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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


It's revealed a quarter of pregnant women in north-east Lincolnshire


smoke as more people are urged to quit.


Put your mind to it, you can do it. Help is there if you want to do it.


The hospice officially opened by the Princess Royal which is still


empty eight months after her visit. Join me live in Louth where Fridays


are the new Thursdays. Into the wild - art moves away from


the gallery to the Wolds. And a warning of ice to come in the


next few hours. Your weekend There are 37,000 of them and they


smoke half a million cigarettes a day. We're talking smokers and the


problem is so serious in North East Lincolnshire, that the area has


made it into the top ten of places in the country with high numbers of


smokers. The shocking figures reveal that a quarter of pregnant


women in the county carry on smoking - that's almost twice the


national average. And in some areas almost every other adult is a


smoker. Today health and council workers have met to look at new


ideas to try and persuade people to quit. In a moment we'll be asking


Geoff Barnes from north-east Lincolnshire council what those are.


But first Anne Marie Tasker has this.


For 25 years, Amanda Jagger was a regular smoker. But with her first


baby due next month, she was determined to quit. A quarter of


16-year-old girls in North East Lincolnshire smoke, so Amanda


wasn't alone in starting young. But with the help of her family,


friends and an NHS counsellor she's finally given up. I have done it


alone before. I spent �130 on patches. I stopped for three months


and then relaxed. It helps being in a group, hearing other people's


stories. Overall 37,000 people here smoke in


the North East Lincolnshire, getting through half a million


cigarettes a day. It is hardly surprising that almost a quarter of


pregnant women smoke. And that figure of 23% of pregant women


smoking is way above the national average of 14 %. So today, health


professionals, community groups and council workers decided it was time


to act. They met in Grimsby to discuss how to cut the number of


smokers. It is coming down very slowly but


nothing like as fast as we want. Basically, we are about 40 % higher


than the national average and death from smoking-related illness is 30-


50 % higher than ash -- national average.


Stopping smoking alone cannot deliver the drop that is required.


There is also medium to long-term plans to prevent people from taking


up to smoking. Smoking in pregnancy can cause low


birth weight and developmental problems. But with North East


Lincolnshire having the tenth highest percentage of smokers in


the country - it may be some time before the area sees a change.


Certainly some startling figures there. I enjoyed by the director


for public health for Lincolnshire Council. Why does north-east


Lincolnshire have one of the highest smoking rates in the


country? There are many historical factors


behind it. Just a generation ago, as much as three in four men and


one in two women in areas such as this were smokers. That has come


down to one in four. Progress has been made. There'll still areas


like north-east but Lincolnshire up with poverty highly associated with


smoking. The number of pregnant women who


smoke is high compared to the rest of the country. You don't seem to


be able to get the figure down. Why is it so persistent?


There is progress being made. It is way too high. We only have to go


back a couple of years and we were talking about one in three pregnant


women spreading. Now we are talking about 23 %. We have put in a lot of


measures around insuring midwives promote the issue and ensuring that


pregnant women who are smokers have a service available.


75 % started in school. Are you doing something to combat that?


That is a very big priority. If you can stop somebody smoking before


the age of 19, they are highly unlikely to ever stop smoking. We


have got people in schools. It is not just about health messages and


making sure children here about changing attitudes to smoking,


convincing them about how much money it will cost them and it is


not going to get helpful to get girlfriends and boyfriends and that


is key to address teenagers. After all of the adverts, every


woman must know it is bad for her and her baby, so they obviously


aren't bothered and just want to do I think they are bothered. Pregnant


women do want to do the best for their baby. Ferrari lot of myths


around being a pregnant smoker and we have to challenge those damaging


myths. We are working to convince Britain and within that the best


thing they can do for their baby if they smoke is too small -- to stop


smoking. What would you say to the woman


watching tonight, and there will be plenty, who is pregnant and smoking.


