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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines:


Power supplies under threat as attacks on substations triple in


just a year. People are not only putting their lives at risk,


dealing with very high-voltage when attacking the assets, but obviously


endangering the lives of customers and employees.


Claims that Lincolnshire's schools are being privatised by the back


door. After snow ruined last year's


Lincoln Christmas Market, traders hope for better business this year.


I am live in Lincoln, where thousands are starting to arrive.


And I ask the honourable gentleman, whose fault is this?


How Grantham's most famous daughter is being immortalised by a


Hollywood legend. And the latest This week we've been investigating


the many problems caused when thieves steal metal to sell for


scrap. It costs millions of pounds and tonight we reveal figures which


show a dramatic increase in the number of thefts from electricity


substations. Western Electric, which covers Lincolnshire, say that


over the last three years there's been a threefold increase in the


number of incidents. So what needs to be done to prevent this crime?


In a moment we'll be hearing from the man who speaks on behalf of the


scrap metal industry, but first Copper may not be a precious metal


but it is in high demand, with people willing to risk serious


injuries and even death to steal it. Attacks on electricity substations


like this are on the rise as thieves risk everything to get hold


of metal. Throughout the sub- station you will see copper


earthing. There is a small example. This is a vital safety component


for the operating of the sub- station, but also the safety of


engineers and members of the public. Thieves target this, and reckless


scrap-metal dealers will buy it. Now the metal's being marked with


smart water. It's a clear solution used to mark valuables which shows


up under UV light. It can be used to tag metal to show where it's


come from. It only needs something very small. It is easy to detect


under ultraviolet light, if the police were to stop somebody.


In the Midlands area the problem has increased dramatically in the


last couple of years. In 2009 there were around 360 attacks on the


electricity supply chain, with thieves targeting copper cables and


overhead power lines. In 2010 that figure had risen to 960 and this


year so far there have already been more than 1,000.


In part it's the rising price of the copper that attracts thieves,


despite the dangers. When cables like these are stolen there is a


knock-on impact on infrastructure. It also affects the telecoms


industry and the industry networks. Reverend Matt Martinson left a life


of crime to join the Church. He's backing an online petition calling


for scrap dealers to stop cash payments but says people must be


vigilant. Try to light up the dark areas of the Church, in the grounds


and things, and be aware of your surroundings.


Technology like this helps to mark stolen metal in the hope that it


can't be sold on, but campaigners argue that a change in the law is


needed to really get this problem under control.


We have been keeping a tally of metal thefts in the area. Since


Saturday, Lincolnshire Police have had 74 calls about theft and


Humberside Police have had 20. Earlier, I spoke to Ian


Hetherington who's from from the British Metal Recycling


Asssociation. It not only damages the reputation of the metal


recycling industry, but it is also damaging the infrastructure of it,


in that we are obviously one of the largest victims of metal thefts.


More than 1000 raids on electricity sub-stations this year, costing


millions and putting lives in danger. And this is because your


industry offers cash in hand to the thieves, and that is what everybody


is saying. Well, firstly, we unreservedly condemn the theft of


infrastructure. It damages communities, the opportunity for


travellers to travel freely, and our members would never knowingly


entertain the buying of stolen material. Why can't we stop cash-


in-hand payments at scrapyards? Isn't it time your organisation did


something about that? The issue is not cash in hand, or the means of


payment. The issue is having a clear route of identification


between the seller of the metal, the stolen material, in these terms,


and the buyer. It does appear, though, that you police yourselves.


Do you not need the government to do something, to push something on


to you to get it sorted out? strongly dispute that. The scrap


metal industry, the metal recycling industry is heavily regulated. We


contend that much of that regulation is badly enforced and we


must see the police and the Environment Agency and all the


other regulating bodies, of which there are very many, actually begin


to co-ordinate their activities and clampdown on the illegal operators


who provide the outlet for this material. But those who run the


scrapyards, when they are offered metal which is stolen from gardens,


or whatever, they are not doing anything wrong? Absolutely, they


are doing wrong. If they are knowingly receiving stolen material,


there should be heavy penalties. We would support and we are urging the


Government to tighten up the penalties. But if you were to ban


cash-in-hand, it would stop. would not. It would have no impact


at all. There are currently a large underbelly of illegal operators out


there, working outside the existing framework of the law. If you banned


cash tomorrow, all that would happen is that their business would


enlarge and we would grow the underbelly. And at the disadvantage


of those who are heavily regulated and who can form with the law in


the current times. Thank you. The subject of metal thefts.


