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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


The Chancellor cuts the Humber Bridge debt in two as he announces


that tolls will be halved. About time. It is about the highest one


in the country. It is still expensive, but it is a lot easier


for us to afford. The Chancellor also promises to


help Grimsby become a national centre for renewable energy.


Lincoln gets a royal visit as Prince Charles brings Camilla on


her first visit to the city. Christmas comes early at the house


with more than 10,000 festive lights.


No detailed forecast is coming BOP. -- you'll detailed forecast is


coming up. After a week of leaks and


speculation the Chancellor George Osborne today finally confirmed


that Humber Bridge tolls for all vehicles are to be cut by 50%. He


also announced that Lincoln will get its long awaited Eastern Bypass


to ease congestion in the city. Improvements will also be carried


out on roads in East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire. And the


Humber is to become an official centre for the renewable energy


industry. More of that in a moment, but first Tim Iredale reports on


today's announcements. In Yorkshire and Humber, we will


have the tolls on the Humber Bridge. This was the reaction from truckers


in Immingham, as the Chancellor made his long-awaited announcement


that tolls on the Humber Bridge would be cut in half. At that time.


It is about the highest poll in the country, I think. -- About Time. It


is still expensive, but it makes it a lot easier to afford. It is good


news. Having it. The Humber Bridge debt currently stands at �332


million. That will be reduced by 150 million. From next year, told


charges for cars will be reduced from �3 to one pound 50 each way.


The bridge will be run by a slimmed-down board, with


representatives from the four local authorities on the Humber.


Businesses and on their motorists will have a greater say and how the


bridges run. -- ordinary motorists. We propose there would be a ten-man


board rather than 22 as it is now. Eight local authority members, and


two from the private sector. This was the reaction from truckers


in Immingham as the Chancellor made his long awaited announcement on


reducing the debt outstanding on the Humber Bridge, a move which


means tolls will be slashed. The move has been welcomed by MP on


all sides, who have long argued that high tolls on the Humber


Bridge have been a barrier to creating jobs in the region. It is


great news. For people who were looking for jobs, are people living


pattern and that kind of area, arts opportunities open up in Hull.


government is adjusting its plans. It is saying it is not car but in


reality it is. It is good news for So after 30 years of rising tolls,


relief at last for the thousands of motorists who've paid a high price


for crossing the Humber. The Government also announced it


wants to encourage the growth of the renewable energy industry in


the Humber. There will be a variety of grants and subsidies for


companies setting-up in Grimsby. Paul Murphy explains.


Grimsley's Docklands are changing quickly. These are not trawlers but


offshore support vessels, ferrying engineers and electricians and to


the North Sea turbines. New jobs are being created here nearly every


week. There is a lot of work going at the moment. Another two turbines


will be built here after this is finished. This will be going and


for a few years. Be coming a government enterprise there could


accelerate the expansion here. Grimsby is that their area in the


Humber to get this special designation. Enterprise zone status


brings with it tax breaks and certain planning freedoms. That


means this plot becomes much more attractive to investors. That


creates jobs. So this traditional dockland is rapidly reinventing


itself. Grimsby is the Norman us with fish, and I think it always


will be. We have a doubt best business. -- Grimsby is synonymous


with fish. It is a great bonus for Grimsby. For these wind energy


apprentices, trained in Hull and Grimsby, the future looks bright.


It will be a massive thing for future generations for sourcing


power. It is Defra again to be a good thing. But a term of grim


national economic news, there is a sense that the new industries of


the Humber can give the country cause for hope. -- it is definitely


going to be a good thing. Tim Iredale joins us now from


Westminster. Is this all good news for the area? Plenty of good news


against a pretty bleak economic backdrop. The reduction in the


Humber Bridge toll will be welcomed, following a campaign that has been


going on as long as I can remember. Some surprises today. New road


schemes, many of which we thought have been put on the back-burner.


The new Lincoln eastern bypass will go ahead. It will be partly funded


by the government. The county council welcomed that news. The 164


at Beverley to the Humber Bridge Road will be up graded. Part of


that will become a new dual carriageway. Traffic will be


congested in Immingham by a new road. People are asking where will


this money come from. Some has come from government savings. Some of


the money is coming from private pension funds. They may not realise


it, but there will be people watching tonight whose retirement


could be funded by the Humber Bridge. Who would have thought it?