I would say, I know you want to do the best for your baby and the best


thing you can do now is to do everything you possibly can to stop


smoking. Thank you. We would like to throw


this one open. What is the answer? How do you help stop people stop


smoking or prevent them from starting in the first place?


Interesting to hear what you did. It as a smoker, they beat you still


that the finger is constantly East pointed at you at the moment? The


We will have some before we finish at 7pm. In a moment:


Open for Christmas - the seasonal pub serving non-alcoholic drinks to


A hospice in Lincolnshire which was officially opened by the Princess


Royal is still empty six months after her visit. Supporters took 11


years to raise money to help pay the �1.5 million needed to build


The Butterfly Hospice in Boston. But its seven beds remain unused


despite growing need for them. It opened in a blaze of publiity by


royalty. To see what you have managed to


achieve will spur you on. But eight months on, Boston's


Butterfly Hospice stands empty, yet to help one terminally ill patient.


A tragedy, according to fundraiser Christine Roberts. She's in


remission from ovarian cancer and knows how much it's needed.


We have spent 10 years as a community building this hospice and


now it is open, we are ready for the support and do to start in the


new year but we still do not have the funding for long stern -- long-


term nursing or beds. Dr Peter Holmes is the man who


would commission the hospice to care for NHS patients. He's refused


to give them funding. I would love to be able to send my


patients that. It is something I would love to use. The environment


is very good indeed but we are not convinced they can provide clinical


care that is safe and we want to allow patients to experience care


that is safe and effective. It all hinges on the fact the


Ospreys managers have not registered on the care Quality


Commission, an organisation that regulates healthcare providers. It


is illegal to operate as a hospice without reaching the Care Quality


Commission's standards. If this is just a case of


registering, why don't you just do that?


I wish it was. It costs money to register with the care quality


commission. Until we have the right staff in place and we know that we


are going to get long-term or sustainable funding, it is a


pointless exercise trying to register with them.


It is a frustrating situation. A modern, equipped hospice where


patients would be a comfortable. Because nobody can guarantee their


care, these gates will remain locked.


That might be another report you would like to contact us about.


P&O Ferry crossings into and out of Hull have returned to normal today


after gales left passengers stranded for nine hours off the


east coast last night. The Pride of York arrived just two hours late


this morning as the high winds eased. The Pride of Hull didn't


leave for the continent until 5:00am this morning because of the


extreme weather conditions. The Red Arrows have resumed


training for the first time since the death of Flight Lieutenant Sean


Cunningham. The team was cleared to fly yesterday following the fatal


accident last month. But the RAF insists it's now satisfied with the


safety of its Hawk jets following a series of checks.


Hull's main bus and train station was forced to close for a second


time this week after reports of a gas leak. The Interchange re-opened


this afternoon. But it comes after the building was evacuated for an


hour on Wednesday after a smell of gas on its rail platforms. An


internet company has been given permission to run the fibre optic


cables to the Humber Bridge. They say they will be able to provide


high-speed internet to businesses in Hull early next year. It will


cost �5 million to set up. Lincoln's Christmas Market


attracted a record breaking 335,000 people last week. The organisers


say it's the biggest turnout in the market's history and is an increase


of 30,000 visitors compared to 2009 when it was last held. They've also


promised to address concerns about overcrowding in the city centre.


Metal thieves risk life and limb stealing rail and electricity


cables as well as church roofs and pipes from houses. We have talked


about it many times on the programme. Their latest target is a


seven foot tall restored engine, complete with its trailer. The 1923


Hornsby Oil Engine which is part of the display at the Sibsey Windmill,


was being resored as part of a five year project when it was stolen.


Jake Zuckerman reports. Built in 1877, Sibsey Trader


Windmill, near Boston is still making flour the traditional way.


Although it's in full working order, volunteers here had been hoping to


replace one missing element. A three and a half ton vintage oil-


powered engine, like this one. In the 1920s it was installed at the


mill to grind corn when there was no wind. But it had been removed


more than 50 years ago. This is the old footing to the engine shed.


