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Good evening. Welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines: As many struggle to pay for Christmas, as calls for all


children to be taught personal finance lessons in school.


Debt is a fact of life, we have got to school people are so they know


what they're getting into. Are our councils ready for the cold


weather? Also tonight, unbeaten in 10 games,


Grimsby Town look to use the FA Cup to continue their good form.


And back home, the Cleethorpes sailor whose internet video has had


more than 2 million hits. And a touch of the wet and windy is


tonight, a very wet and unsettled Children should be taught how to


manage money from the age of five to stop them getting into financial


trouble as adults. That is the finding of a report written for the


Government by the Brigg and Goole MP, Andrew Percy. More than 100,000


people have signed an online position supporting the idea and


256 MPs are in favour. Two weeks till Christmas and here


on the High Street there are growing concerns that many will be


left with massive New Year debts. At what age, though, should we


start learning how to manage our finances? Andrew Percy, the MP for


Brigg and Goole, believes the earlier the better. As a student he


fell into serious debt and now wants to see financial management


as part of the school curriculum. Rather than expecting kids to leave


school understanding algebra and calculus, we should be expecting


them to leave school knowing how to make informed financial decisions


which are ever more complex these days. According to a recent survey,


nearly 60% of the British population say they are worried


about their current level of debt. Nearly half of the population


struggled to make it to pay day and 32% of those who took out a pay-day


loan could not pay it back. At Hull's Wilberforce College today


the students supported the idea in principle. Some were not sure if


school was the right place to learn about controlling debt. May be a


lot of the teachers are in the same position themselves. I think it is


a good idea, especially in the current economic climate.


amount of GCSEs people are sitting this -- these days, you would have


to take something away and you have to ask what is more valuable.


this primary school, parents think it is a good idea. More awareness


from an earlier age and as much as possible when they are older.


think it is a good idea, teaching the kids about responsibilities for


money and looking after their futures. For my kids not to get in


debt it's like other people have with credit cards. I would not one


that for them. Enabling young people to avoid the


financial pitfalls now being experienced by an older generation.


Just before the programme, I spoke to Martin Lewis who set up the


Money Saving Expert website, he is lending his support to the campaign.


I asked him why a. We are a financially illiterate nation. We


have just had a debt imbued financial crisis. I have been


dealing with campaigns like financial protection insurance when


�9 million have been no salt. What we want is responsible borrowers


and consumers. But unless they have the understanding of how to be good


consumers, none of this will work. It is a national disgrace that for


21 years we have a educated away youth into debt when they go to


university but never educated them about debt. We have lost the stigma


of borrowing that have never replaced it with explaining to


people how to borrow, when to borrow, how to take that judgment.


We have one of the most complex consumer economies in the world,


companies spend billions of pounds every year on teaching their staff


to sell and that consumers do not get any buyers' training. Schools


already have a tour nine subjects to teach, should this task be given


to them instead of parents? We need to break a cycle of bad debts and


financial illiteracy in this country is so asking the parents to


do it unfortunately will not work. What we are trying to do is work


within the existing curriculum without loading any more work on a


hard-working teachers, we have mass, masses going to be divided into two


subjects, within mass we would have a new unit called Financial


numeracy. It looks at the building blocks, the numbers about finance.


It is not just about APR and compound interest, it is about life


decisions, so that would go into PSHE, and then we would combine the


two subjects in a smooth, easy way. It would be a radical change to the


way kids were good at money. talk about a PR, but there are many


of us who went to school who cannot do APR, that does not reflect very


well on the schools that taught us of mass. It is not maps, it is


finance, it is a relatively complex equation. Understanding that,


understanding there is no simplicity to APR, understanding


that if I said lend me �20 this week and then in give me a pint,


that would be 143,000 % APR. I think some parents might have


something to say about that one. Who should be teaching our children


Should they be taught at primary school or are there other things to


learn? What you think about what Martin said about parents there?


