13/12/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. A headlines: Thousands of jobs come a step


closer on their land might they for the region's economy.


By real live at Alexandra Dock in Hull, where Siemens wants to build


a multi-million pound when Tabak factory. Many are still feeling the


pinch. The family is the wages fall well prices continue to rise.


The schoolboys who have received an award for their efforts to save


their friend. And the singer from Sleaford


looking to make a surprise appearance in the Christmas charts.


A cold and windy night to come. The It ding. It is a landmark day for


the future of our region. -- Good evening. The engineering giant


Siemens has confirmed it wants to build a multi-million pound factory


in Hull which will bring thousands of jobs to the Humber region. The


factory, which will be at the Alexandra Dock, will create up to


1002 construction and engineering jobs, with many more are expected


as other businesses relocate to the area. Building the factory will


create 300 jobs. Once operational, the plant will need around 700


staff. Longer term, there are predictions of thousands more jobs


in related industries. Paul Murphy is at the docks this evening. One


is this going to happen? There is a pal of planning documents nearly


the size of the crane behind me which will be submitted to Hull


City Council tomorrow. Decisions are hoping to be made by spring


next year, and the site developed into 2014, and the first turbines


produced in late 2014. Here's the focus of the �200 million


investment, Hull's Alexandra Dock, and here is the vision. A state-of-


the-art factory which will build and supplied thousands of offshore


wind turbines to the North Sea. The formal application for planning


consent brings the proposals much closer to reality. This is a very


significant step for the project. A lot of work has been going on over


the last 12 months, a lot of consultation and preparing the


plans. This is a watershed moment for the project. In the coming


years, thousands of wind turbines will be sited in the North Sea.


Siemens believes Hull is the place to build them. Hull is very well


located. It is a great location for it. It is a great prospect for jobs


and growth for the area. region's hunger for jobs and growth


has rarely been more evident. In the community around the docks, the


announcement dominates conversation today. There are I have a teenage


son who is trying to find work. There is nothing for him. I believe


something like this could create jobs. I can see it will create jobs,


but is it going to be for the local people, or will it attract people


from outside Hull and give them the benefits of working? At Hull City


Council revealed this morning it has already started talks with


Siemens about training a work force fit for the factory. It is a


massive, massive project. When you think of them the numbers -- when


you think of the numbers, even if it is only 1,000 people, that is


massive. We have to expand capacity. The first turbines could be running


of the production line by the end of 2014. It is an investment which


many believe will capitalise green energy growth throughout the Humber


region. A to give an idea of the significance of the proposal, the


Prime Minister has issued a statement welcoming -- welcoming


the move, saying it is a good move not only for Hull but for the


country. Joining me now from London is the


Hull West and Hessle MP Alan Johnson. You must be very relieved.


The champagne is bought, but not quite on ice! That's right. We


still have to get through the planning process. The most


difficult period was in the summer, when there was a need for a lot of


political pressure to make sure government got a grip of this and


we got through the negotiations that meant that Hull remained the


preferred location when cities in Germany and Denmark put in a late


bid, and there was some confusion and concern that Siemens were not


getting the deal that was promised. We are over that. I think this is


good news. We should be able to get to the winning post, given that


everything between he and the winning post is fair to be within


our control. If it is a planning application, it cannot take that


long, and all the good will is there. But it has to be done


properly. If there is one disgruntled person and they go to a


judicial review, the whole thing is slowed up. It is quite right it is


done properly. Karl Turner has worked very hard with people in


Victoria Dock. There were some concerns about noise from local


residents. I think that has been dealt with. If we do not do this


properly, it could come back to biters, so it has to go through the


proper procedure. A 1,000 jobs, possibly 10 times that in the wider


economy. Great news. Not soon enough for theirs at BAe. Well, or


tomorrow -- well, tomorrow is the BAe day. We are meeting people


tomorrow. We hope to try to ensure that we keep aerospace


manufacturing on the Humber, where it has been for 100 years. That is


crucially important. The bit about Siemens is really important. If we


do lose jobs at BAe, if we time- based so that the workers with the


skills that Siemens need can move into their jobs, that is great, as


well as keeping BAe open. Very good news. Thank you.