There was a plinth for it to stand on in concrete. It drove by belt


and poorly to a bearing that was connected up to drive the


millstones. After a long search, volunteers had


managed to find this rare 1923 engine, built by Hornsby in Lincoln,


and were restoring it. But last week it was stolen, and it's feared


thieves plan to sell this unique piece of local heritage for scrap.


The engine was sure it -- was stolen by the shed where it was


Beale stored on Tuesday evening. It is believed the thieved must have


known what they were looking for because of the manpower needed to


move such a large item. The team that keep the mill running say


they're devastated by the theft. The oil engine is so rare it may be


impossible to replace. It is a piece of our heritage. It


was made in Lincoln at the Hornsby works. It was in original condition.


To think of it possibly just ending up as scrap is devastating. Once


they are lost, they are lost. This piece of machinery would be


broken up for scrap value. Inquiries are being undertaken with


local scrap-metal dealers to see if we have had anything similar or


pieces of this machine weighed in. While the sails here at Sibsey


Trader Windmill keep turning, the volunteers hope that someone comes


forward with the information that will help them recover the stolen


Let us hope they do. We were talking about that earlier today.


Still ahead - forget those days, Louth decides that Friday is the


late night shopping date of choice for its residents.


And not the usual gallery - Yorkshire art moves into the Wolds.


Thank you for the photographs this week. This was our winner, even


though it was all my taken this He will have to look at up in your


book when you get home! She says, why does Paul do a five-


day forecast and only she was four days? Well, today is the first day


and the rest of the four makes five. He says, when they get one day like


-- won the right, he can start to The ice warning is in force tonight.


It looks as if it is going to be tricky on the roads in Norfolk and


Lincolnshire. Tomorrow should be a nice day for getting out and about.


A little bit of a gap with the weather systems. A little ridge of


high pressure means not too bad a day. It remains very unsettled to


read -- indeed. With surfaces pretty wet, we are going to see a


lot of ice. Temperatures are very close to freezing. Take care on the


roads. Temperatures - probably the coldest night of winter so far. The


sun will rise in the morning at 8:07am. A frosty, I see Stade


wherever you are. It will be bright, however. There will be the rest of


isolated showers. Despite the sun, it is going to feel quite chilly.


Temperatures below average. That all-important five-day forecast,


then, with Saturday being the second day - some rain to come on


Sunday. Day 5 - that is Tuesday! - is looking unsettled! Several


people have written of the last hour to say that there is a


stunning full moon tonight. We have a camera on the river.


There is a live picture of the moon. That is taken from the riff. That


is another excuse for you to get you telling -- telescope out, isn't


Thanks to those who pointed that out. We brought news of people


select it to carry the Olympic torch yesterday.


Hundreds of people learned yesterday that they would be taking


part in the torch relay. There really is expected to have a


worldwide audience of millions. I am very proud. Fantastic. Not just


for me, but for my family, my friends, for the purple of -- for


the people of the city. Well done to neck. And to to everyone who got


Weldon to Megan. Let us hope that she is watching tonight. --


congratulations to Megan. Hull is said to be the online shopping


capital of the country, with more shoppers than ever using the


internet to buy their gift. A new study has found that more


people in Hull visit retail website per head of the population than any


other city in the country. That is an interesting story. But in life,


they like to do things a little bit differently. -- in Louth. Late


night shopping in Louth is on Fridays. Is this the challenge from


Louth to those who prefer to go online? We are expecting people


from a cross the county into the town tonight. Shops here are open


till 8pm tonight. If you take a look over here, there is a short


that is pulling in the crowds, as well as an open-air market for all


your festive gift. With more people shopping online, traders are hoping


this can attract more people back into the town. We asked shoppers


whether they prefer the High Street are the Internet. I like the High


Street, if the parking is good. If I cannot park, I prefer to go


online. He can pick what you want, you can


look at what you want. It is better than online. You can pick them up


and check and have a look at it. Online, you do not know what it is


like until you have it. I like the High Street, because you can see


what you are buying and the faults in the clothing.


