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Oldham's a look not. A headlines: - - a welcome to Look North. 13 years


after his death, Christopher Alder's family get an apology from


the government. There were people responsible that have not been held


accountable. Local MPs said the government will write off part of


the Humber Bridge debt, and that could mean lower tolls.


The number of young drivers failing breath tests go up, and police show


the consequences of drink-driving. And from Scunthorpe to Sydney. The


teenager who has got the Australian X Factor.


There's a big improvement to come with our weather. More details


coming up. Good evening. After 13 years, the


family of Christopher Hall -- Christopher Alder have received a


landmark apology from the government. It has agreed to pay


them compensation after the former soldier collapsed and died in a


Hull police station in 1998. I will be asking the former Home Secretary


Alan Johnson why it has taken so long. Vicky Johnson has this report


first. Janet told a's life has been


dominated by her brother's best 13 years ago. She has conducted a


tireless campaign to find out how Christopher died in police custody.


Today, the government issued an unprecedented apology. Numerous


farmers are still fighting for justice -- a new Ms Families. There


has been no accountability. People seem to not believe police officers


are capable of doing one. So CCTV pictures captured the final minutes


of the eight former paratrooper's life in 1998. Officers in the


custody suite at Queen's Gardens police station simply stood by and


watched. Fire officers were charged back in 1999 with misconduct, but


the trial was postponed until after the inquest, which happened in 2000,


when the jury decided Christopher had been unlawfully killed. Five


Humberside Police officers were charged with manslaughter. During


their trial in 2002, those charges were dropped, and they were cleared


of all offences. The following year, or five officers were clear after


facing disciplinary action. It took continuing pressure from the Alder


family before the IPCC issued a highly critical report questioning


the independence and effectiveness of previous investigations. This


led to an apology from the Humberside force in 2006. The time


is right for me publicly to apologise to the family of


Christopher Alder for our failure to treat Christopher with


sufficient compassion and to the desired standard. They all the


family and their legal team have been fighting for years to have


their case head in the European Court of Human Rights -- the all


the family. The government admitted it had breached its obligations in


Regatta preserving life and ensuring no one is subjected to


inhuman or degrading treatment. bringing the case to the European


Court, the government had been forced into this position of making


his admissions. We want to know what will change for the future.


The family have scored a landmark victory over the government. Their


most pressing concern now is to establish how Christopher's body


recently turned up in a mortuary 11 years after his very public funeral.


The Hull West and Hessle MP Alan Johnson joins me now. Good evening.


Why has it taken the family so long to get an apology from the


government? It has taken a long time to get the case head in


Strasbourg. Things move at a very slow pace. The family pushed for


that to go to Strasbourg. The government made what is called a


unilateral declaration, which is practically unheard of. They


apologised on behalf of on the side believes, but also recognised this


breach of Christopher Alder's civil rights. Not just in terms of what


happened to him, but also that there had been no independent and


effective investigation. There should have been a public inquiry


into this. That is what I and colleagues were pushing for, but it


never happened. We never have really got to the bottom of what


happened. Was that nothing more you could have done when you were home


secretary? Well, no, because by that time, we had had the High


Court case, the IPCC investigation. Christopher Alder's sons brought


civil proceedings against Humberside Police. The Attorney-


General had ruled they should be no public inquiry. The family were


left to pursue this through Strasbourg, with the result we have


just seen. An apology is one thing, but nobody has been held


accountable for Christopher's death. Shouldn't the officers involved


face action? We have been through this. They were accused of misuse


of public office. It carries a similar penalty to manslaughter. We


have no control over the courts, and that is quite right. The judge


halted the trial. The judge ordered the police officers to be believed.


