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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Dozens of workers at a North East Lincolnshire oil refinery walkout


in protest over pay and conditions. The employers need to set up an


agreement on their own without negotiations with the unions.


guilty - the Lincolnshire woman who has changed her plea and admitted


to murdering her boyfriend. Ret out of the wall using a stolen


forklift - these try to steal a village cash point.


And a winter Wonderland was almost 100 Christmas trees on display end


as Scunthorpe church. And a warning of severe gales


tomorrow. All the latest in 15 minutes.


Good evening. Workers at an oil refinery in North East Lincolnshire


say they are being forced to give up their travel expenses and also


signed an no-strike clause as part of a new deal, which they say it is


unfair. Today, around 100 workers took part in an unofficial strike


action at the Conoco Lindsey oil refinery plant. It has been part of


a nationwide day of protests by contractors who are in dispute over


changes to the terms and conditions of their contracts.


Standing up for the rights was were standing in the freezing cold to


these men. Many of them and electricians at the Conoco Lindsey


oil refinery. It is not the first time they have come out about this.


They are refusing to sign a new deal with their deal with their


employers, Balfour Beatty. One of seven major contractors introducing


a new nationwide agreement. They are making massive profits. They


are looking at a potential 26% pay cut. Strikers say they eat --


employers are cutting pay and conditions. Changes to travel


allowances could stop expenses being given, and a no-strike clause


will be added to the workers' contracts. They say these are being


forced without negotiations with unions. There were some heated


moments between the workers outside and those trying to get them, but


most of the protest was peaceful. There are fears within the industry


that this may spread to other agreements. It is important that


people going to work understand why we're here. In a statement, the


trade organisation representing the company's told us, no one will take


a pay cut. In fact 30% will see an increase in their pay packets and


no one will lose their jobs. HVCA said the agreement was about


responding to changes in the construction industry and added, if


we do not evolve, then we cannot remain competitive and we could see


British firms losing jobs to foreign contractors. The


consultation into the changes will end next month and unless employers


can, but the new offer, they say they'll be out again.


Earlier I spoke to Lee Whiting who is an employment lawyer in Hull. I


asked him if the company were within their rights to do this.


companies are entitled to make changes if they have a business


reason for doing it. And they have negotiated with the trade union and


they have consulted with the employee is, they are able to do it.


If the employees do not accept it and the employer has decided to


dismiss, in that situation they were -- would have claims to unfair


dismissal. These are not contract workers. You would think they would


have more secure rights. They have the right to declare unfair


dismissal. If employers are dealing with this properly, then employers


are entitled to dismiss. In that situation, if the employer has done


everything, the employee has left without anything. Are the Orchid to


introduce an no-strike clause? generally speaking, they can do


this if they have a pressing business reason. If they consult


with the employees and trade unions, then generally speaking employers


are able to do this. If I say to you are not going to get any


expenses because we could lose jobs to a dog. Is that a good enough


reason? That could be a good enough reason. These depend on their own


facts. It will be a question of fact it's. In a way, employees, in


the current climate, they are over a barrel? The problem a lot of


employers are fizzing is that if they do not accept these changes,


if they do not except these changes, they are aware they could be made


redundant. Employers will be thinking that within the current


climate, how quickly will I get another job? So they are between a


rock and a hard place. Thank you very much.


I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this one. As the


company say, they need to stay competitive. Workers say they need


to protect their terms and conditions. Maybe you are one of


those workers. If you want to contact us police do the following


ways: -- pleas to do in the following ways: Thank you for


getting in touch about the workers who have agreed to take a temporary


reduction in their pay to save money at their company.


More than 100 staff at Caparo Merchant Bar went home yesterday


and will not return until January. Thank you for the females and texts


on this one. Steer from grounds may says: It is


not a good thing to take a pay cut. How do you pay your mortgage if you


take one? Marc Welby tweeted: I think it is


great that the employer, union and employees are working together to


save jobs. I would do the same thing if needed.