A recent survey showed that, in Hull, more people are shopping


online this Christmas than anywhere else in the country.


Here in Louth, the shops are open late and there is a whole host of


entertainment, from Santa's grotto to live music around the town.


Don't worry if you missed it, it is all happening again next week.


Peter, if you have not done your Christmas shopping yet, you know


where to come. Football, and Hull City other great chance to


consolidate a play-off position when they travel to Bolton side


Coventry City. -- relegation-threatened Coventry


City. Nick Barmby is relatively new to the management business.


In the last two matches, he has seen of men who previously coached


him. First Nigel Pearson and then Chris Hughton. Hull City are now up


to six. The other favourite against bottom club Coventry City. -- they


are the favourites. We are not going to take anything for granted.


We know it will be at tough game. Carlisle United visit Glanford Park


tomorrow. In the non-League world, it is


their big cup day with the first round of the FA Trophy. There will


A new pub opened in Hull Queen Victoria Square offers free, non-


alcoholic beer and advice on drinking responsibly. A festive


cheer and a glass in hand, not unusual at this time it your.


This pop up pub in Hull's city centre is sure to pool the punters


in, even if the booze is non- alcoholic. It tastes really nice,


it feels like I have a beer in my hand.


It is good for a man, nobody would know the different for -- the


difference. It could convert me. I have never tried non-alcoholic beer


before but it is very nice. It may have all the features of a British


pub, but there is a senior message here.


Organisations are working to reduce the harm caused by alcohol abuse.


Alcohol is a drug, it affects your body, it is linked to cancers and


liver disease. It is also some -- linked to behaviour that people do


not appreciate. Last year, the Kingston Tavern was a huge success.


There were over 800 people passing through its doors. It is hope the


campaign will remind pub-goers that you can have a drink without the


hangover. A new piece of public art has been unveiled on the Yorkshire


Wolds to the. It is the first of its time that --


first of its kind in the country. It is hoped they said it, which has


been carved into the landscape, will encourage visitors to East


Yorkshire. It has been described as Yorkshire's best kept secret.


Stunning scenery that has often been overlooked. The Yorkshire


Wolds has been seen as a poor relation to the Dales of North


Yorkshire. To commemorate this, works of art are being commissioned


and one of the first is here. It was open this morning by Matt Baker,


also filming today for a programme early next year. It is incredible.


The shadows in this valley anyway are very spectacular or under way


the light is bouncing off the little bumps, it really is


something. Along the way, 10 works of art at


been commissioned. This one, already in place, will be


officially opened in the spring. Unusual designs which will


hopefully make people curious about what the walls have to offer. We


want to attract more people end and we are proud of the beauty of the


Yorkshire Wolds. This is one of the developments we have been working


on as part of our plan to develop tourism in the area. I felt the


sculpture... The latest word here has been designed by Chris, and


depicts the way the landscape has been shaped for the last hundred


years. It has said my imagination alight. People will wonder about it


and put their own imagination on to it. The plan is to cite all 10


works of art in key places along the Wolds Way. It is promoting a


part of Yorkshire which not everyone has yet discovered. I


would love to see that. Some stunning pictures there of the


Wolds. If you have a story you think we


should look at, senders and e-mail. The headlines - standing alone,


Britain beat Rose knew you you deal -- Britain of the tours and


European Union deal. The weather for tomorrow. Cloudy,


with some sunny spells. The rest of a few showers. Top


temperatures around five degrees Celsius. A response coming in on


the subject of smoking. Peter says, I am fed up hearing


about too much smoking, drinking and eating too much food.


Sorry to shatter the illusion, but we are not immortal and we will die


of something one day. Nick says, taxing cigarettes will


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