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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight...


Senior Humberside Police officers challenge politicians to be honest


in their assessment of cuts, warning that services will be


affected. I have to have an honest concert -- conversation with my own


people. We have to try and maintain the best of what the public want,


but it will deal with these budget cuts.


Hopes that Lincoln's Eastern Bypass will ease congestion and bring


thousands of jobs to the area. It has been called the most


successful Lincoln Christmas market ever - the benefits reaped by the


city from the four-day event. And a not-so-happy return for Nigel


Pearson, as Hull City's former manager comes back to the KC


Stadium. My and a cold start to the week. There could be based on


untreated surfaces. A fool forecast Good evening. Frontline jobs will


have to goal. A senior detective with Humberside


Police is tonight challenging politicians to be honest in their


assessment of deep cuts to the Humberside Police budget. The force


will lose �30 million and it is leading to tough choices on how


best to use resources. In a moment, we will be hearing from Chief


Superintendent Colin Andrews, who is in charge of Force Operations.


As one of Humberside Police's most senior detectives, Deena Flemming


heads up the "cold case" team. She investigates older, unsolved crimes.


Crimes she fears will take a back seat under the cuts. My team are


dealing with the 18-year-old who was raped in 1984 and we do have


the firm DNA profile. That is not a victim of today, but my argument is


that she is still a victim and deserves a service.


Sherry Kingston believes the cold case team should be protected. 31


years ago, a nine-year-old Sherry had walked to wasteland to feed the


horses. A paedophile sexually assaulted her and threatened to


kill her. Earlier this year, her attacker David Littlewood was


sentenced to seven and a half years. They was like winning the lottery.


It really was. Just to look at Ten and just to look at what the


repulsive man he is. These people will murder and the will rate at.


But 20% cuts mean tough decisions ahead. The there is no point


pretending the cuts will not have an impact. I have to talk to my own


people to work out that difficult choices we make. We have to work


out what the public want and deserve while working within the


framework of the budget cuts. The government's policing minister


Nick Herbert has told us in a statement: "I do not accept that


reductions in police funding will impact on provision of frontline


services or crime rates. We need to get away from this unhealthy


obsession with officer numbers. The issue here is how resources are


used." A as a police officer and the last 30 years, may have seen


our lot of change. But at the risk of burning out the staff we now


have. It is a situation that nobody in


the force has asked for, but one they are now forced to deal with.


Chief Superintendent Colin Andrews is head of Humberside's Operations


branch. He retires at Christmas after 37 years on the force and has


been telling me how the cuts will affect him at the sharp end. In any


area that Tanni cover, or what we have tried to do is reduce the


impact of these cuts, but inevitably, some services will have


to go. Do you think the politicians are been honest enough about this?


Officers can only cut so far without affecting frontline


services. There has been all this talk about a lot of the car has


been in the backroom staff. But we have been hearing across the board


that everyone has to prioritise. Surely the police are no different?


Yes, I do not argue with that. But we simply cannot make, cuts in the


back room. Some from line services will have to be affected. We have


got to prioritise and one of the things is that any other officers


investigating the current spate of metal thefts, but that means that


these officers are having to be taken off other investigations. You


need to understand that we do a lot of things that are not front line.


We do a lot of liaison work which is still very important and needs


to be done as well as the in-your- face policing. You are retiring,


but why can police officers not simply work longer? I ache could


have retired at seven years ago. But is simply does not make


financial sense for me to stay on any longer. I you been asked to do


too much one too little money? I think we are. I won the


operations branch and I have other will say that I do in my own time,


such as a hostage negotiator. But you can only give so which back.


Good to see it and happy retirement to you.


We would like to hear your thoughts on this. Where do you think the


police need to cut their cloth to save money? You can get in touch in


We will not some of your thoughts on this before we finish.


And tonight's edition of Inside Out will take a closer look at the


future of Humberside Police. That is on BBC One at 7.30pm.


In a moment, we will hear from former caravan workers who say they


are still waiting for money they are owed.


It could create as many as 30,000 jobs over the next 15 years with


thousands more predicted for the future. Those are just some of the


economic benefits that could come from the long-awaited Lincoln


Eastern Bypass, according to Lincolnshire County Council. Last


week, the government agreed to part-fund the scheme with �50m,


with the remainder of the money coming from the council. Our


reporter Simon Spark is in Lincoln for us this evening. How


significant is this news, Simon? is very important. Here, they say


the congestion on a daily be travels through here to and from


the city. Not surprisingly, most of the people here are in favour of


the bypass. But in order to pay for it, that needs more development to


be done. It means thousands more houses and thousands more cars. The


question then is will that actually do anything to help the congestion?


According to the county council, the �100 million project will


reduce congestion and create up to 30,000 new jobs over the next 15


years. It is not on the good news for this area, but for the


surrounding parts of Lincolnshire. The bypass will start in the North


and finish in the south. This is a problem they are trying to stop.


The traffic building up throughout the morning and at the rush hour in


evening. We needed to get out of the difficulty of getting access to


work, but we have simply created a system of traffic that clogs


everything up. But in the village there was a lot of support for it.