Who would have thought it? The man tasked with bringing jobs


and wealth to our area is Lord Haskins. He's with me in the studio


now. Is this an important they? is momentous. I can remember the


day the Humber Bridge was announced, 45 years ago, and thinking what a


wonderful opportunity it was. We have been bedevilled with these


tolls for years. Making it a centre for renewable energy, if this is


the path we are going down, it has to work. Do you think we are


putting too many eggs in one basket? It is not just one basket.


I think the estuary can do a lot. Renewable energy is going to be a


big one. If we get it right, and I am optimistic we will, it will have


a significant impact on the way the economy on both sides of the river


performs in the years to come. people watching are interested in


is, will thus create jobs? There are some people without jobs at the


moment. They will be jobs. They will take time to come through. In


the meanwhile, we are working in a desperate economic situation. There


will be jobs lost as well. Matching the jobs lost with the jobs gained


is going to be difficult. There are skills involved, all sorts of


issues. For most people, cutting the bridge toll is what is most


important. Why could not have happened straight away? You would


have to ask the Treasury. They give concessions very meanly and slowly.


It is a big step forward. government has focused a lot of


attention on the Humber area today. Why has it taken so long? It has


been partly because we have not been as well organised in the


politics in the past. I have been very impressed. By every be doing


this job for two was three weeks. I have been impressed by local MPs


from different parties commit together and making a case for the


Humber, on the government has listened -- coming together. Thank


you very much for coming in tonight. And many of you have already been


getting in touch about the issue of For thank you for those.


In a moment. As thousands of public sector


workers prepare for strike action, we look at how schools and


hospitals will be affected. Prince Charles brought The Duchess


of Cornwall to Lincoln today for her first visit to the city. The


couple spent the morning at Lincoln Cathedral seeing the renovation


work there. They then went their separate ways before meeting up to


finish their day in a community pub. Tarah Welsh's report contains flash


photography. RN welcome on a very windy day. --


a warm welcome. The royal couple started their trip touring both


cathedral. Inside, they met their staff here and a fine silverware


came out. Today, the Prince of Wales was led the patron of the


fabric fund, the on going fund- raising arm of the cathedral. It is


hoped his visit will boost trade. losing the Christmas market in 2010


was a tragedy for the area. His high-profile visit is very good. It


is showing that Lincoln is a good place, the cathedral is a good


place. The Prince of Wales on the Duchess of Cornwall are here to


view the restoration work here at the cathedral. It is a �2.5 million


project. They wanted to meet everyone aboard, including the


stone makers. This trip was about more than preserving buildings. It


was about securing the future of rural communities. As the Prince


discussed the future of farming at a local college, the Duchess of


Cornwall joined members of the Women's Institute for lunch. After


their busy day, they managed to fit in a pint. This pub near Grantham


is part of a scheme which encourages communities to work with


landlords to keep services inside the pubs. Really vital. Three


couples have been sent to us who were struggling, or Hull are


looking at opening farm shops to try to get trading. Those later the


Princess Lincolnshire is close to his hat, and his charities he will


be hoping the visit today will provide a boost. -- close to his


heart. A couple who claim they were driven


out of their Lincolnshire farm by wind turbine noise have had their


case settled out of court. Jane and Julian Davis from Deeping St


Nicholas were seeking over two million pounds in compensation,


saying they'd been forced to move into rented accommodation. Their


High Court case was due to resume tomorrow, five years after the


turbines were built. Lincolnshire Police are


investigating reports of racial abuse towards England footballer


A lorry has overturned a St Andrews came. It is understood it hit a


lamp-post, which has also come down onto the carriageway. A body that


has been discovered has been identified as Marlene Wagstaff. She


was formally identified yesterday. Lincolnshire Police are


investigating reports of racial abuse towards an England footballer.


Fans contacted the force after a comment was posted on the 23-year-


old defender's Twitter page. It is believed the offender may be from


the Lincolnshire area. Two Humberside policemen have been


praised for saving a man's life after rescuing him from a burning


car. PC Stephen Caulfield and PC Daniel Hermann found the man


unconscious in the vehicle near Northfield Road in Hull. They


pulled him to safety and he's now made a full recovery. PC Hermann


suffered burns to his hand in the incident, but says he was just


doing his job. It sounds cliched, but I went into what a pilot. He


joined the police and a prime responsibility is to protect life.