We'd love to hear your views on this. What's the answer to this


increasing problem of metal thefts? Is it as simple as stopping cash-


In a moment, concern about how long disabled people in East Yorkshire


are having to wait for benefit payments.


More than half of Lincolnshire's schools will be academies by the


start of the next school year. Academy status gives schools more


direct control over budgets, staff and timetables, but opponents say


it makes them less accountable. Tarah Welsh has been to one town


where the issue has been so controversial that it's led to


resignations. This site was taken over by


Skegness Academy in 2010. Those running say it's turned a troubled


school into a remarkable academy. Lincolnshire County Council has


urged all of its schools to take up academy status. That would mean


they're independent from the local authority and that's why some


campaigners are against the move. It is literally hounding the


ownership and management of running the schools over to unaccountable


private businesses. I think parents are not aware, at the moment, that


when a school goes to academy status, they lose that layer of


local accountability. But the principal here says


converting to academy means better behaviour, results and resources


for pupils and the community. have got an Academy council that


has local authority representatives on it. It has staff representatives


on it that live in the local community. Because we are local


people, we know what affects local kids.


But when Mark Anderson and Colin Wright were governors at Skegness


Junior School, when they discovered it would become an academy under


the same trust as the secondary school, they resigned. Gut-


wrenching, because I put so much effort into it. What could happen


is communities not having a hold on community schools. The community


has a big say. Look at this resource. This is a learning


resource centre that will be open to the community after school hours.


But here in Lincolnshire, 55% of secondary schools have already


converted into academies. A much higher proportion than elsewhere in


our region. In East Riding, there are five


Academy's Art of 18 secondary schools. In Hull, there are three


out of 14. In Lincolnshire, there are 32 academies, leaving just 20


in local authority control and it is a transition the Government


encourage. Lincolnshire schools have been doing very well for young


people over the last few years that they can do even better and academy


status gives them the freedom, flexibility and resources to raise


standards for all children. And with such strong support from


ministers, it's likely more of our schools will become autonomous.


Young cancer patients from East Yorkshire had their first look at a


new specialist cancer unit for teenagers today. The facility at


Castle Hill Hospital in Hull will mean many young people will no


longer have to travel to Leeds for treatment. It was built with money


raised by the Teenage Cancer Trust. Police interviews have begun in the


case of a former paratrooper whose body was found in a Hull mortuary


more than ten years after his funeral. Christopher Alder died


after being held in police custody in 1998. His family thought they'd


buried him two years later, but a police investigation began after


his body was discovered. South Yorkshire Police won't reveal who


they've spoken to as part of their investigation.


The funeral has taken place of Red Arrows pilot Sean Cunningham, who


died in an accident last month at the display team's base in


Lincolnshire. Flight Lieutenant Cunningham was ejected from his


Hawk jet while on the ground at RAF Scampton. It was the Red Arrows'


second fatality this year after the death of another pilot, Jon Egging,


in August. Today's funeral service was held at Coventry Cathedral.


Still ahead: How a Hollywood legend is


immortalising Grantham's most famous daughter. And it has only


been open a few hours, but thousands are turning up for the


If you have a picture that you are proud of, ascended into us and we


will show it at half-time on the programme one night. -- send it


There is an interesting story about that. That cloud had no name until


18 months ago when the cloud appreciation Society named it.