I cannot wait forever. It is absolutely chaotic round here.


will be good for the traders as well, because they complain there


is too much traffic in the city. private investment is found,


construction could begin by a 2014. I am joined by Paul Coatup from


Lincolnshire County Council. 30,000 jobs is a heck of a


prediction. Where are they all coming from? Me think a lot of them


will come from regeneration of the land that is proposed. It will come


from the people living in the new houses and homes that will be


constructed once the road has been got the go-ahead. And it will come


from those employments and local businesses that will go not to


accommodate that extra growth in the housing market. You have worked


for the county council for 20 years and you said last week as the


happiest day. Why was that? I was able to take people round to show


them what this bypass scheme would be like and now it is going to


become a reality. We heard in Simon's report there


that not everyone is happy. Green campaigners say this will be just


another busy road, choking the atmosphere. How much will you


consider the environmental impact when you build the road? But there


is there, we will try and mitigate any impact that this would have any


environment. But we think there will be a lot of good spin-offs in


that respect. The city centre should become all Les Paul muted,


for example. There will be an impact on the land, but we can do a


lot of things to mitigate that. Someone said to me that the Moon


will only be helpful for people to avoid coming into the city. That is


the point of it. It will take about 20 % of the traffic off.


When do you expect the road to be A lorry driver who died after an


accident on the A160 in South Killingholme this morning has been


named by police. 53-year-old Mark Connor from Manchester is believed


to have fallen ill at the wheel of his articulated lorry. The


carriageway was closed westbound for most of the morning to allow


investigations to be carried out. Anyone with information about this


incident should contact Humberside The first public consultation on


what may be the world's largest offshore wind farm has begun today.


2,600 turbines are proposed for the site at Dogger Bank. The


development will require miles of cabling and improvements to


electricity substations in East Yorkshire. A Lincoln based charity


working with homeless people has launched a new appeal. The Nomad


Trust are collecting unwanted furniture from across the city


which will furnish accommodation for people without a home.


Still ahead... As crowds flocked to Lincoln's


Christmas market, we'll find out if the four-day event has become a


victim of its own success? No pre-Christmas cheer for Nigel


Pearson as the former Hull City manager returns to the KC and the


Tonight's photograph was taken by That was a very nice photograph.


James says, can. Using the abbreviations? Just tell him he is


not a teenager. The EC MG is part of the code used in forecasts for


military forecasting so, there, stick that in your pipe and smoke


That was the viewer, not me. The headline for the next 24 hours


is a cold one. We have got a warning out, with icy patches on


untreated services. We have got a few showers rolling through more


southern parts of the region and tomorrow the wind is still in the


West. But it has a less of a flow and many parts of the region will


be dry with some sunshine. My goodness, it has been a cold day


today. There has been a significant wind chill. Can you pick out those


lines of showers? This one is still running through Lincolnshire, and


they could be a wintery flavour to some of these showers, but they


able to sort out gradually and the cloud will clear. Watch out for


those icy patches. They could be some tricky driving conditions and


the gritters are out in force. The sun will rise in the morning at


8:02am. A cold and possibly icy start on the roads. It is mostly


fine but otherwise. There is a risk of some showers, but as you can see,


many places will be dry, if a little on the cold side. A moderate


wind holding temperatures back to around 5 or 6. Wednesday, again, a


few showers. Then, look at that. Temperatures up to 9 or 10 with


some rain for some time. Right your tweeds properly or we


will have some more emails! Oh MG. See you tomorrow.


Workers made redundant from a caravan the company from Hull say


they are still waiting for the money they are owed. 360 employees


won a tribunal in 2010 entitling them to a larger payouts but so far


the administrators of the former Just one of 300 workers made


redundant a week before Christmas at 2008. To work here, I don't know


how many people... Surrey... I am too upset. We are devastated, we


don't know what is going to happen. We will dig deep and seek what kind


of Christmas we can have but the future looks bleak. Sam worked for


Atlas holiday homes for 23 years and he won a tribunal in 2010


entitling him to larger payouts but the administrators have not paid


out. We would like to know where our money is. They are getting


their money, they are getting their fees every three months, they get


their money, why can't we have our my knee? This is one of the old


sites and this is one of the problems for the administrators.


They need to sell these buildings before they can settle up with


former employees and they have told us that the economic climate over


the last three years has made that very difficult. Atlas holiday homes


is not connected with an should not be confused in any way with a


completely separate firm with a similar name operating in the area.


The majority of claims are �4,500, but there is a chance the workers


will not receive this. Employees are unsecured creditors and before


them are people like secured creditors like the bank, so they


will be paid first. And, really, it is a case of whatever is left, if


there is anything left. Unfortunately, it is hard to put a


time frame on that. There is one certainty, the sale of this


property is crucial to insure former employees finally get their


money. It's been described as the most


successful Christmas market that Lincoln has ever hosted. It's


thought the four-day event which closed yesterday saw more visitors


than ever before. Among the options now being considered is the idea of


making it a five-day event instead of the current four. Tarah Welsh


reports. We saw customers every nine seconds.


