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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


The Chancellor calls for Humber Bridge tolls to be halved within


eight weeks. The Government has done its bit,


and that the local bridge authority can do they ate and I hope we get


those tolls down. I will be asking the chairman of


the Humber Bridge Board if he can meet that demand.


It is the fastest growing crime, police say metal theft is the new


ram-raiding. They are stealing tens or hundreds of pounds worth of


scrap-metal and causing tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds


worth of damage. And the crowds make for a bumper


start to the Lincoln Christmas Market with a record number of


visitors. Angina may for the all-important


weekend weather forecast. -- and The Chancellor of the Exchequer has


told BBC Look North that toll charges across the Humber Bridge


should be cut within eight weeks. George Osborne visited the Bridge


today following this week's announced and that tolls would be


cut in half to �1.50 each way for cars. The Chancellor said he also


expects to see tolls reduced for lorries. In a moment we will be


asking Councillor David Gemmell, chairman of Humber Bridge Board, if


he can fulfil this challenge. First, here is Tim Iredale.


In a week where he signed off �150 million to write down almost half


the remaining debt on the Humber Bridge, the Chancellor came to see


where his money, or more accurately your money, had been spent. I think


it probably help the economy, it means Yorkshire and Lancashire, the


Government has acted to get the tolls dead, I hope we will see the


car pulls down and we will also see the HGV tolls down, because that


will help local -- economy. Now the local bridge authority can do their


bit and I hope we can get those tolls down within the next couple


of months. That will be a decision for the reorganised Bridge Board.


The bigger question for many is what is the Chancellor doing to


reduce the growing dole queues on both sides of the Humber? We have


had the announcement that almost 900 people will lose their jobs at


BAE in Brough, according to the latest figures, for every job


vacancy there are 80 jobseeker's chasing the House vacancies. What


do you say to those people who say you policies are not working here?


I am delivered the problems that have built up over a decade. We ran


up huge debts on a national credit card. We are getting the economy


moving forward by investing in transport, cutting the tolls on the


Humber Bridge, creating the enterprise zones, and in Brough


specifically, we got the enterprise zone up and running. Every decision


I have made across Yorkshire, I have taken and we are standing here.


Many will welcome the announcement this week on new road and rail


projects, and of course, the law tolls on the bridge. But critics of


the Government argues penises to do much more to get the economy and


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire back on track. -- argues he needs


to do much more. I am joined now by Councillor David


Gemmell. Good evening. Within two months, George Osborne says, can


you do it? If he says we can, we will do it. We can do it as soon as


we get the go ahead when the finance is true. But will only


happen once the local operatives have signed up to what the


Government wants. If they sign up fairly quickly, we can do it as


quick as that. So, what is the date? I like to think it will be


before the break. We will be aiming to do it for February. She must be


delighted that the coalition Government have found the money to


pay off half the bridge deck. Delighted that anybody found the


money. It is something the board had been trying to get for many


years. They had done it now, they have insured we are able to reduce


the debt to -- substantially by giving us a massive write-off of


the dead. It means we can carry on doing what we have always wanted.


We have had lots of e-mails from people who bought books of tickets


in advance. Can you confirm that everyone who bought some of those


will now get a full refund? They will get a refund. There will be an


administration charge. About 5%, but other than that, they will get


a refund. The Chancellor wants to slim down the bridge board. Do you


have too many people on it? When they put a proposal to him, that


included making the board's of 10, which could be eight local


authority members and to private- sector people. They have actually


come up with what we proposed. It will be up to the local party just


send whoever they feel is the right person to represent them. -- the


local authority to send. But at some point in February, it will be


�1.50? With the best will in the world, yes. What do you mean?


depends whether we can get disagreement through to the


Government. It rests with the local authorities. If we can get that


agreement, and I suspect we will... So, by feathery? Thanks very much.


-- February. Do you think it should be sooner?


If you want to get in touch, here We will have some of those views


before we finish. There will be more on George Osborne's visitors


are part of the world on the Politics Show this weekend at noon


on Sunday, here on BBC One. In a moment, a warning of big


council tax rises in Lincolnshire to pay for flood defences.


Metal theft is the new ram-raiding, according to police dealing with


what is regarded as the fastest growing crime. That is because the


damage caused to property is far greater than the value of the goods


actually stolen. Linsey Smith looks at how some of the Most Honourable


members of society are the greatest victims of the metal thieves. --


most vulnerable. Rebecca Sainty and her children


were sleeping in their beds when feeds stole cable from a local


substation. It sent a huge surge of power into her home, igniting her


fuse box. We did not know what was going on. We phoned the fire


brigade. It was a priority. It was frightening. There was smoke and


sparks. We were fortunate that it was not any worse than it was.


Rebecca is not alone. Since the weekend, 79 metal theft have been


reported in Lincolnshire. Humberside have recorded 30.