Still ahead: Clearing up after the metal thieves - charity workers


count the cost of another break-in. You wouldn't want the electricity


bill - the house with 10,000 lights It is the 29th November. Sun set


over Louth canal. On Friday night we had a white


rainbow from our friends in France. We don't go there again. White


rainbows result from sunlight hitting fog droplets, which are so


light they can't act as prisms. You can bore us but you didn't manage


to say it on Friday night. I had to say it on Friday night. I had


run out of time, of course. It is very unsettled over the next


24 hours. Some places may stay dry. A strong westerly. We do get a lot


of protection. There is tomorrow's weather chart but this system will


come across us on Wednesday night, bringing further spells of rain.


That was a very active cold front that came through this afternoon.


We had a report of a tornado in East Yorkshire. Very squally winds.


A short spell of heavy rain. Thankfully that cold front, that


winter-time cold front, is now in the North Sea. We are losing the


strong gusts. A windy night with a few showers perhaps getting through.


But on the whole, a good deal of dry weather. Lowest temperatures


down to 3-4 degrees Celsius. The sun will rise in the morning at


7.54, setting at 3.46 pm. It should be a reasonably bright start with


sunshine. It will tend to clout over at time. Sometimes large


amounts of cloud. The best of the sunny broex in Norfolk and parts of


-- breaks in Norfolk and parts of Lincolnshire. It is going to feel


chilly, even though temperatures aren't far from where they should


be at this time of year. 9 in Grimsby, 48 Fahrenheit.


Rain on Thursday night. That is out of the way first light Thursday


morning. Apart from one or two showers, it is dry with sunshine. A


frost on Friday morning and then an unsettled weekend to come. After


last night I had to endure loads of jokes about the '80s all through


the evening on Twitter, so thank you for that. And the fact that


your hair hasn't changed! None of us can work it out, Peter. See you


us can work it out, Peter. See you tomorrow. We were not going there!


Tomorrow, thousands of public sector workers in East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire will walk out in a strike over changes to their


pensions. The dispute, which has been called the biggest for a


generation, will see hundreds of schools and public buildings closed.


Lindsey Smith has the details of what is being affected. One of the


biggest disruptions tomorrow will be the closure of schools. Across


our area at least 300 schools will be closed and councils are advising


parents that this number is likely to rise. They should check their


local authority website in the morning before leaving for school.


But it is not just teachers that are walking out. In the schools it


is not just teachers. We have kitchen staff, lunchtime support


assistants, who only work a very short period of time in the week.


Admin staff, school care takers. We are all on low-grade salaries.


parents will be expected to find childcare tomorrow at short notice


but not all the parents we spoke to were against the strikes. It is


hard, but I do agree that the reason why they have to strike.


I've got two children and both of them are out of school for it,


which means having to take days off and take a pay cut, lose pay


because of it. At this time of year in a recession it is ridiculous.


The way things are, something needs to be done. I think they've got a


right to say for their rights really. It is not just schools that


will be disrupted. Healthcare workers are also expected to walk


out. United Lincolnshire hospitals trust will try to avoid cancelling


operations and appointments. Hull and East Yorkshire trust say some


procedures have been cancelled but those patients affected have been


informed. They say people should try to avoid using A&E departments


tomorrow as they expect to be under pressure. We expect Serge non-


essential appointments at clinics, X-ray departments, outpatients, to


be cancelled because of lack of staffing. Transport to and from


hospitals supplied by balances will be affected, as again urgent care


will take priority. But there are many other services that will be


put on hold. Libraries, council-run leisure clubs, daycare centres, bin


collections, police control centres, even crematoriums could be


disrupted tomorrow. Many organisations have told us think


don't know how many staff will strike until they look at the


picket lines. For more information check your local authority website


or listen to BBC Radio Humberside or BBC Lincolnshire.