I am a defender on the -- I am a defender of the police and many


things. Humberside Police have done great work in recent years. Nobody


in the force has any doubt that something was dreadfully wrong. We


have still not got to the bottom of this. The family have battled on


through the most terrible circumstances. I hope his


unilateral declaration is some recognition of what went wrong.


thank-you for your time. In a moment: Calls for changes to


border controls after a drink- driver who killed a woman in


Lincolnshire is revealed to be a convicted killer in his home


country. Local MPs said the government is


planning to write off a substantial part of the massive Humber Bridge


debt in a move which could bring down the told charges. Paul Murphy


joins us. What would be the impact if this goes ahead? The only impact


that matters to local people and businesses is that beetles will be


reduced. If the debt is reduced, so is the interest and so are the


tolls. I am told that tolls could go down for a single car to around


�1.50, so half of what they are at the moment. The MPs that were in


that meeting from the Humber have described the meeting as a bit of a


turning point and said they made progress. The meeting we have had


today, we are very positive about it. I think we have got some very


good news coming in the not-too- distant future. I think we have won


the argument about the economic impact of these tours and I think


we need to sit it out for a few days. This sounds like very good


news tonight. What have local businesses said? One of the most


compelling argument for reducing the tolls has come from business


and industry in the Humber. They would like to see them around the


warm palms 50 mark, or abolished altogether. -- Enron the one pound


50 Mac. Facing the economy could be greatly boosted. If we could get �1,


that would generate �500 million worth of the economic benefits over


25 years. With the renewables opportunities as well, we might be


heading for up to half a billion pounds worth of benefit to the


economy. All we really know is that the government is going to look at


the way to reduce the debt, to reduce the interest rates, bring


down the tolls. We hope the detail will emerge next Tuesday, when the


Chancellor makes his Autumn Statement. Thank you very much.


This is a story we have followed and we will continue to follow it.


An inquest has opened into the death of a Red Arrows pilot who


died at RAF Scampton. Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham died


when his ejection seat went off while his Hawkeye job was that on


the ground. The main parachute did not open. -- his Hawk jet was on


the ground. His funeral will take place next week in Coventry.


The Coastguard Agency in Bridlington will stay open for 24


hours. The station at Great Yarmouth will close by 2015.


Eight that the man who was found guilty of causing the death of a


woman in Boston by dangerous driving was already a convicted


murderer in his home country -- a Latvian man. Valentina Planciunene


died when her moped was knocked into the path of an oncoming


vehicle by a car driven by Intars Pless. In 1994, he was convicted of


murdering a drinking companion in Latvia, using an axe.


Lincolnshire's Euro-MP, Roger Helmer, is calling for a change to


immigration law. I spoke to him before we came on the air. I asked


him if cases like this are inevitable. I am afraid this is the


problem. I agree with your view was, who I am sure are saying we should


not allow foreign meddlers into what our country, but we have to


say, how will we stop them -- foreign murderers. We cannot run


detailed background criminal record checks on everybody coming in. I am


not sure how practical it would be. The border agency says the onus is


on the country where the criminal record lies, with the police there.


They will not be able to telos, will make? I suppose they could,


but it would involve setting up a substantial bureaucracy that would


have to keep track of all the criminals who had been released in


that country and controlling their exit. I think there would be eight


fighting me difficult and expensive thing to do. Should Britain refuse


permission to people with a criminal record of this kind to?


answer would be yes, but I still wonder how we can identify them.


should not be that difficult to summon has a criminal record -- it


should not be. Imagine you are run officer in a port or airport.


Thousands of people walk past you every day. How do you establish if


any of them have a criminal record? I travel all the time, and you see


vast crowds going to and fro. I can imagine how you would check every


one. It is a very difficult situation. We do not want to let


these people in. We have to find a practical way of stopping them.


What is the answer? Do you have won? I do not. I would like to see


closer co-operation between police forces. There may be a way of


getting some kind of database of serious offenders and linger need


to digital passport information. That could be a solution -- linking


it to passport information. Thank- you. The Roger Helmer.