Organised gangs have even stolen metal, while posing as workmen


wearing high-visibility jackets. The consequential impact it has is


massively disproportionate to the value of material that has actually


been stolen. Those consequences were felled by families on the


Birchwood Estate last weekend. Within two hours, 61 properties had


their pipes and ripped out. That estate was a target because it was


relatively new and it was a uniform estate. One could identify how they


could access the metal, they just needed to repeat that operation on


every house. It was really that easy. This mum is late for her


family did not pay the ultimate price, although she is still


counting the cost. My fridge freezer, my cooker, my washing-


machine, they all got damaged. Because I had only recently moved


in, I had no insurance. I could not cover the cost. Luckily, my


grandfather left me some money to pay something towards it. Rebecca


believes something must be done to stop substations being an easy


target. We had a big response to our series


on metal theft this week and suggestions as to how to tackle a


problem. Thank you for all the messages. Chris tweeted to say, you


should be licensed to collect Thank you for those. Some were news


now. A coroner has ruled that a 64- year-old man from Hull who died


from breathing in poisonous gas was unlawfully killed. An inquest heard


that Charles Stabler was staying at his Spanish holiday flat when a man


broken in April 2,000 and find -- able to 1009. The attacker was


caught and later jailed for 25 years will stop Hull's where we


station now bears the words of the Hull University librarian Philip


Larkin who became one of Britain's best-known poets.


Five slate paving stones were unveiled around the statue of


Philip Larkin today. Each are inscribed with words from his poems.


Council tax payers in Lincolnshire are being warned that their bills


could go up by 20% to pay for a flood protection. A new law means


that local authorities and individuals may be asked to pay


part of the bill to stop coastal flooding. Prevention is vital to


protect almost half of the county's agricultural land from sea water.


The Fens and the North Sea exist side by side, kept apart by


effective defences, like this mud bank. But sea levels are rising and


so is the cost of protecting the coast. Hence, a new dilemma.


local contribution will be required by the local council. So we will


have to put the council tax up. We do not have sufficient funds


available any other way. We could be looking at anything up to 20%.


And it is not on the councils that could be asked contribute. So good


individual businesses, including farmers. My concern, under the


previous policy, was that areas like this would receive no


Government funding. So I feel the current policy would actually be a


positive opportunity for us to Lincolnshire has already paid a


heavy price for a breach in its sea defences. In 1953, a tidal wave


swept two miles inland, killing 43 people. Around 200,000 acres of


farmland was destroyed. Coastal flooding involves sea water and


salt sterilises land. It will take several years, perhaps a decade, to


recover from sea water intrusion. The Government says local


contributions will mean better flood defences. But authorities in


Lincolnshire say the national purse must continue to be used to protect


the land that feeds us all. Another one you might want to


comment on. It is Friday night here on BBC One. Thank you for watching.


Still ahead, why speeds like this are a Sunday drive for Guy Smith


from Beverley. Traditional hog roast! And the local traders who


had spent months preparing for Lincoln Christmas Market.


And tonight's photograph was taken by Peter Elsom. It is called busy


on the river. If you have a picture you are proud of, send it in and we


will show another one on Monday. Good evening, a young man. How are


you? You can send me your tweets. Tell


Peter that they brought out a new range of thermal to pays just in


time for winter. Not playing!


Let us have a look at the headlines for the next 24 hours. It is


unsettled. A stiff westerly breeze. Not much in the way of rain tonight.


Shoppers will be very isolated tomorrow. Mostly dry with sunny


tomorrow. Mostly dry with sunny spells.


Westerly winds, possibly more shores around on Sunday. It has


been fine since this morning. The king had to the west, the cloud


will continue to increase. It threatens a little bit of rain. It


does not look as though there will be a great deal of rain tonight.


Just bits and pieces, a strong westerly or south-westerly.


Temperatures for five Celsius. The sun will rise in the morning at


7.58. Here are your high water times. It looks as though tomorrow


will be quite a nice day. Dry with sunshine. Just the chance of one or


two fleeting show worse. Quite a chilly breeze. Temperatures again


will be pretty close to the early December average. Around eight


Celsius in Driffield. One or two spots might nudge up to nine


Celsius. Not a bad day at all. Sunday will be a little bit more


unsettled. Some sunny intervals with a higher risk of catching a


few scattered showers. A bit of a cold snap early next week. There


could be some wintry conditions. We have got at text here. Paul


needs do I'll finish it before he goes on television. That is a very


good point. I was ironing this for another hour before I came on the


screens! Sport now and Hull boxer Luke Campbell has been named in the


British Olympic team for next year's games in London. The


Bantamweight recently won a silver medal at the World Amateur


Championships and will be one of the favourites to take Olympic Gold.


A I have experienced both sides. Obviously, last time round, I just


missed out on the Olympic Games eye n be shamed and that was very


disappointing. Dashmack row in be In football, Hull City face


Leicester City in their Championship clash tomorrow. The


away team are now managed by the former Tigers boss Nigel Pearson,


who left just 17 days ago. He's predicting a "good "atmosphere.


There will be a very uncomfortable reception for Nigel Pearson when he


returns to the KC Stadium tomorrow. It is less than three weeks since


he left the club to move back to Leicester City. When he steps into


the away dugout he's sure to hear what the home fans think of him.


