs on a fair basis according to whether they would


benefit from them, rather than by what we used to call the postcode


lottery. I think we are hopefully moved away and we risk moving back


into that unfair situation. There isn't a limitless pot of money,


though, is there? Do you accept that some hard decisions have to be


made and not everyone can have what they would like? Yes, I absolutely


agree that we need to be clear that the treatments that we offer


represent good value for money. In the case of the drug that has been


mentioned today eribulin, we are particularly disappointed, because


this is the fact drug that has been shown quite clearly to prolong


survival in women with met static breast cancer, that is really quite


advanced. As I say, we have for the first time a drug to prolong


survival, so this is very disappointing. An article in The


Lancet by 37 of your cancer colleagues, says there is


insufficient evidence about the value of some drugs? I think it is


perfectly fair and reasonable that we look at the value of the drugs.


On the one hand, we deal with our cancer patients and we have a duty


to them. On the other hand, we are taxpayers ourselves and clearly we


want to see value for money across the board within the NHS. I think


where we have eye drug which clearly improves survival,


something which no other drug has done in this setting and especially


where this is a drug that causes fewer side effects than many others,


I think we would be keen that NICE look again at this decision,


hopefully so the drug can be more widely and fairly available.


Briefly, if there is a drug which does prolong life and it's


available, regardless of cost, it should be available? Provided that


evidence is clear that it prolongs life, provided we know which


patients to use it on and the doctors are familiar with how to


use it, yes, it should be widely and fairly available. Tre having to


talk to you. Thank you. -- very interesting to talk to you. We


would like to know your thoughts on In one moment, Nick talks for the


first time after taking over at Hull City. Drivers using the Humber


Bridge could be paying half the current toll charge if the latest


proposal to buy the debt is accepted. North Lincolnshire


council says it can find �100 million from various sources and


that would see the charge for a single car journey reduced to �1.50.


It's the third different proposal to be put to the Government, but


the only one that would use public money. I don't think so, no. I


think it's gone on long enough. They can wipe other debts off, but


why not the debt of the bridge? think it would be a good idea, yes.


It would help everyone on this side to travel over. I think it would


help a lot of people, because especially with hospital. You have


to get over and it's a lot of money. Just depends how much it would put


our taxes up. I don't think there should be a debt. It's a bridge for


the country. The whole country uses it. Why should we have to buy it


when the whole country uses it? Joining me is Andrew Percy, the MP


for Brigg and Goole. Think it's a good idea? I think it is. It's not


only the proposal to use public money, because the Humber Bridge


Board's proposal would have to be underwritten by the local


authorities. The council have said they would use council reserves to


part-fund this. Is it right that that money should be exposed in


this way? It wouldn't, actually. They would look to partner with


another council, possibly with private sector or bore row and


council taxpayers wouldn't pay. The debt could be serviced in the same


way it is at the moment. It will have come from council taxpayers?


No, because the debt would be held by the council in the same way we


are responsible for debt, but paid down by users of the bridge in the


same way it is today. I could have a trip over from Hull at �1.50 and


subs dieded by north Lincolnshire council? No, it wouldn't be


subsidised. The debt would be held, but paid by people paying tolls.


Exactly as happens at the moment. Why didn't or couldn't all four


authorities come together and that would make it even easier? That


would be a very good idea. That is part of the proposal. This is just


an outline. We are still at the very early stage. What they've said


is they would look to partner with another council, possibly all the


local councils in the area. If the Government accepts this �100


million, that means they'll still have to write-off 132 million as


bad debt that will never happen? 230 million is what they would have


to write-off and that is a big ask, given where we are with the state


of the public finances, but what Government has said is that the


status quo is not an option. All the meetings we have had and we


have been pushing hard, we have explained to them that we are a


low-wage economy, and this is damaging people's job prosecution


pegts. It is damaging businesses -- prospects. It is damaging


businesses and they seem to see that. They are not going to write


off the debt? We'll know in a couple of weeks' time. All I can


say is that the Government keeps saying the status quo is not an


option. They accept there is a problem with the tolls and that is


damaging the local economy and local people and that's why we


should get behind any proposal that reduces the debt and toll. Thank


you. Another one you might want to comment on, especially if you live


More news now. There is a proposal to increase the toll on the Dunnham


Bridge by 20%. The price would rise from 30 pence to 36 pence and vans


would increase from 50 pence to 60 pence. The new fees are being


discussed because of changes to legislation surrounding VAT charges.


