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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


The company sending workers home for Christmas on half pay as they


try to save jobs. It is difficult. Dozens of baby seals have died


after a tidal surge off the Lincolnshire coast.


Developers say dualling this road will boost the economy as much as


cutting Humber Bridge tolls. And how a purring engine revealed a


feline secret. And some strong winds to come. All very latest. --


Unions say it's an act of solidarity which could save


workers' jobs. This afternoon, more than 100 staff at a steel mill in


Scunthorpe went home for Christmas on half-pay to allow their company


to save money in a tough time. They won't return until January. Caparo


Merchant Bar has 187 staff and says the unions fully support the shut-


down. Sarah Corker reports. A 50% pay cut to stay in work.


That's the sacrifice workers here are making to help their company


save money and jobs. Like other steel producers across the world,


Caparo Merchant Bar are feeling the effects of the recession. And today


the unions came out in support of the move to cut pay and extend


holidays temporarily. People see what is happening and think, we


still have got a job. Hopefully, in January, it will go back to normal.


The company has cut back to all but a skeleton staff. It says extensive


stoppages and not unusual this time of year, especially when trading


conditions -- a-week. Pay cuts and shorter working weeks


have been put in place across the UK for years. Manufacturing firm


JCB's workers voted in thousands to accept a �50 a week pay cut to keep


350 jobs, and similar action was taken at British Airways. One


expert says many other firms could opt to go down the same path.


expect companies around the country at doing similar things to this.


The caravan industry has been one of the biggest victims of the


recession across our area. This manufacturer in Hull says flexible


working patterns have been the key to their survival. You can extend


the holidays. You can go onto a shorter week.


Back in Scunthorpe, and more than 150 workers have agreed to the pay


cut. It's hoped the money the company saves over the next few


weeks will give them a better chance of being competitive in the


new year. I'm joined by the MP for Scunthorpe,


Nic Dakin. Why do call as positive? -- why do you call this positive?


We are facing very difficult times nationally. If the workers can get


through this, hopefully they will still be there for the good times.


It is not positive if you lose half your wages. No, it is not what


people would ideally wish. People would prefer our steel companies to


be taking on jobs, rather than take these kinds of measures. These are


very difficult times. I think this is a very sensible way of


management and unions working together. You mentioned unions.


Would they be happy to go down this path if it means avoiding


redundancy? They are working together to make sure they can


deliver a good outcome. It is a prosperous business, so there are


prosperous jobs. It is not what anybody wants. They are navigating


this in a sensible way. Would MPs be happy to do this? Clearly,


people would be happy for MPs to do this! MPs have not had a pay


increase. They have not had a pay reduction. They are things for


people to address that the proper time. Thank you very much for


talking to was tonight. Would you stay at home and take


half-pay for a month if it helped your company and allowed you and


your colleagues to stay in work? Are the unions right to be


Some other jobs news. 176 people have been made redundant from a


commercial vehicle dealership. H and L Garages, which sold Mercedes


Vans and Trucks, has gone into administration. The firm has


garages in Lincoln Hull, Boston, Immingham and York. Mercedes said


it had stripped H and L of the right to sell its brand. It's


opened a helpline for staff who want to be redeployed.


In a moment: Sheep theft is on the rise. Now


there are warnings of the dangers of buying black market meat. A


woman accused of murdering her fiance after deliberately hiding


their business troubles from him has gone on trial at Lincoln Crown


Court. Julie Dixon, who's 43, is charged with killing David Twigg at


Burgh le Marsh in March. The court heard that Mr Twigg was locked


inside his joinery workshop, which was set alight. The prosecution


alleged it was Mrs Dixon who locked the door.


More than 70 seal pups are believed to have died at a nature reserve on


the Lincolnshire coast. A tidal surge washed them away from their


mothers last week. Wildlife experts say they are still assessing the


impact on the seal colony at Donna Nook. Tarah Welsh spent the day


there. New mothers keeping a close eye on


their young. But last Monday, nature stole some of the new pups


here. These are the lucky ones, but many others died when bad weather


and a high tide caused a surge of water, sweeping them away from


their mothers. We had a very high tide. Normally, the sandbanks work,


and they get moved around. If left alone, it's unlikely new born seals


will survive. This baby has been trying to suckle a mother seals,


but of course, they rejected it. -- so-called on other seals. It will


join ten others that have been brought in since last week. The


seal pup has been brought here and is warming up under that lamp. It


will be looked after and released into the wild in about six months.