The headline for the next 24 hours will be thrust and perhaps one or


two icy patches tonight, but then tomorrow will be chilly but dry


with some sunshine. Not looking too bad. This weather system might


bring patchy rain tomorrow night. It has not been too bad today. The


BIC chilly but bright. Quite a lot of cloud its dreaming up from the


south. That could threaten parts of Norfolk with some patchy rain in


the next couple of hours. It will soon move away, pulling the medium


level crack -- cloud that has been with us. That means the skies will


Collier and there will be a fairly widespread frost, with temperatures


down to roundabout freezing. So the sun will rise in the morning at 750


You may be scraping ice off your windscreen in the morning. It will


be a lovely, crisps that. The sunshine will turn hazy. Bright at


times, especially through the afternoon. It will stage right. The


wind will freshen, so it will feel a little chilli. A further ahead,


patchy rain on Friday night. Saturday is not looking back. More


unsettled on Sunday with patchy Follow me on Twitter.


We can hear more about asparagus, or whatever it is called!


Asperatus! Linda says, we can still see Paul,


can he moved out of Europe?! People in our area who have their


disability living allowance stopped can face long delays before their


case is heard by an appeals tribunal. Some people have had to


wait over a year. The Tribunal Service say the deal with half a


million cases a year. They admit there is a backlog.


One Afghanistan war veteran, and one person with Chron's disease. An


incurable disease of the Basle. They are very different people with


very different disabilities, but both have suffered, or are


suffering, the same consequences of lengthy delays to hear their


appeals for disability living allowance. About nine months later,


I got my appeal. The earliest date my appeal can be head is June 1st


next year. It took Arona over a year to receive his allowance after


an appeal. Louise claimed in June, was refused will have to wait until


June next year. A lot of people have been in my position. There are


plenty more out there. You are having to make sacrifices in


between. How many more people will go through it? The weight is a


familiar story at the Citizens Advice Bureau. The air is like a


thorn all. There is lots of benefits claiming. There are


perhaps incorrect decisions being made. There are too few venues, too


few trained tribunal members to hear cases quickly. In a statement,


the Department of Work and Pensions The government says it has been


listening to concerns, and they are now reforming disability living


allowance. I have already announced significant changes to the way we


are approaching these reforms, particularly around the assessment


criteria we are using. That is directly as a result of listening


to disabled people and their organisations. In the meantime, the


wheeze is having to live on significantly less money until her


tribunal his head -- Louise. New Hull FC players had been


talking about how they are settling into life in England. Wade McKinnon


and Brett Seymour joined Aaron Heremaia in training today. They


told Simon Clark that Hull had given them a great welcome.


They come from mainland Down Under. Australians and a Kiwi. What are


the main cultural differences when you leave the Antipodes behind for


East Yorkshire? A theme is already emerging. Cold weather! Sunshine at


home to the weather here! They have left fine weather and the splendid


landmarks behind to pursue their futures in rugby in East Yorkshire.


One of them will have more than most to remember Hull by. It will


be exciting. We have got a baby due next year. It is another string to


the Barra! It is all very exciting at the moment. These fans watching


training today had their take on what the players need to settle.


Mix with the people and you are laughing. Hull people are friendly,


so they will take to them. If you snub them, they will not want to


know you. Three years ago, Rachel Barton left elbow and to settle


here. -- left Melbourne. The best way to settle his blend in, and try


to see places they have hidden away. I think Hull is a great community


with plenty to offer, but you have to go and find it. We have been


driving on stopping and having lunch. We are enjoying it at the


moment. All three of us have not seen snow, so we are hoping for


some! Was never the weather, Hull FC fans trust they will settle into


their rugby and help return the glory days to the club.