And Cowell says: I do not thank the workers have much choice. I think


they're doing it is and a job. Then a moment: Safe and warm for


Christmas. The people who have been taken off the streets thighs to a


multi-million-pound homeless shelter.


The girlfriend of a man from Lincolnshire who was locked in a


store cupboard and had his business set on fire, has admitted murdering


him. Julie Dixon had initially claimed last intruders had attacked


the couple. But today, the jury at Lincoln Crown Court had been told


she had changed her plea and was guilty of murder. Anne-Marie Tasker


was in court. How surprising read these revelations in court today?


There was as sense of shock in the Court this afternoon when Julie


Dixon's lawyer stood up and told the court she had changed to plead


and was now admitting to killing her long-term boyfriend. Julie


Dixon broke down in tears and she was visibly shaking as the court


heard that after months of blaming others, she was finally admitting


to murdering 46-year-old David Twigg.


To outsiders they seemed a happy couple. But today it was revealed


that David Twigg had in fact been killed by his long-term girlfriend,


Julie Dixon. David Twigg died after a fire in his business on March


13th. He had been locked inside the store cupboard on -- and the


premises set alight. The amount of poisonous gases proved fatal. He


was a much-respected businessman and trivets were paid to them at St


Peter's and St Paul's. At first David Twigg's are often seemed


distraught at his death. Telling the BBC at the time: As police


began to scour the murder scene, Julie Dixon told officers the


couple had been attacked by two last intruders.


Later she changed her story and told the police there couple had


made a suicide pact. But investigators did not buy either a


story. The prosecution told the Crown Court, Julie Dixon could not


admit to David Twigg that the business was in financial dire


straits. She was so reluctant to tell, she took his life. But this


case is far from over yet. Lawyers will be back in court tomorrow


morning to tell the judge why Julie Dixon has now decided to change her


see and to give her version of events what did happen back in


March. But those legal discussions may take some time. So this evening


we are no clear or when Julie Dixon will be sentenced for this crime.


Two people have been arrested in connection with an attempted


robbery at a bank in Coningsby. Lincolnshire police believe that a


stolen forklift was used to try and remove a cash machine at the Lloyds


Bank. This was the scene that met


villagers in Coningsby this morning. Overnight, this local bank was


attacked when thieves, using a stolen forklift truck, wreck their


cash machine out of the wall. Everybody this morning and are


angry about it. I do not know what to make a vet. It is a big surprise


and a big shock. We do not normally get anything like this in the


village. What is the point of trying to break into a bank? It is


stupid. Police say four men are believed to being involved in the


robbery but they were disturbed before they could take the cash


machine away. Two men in their 40s have been arrested and questioned


in relation to the incident. We do not believe they have got away with


anything yet. Although this type of crime is rare, it is not the first


time something like this has happened in her area. Two years ago,


this I can Winterton was robbed and there was a similar incident in


Woodhall spa the following year. Despite this, police are keen to


reassure residents. Con in spree is a very quiet place to live. No one


should be frightened of this. -- Coningsby. Police will now speak to


other police forces to see if there are links with any attempted


robberies across the country. People living in the centre of


Immingham are hoping that the sound of lorries driving down the road


will soon be a distant memory. Work is scheduled to start on the new


they won a Tea link road next year after funding for it was announced


last week. The A 180 link. Having one of the country's major


ports means they major amount of heavy traffic on new roads. Now


with an agreement for the No -- new link roads, it means Immingham


could soon see a change. One area that will benefit is here. They get


lorries coming through here 24 hours and hours a day and it is


making residents' lives a misery. If there is another one going. And


then another one. For the last seven years, this woman and her


husband have seen the traffic outside their front door or crow


too reliant was levels. It is thundering, vibration, we have to


have your TV on loud. Sometimes the property feels like it is never


still, because of the vibrations. It must have quadrupled since the


time we came here. Everyone along this road is affected by it. At the


moment, some lorries travel along this road to reach the docks.