The former Tigers boss has been replaced by Nick Barmby. I know he


did a really good job here and I am sure people will also remember that.


I am really looking forward to going back there. I had a great


time at the club and I am sure it will be a great atmosphere.


After losing at Southampton in midweek, City need three points


this afternoon to get their play- off push back on track.


Elsewhere today, after their 7-0 victory against Stockport in


midweek, Grimsby Town are playing the FA Cup. A win for The Mariners


at Salisbury would see them through to the third round. And Lincoln


City are away at Newport County in the Blue Square Premier. The Imps


are still just above the relegation zone.


He normally races in front of 150,00 people, but this weekend an


American Le Mans champion is showing off his skills to die-hard


rally fans in Yorkshire. Guy Smith, from Beverley, has just returned


from the US as champion - but this weekend he's taken on an entirely


different challenge against someone very close to him. He is one of


Britain's top racing drivers, but today he has given up his 220 miles


per hour sportscar for an ancient Ford Escort. Fresh from winning the


American series of their lean on. He has come back for the rally.


This thing is the complete opposite. It is only 100 miles per hour, but


because it is sliding around, it is their real challenge. This is an


racing in a series in the America. I would say he is one of 410 best


racing drivers. If you take out the very early drivers in Formula One,


like Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, Danny is in the next level


of drivers. We want to get on this track together. We did it a few


years ago in Belgium, but crashed in the first lap. We tend to keep


away from each other. He was responsible for me to get into


rallying. I came along to watch him and then I fancied having a go


myself. We there are not car number 27 comes home first, you have to


say that this year has been very successful for him. Tomorrow, it he


and his fellow competitors will tackle the stages in the Yorkshire


Dales. It has been open just over 24 hours,


but already this year's Lincoln Market is proving a record breaker


with more than twice the number of expected visitors at last night's


opening. Our reporter Leanne Brown is there. How busy is it? As you


can see, thousands of people turning up for the Chris Nudds


market. There is no official figures, but the toy store on the


corner said they had sold eight times as much stuff as they would


normally have done. The emphasis here is very much on local produce.


You have got the food market just next to me and the specialist


marquee called the Lincolnshire Larder, which is showcasing


everything local - beers, shut knees and sweets. I have been


speaking to some of the traders. third of all the stalls are local


traders. It is time for them to show off their produce to locals


and tourists alike. The weather has been kind to us this year, which is


nice. Thank heavens we are here this year and the weather as


looking after us. The market has taken months of preparation. This


Baker will sell 20 to 30,000 calls during the winter season. People


like to have it on their cheese board. It goes very well with that


and also keeps very well. It is just lightly spiced to a


traditional Lincolnshire recipe. It has no additives and it at all.


This is a recipe developed by my grandfather in 1936 and it has not


changed much. And if you fancy a bit of cheese on your bread, what


about some local Lincoln produce? will pull out a plug of this and


have little taste. That will tell me of the cheese is ready to go on


sale. They will hopefully sell 80 to 100 of were cheeses are in their


entirety. A and if you fancy something more spicy, what about


something from this fire foods company? The latest product is the


Super Sport infused with a high quality vodka. That will really hit


home. The it is not only market traders the benefit. Local shops


also do. There are some fantastic shots to visit here. They it


straight behind me was recently voted the best street in the


country. If you are coming along this weekend, Simon has been here


all day soaking up the atmosphere and had the special guide for you.


If you are one of their thousands who are going to come to the market,


here is some advice on how to get the best out of it. First of all,


arrive in style. We have come up on the Orient Express. We are enjoying


ourselves. We are something warm have something on your head and


nice warm fit where. Wear something amusing. I thought it was just a


nice bit of fun and it also keeps me warm. Like what feels right.


was wandering FIA could have got a belt, and I am now wandering in if


I should have asked him what people belt. There are so many to choose


from. There is this fantastic ginger grater. You can actually


great it on the plate. It comes up lovely and fame. And make sure the


children are entertained. And sulkiness males as well as the


sites. It smells lovely - malt at Weymouth and roasted nuts.


smells very Chris Massey. Some fantastic hats in a report. If you


are coming along this weekend, you will be treated to a brass band,


acquire and some street theta. If you are not feeling festive yet,


you certainly will be after a visit to the Christmas market. Yes, BBC


Radio Lincolnshire will have all the latest travel details regarding


that. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. The prime minister and the French


president meet to discuss how they think the Eurozone can be saved.


And the Chancellor - George Osborne - calls for Humber Bridge tolls to


be halved within eight weeks. onus rests with the local


authorities as well. Tomorrow's weather, mostly dry and bright with


sunny spells, with a top temperature of 89 degrees Celsius.


Response coming in on the bridge. Okay, the Chancellor wants to bring


in more tall prices in the eight weeks. But surely that will simply


lead to a big increase in traffic at that time. And Sue says, at the


guy you interviewed looked very uncomfortable when you were talking


to him. A bit cynical there. And this from Chris, who is watching,


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