Look forward to hearing from you. In a moment: Managers at Lincoln


Cathedral say there is no alarm over its inclusion on a list of at-


risk buildings. A nursery in Lincolnshire has been


set on fire by an arsonist. The Little Lambs Day Nursery in


Gainsborough was badly damaged in the fire last night. The police and


fire service are investigating. A mother and child have escaped


unhurt from a house fire in East at Hull. Firefighters say an


electrical fault on a laptop computer is most likely the cause


of the fire which broke out in the living room. The mother and child


were asleep upstairs at the time and were woken by smoke alarms.


am gutted, happy that everyone is safe, though. Obviously, really


gutted about the house, but that can be mended, and we are safe, me


and my daughter are saved, so that is the main thing. This is a


devastating reoccurrence from the family but it is good news in that


simple actions have meant that they have got out safely. I would heed


everybody else to take that advice. A year ago many parts of of the


country were brought to a standstill for days on end in the


sub-zero temperatures. To avoid a repeat of grit and salt shortages,


local councils in our area have brought in thousands of tons of


extra before the cold weather arrives.


Two years of some of the worst winter weather on record. Snow-


covered roads and icy pavements causing an incident and injury.


lot of the work would be for care homes and the Primary Care Trust


and also for hospitals, we did quite a bit of work with Hull Royal


Infirmary, moving people to and from. A lot of that is to do with


key worker movements. This winter, councils say it will not be a case


of third time lucky, simply better preparation. Some have invested in


new facilities and others are empowering their communities to do


more if it cold weather strikes. have initiatives to have snow


wardens in each of the parishes. They will act as our eyes and ears


and develop priorities within those parishes and serve those


communities directly. At least three councils have increased grit


supplies this season. Hull city council is up by 2000 tonnes. And


Lincolnshire is up by 11,000 to move them to more than 40,000


tonnes. On top of that, the East Riding Council has increased its


storage capacity as well. The the major change we have made is to


increase our stock level I just around 3,000 tonnes. It gives us a


little bit extra storage capacity given that we have got 1000 square


miles to cover and we can use thousands of tons of salt every


week. It is increasing that resilience a little bit for the


East Riding. This time last year, gritters were working around the


clock. But even if our temperatures to drop in a few days' time,


councils insist they will cope but they are hoping that local


communities will come together in areas where help simply is not


available. Police have confirmed the names of


two people who died on an East Yorkshire road. 28-year-old Julie


McDougall and a Terrence Murray who was 48 both died when their car


overturned at around 5am on Saturday morning. Conditions were


described as a treacherous. Two other passengers were injured.


A 19-year-old woman is in a serious condition in hospital after being


knocked down by a car in Cleethorpes. It happened in a car


park of the High Street in the early hours of yesterday.


Humberside Police are investigating whether the woman had already been


struck by another vehicle. It will take 15 years just to stop


the roof leaking at Lincoln Cathedral. But officials there are


wondering how they will raise millions of pounds every year for


repairs in these difficult economic times. A visit by Prince Charles


last month has put the cathedral's recently acquired at risk status


back into the spotlight. It is the only cathedral in the country to be


given the label. It has been called the finest


Gothic building in Europe, but at more than nine -- more than 900


years old, main Tain in Lincoln Cathedral is a DIY a nightmare. It


is hoped the at risk label will help. There is no risk that the


cathedral is about to fall down. It is a rallying call for everyone to


invest in the future of these vitally important historic places.


The list of jobs is lengthy. There are turrets to fix and Great Tom,


the main bell, has been silenced while its springs are mended.


does not surprise me because it is a very great, Auld, a huge building


with a lot of fine carvings. So, no, it must be like painting the Forth


Bridge. It does surprise me now you have told me it costs �50,000 a


week to keep going. I had never thought about the financial side of


it, really. Last month, Royal help was enlisted to head up money


raising efforts. Every repair is a specialist job, adding up to a


yearly bill of millions. We need to continue, year-on-year, to raise


funds to do the repair and maintenance. We do not feel that


Lincoln Cathedral is ever going to be without scaffolding. For its


profile, the type of stone, and how decorative it is, we will have an


ongoing restoration programme. label may mean that this Gothic


wonder can be protected in the We wish the fundraisers well. Still


ahead tonight: Perfect 10 - Grimsby Town stretch out their unbeaten run


and look for glory in the FA Cup. Home at last - a Cleethorpes sailor


returns for Christmas after nine months at sea and two million


If you have a photograph that you're proud of, send it down.