Well today's announcement by Siemens is good for the future of


jobs, how are people coping now? We have found that wages in parts of


Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire are falling at a much faster rate than


other areas of the country. Lincoln, West Linsey and Hull have seen a


big drop in take-home pay. At the same time, the cost of living


continues to rise. Here's Tim Iredale. Whether we are shopping at


the supermarket, paying energy bills or filling up our cars, it


seems household budgets are being stretched to the limit. Just as


Committee, a mother and part-time worker from Hull. -- just ask any


key. We are going to more discount stores, so cutting out luxuries and


buying own brand. Inflation is running at just under 5%. In Hull,


average salaries have gone down by 4.5 %. In West Linsey, which is


have dropped more than 6%, and in Lincoln, the average salary has


fallen by more than 13 %. It is clear many people in Lincoln are


feeling the pinch. Wages are not keeping in pace with inflation, we


all know that. We would all like more. The I still have to tighten


my pockets. I used to go out regularly, and I do not do that


half as much. We have to make cuts with food and going out so that we


can pay the bills as normal. think that this is a man going down


10 in the economy -- I think that this is a ongoing downturn in the


economy. One of the consequences of rising inflation is increased


borrowing, especially now in the run-up to Christmas. Credit unions


like this one in Bridlington have seen a steady rise in customers.


This year, in our credit union, we have paid out �320,000 in Christmas


savings that people say up with us. Many of those people put up �1 or


two a week to save up for Christmas, may be the extra they would have


paid to a doorstep lender. Average wages have not fallen everywhere,


but in the whole of our area, so only North Kesteven and East Linsey


have seen salaries increase by more than the rate of inflation.


Tim is joining me now. Why are we struggling? You only have to look


at the areas where wages have been falling. Hull, Gainsborough,


Lincoln. These are places which have traditionally relied on


manufacturing jobs and jobs in the public sector. Both areas which


have been squeezed recently. What saves wrath happened is that as


unemployment has risen, it is creating an ever more competitive


jobs market, and driven wages down. The government still believes that


public sector can come to the rescue. That is why David Cameron


saw today's announcement as such a positive thing. Thank you very much.


What are you going to do to cope with the rising prices? What would


you go without, or do you have any ideas for saving money? Also, what


do you think about the new jobs for Hull? Do you think the new jobs


We will have some of your Commons if you are quick before we finish


at 7pm. -- some of your comments. A lorry driver has been airlifted


to hospital following a crash on the 15 in Lincolnshire this morning.


A lorry and a single decker bus wear involved in the accident just


after 7am this morning north of Caenby Corner. The road has


recently reopened. Pictures have been released of a


dramatic nine our lifeboat rescue of the Lincolnshire coast which


left crew members suffering the effects of hypothermia. The


lifeboat was called out to reform a fishing boat which was taking on


water. Crews had to deal with three metre waves as well as freezing


temperatures. The crew were eventually return safely to Boston.


Hospitals and Lincolnshire are struggling to hit targets for


receiving ambulance patients, according to figures obtained by


the BBC. The process of handing over patients should take 50


minutes, but across the East Midlands, this time it is being


missed in a third of cases. United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust


says it always puts patients can safety first command handover times


have improved since August. Two schoolboys for Hornsea are to


receive a national award for trying to save the life of one of their


friends. Back in June, 15-year-old Josh Fell collapsed whilst playing


football, but despite the two boys best efforts, he later died in


hospital from a rare heart condition. James Oliphant and Jacob


Richards have been commended for their actions.


Remembering her friend on his special bench. Jacob and James are


determined not to forget the good times. He was a fun person to be


with. He was always playing out with us. Really happy and never a


sad moment with him. In June of this year, football fanatic Josh


Fell suddenly stopped breathing while playing football. Josh just


sat down and laid down. We turned him over and he was blown. It was a


big shock. -- he was blue. I checked his pulse. There was not a


pulse. We called an ambulance after performing CPR. After the ambulance


came, I Tom James what to do and the ambulance came. A I was


freaking out. I was panicking. I was trying to keep calm for Josh's


sake, and doing everything we could to try to keep him going. We would


do anything for him. Josh later died to the hospital, but his


father wanted the two boys to be recognised from actions. They have


successfully been honoured with an award from the Royal Humane Society.


Very brave. I would not been able to do it at 14. We cannot believe


what they tried to do. The family later discovered that just died


from a rare condition which carries no symptoms, called sudden death


syndrome. It kills 12 people a week. The family are now raising money


for cardiac screenings to take place in schools. They are going to


use five rooms at our local secondary school. They will bring


specialists with them and have an ECG. If it pick something up, it


will do some good. If we can make a difference just for one person,


they will not have the heartache we had. Almost �20,000 has now been


raised in the hope that others will And dreadfully tragic story for the


family but a well deserved award for the boys. I am sure they will


be watching tonight. Still ahead tonight - some good news for


Grimsby as it is chosen as one of the first towns to get a new local


TV channel. And we cannot wait - the seasonal


singalong in Sleaford that is aiming to become a Christmas hit.


I'm no someone I might buy that for for Christmas. -- I know someone.


