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Good evening. The headlines: Scrapping the charges, traders say


free parking has led to the best Christmas in a decade.


A I have been here 10 years. It is the busiest Christmas I have ever


known. The woman who killed her partner


said it was his idea to commit suicide by making it look like a


burglary gone wrong. Ferry passengers faced disruption


as some services are cancelled. Would you fancy spending --


spending Christmas in one of these? We meet the people planning


Christmas Day on the beach. It is lovely, you can't beat it. It is a


different world. It could be very mild for the beach


on Christmas Day. The forecast in Good evening. The scrapping of car


parking charges in a north Lincolnshire town was a place to


boost local businesses struggling in the face of recession. Three


months on and traders in Brigg have told us it is set to be their


Christmas in decades. The news comes a week after a government


review which suggested free parking could help turn the fortunes of the


high street up and down the country around. Our communities


correspondent has this story. Busy streets thronged with shoppers.


Traders are convinced they are returning to Brigg because


controversial car parking charges have been dropped, for the first


two hours at least. Spellman Butchers claim they have increased


turnover by 40%, and they have had to take on extra help to cope with


the increase in business. It is a good effect, a lot quicker


turnaround with the meat, busier in Brigg, especially on marketplace --


market days. Beryl who runs the Loft cade agrees business has never


been so brisk. -- cafe. Some new faces, it has


brought a lot of new trade into place. I have been here 10 years


and it is the busiest Christmas I have ever known -- into Brigg.


North Lincolnshire councillors estimate the two hours' free


parking in Brigg together with the hour free in Scunthorpe and Ashby


will cost around a quarter of �1 million in lost revenue but reckon


it has been worth it. To bring the two hours' free parking in has


definitely increased the Football tremendously. People are surprised


at the level of support it has had. -- football. You can park up easily


and comfortably rather than going into Tesco's which is much better.


It has made a difference, people park for free, use the little shops


we have, it has boosted the town, I think. They should make it a bit


longer, actually. If you are going for a coffee or lunch you are in a


hurry. But apart from that, brilliant. Anything to make better


for the shops, brilliant. Councillors will evaluate the


effects of the scheme before deciding whether or not to extend


it. In the meantime, shoppers should be aware free parking is


limited to just two hours. Any more and they could still face a fine.


Rahul Sharma is an expert in free parking and it says it is a good


way to attract people back into the high street. It is a welcome


suggestion. It gives some advantage to the high street, at least evens


the field verses out-of-town shopping centres. The council has


to found that -- fund that in some way. Parking charges ended being


outdated if they are in an area that once we tell to survive.


You're not fighting like with like at the moment. Unfortunately not


put the backdrop is shoppers are voting with their feet, they like


and have to town-centre has, however much we may moan about the


high street, people prefer the convenience -- out of town centres.


What have the high Street's got to do to evolve and survive? The role


of the high street used to change. We have got a vicious circle


whereby there are fewer people, fewer stores, less choice,


companies keep closing stores, and it becomes less attractive. I am


not sure the High Street itself will be a big retail setting in the


future. The role is evolving. You will see more recreation centres,


you need to bring in more services. That is the way forward. With a


sprinkling of independent shops. that the long way of saying it is


the death of the High Street as far as a retail area is concerned?


Yes, I think so, more or less. There are bigger town centres that


can support High Street but many smaller locations, you are going to


see that happen. Would you open a business in the High Street at the


moment? Certainly not, depends on which high street. Would you open a


business? Certainly a recreation business, yes, depends what is


surrounding it. Too many high streets are just about gobby shops,


charity shops, and betting shops. - - coffee shops. Thank you very much


indeed. Do you agree that allow High Street


are just full of betting shops, coffee shops and charity shops?


Have we seen the end of high street as we know them? What can we do?


How come we encourage more people back to our town centres? Is free


parking the answer? Is it essential for our High Street to keep the


businesses alive. Let us have you We look forward to hearing from you.