Should there be a way of stopping convicted criminals entering this


I look forward to hearing from you. Responses before we finish. Thank


you for watching. Still ahead tonight: It's been at the heart of


a village for more than a century, now this Lincolnshire landmark has


And the teenager from Scunthorpe who fought off all the competition


Tonight photograph was taken by sue. Some stunning autumnal colours.


Thank you very much for that. Good evening, young man. Hello, Peter.


Carol says we saw Peter in the supermarket with a film crew


pretending to be working but we think he was buying fake tan cream.


What were you doing? Just that! Only joking. Let's look at the


headliner for the next 24 hours. It is brighter. At long last getting


rid of this dull and drab weather. Tomorrow it will be brighter with


This run of westerlies will be with us into early December. It is a


significant change to the weather we have been having so far in


November. There is the weather front, it has been erratically


pushing south-east woods. There is cloud around. It is still misty but


the weather front will go into the North Sea in the next few hours


with skies clearing across our region. A different feel by the end


of the night, a ground frost in rural places we one Celsius below.


One or two of you may be scraping - So, a cold in places frosty start


otherwise a lovely day, dry and bright with long spells of sunshine.


They will be areas of cloud on a freshening south-westerly wind. A


lovely day were the you are. The top afternoon temperatures, a


little about -- above average for the time of year. 10 or possibly 11


degrees Celsius. Looking further ahead, some rain to come on


Thursday night, otherwise it looks like fine weather with temperatures


by Friday back to normal. An e-mail from Carol, I would like


to nominate Paul to carry the Olympic torch. This, if he is not


on holiday! She has the measure of you! Yes, there must be one Jew.


Young drivers still aren't getting the drink drive message -


Humberside Police say young drivers continue to fail breath tests.


Today they challenged a rally driver to drive under the influence


to highlight the dangers. Leanne This is what happens when you drink


I couldn't drive. I feel giddy. Martin is an experienced rally


driver and today his reaction times were tested before and after a


drink. I thought I would break at the same time but it was two or


three metres out. He is a racing driver. He ploughed into that war


after a pint. It is quite shocking how easy it is to misjudge the


braking. Of course this isn't a real wall but it could be, and


that's the message they want to get across especially to the under 25's.


Young people think they are invincible and it can never happen


to them. They do not realise with their culture that a few drinks can


make a difference. If an experienced rally driver cannot


break in time. A third of accidents in the area involve young people.


Last year, when young drivers were stopped, one in 13 were found to be


over the drink-drive limit. This year, the number has risen to one


in five. Supporting the cause is a man whose brother was killed by end


19-year-old drink-driver. Stephen Meara-Blount's brother was killed


by a 19-year-old drink driver and he himself has been left with life


changing injuries. Anything which can get the message across


regarding drink driving I am wholeheartedly behind it. And if it


will save the life then it has been worth it.


With the festive season approaching it's hoped more people will think


That is another story you might want to comment on tonight. A


reminder of the contact details: It's taken 14 years and the best


part of �2 million but finally a Lincolnshire landmark has been


fully restored. Moulton Windmill near Spalding is the tallest in the


country and for the first time in more than a century it has sails.


Amanda Thomson watched as they were lifted into place.


This is how Moulton Mill used to look before this community got


behind the project to restore this wonderful old building. Watching


sails return to the mill after more than a century has brought the


whole village out to look in wonder. It is absolutely wonderful for


everyone here and nice to see the history in the making. What a


thrill for the village, a very special day. I used to work there


as a young lad. It is fantastic. Until the '90s it was run by John


Biggadike over the previous century it had run on steam, diesel and


electric. Now he gets to see his old mill with sails for the first


time. It is a marvellous achievement. I always hoped it


would be preserved but as things have turned out, it has been


possible to have a full restoration and as it is the tallest in the


country, it was well worth achieving an doing. This has been a


huge undertaking. Each one of these shutters has been hand-stitched by


friends of the Mail -- the windmill. It is safe for �30,000. They added


their names to be part of history. And as the final sail was put in


place, it was an emotional moment for those who's made it possible.