Tonight's photograph is of their frozen lake in Lincoln.


I am sure that was as forecast! I notice you first message on Twitter


this morning was at 4:40am! Do you A cold one is forecast for the next


24 hours. If you have been outside, my goodness, it is very cold. A


significant wind chill, although many areas have been very dry.


Apart from the odd shower, it should stay dry. You can see the


dried gap in the cloud across the UK. That is across Yorkshire,


Lincolnshire and the north Norfolk. Many places will be dry tonight.


Just one or two wintry showers. The strength of the wind will not cause


too many problems, gusts of around 50 mph. A windy night but a dry one.


If you have some shelter from the wind, there could be some icy


patches near you. At cold, bracing start to the day. A strong, south-


westerly wind continuing all day long. If you wrap up well, it is


not too bad. A chance of one or two showers. A wintry flavour to some


of those. Top temperatures not much above freezing. There will be


significant wind chill. We mentioned the risk of a disruptive


No need to laugh halfway through the forecast, I do not know what


was funny! My friends tell me that it is gingham. I would Colleter


tablecloth! -- I would say that it is a table cloth! Grimsby has been


chosen as the only town to get its own TV channel.


The rest or cities. It had more support than anywhere else in the


country. Today, the top story at the local TV station was about


itself! Channel 7 has been available to


some viewers since the mid-90s, but today's announcement means that it


could be available to all and review. We are the only local


television station run in the country. We are delighted. It looks


like it has had some influence at ministerial level. It is all part


of the Government's plan to make Grimsby has a history of this and


it is Channel 7 that it has had a long history of support. It was up


against some stiff competition. 20 areas have been chosen across the


country. All of them were cities except Grimsby. It was Grimsby that


got the most backing from the local people during a national


consultation. Even the local news on telly spread out over quite a


distance, where's this will be about Grimsby and Cleethorpes, I


assume. We like to share what is going on in the locality. If you


live in a place, you need to know about it, don't you? You get local


things going on. It is not just people going on -- he then North


Leigh Lincolnshire that will benefit. It will broadcast to part


of Scunthorpe or and could crawl across the water to Hull. -- or


across the water. New laws are needed before the services can


start but today marks a key step in Grimsby becoming a local TV pioneer.


Some good news from Grimsby. Lots of text at the V reported that


the Brigg and Goole MP wanted to get children from as young as five


educated end managing money. Just a Thank you for those. Now, Great Tom,


the ancient bell of Lincoln Cathedral, this chiming again after


repairs were finished much earlier than expected.


It was feared that the new year would have to be run again by a


recorded chime after the bell broke, but Master craftsmen have worked


around the clock in time to fix it for Christmas. Grimsby Town could


earn a money-spinning tie at Sheffield United if they win


tonight in the FA Cup. The face Salisbury in a second-round replay


and they come into the match on an unbeaten run stretching back 10


games. It has not quite had the effect on the league position


because it has encompassed Cup games, but hopefully that is a


matter of time. BBC Radio, side -- BBC Radio Humberside have full


coverage. Last night, we brought you the Navy Christmas video with 2


million hits on the Internet. Tonight, it is another Christmas


wannabes star. Chris Clark, who records under the name of Dedboy,


has taken to the streets in support of his song. It has had more than


11,000 hits a muted. He has been telling us about it. -- 11,000 hits


or you sued. -- on YouTube. I wrote the song quite a while ago. There


were lots of Christmas songs in the 70s and 80s but not anything


Christmas related that recently. I thought, why doesn't anyone write


one? A ticket on myself to write one. I did a video in my home town


of Sleaford and put it on the internet. It was my good friend Ben


and rich the film this for me on hand-held cameras. -- Richard to


film this on a hand-held camera. -- who filmed this. I was a bit


embarrassed doing the whole thing. I have a look on my face saying, I


am not really with this guy! Is this the one? Is this the one in


the charts? Yes! I think he is brilliant! It is a good song,


Give us a kiss, Sam tie! -- Santa claws! He is absolutely barmy but


he has just made my Christmas! Well, that was my Christmas song. It


might not make Christmas No. 1 but at least I have been able to spread


a bit of cheer here Endsleigh third. Merry Christmas! -- here in


Sleaford. It is great that he has managed to overcome his shyness!


The view have a story you think we should know about, e-mail us. -- if


you have a story. A recap of the headlines. A lone gunman has killed


three people in Belgium. He has endured dozens.


Thousands of jobs could be created as Siemens commits to building a


massive wind turbine factory. Top temperatures of five Celsius


tomorrow. Dave says, it would be great to get the Siemens contract


but has many jobs will go to the local workforce?


My guess it -- Megan says, this announcement will do brilliantly


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