In a moment, the Highways Agency is safety fears about a junction on


one of our busiest roads. A woman who killed her partner has


told Lincoln Crown Court today he wanted to commit suicide and that


it was his idea to make it look like a burglary gone wrong. 43-


year-old Julie Dickson has been giving evidence in a hearing to


decide why she killed David Twigg. He was locked in a cupboard before


his business was set on fire. When David Twigg was killed his Palmer


told police they had been attacked by burglars -- his partner told


police. Before changing a story saying he wanted to die. She told


the court he knew he was being made bankrupt and had talking --


happened had started talking about The court heard searches were made


on their computer about how to commit suicide and hide pills in


food. She told the judge, all these searches were made by David Twigg.


But the court was shown a photograph from a traffic camera in


Skegness showing David Twigg driving into the town 11 minutes


from his home. That picture was taken just 15 minutes before the


internet was used and searches were made about how to inflict fatal


head injuries. Julie Dickson has admitted starting the fire at his


workshop back in March but this afternoon the prosecution


questioned why she needed to locum in with no keys if he had really


wanted to die it -- locum end. And asked why she changed her stories


are so many times. She said I wanted to go along with David's


She will continue to give evidence tomorrow.


She has faced cross-examination this afternoon, what was she asked?


She was asked many questions about individual points of the evidence


she has given over the last nine months to the police and the courts.


She was asked why he would need to find out how to disguise pills if


he had been trying to commit suicide and she replied, I don't


know. The prosecution suggested she had wanted to give him pills hidden


in chocolate sauce because both had been found at the business. The


prosecution also suggested because she collected all the male and she


turned away an Inland Revenue officer telling him David Twigg had


had a stroke he may never even have known he was being made bankrupt.


They also pointed out he never told anyone else he was feeling either


suicidal or he was bankrupt. She was asked did it ever occur to you


telling these lies would make you guilty of only manslaughter, and


not murder? She replied, yes. Manslaughter carries a much shorter


prison sentence than the murder charge she has admitted to.


Some more news now. A baby boy from Cleethorpes at the centre of a


grievous bodily harm court case has died in hospital. Mourners laid


flowers in Grimsby after learning of the death of the boy. A man has


been arrested in connection with the incident and will appear in


court in January. Police investigating the murder of


linking Serb pensioner Sonny Grey have arrested four men. --


Lincolnshire pensioner. Three men from Cambridgeshire and a 4th from


Lincolnshire have been bailed until February next year.


once the Transport Secretary to intervene in a row over the Humber


bridge deck. A plan to halve the toll next year could be under


threat if North East Lincolnshire Council doesn't sign up to a deal


to guarantee bedecked with three other councils in the area.


-- bedecked. The Highways Agency will look at safety measures on a


halt roundabout after several complaints it has become more


dangerous. The garrison Road roundabout is on the main A63 which


runs through Hull and 80% of people who live on the nearby Victoria


Dock estate claim to feel unsafe when using the junction. For the


Highways Agency met with a local councillor to discuss the concerns.


It is a busy junction on the main road in and out of Hull. Residents


from this housing estate say they are concerned about safety.


There are a number of concerns about issues with coming off


Victoria Dock, traffic blocking the roundabout, traffic light on the


roundabout themselves. And also as you come on to Victoria Dock from


town, it is often not clear which Lane you should be in. Last year a


cyclist died after an accident on the roundabout. Although there were


other circumstances involved the death raised questions about the


juncture. The road is used by heavy goods vehicles travelling to and


from the docks. Haulier Peter Matthews says the roundabout is a


problem. We have had one or two near-misses. People have to change


carriageway quickly, come down to the traffic lights, it is green, go


round the roundabout, you wouldn't expect a stationary traffic to be


standing across the carriageway. You take evasive action. The person


next you might not be able to. That is the biggest danger. Traffic


lights were installed on his round about three years ago to ease


congestion on the A63. In a recent survey of residents living on


Victoria Dock 80% of them said they think this roundabout is more


dangerous than before the lights were introduced. The last time we


study the accidents around this area after the traffic lights will


perk -- put in, they said there had been fewer injury accident in the


area. We will have a look at what the most recent figures palace to


see if any of those safety concerns are justified. The Highways Agency


will look at what, if anything, Thank you for watching. Still


ahead: Fears that vital skills could leave are warier if BAe


closes in Brough. If we lose that capability from the Humber region,


the tendency is for it not to come back again. Also tonight, why this


seaside location is proving to be Tonight's photograph was taken on


Saturday at them SMM sand quarry nature reserve by John Davison --


there Messingham sand quarry nature reserve. We look forward to hearing


from you. Mick said, who dressed Paul tonight? Does he not know


eight I should be under the collar? Unfortunate, we do not have any


pictures from last night. What is interesting is that he said, who


addressed him, as if you have to be dressed!