It had been a very good market. You could fill 11 bathtubs with the


amount of mulled wine bought from this tour. The Christmas market has


been here for three decades but was cancelled in 2000 and because of


bad weather. Many welcomed this year's boost. We have taken just


under two weeks' sales in over a period of three days a. The council


estimate 200,000 visitors came to the Christmas market this year.


Record numbers on Thursday and Saturday. They generated appease


�10 million for the local economy. Critics say the event is too


disruptive. The park-and-ride service is too expensive and too


busy. On Saturday, parts of the market closed for health and safety


reasons and some traders say an extra day would ease the crowds.


has been the victim of its own success. It has really grown, and


it is crowded. It opens at 4pm on Thursday and I wonder whether we


could open on 4pm on Tuesday. Then right through to Sunday.


council say extending the opening is just an idea. One of the


problems to consider his it does have an impact on the people that


live up here, things like the local school, so do we balance it with


extending the market, disrupting, or do we manage the crowd


differently? We will look at everything. Businesses hope that


whatever is done, it will make the Christmas as merry as this one.


A great success. 18 days after he left Hull City,


Nigel Pearson was back at the club as Leicester City manager. But if


he thought his inside knowledge about the Tigers would be a route


to success, he was wrong. Here's our sports reporter Simon Clark.


A few days ago, he was the manager of Hull City but Nigel Pearson's


plotting of his old club's downfall did not go to plan. Thanks to an


eagle eyed official, the Tigers and a penalty. The Leicester man was


dispatched from the field. Matty Fryer put City ahead. Even with 10


men, Leicester were dangerous as they proved when they scored a fine


equaliser. The Tigers in the second half pressed for a winner which


proved elusive, until this... 1-1... Left foot, he has done it


again! Aigner, obviously, their strengths and weaknesses. Today


was... We made life difficult for ourselves so disappointing not to


get anything out of the game, but credit to them. How hard was at to


see Nigel? It was strange. It was odd. Like their say, it is when


your professionalism cuts and, and make sure you play the game.


win was the thing they needed before their game with Birmingham.


You look at the atmosphere on Saturday, it was fantastic. And


when this place is rocking, it is intimidating for any a wayside and


we need that, week in, week out. will take him some time but he will


be OK. He is one of our own. experience builds up, he will do us


good and the team will support him as well. That seems enough, then,


for these fans to brave a cold Wednesday night out against


Birmingham. And Hull City could face record


signing Jimmy Bullard in the third round of the FA Cup. The Tigers


have been drawn against Bullard's Ipswich Town. Grimsby Town will


face Sheffield United if they beat Salisbury in a replay. The Mariners


managed a goalless draw against them on Saturday in Wiltshire.


It's been one of the big talking points of the year. The weather's


kept us all guessing over the last few months and brought some


unexpected surprises. November was one of the mildest on record but


now temperatures have dropped and today parts of Yorkshire have seen


their first snow falls of winter. Phil Connell reports on our


In case we had forgotten, December's arrived with a few sharp


reminders of winter. This was the Yorkshire Dales this morning, with


flurries of snow also seen in East Yorkshire. Freezing conditions


which have brought a smile to the face of this coal merchant. I have


been in a coal trade for 46 years. We have had the warmest November I


have ever known. But today the firm has never stopped ringing.


coldest place this morning was Langtoft at minus two, a chilly


contrast of highs of around 12 degrees in November. For the garden,


more confusion. On this allotment, the more seasonal temperatures have


been well come to. It helps to actually get rid of some of the


disease has, it helps to get rid of pests. This time last year, there


was little chance of that. Several days of heavy stone blob of


gritters working round the clock. This year, East Yorkshire gritters


say they are well prepared and until now there has been no chance


to prove it. We have been prepared from the beginning of September. We


are out there, ready to roll, and we are out there today. The first


sight of winter brought a busy day for this shopkeeper. With sledges,


shovels and salt. People see the snow coming down, a bit of a flurry.


There was a bit of a panic. People wanted to get sledges and avoid the


panic of last year for. After last year's wintery weather, preparation


is key. Shovel, sold, and dish Sledge. This is one reporter are


ready for all eventualities. -- shovel, salt and Sledge.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines. France and


Germany agreed to any treaty to tackle the eurozone countries --


crisis. They want to deal in a few months prompting a call for a


referendum in a Britain. The Government is called to be more


honest about budget cuts. Tomorrow's weather, a mixture of


sunny intervals, a mixture, with top temperatures of six.


We asked how Humberside police can save money and thank you for the


was by his. On Twitter. But -- I applaud the


honesty. James says, they can still spend �30 million on a new police


station but they could have used that from their budget and done up


some of the old stations and may does saving.


Steve, start with a helicopter - an absolute waste of money. There is


no way the police can justified tracing a �600 stolen car in a


helicopter. On Twitter, Humberside police


should stop buying �58,000 cars, that seems fair to me. Put more


police on bikes instead of spending money on flashy cars.


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