Tonight was taking at the height of the storm last Thursday in


Bridlington. Another picture tomorrow night. Good evening.


are you? Several people writing to me to tell me you were on the radio


at 7am this morning. We send a search party it for you it and you


Quite unsettled with the rain in the west of our region. That will


clear later tonight but with sunny intervals and scattered showers


tomorrow. One or two of the showers could be particularly cold.


Normally, south-westerly winds are mild but there is this area of low


pressure. It will be chilly with some welcome rain across


Lincolnshire. There is still a drought order in place so this will


be useful. Within the next hour or so, everywhere will be wet and


windy. Winds could reach 50 miles per hour with some locally heavy


rain. Most places will become die at around 5am tomorrow.


Temperatures will reach the Celsius. It will be a cold start with strong


south-westerly wind back. A few scattered showers coming through


from time to time. One or two will be on the wintry side with some


hail and sleet. There will be plenty of dry and bright weather in


between. Top temperatures will be academic because there is a


significant wind-chill tomorrow. Top temperatures around five


Celsius. An early warning in force and a lot of uncertainty with the


potential for Severe weather on You had a lie-in and we want to


know... You do not want to know. Lots of emails, texts and tweets


after Friday's show. Figures showed North East Lincolnshire in the top


ten places in the country for smoking. Almost a quarter of


pregnant women in the area carry on smoking - twice the national


average. In some parts of Grimsby, nearly half the population smoke.


They've spent years in the doldrums but there are signs Grimsby Town


are undergoing a revival. Grimsby, who lost their league status two


years ago, are unbeaten in 10 games. Now, as our sports reporter Simon


Clark explains, a prestigious FA cup game with Sheffield United


awaits them if they beat Salisbury tomorrow.


Bright, crisp, clear and sunny. A perfect way to describe the current


feeling for Grimsby Town. The orange bits are the spell have also


had some say in their fortunes. He is catching the eye as he showed in


his recent 7-0 demolition of If we playwright, the gaffer will


look towards this their game at Sheffield United. The fans will


want to play against bedsides again. It would be nice to take them back


and give them some memories for today as a poster only yesterday.


Over the years, we have reported on Grimsby town's decline and fall.


Today, we are finally getting a sense that this side can look


forward to a better tomorrow. Grimsby used to play Sheffield


United on a regular basis. One expert says, they might again.


These matches have brought a bit of stability. They brought their own


players in the summer. They're playing more the way they wanted.


Cleethorpes's opinion on the Mafia's was debated. There is some


improvement. Hopefully they can pull it off. They are doing well in


the last couple of results have been brilliant. This down develops


many youngsters in then you do not see them. If Grimsby Town had the


youngsters playing, I would watch. The team has to win some hearts and


minds but there are on the right track. Hull City are fifth in the


Championship after beating Coventry City. Nick Barmby has now won four


of his six games since taking charge. Scunthorpe United lost


again at home and face a Christmas near the League One relegation zone.


Kate Sweeting reports. Hull's revival under the Nick


Barmby continued with victory over bottom-of-the-table Coventry. The


only goal of the game came on the 60 minute mark. Nick Barmby said he


was pleased with his team's overall performance. We knew it would be a


difficult game and Coventry around the position they do not want to be


in so it would be a scrappy game. I thought we dealt with it well and


the attitude and commitment of the players was good even though it was


not the greatest of games. Sometimes you have to win ugly.


League One, Scunthorpe United were defeated 2-1. They took an early


lead. Parallel equalised with this low shot into the far corner.


Scunthorpe lost out on a point thanks to a late winner.