It's one thing after another. Increases everywhere and now this


is up on the bridge, it's just a bit high. Plus, everything else in


the country is going up. With fuel increases as well, it's just no end


to it. Nuclear test veterans from east Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are


among those affected by a Supreme Court case, which has ended this


afternoon. The final decision is expected next month. William


Middlemass from Skellingshorpe is one of thousands of ex-service


personnel who say being exposed to radiation has led to serious health


problems. The MoD disputes the claims, saying previous appeals


have found their merits to be weak. The family have always been


disrupted because I've always had stomach illnesses and been sick and


had a throat operation. That was to enlarge the throat at the time, so


I could swallow properly without any pain. Generally it's just gone


on and on with various illnesses over the years. The RAF has lifted


its ban on non-essential flying in tornado GR4s, which it imposed


after the death of a Red Arrows pilot. Flight Lieutenant Sean


Cunningham was killed after his ejector seat was activated whilst


on the ground. The MoD grounded all non-essential flights by aircraft


with similar ejector seats, which included the tornado. The ban has


been lifted, but the suspension remains for the Hawk. Door staff


from a Lincoln nightclub have told an inquest that they did not use


excessive force before a man stopped breathing outside the venue.


23-year-old William Pleaseance was removed from the Enengine Shed


three years ago. -- Engine Shed three years ago. Bouncers told the


Coroner's Court that they had used minimal force. On 3rd October 2008


William Pleaseance went for a night out in Lincoln. After door staff


accused him of fighting he was thrown out and destrained. He


stopped breathing and three days later he died. Today, the bouncers


on duty gave their version of doorman here and he said that Mr


Pleaseance was kicking and trying to pumch everything. He said that


him and the other doorman had restrained him, but they only used


minute mam force. Shane Costello had told the inquest that William


pleaseance it hit him on duty. Mr Pleaseance' father Richard asked


him if he thought his son was OK whilst being held down. He said yes.


Mr Pleaseance replied, "He wasn't OK. He was dying." The first


policeman on the scene also gave evidence. He told the inquest he


arrived at the convenient uniat around 1.30. He said the victim was


lying face down, with his legs and feet crossed. He said there were


five to certain doormen around him, but can't remember whether they


were on top or next to him. He soon realised that Mr Pleaseance wasn't


moving and called an many balance. He also told the coroner that


William's sister had said they had taken ketamine and smoked cannabis


that night. The verdict on how he The couple who met sir are not


Vulcan Bomber celebrate their golden anniversary -- the couple


who met on a Vulcan Bomber. Under Lincoln Christmas lights are


Tonight's picture was taken by Victoria. She is 12. She went to


see the seals on Sunday. Thank you for that. Evening, young man.


I will wipe the smile off your face. This is folly. Somebody says, we


laughed at seeing Peter last night. It was lovely to see that lovely,


stuffed object and donated character together.


Have these people got more time on their hands than is good for them?!


The headlines is it will be mild and breezy. This extraordinary run


of winds that has been with those looks set to continue. The weather


fronts try and get in from the West, but keep getting knocked back from


the high pressure. That will change, I think, as we head through the


middle stages of next week. There is a change on the way. Right now,


it is lovely for the lights switched on in Lincoln. If anything,


overnight, the clearer skies will give way to more cloud. Possibly


thickener for the odd spot of rain in the West. It looks like it will


be a try, mild and breezy night. Temperatures around seven or eight.


The sun will rise in the morning at 730 3am, setting at 3:59pm. -- 730


3am. It is a dry day, quite cloudy at times, but the cloud should


break up from time to time. There will be sunny breaks coming through.


With that suddenly, it will feel mild. 13, possibly 14 degrees. It


is four or five degrees above normal for the middle of November.


Back to square one on Saturday, If we use limited character to do


the forecast, we could save two minutes on the programme and his


humiliation -- their knitted character.


But to which you insult? Talk to myself! -- but who would


you insult?' Hull City's new caretaker manager has been given


the club's full backing, and told he'll have money to spend in the


transfer market. Nick Barmby has been speaking today for the first


time since his appointment. The former england international took


over from Nigel Pearson, after Pearson left for Leicester City


earlier this week. Barmby's first game in charge will be against


Derby County on Saturday, and he says he's looking forward to being


in charge. I am going to pick myself! No, I am not ruling myself


out, but for the foreseeable future, definitely on the sidelines.


knows the players and a squat. He - - he is Hull through and through.


It is a long-term move. We do not want to be in a situation again


where we dismantle a backroom team and a management team just if the


manager chooses to leave. We wish him well.


Plans for a new marina at Cherry Willingham near Lincoln have been


deferred. The 220-berth development, which would give access to moorings


from the river Witham, also includes a hotel and restaurant.


