08/12/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines: Strong winds prevent


a ferry docking and fishermen setting sail, as disruption hits


the area. If you owe more than a few miles out, you lose the Lee of


the land until his horrendous. -- it is horrendous.


Those who will carry the Olympic torch next year are revealed.


just making my confidence caught up the ladder.


The last-minute plea by businesses not to reduce pay-outs for


producing solar electricity. And the sailor from Grimsby taking


a starring role in the latest internet video.


And the wind is likely to get stronger and the last -- and the


next few hours. Hundreds of ferry passengers have


been stranded for nine hours off Hull today because of high winds.


The overnight crossing from Rotterdam should have berthed at


8.30am, but it was not until that they could finally disembark. --


only been in the last hour. The weather has caused many transport


problems. Amanda Thomson is live at Hull Marina, further into the


shelter of the estuary from the ferry terminal.


There is better news for the passengers. These are the latest


figures we have. -- pictures. It is not the end for other people in the


region. Bridlington's lobster fisherman. This is a important time


of year, but it is hindering their livelihoods.


All tied up and going nowhere. And a glance over the harbour wall


shows you why. Bridlington's lobster fishermen are sitting at


home, unable to make a living while high winds have kept them in port


for over a week. If you go too far out, it is just horrendous. It has


been a week and a half since we last went out. Last time we went it


was horrendous. It wasn't worth what you were catching. The risk


involved, no way. It even takes a certain amount of courage to


venture out on land. If you have nowhere to be an you like a bracing


walk, this will blow the cobwebs away. But people coming from


Rotterdam last night, this has made their journey gruelling. The Pride


Of Hull's berth lay empty today. She was out on the heavy seas that


had tossed her all night, all day, and into this evening, along with


hundreds of passengers waiting for better conditions.


The problem has been a combination of two things. The first was the


weather and the winds, but by the time the ship got into the area


this morning, on schedule, we had a low tide, which made it very


difficult or virtually impossible for the ship to move on to birth. -


- into berth. Back on land, conditions that could be put to


good use at Lisset were making it dangerous to travel on two wheels.


You have to constantly slowdown and go back to the side of the road so


people can get past. It is scary, because you do not have full


control. And with winds picking up again tonight, it will be the early


hours before we see any respite. Is the disruption likely to


continue? There are some bits and bobs we


need to tell you about. If you are expecting anyone on East Coast


trains from London this evening, the service that a schedule to


leave at 7:30pm, that is now a replacement bus service. But


northern rail services are running on time. On the road, the Humber


bridges closed to high-sided vehicles and caravans, and there is


a 30 mph speed limit. We have checked with the reports, and


everything seems pretty much OK there. That is good news. We are


told that the ship should be departing Hull at midnight, and


fingers crossed we will have the weather and a few minutes.


Hopefully the crossing tonight will not be as horrific for those trying


to get into Hull this afternoon. For all the latest on any delays or


problems the weather is causing, tune into your local radio stations.


Radio Humberside and Radio Lincolnshire are on the air


throughout the evening, and will also have the latest through the


morning rush-hour. And we will have more at 10:25pm.


In a moment: A blunder from the Birmingham


keeper gives Hull City an early Christmas present at the KC Stadium.


It has been described as the opportunity of a lifetime, and


today hundreds of people across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


have learned that they will be running with the Olympic torch next


year. Overall more than 6,000 people will take part in the torch


relay ahead of the opening ceremony in London next summer. The relay is


expected to have a worldwide audience of millions. We have met


some of the chosen few. Carrying the Olympic torch on part


of its journey to like one of the most important symbols of the Games


is considered a great honour. But to get that incredible chance, you


have to be nominated. Like this man from Hull. He has followed in his


father's that it -- that stepson dedicated his life to boxing.


It is fantastic. I'm very proud. Not just for me, but for my family


and friends, for the people of the city. Everyone that I know, and


have worked with. He was not the only one to get the e-mail. So did


this Fifteen-year-old. She was hospitalised two years ago after a


horse fell on her and crushed her pelvis. Her return had -- her


return to sport has been inspiration will. I have been given


this amazing opportunity, I am honoured. It is amazing. This women


set up a foundation that helps children with serious childhood


illnesses. This was after her son was born with a condition she could


not find help for. I didn't think I would have a touch it, far less


hold it in my hand. It is going to be amazing. What a fantastic thing


for the torch to come to Hull, it will be a fantastic day for.


And when this lady is not playing cricket, she is teaching children.