Instead they will be able to use the A 173. We come to Immingham


docks. Any by passes will get us there fast. Here are not going


through the villages. It is good for them. If it takes away all the


heavy traffic, it will be heaven. Simple as that. North-east


Lincolnshire council say there are other benefits as well. It will


allow the area will develop. It is a key scheme for the Humber area,


north-east Lincolnshire and it is key for business. The work will


cost 65 �3 billion and will be completed by the summer of 2014.


It is nearly quarter to seven. We will be live at the KC Stadium


as Hull City look to build over their win over the last boss.


And the church opening its doors to If you have a photograph, send it


into us. Tonight's is a The Church at Ulceby in North


Lincolnshire taken by the pupils of St Nicholas Primary School, so says


The Met Office have got a warning in place for some very strong winds


are developing. Could be severe gales, and that mean gusts in


excess of 60 miles an hour, and I wouldn't be surprised if parts of


Yorkshire get up to 70 miles an hour. They could beat a problem for


the commuter. You can see why a very deep area of low pressure is


closely packing together. By the end of the day, those isobars get


tighter still. They risk of severe gales as the tomorrow develops. It


is a windy enough at the moment. One or two showers have crept in


from the West. Other than that, it is dry, and should stay like that


for much of tonight. The winds will ease a little bit. It clouds over


later, and there will be patchy rain spreading in from the West.


Temperatures down to 2-three degrees. This summer will rise at


8am. So, it looks as if it will be wet at times tomorrow. Patchy


outbreaks of rain in the morning, but then as we head through the


afternoon, a narrow band of rain per share them from the north-west.


The winds are strengthening all the while. -- rain per share in. --


pushers in. 11 degrees Celsius, If you want more on the weather,


your BBC local radio station will have it.


21 homeless people will be spending Christmas in warm, safe


accommodation, thanks to a new centre that has opened in Lincoln.


The charity behind the scheme is helping them to make a new start,


and aims to eradicate rough sleeping in the city completely.


Proud of a new home, Katie couldn't be happier to shore of the flat she


is sharing with her partner at the Pathways Centre in Lincoln. Here is


my kitchen. After losing her job and home, Katie was left with


nowhere to go. If I wasn't here now, I could be on the streets, sleeping


rough, not eating, and basically living like a homeless person.


centre will provide up to 21 home as people with temporary come at --


accommodation, but this is more than just a roof over people's


heads. The idea is to help people regain independence and get back on


their feet. Last week, there were 72 people registered as homeless in


Lincoln. This has attracted high- profile campaigners, including the


Bishop's former Bishop. Today, the leader of the city council formally


opened the new centre. In talking to some of the residents, they are


so pleased with the facilities that gives and dignity, because the


standards are good here, the facilities are good, they feel that


perhaps for the first time they are valued. They feel that their needs


are being recognised and met. Residents will get help finding


work, and the opportunity to learn new skills. The charity behind the


Pathways Centre hopes it will put an end to rough sleeping in Lincoln.


I think it tears realistic. The quality of accommodation is good. -


- it is. Residents will be able to stay for up to two years.


And that's another one you may want to talk to us about tonight. E-mail


or text me and we'll have some of your thoughts before the end of the


programme. The Red Arrows have been cleared to


fly again by the Ministry of Defence. The display team, based at


RAF Scampton, had been grounded since the death of Flight


Lieutenant Sean Cunningham last month. Investigations are ongoing


into the accident which involved the ejection seat in his Hawk jet.


Hull Transport Interchange was evacuated for an hour this morning


because of a suspected gas leak. There were reports of a smell of


gas on the rail platforms, and passengers hoping to travel on


trains and buses were told to leave the station. The Interchange re-


opened just before 11am after engineers inspected the site.