Others were not so lucky. It's hard to know exactly how many seals have


been lost, but volunteers here believe it's around 75 out of


roughly 1,000 born, and say they've never seen anything like it and


hope it never happens again. It's really sad. It's amazing to see.


It's sad. It's a shock, because they were thriving when we first


came. All surviving pups are now being


looked after or have been reunited with their mothers, until they're


strong enough to head out to sea all on their own.


It's been confirmed the Queen's Park Special School in Lincoln will


close, despite widespread objections from parents. The school


teaches children with learning difficulties. Lincolnshire County


Council says it's too small and will relocate pupils to two other


special schools in the area. After a number of sheep thefts in


Lincolnshire, trading standards are warning shoppers of the risks of


eating black market meat. In the latest raid at Epworth in North


Lincolnshire, 23 sheep were stolen. It's thought they will be killed at


illegal abbatoirs. The National Farmers' Union says sheep thefts


have doubled as the price of meat continues to rise. Simon Spark


reports. Trying to piece together how his


sheep were stolen, Farmer Paul Antcliff is the latest victim of a


rising crime. 22 ewes and one ram were stolen. Most of the females


were in lamb and together had a value of just under 4,000 pounds.


The Sheba he still had were so frightened, they broke through a


two wire fences to try to escape -- the sheep. There's nothing you can


do, really. This follows what was believed to


be one of the biggest cases of sheep rustling in 25 years, when


over 1,400 ewes and lambs were stolen from Stenigot near Louth in


September. But with livestock being such a tightly regulated area, the


real danger is the use of illegimate abattoirs and food


outlets to pass on the meat. real concern is around the safety


of the meat going into the human food chain. Have a think about it.


Buy from reputable sources. Paul's now weighing up his options


on whether to continue with his sheep farming for much longer.


That might be another story you want to comment on. Sent me an e-


mail. Still ahead tonight: The engineer


from East Yorkshire putting his building skills to a different use.


And the hardy cat who went on an And the hardy cat who went on an


That is a fantastic story coming up in about 10 minutes.


John Esser took this near Stainton The outlook is an unsettled one.


Tomorrow, we can expect westerly gales and developing and we could


have some severe gales later on Thursday. You can see these weather


systems pushing in across the Atlantic. Now, it has been a lovely


day. We're seeing some patchy rain and drizzle across their region.


Longer outbreaks of rain for some, but by the end of the make the main


news out into the North Sea. Overnight temperatures between two


and three degrees Celsius. Here are the sun rises and higher water


It will be the very win the day, with wind in the more exposed parts


of the region getting up to 50 or 60 miles per hour. The top


temperatures, fairly academic given the wind, but six or seven degrees


Celsius. It will turn wet and windy through Thursday and the risk of


severe gales. Join me on Twitter. Stop advertising! I love the way


you say, or has it been a lovely day? You are supposed to tell us,


Humberside Police say jobs will have to go as the force looks to


save �30 million. They are concerns about the effect this will have on


their ability to fight crime. Michelle from Hull says...


Thank you very much for all of these.


Upgrading the road between Beverley and the Humber Bridge is as


important for the local economy as cutting bridge tolls. That is the


view of developers who want to build a �100 million business park


close to the ridge. -- the bridge. The A164 will be dualled for a


short section at Willerby, after the government agreed to provide


most of the money. Last night we focussed on the Lincoln East Bypass,


which also received funding. Tonight Rowan Crompton reports from


Willerby. Going to work or coming home, rush


hour on the A164 can be a frustrating time for drivers.


make trouble here two or three times a week and always get stuck


in traffic. At rush-hour, it is horrendous. It can and 30 or 40


minutes to your journey. I was stuck for about 15 minutes on it


this morning. It can get very clogged up when people are going to


work. The council has put �2.3 million


towards these improvements, to add to the money given by the


government last week. Full the developer building a business park


on this land near the Humber Bridge, it is a welcome investment.


bridge tolls been it Regis, it will allow Labour to flow more easily


around the region. It is such an important economic corridor between


Hull and other parts of the region. By for some, these plans do not go


far enough. A I think they should start at one end of Lincoln and


bring a right through. They should have done it 20 years ago. It is


here that we will be able to make the traffic move.


The improvements works will begin in April and should be completed


within a year, but for some they cannot come soon enough.