It is a great way to get people involved in the Olympics, and


taking it around Lincolnshire is great, and being part of that and


share it with the pupils at the school, they are very excited as


well. Hopefully they can come and see. Each one of them will be part


of an amazing journey. From 18th June, the torch will travel from


Bridlington, to Beverley, Hull, and then on to Scunthorpe and Grimsby,


on to Lincoln. It will then return to the south of Lincolnshire after


Nottingham, then heading to Norfolk,. Without you and my mum, I


would not be doing this. It will be an emotional and forgettable -- and


unforgettable experience. The idea of the Olympic torch is to


celebrate achievements of ordinary people. We have seen some of those


achievements. The idea of the torch is to


celebrate the lives of ordinary people, who have achieved


remarkable things. Earlier today this household found


out that she was going to carry the torch. She developed a brain tumour,


and it has been a long battle back to health. It is amazing,


unbelievable. You do not hear stuff like that every day. I am really


shell-shocked. When she was nominated, I thought no, she won't


get it. She just gets on with life, but when we got the news, I thought,


yes, she's done it! I'm so pleased for her.


It was her teacher who had nominated her to carry the torch.


She has seen for herself how Starr has made such progress. Her whole


attitude to life is absolutely inspirational, so it was no


question who we would choose. going good. I have some days where


I have a wobble, but it is going good. At the end of the day, it is


school! There is no doubt, that here she is a very popular nominee.


We wish her all the very best. I would like to hear from you on


this one. Have you been selected to be a torch bearer, or maybe you


know someone who has? Who do you think should be holding the torch?


Will you be going to watch the event as it travels through East


Last night we brought you the story of an unofficial protest, where


workers were protesting about planned changes to their conditions.


But the contract to their workforces they have to remain


competitive or they could lose work to foreign firms.


A viewer has Dexter to say the company seemed to do what they want


to, due to the recession. They know people need a job.


An anonymous call says, it seems to be that the employers always get


their own way. I travel from Hull to the site, and all I get is �37 a


week for fuel and tolls. And regarding changes to terms and


conditions, a cure has said, I would do as my employer thinks is


best to seek competitive to keep the business going in these


difficult times. Some more news now.


A convicted axe-murderer from Latvia has been jailed for ten


years for killing a woman in Lincolnshire. 34-year-old Intars


Pless was twice the drink-drive limit when he knocked a scooter


into the path of a car in Wyberton Fen near Boston. The judge has


recommended he is deported after serving his sentence.


A woman who admitted killing her husband at their business in Burgh


Le Marsh, has claimed she did it because he had asked her to. Julie


Dixon locked David Twigg in a store cupboard, and then set the premises


on fire. But her claim that he wanted to die has been disputed by


the prosecution. A special hearing to decide her sentence will take


place in front of a judge next week. Police investigating an explosion


in Boston have submitted a file to the Crown Prosecution Service to


see whether any more legal action should be taken. The blast killed


five men and seriously injured a sixth. They were thought to be


distilling illegal alcohol. A teenage cancer unit in East


Yorkshire has opened its doors to patients for the first time today.


The four-bed site at Castle Hill Any tale was instrumental in


raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity. Any died last


week and was laid to rest in Walkington today. -- Ernie. A stall


told BBC Radio Humberside four years, his countryside tells won


him a dedicated following. He could go anywhere in the East Riding and


they all said they listen to him. I was talking to friends in Lincoln


yesterday, and they remembered him from his broadcasts. He may have


been known Thant wide, but the village of Walkington hold -- held


a special place in his heart. He was instrumental in the war killed


to -- in a Walkington here right. His charity work earned him an MBE.


He set the tone for the village. The because of his gifts of welcome


and hospitality, and generosity, he inspired his village to be that


kind of place. Ernie and his wife Doris were married in 1941 at


Beverley Minster. This celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary


this year. It a bore you this out of my pension. -- I bought you this.


A consummate storyteller, he will be missed by all who knew him. his


funeral was held today. BBC Radio Humberside had a lovely


documentary about any, which went out on Sunday. You can listen to it


Thank you for watching. Still ahead: Businesses rush to install


solar panels before payouts for producing so electricity are hard.


Be Grimsby sale there taking a starring role in the latest


If you have any good pictures of the weather, sent them in.


Holderness Hunt taken at Kelk near Thank you very much for that. Your


equipment has been in overdrive today, I bet.


You could say that. I will be exhausted by the end of the day. It


is not like me to put in a full day!


I am saying nothing! We are not out of the woods yet.


The wind will pick up again. Look at this. This could be


So Church Fenton, 72 mph this afternoon. That would be


representative of some parts of East Yorkshire. There have been


some very strong gusts a rat. There is still a warning in place for


fairly widespread gales to develop again. Especially northwards of the


Humber and more exposed parts of East Yorkshire. There is a nasty


depression just off Scotland. The isobars open up. It will turn


colder. There's bad weather front. It is clearing in the Wash now. It


is followed by a clear spells and a few showers. The wind will pick up


further gusts. Possibly as high as 60 miles per hour, then easing


later. Down to two Celsius later. The sun will rise at 86 and M,


setting at 3:41pm. A much called a feel to the day. Much less when


eight. There will be a less wind. So there could be a bit of sleet,


but it will not cause problems. Temperatures where 11. In some


places, there will be a drop of seven degrees. Saturday is similar.


A good deal of sunshine, the risk of showers. That's the forecast.