It was cancelled last year, but this afternoon, Lincoln's Christmas


Market opened, with local business is hoping to make up for last


year's disappointment. Leanne is live at the market tonight. What


can people expect? As you can imagine, there is hot


food and wine available, home-made gifts, toys and jewellery. A third


of the stalls you can see down there will be showcasing


Lincolnshire products. We will have more on that tomorrow. Lots of it


comes from across the UK and Europe. Lincoln has a very strong bond


which its sister city, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse in Germany, where


much of the wine that is sold here comes from. I have travelled to


Germany to see it in production. With its beautiful countryside,


historical buildings and Cathedral, it's easy to see why Neustadt an


der Weinstrasse is twinned with Lincoln. The town also has a castle,


but down below are 40 miles of thing out. That means plenty of


wine. -- 40 miles of vineyards. P Anselman estate is one of the


biggest producers in the region, producing 1.6 million bottles a


year. The wine we are bottoming today is a cabernet sauvignon. We


export our wines to more than 20 countries worldwide. Especially to


the UK. And, of course, Gluvine, or mulled wine as we call it, is a


huge seller at this time of year. Gluvine is very popular, especially


in November and December. After a cold, winter day it is very nice to


get warm again, and it is very special if you were in a typical


German Christmas Market to drink it out sight. For the last 29 years,


wine from the region has made the 15 hour journey to its twin town.


Around 2000 bottles are sold at a Lincoln Christmas Market every year.


Thousands of litres made a wasted journey last year after the event


was cancelled because of the snow. We could not believe it. After some


time, week saw the snow. After two days, we returned to Germany.


the weather in England being unusually warm for this time of


year, their arrival went to plan, and there is plenty of stocks for


this year's Lincoln Christmas market.


As we saw there, the snow last year. Traders will hope to make up for


that this Shea. The well indeed. -- this year. John is from the council.


How much money does the market bring in? We estimate about �10


million into the local economy. People come and spend money in the


city. And hopefully they will come back in the future. I am told this


is the biggest to date. What is new? We have more stalls, about 260.


We have children's craft, Street feta. Lincoln is delivering what it


always does. Atmosphere. A great start to Christmas. How many people


are expecting to come to the market? It is difficult to say, but


we think about 200,000. That is a lot of people. Why should people go


if they want more information? can look at the dedicated website.


Once they get here, there is park and ride at a Lincolnshire


Showground. The tourist centre has lots of information. Thank you very


much. Let's hope the weather stays as good as it is tonight. It is


feeling very festive here, and we will have more from here tomorrow.


The thank you very much. She is one of Lincolnshire's most


famous daughters. Last night, Leicester Square in London was


packed for the premiere of a film about her life. It is called the


Iron Lady and is the story of Margaret Thatcher. She is being


played by Meryl Streep. What do they make of her life story in its


Grantham? She was the first lady of politics,


and earned the reputation not to be trifled with. All attempts to


destroy democracy by terrorism... Margaret Thatcher was prime


minister through political turmoil, and foreign conflict. Her career


began here in Grantham. Her father was a shopkeeper. This is,


admittedly, an elegant street in Grantham, but it was still some


journey from here to Westminster. It was further still for the


daughter of a greengrocer to make it all the way to Hollywood. Of


course, it had to be a Tinseltown Ailey stare like Meryl Streep to


pull off the part of the Iron Lady. -- Tinseltown a police death.


wanted to in some way capture whatever it was that drew people to


her. And whatever it was that made people have a special venom for her


as a public figure. Do the people in Grantham know what it is all


about? First woman to do something? Prime Minister. That's it. What she


did was splendid. She did a lot for women. They put a statue or porter


and someone not the head off. always did divide opinion. You can


decide for yourself when the Iron Lady comes out next month.


There we are. The first woman to do something! I love that.


Let's have a recap of the headlines. The Governor of the Bank of England


tells high-street banks to increase their reserves as concern grows


about the eurozone. Attacks on electricity sub-stations


triple as metal thieves threaten power supplies.


A dry day tomorrow, although the clouds -- This Guy's will cloud


Big response on the subject of the metal thefts after our report and


interviews this week. Peters says, what that Gentleman has said is


rubbish. That is our guest. I lived in West Hull and local youths would


stretch lead from occupied and derelict houses, knowing that local


scrap dealers give them ready cash to feed their drug habits. George


said, it and it takes one of these idiots to get electrocuted, it


might make them think twice. Gill says, signed who is by newt and


give the thieves know where to take it, that is the answer -- Sark --


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