One road that did not get funding from the Chancellor was the A63


through Hull. Today, the government told the


city's three Labour MPs that even the smallest of improvements were


at least three years away. Leanne Brown is beside the road.


How badly do the MPs say improvements are needed?


The A63 is the main route in and out of Hull. It is heavily used by


commuters and traffic heading to Hull Docks. You can see how busy it


is by these pictures we took in rush hour. More than 50,000 cars


Hughes at each day. -- use it each day.


The second problem is that the road cuts off access to the marina area


heel behind me. One of the ideas has been to create


a tunnel road if you like, by lowering the A63 and building a


bridge over the top. As you said, three MPs - Karl Turner, Diana


Johnson and Alan Johnson - met with the Transport Minister. They have


have made some headway on this. Tomorrow night, we will look at how


millions of pounds to upgrade the A18-A180 link road could open up


trade on the banks of the Humber. RAF staff who played a role in


Operations in Libya were thanked personally by the Prime Minister in


Downing Street. Crews from RAF Waddington and RAF Coningsby in


Lincolnshire and RAF Marham in Norfolk were among the guests at a


reception held by David Cameron. The Prime Minister said he was


proud to play host to them. have held a lot of parties and


receptions and this soon, but I do not think any of them have given me


such a sense of honour as the one today. Everyone in this room gave


incredible service to the country in the operations over Libya. They


contributed in the air, won this seat and on the ground. I want to


thank you all for you're incredible dedication, courage and commitment


that you showed. In football, two of our non-league


clubs are playing tonight. Grimsby Town, who won their last league


game 7-0, owe Mansfield Town in the Blue Square Bet Premier League --


host Mansfield. And Lincoln City, who are sixth from the bottom, are


at home to Luton Town. Your all local BBC radio stations


will have full coverage from tonight's games.


BBC Radio Humberside will have the Grimsby game on their FM frequency


and online. Sportstalk is on the air now.


And BBC Lincolnshire will be at Sincil Bank with commentary on FM


from seven o'clock. An engineer from East Yorkshire has


been crowned Mr UK's Best Newcomer - at his first bodybuilding


competition. Andy Pickering took part after being spotted by a


trainer at his local gym. Now he is hoping to be the next Mr Universe.


Pandy Pickering has been coming to the local gym for one year. But


just a few months ago, his potential for body-building was


spotted. It is something I used to do to increase Sybase just for the


fun of it. But I do not ever think about the potential for going in


two competitions. I always say it is the Honda Sport in the world,


because it is 24 caused Adie, seven days a week. -- hardest sport in


the world. And this was the moment when he came first in the


competition. Weighing in at 17 stone, he is now in training for


the Mr Britton competition. He is on a strict diet. I will have six


to eight eggs scrambled. And that is just for breakfast. He is hoping


this will be the first of many trophies. Hopefully, I can win the


British tour fee and go on to bigger and better things.


He spent two weeks trapped under the bonnet of his owner's car.


Drago, who is 14, was only discovered when a faint meow was


heard coming from the engine compartment. Now, after two weeks


without food, he is recovering at home in Hull. He does of course


have main ways to play with, but Drago used one of them up. His


mystery disappearance has finally been discovered. He spent two weeks


close to home in a place no one had suspected. I suddenly heard a faint


at the Owl and lifted up the bonnet. And there was Drago. His head was


there and his body was there and he was just trapped. Inside, he was


driven to the emergency vet. Despite losing half his body weight,


he was described as the luckiest cat alive and has now received a


clean bill of health. It is thought he had may be made twill journeys


from his business to his house. It is thought he travelled 60 miles,


but any more than that and he probably would not have survived.


He should be dead. He really should be. With one life lost, it is hoped


Drago will be a little less curious As I say, a great story and if you


have one you think we should know about, get in touch at the usual


contact methods. Let us get a recap of the national


and regional headlines... Unprecedented violence, even for


Afghanistan. For the first time, bomb attacks across the country


target Muslims at prayer. And a company is sending workers


home for Christmas on half pay as they try to save jobs.


And tomorrow's weather - mostly dry and bright with plenty of sunshine,


but some gale force winds. A top temperature of seven Celsius. We


have had a big response about the company which is giving the workers


have pay. Keith says, rated a voluntary 20 % cut for one year to


help my company survive. I would do it again. This sacrifice was worth


it. But another says, this will on the make things more difficult, as


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