Andy says, it is so windy on Victoria Dock, married friends has


blown down, did Paul Hudson forecast this -- like offence has


blown down. I have some advice for you, walk


like this! It's left an industry in chaos and


customers in limbo. Businesses are making a last minute plea to the


government not to reduce the financial incentive given to those


who generate their own solar electricity. Across East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire, there has been a rush to install panels before the


tariff drops. Caroline Bilton has been speaking to those affected.


Normally from a rate of installing around 20 project a week, we have


been installing up to 40 a week. They're working around the clock to


get panels installed before Monday, the day that the subsidies given to


those who generate their own solar electricity drops by more than half.


Instead of receiving 43.3p for every kilowatt hour they provide,


new solar installations will get just 21p. They have immediately


pulled the rug out and given a 55 % reduction. There is a period of


limbo. We do not have the clarity to build our businesses and invest


in jobs for the future. Electric would have been great for


everything on the farm. Poultry farmer Robert Borill is


someone else who has been left in limbo. He took out a �150,000 loan


to install panels on this field. He signed the contract, paid for


planning permission, but the government's decision to drop the


tariff prematurely means now it might not be worth his while.


absolutely livid. All signs we got about the changes were that it


would be in April, which is fine. It would have given us time to plan


is properly and make sure everything was done on time and in


the correct sequence. We paid the money, signed the contract, and out


of the blue, a decision like this comes through.


The Government argues the cuts are needed now to prevent the solar


industry from falling victim to boom and bust, but by moving the


goalposts it's knocked confidence. How damaging is this in reality? We


have seen headlines of, this is the death of the solar industry.


best time for the use solar industry has not yet Iraq. -- not


yet a ride. The cost of panels will continue to come down.


Not all businesses will be able to ride the storm, though. Many have


been left struggling to still see a bright future in solar.


And the issue of whether the coalition has lived up to its


promise of being the greenest government ever will be the subject


of a debate on the Politics Show. That's this Sunday at noon here on


BBC One.. Hull City have climbed into the


Championship play-off places, after beating Birmingham City at the KC


stadium. The Tigers came from a goal down to secure the win, as


Sarah Burton reports. As Hull City fans arrived at the KC Stadium got


there when hoping for his second win in four days. After half an


hour, the visitors scored. Chris Wood put Birmingham ahead by


driving the ball into the goal from just inside the area. A minute into


the second half, Robert Carr ran volleyed home after Cameron


straight's pass deflected into his path to give the Tigers an


equaliser. 20 minutes from the end, Boaz Myhill's error allowed the


Tigers to steal all three points. Consider in the operation --


considering the opposition, I think it was first class. We really cause


them problems. This victory leaves Hull City 6 in the league table. It


will strengthen Nick Barmby's claim to take a manager's job on a full-


time basis. A couple from North Norfolk have


spent �10,000 on a rabbit hutch! Runnie and Hunnie's new home comes


complete with a fan to control the temperature, a shutter if the


weather's bad, lighting, and a webcam. It's been built by engineer


Jason Batterbee, who lives near Kings Lynn. The old hutch was


starting to deteriorate. A winter coming up, I thought I would give


myself a project to do, with permission from a wide. She said OK.


It started from there. -- permission from my wife.


It's been an internet sensation, getting 700,000 hits since it was


first published last week. The crew of HMS Ocean recorded their very


own christmas video after learning they'd be home from Libya in time


for christmas. On board, and with a starring role, a woman from


Cleethorpes, with a very proud mum watching back at home. Tarah Welsh


has the story. When you find out you're coming


home for Christmas after nine months away, you want to tell the


world. And that's exactly what the crew on board HMS Ocean did. They


made this video using the Christmas tune when they discovered they'd be


home from their tour in Libya early. # I won't ask for much this


Christmas... # And the woman on the right is


Jade Fraser from Cleethorpes. Watching it with the pupils from


her school, Jade's mum still can't believe it's her. I just feel so


proud of her. And it's made some of the children here consider a life


at sea. I have always wanted to be in the army. Something to do with


guns. Now I like the Navy. It looks farm. -- Thorn. And the video's


even had the seal of approval from Mariah Carey. On her twitter page


she said, "This is the best thing I've ever seen. You guys just made


I watch it on my phone, and I started crying. Moi has been said,


I'm pleased you started crying because I was going to -- my


husband said. And the Frazers will be getting


what they want for Christmas two weeks early when when the HMS Ocean


sails into Plymouth tomorrow morning.


Well done to Jade and the others. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. Scotland is battered by hurricane force winds


with schools closed and tens of thousands without power.


In our area, a North Sea ferry has just arrived after being delayed by


nine hours in the strong winds. Tomorrow's weather: Partly cloudy


with with sunny intervals and occasional wintry showers. Much


colder. Maximum temperature 4 We were talking about the torture.


Andrew said, what an honour for the bearers. -- torture. - - torch.


Amanda says, my brother in law has also been selected. He was


nominated by his amazing wife, Mary. Thank you for that. Congratulations


to everybody. This is a bit sad from Angela. She had an e-mail from


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