Another big crowd is expected at the KC stadium in Hull tonight as


Hull City face Birmingham City. The Tigers won on Saturday, and they


are hoping for more of the same tonight to move further towards the


promotion places. With anticipation building at the


KC Stadium, fans are confident the Tigers could pick up the full three


points to propel them back into the play-off places. The team are young.


They will develop. They are doing well at the moment, and are trying


hard. They are in for a chance of a play-off place. I think Barmby will


make a good manager. This weekend's victory ended a run of Galat


consecutive defeats. It has given the sides a confidence boost. --


ended a run of two consecutive defeats. We now have to kick on.


This is an opportunity far asked. The last time these teams met was


MP Premier League. -- in the Premier League. It is their best


equivalent return for seven years. Victory tonight would make it three


wins out of five. After relegation, Chris Hughton's side have won just


one, and slipped from eighth place to 14th. Both teams was seen this


as a must-win match to keep their promotion hopes on track.


Our reporter, Sarah Corker, is live at the KC Stadium now. Sarah, will


there be a big crowd there tonight do you think? Despite the cold


weather, fans are in high spirits. We are expecting a crowd of 17,000


people, and their fans know a good set of results in December will put


them in a strong position in the play-offs. I am joined by Peter


Swann. Just how much of a challenge will Birmingham pose? You only have


to look at the league table. It won't be easy. It hasn't had a bad


start, but how important are the next few weeks? That is the big


thing, caretaker boss. The important fact is if he can get the


results. With the kick-off in a less than an hour, you can see


behind me it is starting to fill up, and fans here are confident that


they can string together a winning run, and bad in the next week or so,


we showed no have they are doing. And you can follow all the action


from that match on BBC Radio Humberside. The team are on-air now


with Sportstalk. A Lincolnshire stately home built


in the 1600s is to be brought into the 21st century with a state-of-


the-art heating system. Belton House, near Grantham, is installing


it to help control the humidity in the house. Staff say the �500,000


scheme will help preserve its priceless contents.


If you've not got the Christmas spirit yet, a trip to Scunthorpe


this weekend might just do the trick. 80 decorated trees are being


displayed in the town. It has been described as a magical sight and


the perfect start to Christmas. From the outside of this church,


there are few clues as to what lies inside. Open the door, and enter a


magical world of Christmas. The Christmas Tree Festival has been


organised by the Rotary Club, and has been described as one of the


best displays of its kind. This year, up 80 decorated trees have


different themes. This one is all about football. Some are original,


some are traditional, and some are not. This one, for example, is


highly original. The Christmas tree exhibition that will be raising


funds for Scunthorpe's Hospice, which, this morning, it was


preparing for Christmas as well. Last year, nearly �4,000 was raised.


It is great fun for all people involved, and everyone who goes


along. It generates cash for a great cause. There are 80 trees


being decorated. But this one is extra special. Maureen was a


patient at a hospice. Each time I put up or born, I think of a member


of the group who has got breast cancer. -- poked a bauble on. We


can attract people to thinking pink. The festival will be opened this


weekend, raising funds for a great cause, while raising our festive


spirits as well. And you can see that display at Old


Brumby United Church on Ashby Road in Scunthorpe from 10:30am this


Saturday, or from 12 o'clock on Sunday lunchtime.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines:


David Cameron is under pressure over a new EU treaty - he's facing


calls for Britain to win back powers from Brussels.


Dozens of workers at a North East Lincolnshire oil refinery walk out


in protest over pay and conditions. Tomorrow's weather - cloudy with


patchy rain in places, turning heavy in the afternoon, but


clearing in most areas by dusk. Severe gales developing. Top


temperatures 11 Celsius. Some travel news now: Those winds


We were talking about changes to employees ride by employers. A


couple of the messages and Tweets. I feel I would do as my employer


thinks best to stay competitive to keep the business going. On e-mail,


this from Tom: I have never heard of any employee walking out because


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