Former Scunthorpe United boss Brian Laws embarked on a new career


tonight. He was the guest presenter on BBC Radio Humberside's popular


evening show Sportstalk. Among the topics under discussion was the


plight of his former side. They have had a lot of problems over the


last year and they are in a transitional period and that is


tough. I still believe, and I have seen the team, they're good enough


to stay up. The draw's been made for the second


round of the FA trophy with three of our teams involved. Boston


United will travel south to Dartford. Grimsby Town have a home


tie against with Hornchurch or Farnborough. And Lincoln City


welcome Carshalton Athletic to Sincil Bank. The games will be


played on the 14th January. Since the digital switchover in


August, some viewers in South Yorkshire, especially around


Sheffield and Doncaster, have been receiving this edition of Look


North, rather than your local version presented by Harry Gration


and Christa Ackroyd. It's to do with the power of the boosted


digital signals. While we're delighted to welcome you as viewers,


there are a number of things you can try if you wish to retune. You


can look through your on-screen TV guide, you might find Look North


with Harry and Christa somewhere among the channels starting at


Number 800. You can also try manually retuning your TV or set-


top box. And Digital UK can offer you information on their helpline.


From Christmas trees to nativity scenes - there are many things


you'd expect to see in Beverley Minster during the festive season.


But this week, a 40-foot long model train set is making the historic


building its home. It's part of the campaign to reopen the Beverley to


York railway line which was closed in 1965 following the Beeching


Report. The model replicates a section of the line. It should


never have been shut and it was making money when they closed it.


Now the way it is, people are probably crying out for a rail link.


One of the stars of this internet video which has now been watched by


more than two million people has returned home to Cleethorpes today.


The crew of HMS Ocean recorded the Christmas film at the end of


operations in Libya, and we showed it here on Look North on Thursday.


Well, today, Jade Fraser visited her local school to thank them for


their support while she was away. Tarah Welsh has the story.


Back on dry land after nine months at sea. Jade Fraser and the rest of


the crew received a heroes' welcome this weekend. And not just because


they'd been fighting in Libya for A sea of viewers watched their


version of Mariah Carey's Christmas hit, and here's Jade. I just can't


believe that people have actually heard of it and are saying I am


famous. I was stopped in Tesco by one of my little brother's teachers.


It is mad to come home when people recognise me. It is such a small


town and nobody ever really he is about the Navy or what we do.


she's even got some fan mail. At 21, Jade's already seen much of the


world through her job as a naval aircraft handler. But today she was


back in Grimsby sharing her story with local school children.


travel around on the port? Travel around and help people. She was


supposed to be on a short trip to the mediterranean but was diverted


to Libya. The crew thought they'd be away until January. When read it


told we were coming home for Christmas, the noise was amazing.


The celebration video has sent that feeling round the world. Even


Mariah Carey said it made her day. But having Jade home for Christmas


has made her mum's year. I am just constantly waiting for her to come


home and when she came home, it was around midnight and it was amazing.


It was lovely. Jade will set sail on the HMS Ocean again next year.


But not before spending a merry Christmas at home.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


David Cameron defends his EU veto - he says it was the right thing to


do but Labour warn that Britain is now isolated.


As many struggle in our area to pay for Christmas, there are calls for


all children to be taught personal finance lessons in schools. We can


talk about responsible lending and responsible companies, but what we


really want is responsible borrowers and consumers. Unless


they have the education and understanding of how to be good


consumers, none of this will work. Tomorrow's weather: Cold and very


windy with sunny intervals and scattered wintry showers. Strong to


gale force Southwest wind. Maximum temperature of five Celsius.


Response coming in on that story. First from Leanne - Isle of Martyn


Lewis. He is right that maths and finance are very different and many


people would not be in a mess if they were taught this in school.


Send the bankers on this course as well.


This is from Rebecca, a primary teacher. She said, teachers are


having to take on more and more of the parental duties. Some things


are not the jobs of a teacher. Parents need to take responsibility


for teaching their children the basics of life.


Martin says it is not the parents job because they will not do it


right. Another says supply schools are


teaching personal finance but it is important because it does not give


them a GCSE. It goes on to say that every week is a battle to make them


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