It is not often I am lost for words but this is one of those moments.


It is good. Absolutely Fabulous. An amazing day, amazing. Ecstatic and


emotional. Many friends helped us a long way. Astonishing. A windmill


is not a windmill without the sails. This is the Rolls-Royce of


windmills. And at more than 100 Well done to everyone raising money


for the windmill. Two of our teams are playing in the FA Cup tonight.


Scunthorpe United play AFC Wimbledon in a first round replay -


there's coverage on BBC Radio Humberside's FM frequency. And over


on AM and DAB, full commentary of Grimsby Town against Port Vale.


Reece Mastin from Scunthorpe has won the Australian X-Factor


competition. The 16-year-old who moved to Adelaide with his family


six years ago, had been the bookies favourite to win. The final of the


competition was watched by his families in north Lincolnshire this


Ten weeks ago a boy from Scunthorpe started on the Australian X-Factor.


Last night he was singing with Kylie Minogue after making it to


the final with three competitors Today was the biggest day of his


life when he would find out if he'd won. Nothing is coming through at


the moment. To say there was a bit of tension at the family home in


Scunthorpe, is most definitely an understatement. My stomach is in


turmoil. Horrible. I feel sick. Every relative gathered, and used


every piece of technology available, to get any clues as to what was


happening. He is in the top two! Eventually they had a break through


- a Facebook friend helped them watch it live, via a Skype


connection, and this is what they saw. Australia, you have voted and


it's time to announce the winner. He has done it! How good was that?


What a result! Go, Reece Mastin. had stomach ache before but now it


is gone. A standing ovation. We believed in you all the way. We


knew you could win this. 16 years old, a long career ahead of you.


Have fun with the ladies'! Reece is now an official Australian rock


star with an incredible story and The that woke us up! Earlier I


spoke to Giles Hardie from the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper. I


asked him what made Reece stand-out Well, it is disappointing having


stolen the Ashes you have stolen other things from us. What Reece


had is the X-Factor. The judges said it in the very first of the


final series. All four judges try to come up with a reason why they


should be another nine weeks of the finals. Ever since... He is a rock


star. It is hard to beat in the competition. How do the Australians


feel being beaten by a Brit? thing to realise about Australia is


we are very quick to adopt a success. But does not come as a


surprise. For the purposes of this interview, I acknowledge he was


born in Scunthorpe and has spent arguably most of his life in


England. However, once the conversation ends, he is


Australian! We are keeping him here, in irons if needs be. It is a


tradition you began! So, you will say he is from Scunthorpe for me


but for Australia he is Australian. He is from Adelaide. I don't know


what Scunthorpe his! He is one of us. Presumably, he will be a number


one in your chart at Christmas? Look, the Christmas chart is not as


important in Australia. It is an English thing and one I wish we had.


But it is the 21st century and as the host told us, 93 times this


evening, we can buy the winning single on iTunes tonight so they're


not worried about Christmas. They are worried about tomorrow when


they want him to be number one. will be a superstar then? He is 16.


If he does not at some point between 16 and 60 or 16 and 40


which was the age of his final competitor, become a superstar, he


is doing something wrong. He certainly has the talent. Very good


to have your no programme. Thank you.


-- have you Honour the programme. Congratulations to Reece. -- To


Have you Honour the programme. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. The biggest protest in recent days as thousands


take to the streets of Cairo. 13 years after his death


Christopher Alder's family finally get an apology from the government.


And tomorrow's weather. A dry and much brighter day with spells of


sunshine. Maximum temperature 11 degrees Celsius that's 52


Fahrenheit. Some news coming in at that police


-- a police bodyguard who had an affair allegedly with the wife of a


MP has been sacked. Mr Johnson resigned following allegations


about his private life. PC Paul Rice was dismissed without notice


following a Scotland Yard investigation. Convicted criminals


are brought in this country, Mrs Fuller says why not add criminal


records to your passport like points on your driving licence?


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