Thank you. How is the strike going to affect


you? Are you taking unpaid leave from work tomorrow maybe to look


after the children or make extra provision for childcare? Maybe a


hospital appointment has been cancelled. If you want to get in


I look forward to hearing from you. We'll hear from some of new a


moment. The Government is to spend �5


million tackling the growing problem of metal theft. The money


will be used to target both the thieves and the dealers who


illegally trade in stolen metal. But the scheme comes too late for a


charity shop in Market Rasen, where staff are still clearing up after


metal thieves caused thousands of pounds worth of damage. Simon Spark


has the latest of our special reports on metal theft. When I came


on Sunday I was devastated. Two inchs of water, water coming down


on my precious furniture, as I call it. This is is the sad reality of


the dep. Depths criminals will go to for copper theft. This charity


shop raises money for the air ambulance. Copper from a heating


system from the flat above was the target, which flooded the shot and


ruined their stock. Most of the copper had been replaced with


plastic pipe from the first theft. I can't put it into words how I


feel. Absolutely gutted. It's soul destroying. It is just destructive.


We are all devastated. What could only have been a few pounds worth


of copper is �6,000 worth of damage to the charity. Unfortunately, the


effect to homes and workplaces is just one area. Hundreds of


thousands of passengers using the rail network are affected every


single day. Cable theft for us here in the North East is an epidemic.


We were seeing theft on a daily basis and sometimes three or four


thefts in one day. It is a really big problem to us and the single


biggest cause of delay. National Grid is another prime


target. When you look at the incidents in 2007, we had probably


400% increase in the number of incidents. So in terms of the


amount of copper they get when they steal the equipment don't bear any


resemblance to how much it costs us. All of these are asking for the


same thing. Somebody's got to be accountability. We do believe that


a change in legislation is required to the scrap metal dealers' Act.


we had major controls on scrap yards, that should slow the theft


down really. Today the Government has promised �5 million towards a


national task force to target the thieves and the dealers. But in the


meantime the disruption goes on and this charity shop will have to wait


until the new year before they can We wish them well. Our report


tomorrow will focus on the impact of metal theft on churches.


Yesterday there were nine calls made to Lincolnshire police about


metal theft and seven to Humberside police. That means there are 54


incidents so far this week in Lincolnshire and 12 in Humberside.


Moratorium night. Hull City manager Nick Barmby says


his side are hoping to move on after Saturday's defeat. The Tigers


travel to league leaders Southampton, who are pushing for a


second successive promotion under ex-Scunthorpe boss Nigel Adkins.


We'll treat it just as much as any other game. We respect them, they


are doing really well, it is a great challenge for us.


There is coverage of tonight's games on your local BBC Radio


All of the games kick off tonight at 7.45pm.


The former Olympic athlete, Dean Macey, has been in Grimsby today


opening a new sports complex. The decathlete cut the ribbon on Toll


Bar Academy's new quarter million pound gymnasium extension in New


Waltham. He said it's one of the best of its type. I think Great


Britain in general has as much talent athletic-wise as any other


country on the planet. We just litz somewhere. Facilities like this are


going to enhance the amount of people we bring into the sport,


which can only enhance our results. Christmas lights have been going on


in our towns and cities over the last few days. Beverley tomorrow


night. Can they challenge the display from one home in


Lincolnshire? Derek and Jean Turner have 10,000 lights on their home in


Wragby. Crispin is there. Is it as spectacular as it sounds? It is


Peter. We've all seen a few over the years, but 10,000 light bulbs


really makes a difference. Normally people put their Christmas lights


inside their homes on their trees, but this this instance this garden


has been decorated on the outside for a very particular reason. To


tell us more, Derek tells me. years ago we got two house cats and


there were too interested in the lights inside and they wouldn't


leave them alone. So to protect them and the lights we put them


outside. It is certainly impressive. How long does it take tow put all


these 10,000 bulbs in place? Object three weeks to sort them out and


test them and get them strung up. It is certainly impressive stuff.


Derek and your wife Jean, long- suffering I'm sure. At the end of


the day the Turners have been doing this for 11 years. They have a top


tip. If you fancy making this garden of unearthly lights,


effectively go and buy your lights in January.


A recap of the main national and regional headlines. The Chancellor


admits the UK economy face as difficult time ahead. George


Osborne says it will take longer than plan to do so balance the


books. Tolls are halved as the Government


cuts the Humber Bridge debt the two. Tomorrow: bright and windy with


sunny intervals. The risk of a few showers. 10 Celsius, 50 Fahrenheit.


The response after our top story. The Government starts the new


prices from midnight on the day of the announcement. Outthe bridge


toll won't start until next year. Lee says I'm having to take a day


off to look after my child. I will be taking unpaid leave.


Richard said why can't they drop the toll to �1.50 today, as it


costs far too much in fuel without having to pay �3 to cross the


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