Last night, West Lindsey District Council deferred the planning


decision to give councillors time to visit the site.


A teenager from Grimsby who was bullied by gangs just because she


was epileptic says she's been given renewed freedom thanks to Children


In Need. 13-year-old Paige Carson's attackers hit her to induce a


Hello, I'm Paige, I am 13 years old. I suffer with epilepsy and people


do not understand what it is. People bullied me. I did not know


what to do when people made fun of me because I had to stay in a lot.


People kept hitting me over the head to force me to have a fit.


After all that, I started to come down here and I love it. I do not


want to leave. We do arts and crafts, tenpin bowling, ice-skating,


swimming... Being able to meet with friends and join in with activities


independent of parents and carers raises self-esteem and confidence


and the change and children and young people is immeasurable.


changed my life. The friends I have now are very trusting and caring.


The friends I used to have used to bully me. It has helped her to grow.


It has given her a social life. She is around people she can get on


with and she has a boyfriend. love this place like no other.


you want to donate to this year's Children In Need, here are the


Thank you for getting in touch about the latest unemployment


figures. It's at its highest for a generation and Yorkshire and Humber


region has been hit harder than anywhere else in the country. The


government has blamed a large rise in unemployment here on the


economic crisis sweeping the Eurozone. Lots of you have been


A couple who originally met because of the Vulcan bomber have


celebrated their golden wedding anniversary with a tour round the


last one still flying. Helen and Tony Stafford both worked at RAF


Waddington in Lincolnshire in the early 1960s when he gave her a tour


of the aircraft. 50 years on they've been to relive the moment


they met. Dan Johnson was there. A relationship forged in a hangar.


50 years later, the Cold War bomb were still makes an impression. - -


bomber. 50 years ago, they both served at RAF Waddington. He was


charged with showing her the iconic plane. I did try to get out of it,


but the sergeant said, no, it is your turn! I knew right away he was


not very very keen. It was his body language. Not exactly love at first


sight, then! But the relationship blossomed and, I year later, they


were married. - - a year later. Now they're back to relive the moment


they first met. It was the tool of retaliation in the event of a


Russian missile attack, carrying nuclear weapons. It certainly was


not designed for happy endings. But whilst it kept nations apart, it


brought this couple together. actually have a lady and gentleman,


Tony and Helen, who met having been given a tour around the aircraft.


Congratulations, and we do have something for you. How does it


compare, 50 years on? A much longer tour, for a start! A bit more


complicated. - - comprehensive. You're sticking with the original


tour guide, though? Oh, I think so! It is a bit late to change it!


Visitors to Lincoln City Centre this evening are preparing for the


switch on of the City's Christmas lights. As you'd expect for such an


occasion, all the VIPs will be there, as is our own Vanessa Clarke.


Vanessa, what's happening at the moment?


Everyone here is in the Christmas mood. hundreds of people have


turned out to see my Christmas lights being switched on. I spoke


to Cannon and Ball earlier, who will be turning the lights on.


a great time. It is Christmas time. Come and see the light, come and


see the punter, get into the festive mood. We are all here to


enjoy ourselves. -- seen a pantomime. If you love somebody


this Christmas, just tell them. love you, Bobby! And a view, but


they! -- I love you, Bobby. There has also been a quiet here. Cannon


and Ball are shouting in the background. I have near enough done


my Christmas shopping. I have a few bits left from my girlfriend, and a


few bits for the kids. I have not started buying any presents yet. I


should probably do that. It has not come fast enough. I cannot wait.


The lights will be switched on at seven. BBC Lincolnshire and


recording here live. You can hear that, and the bulletin at 8pm will


show you the light. Christmas has started here.


Thank you very much. A Lincolnshire plumber has celebrated entering the


Guiness Book of Records with his super charged mobility scooter by


beating two other strange vehicles in a race. Colin Furze from


Stamford beat the world's fastest toilet, and the world's smallest


roadworthy car with his record breaking mobility scooter. His


vehicle is designed to travel at more than 70 miles an hour. I was


worried at the start. One has all the little car, I thought it was


quite quick. -- when I saw the little car. It is quite work to


date. The I think it went a bit too fast. You could not make it up! If


you have a story you think we should know about, sent me an e-


mail. Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


Stephen Lawrence's best friend breaks down in tears as he tells


the court about the fatal attack. Duwayne Brooks said he heard racist


remarks before the brutal attack. Campaigners claim there's little


point in fund raising for research into new cancer treatments as


patients in our area are denied life saving drugs. Tomorrow's


Thank you for the messages on the subject of drugs. Somebody said, I


lost my wife recently to breast cancer and am left as a single


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