I'd do! Let's look at a headline. It is a mild one, but it will turn


back tomorrow. It will bring a spell of wet and windy weather from


late morning into the afternoon. Behind it, a bridge of high


pressure. It looks on course for Christmas Day to be one of the


mildest for years. Temperatures are around 12, possibly 13. It will be


windy as well. We have had sunny spells today and variable amounts


of cloud. The cloud may thicken later, but it stays dry. It is very


windy, but also a mile dam frost- free. Temperatures, about eight or


nine. -- also a mild and frost-free night. We are off to a dry start.


They could be some bright patches first thing. We will see outbreaks


of rain later in the morning, spreading down from the north-west.


I think many places by tomorrow evening will be dry. It will be


very windy. By the end of the day, it will feel quite cold. The


important Christmas weekend forecast, well, Christmas Eve looks


very nice. Christmas Day, more cloud around, very windy but very


All the males are I get is a bar who dressed sue!


The that is what people are interested in! -- the emails are


all about who dressed you. Beryl warnings that a valuable


skills could be lost forever if BAE Systems carried out plans to make


almost an hundred redundancies at its factory in Brough. The firm


announced today it is extending the consultation period over the


proposals. It is feared many workers at the site in East


Yorkshire are already looking for jobs elsewhere.


These high-tech Hawk jets are hand assembled. Precision skills which


take years to learn could disappear in weeks once manufacturing end


here. The problem it will give us his if we lose their credibility


from the Humber region, the tendency is for it not to come back


again. Jackie has spent 24 years at the site, as has her husband.


Selling up and moving on now seems like their only option. We have a


big mortgage on this house. We will not be able to pay it. We are


applying, and applying for jobs at the moment, but there does not seem


to be anything there. Some here may harbour the hope of work in the


Humber's renewable energy industries, but there's jobs could


be many months away. Despite a relentless campaign by this work


force and their local MPs, BAe is offering them a few glimmers of


hope. Little wonder many here are looking to take their skills


elsewhere. Over the Pennines in Barrow-in-Furness, they know what


that is like. Here, beasts still makes submarines, but 15 years ago,


a cancel defence contract put 10,000 people on the dole. The


effects of this are still being felt today. -- a council defence


contract. Once you lose their jobs, it is very difficult to get them


back. It is not easy for someone to make a translation from being a


highly skilled person, building to particular standards, Sudan


migrating into another industry. Sir -- It to then migrating. Many


will welcome the extension on the talks. They must yield meaningful


results to avoid an exodus from here.


Joining me is Lord Haskins, the chairman of the Humber Local


Enterprise Partnership. How concerned I knew, not just about


the loss of jobs, but the skill base we have in this area? -- how


concerned are you. It always has been a bit of a concern. We will


meet skills in the future. We are optimistic that we will get jobs in


the renewable energy industry, particularly with the possible


investments with Siemens. Is it possible or realistic to get a


transfer or redeployment for these people straight from one to another,


so we do not lose that skill base? It is difficult to do that. This


Siemens jobs probably will not be here for 18 months or two years.


There may be training are ways of bridging the gap. We're talking


about that to BA and others at the moment. -- BAe. A Jew enlighten us?


Well, we do not really know the sort of jobs. We have not given up.


It is a timing issue. If BAe keeps the place open for a bit longer


than they have said, that will narrowed the gap. Is that the aim,


get them to go a bit longer? It is a bit. I would not be too


optimistic about the ability to switch. I suspect a lot of the BAe


workers, if the place shut, they may go away. They might come back.


In the old days when we had Yorkshire Forward, there was a pot


of money. What alternative Investment and deal can you offer?


A government has given homes -- the government has given us two


enterprise zones. If new businesses come and invest, they get generous


allowances. The rates are very attractive, and we should be going


to attract businesses from within the area and outside to take


advantage of those. We could be the hub of renewable energy for the


country. Lord Haskins, thank you very much.


P&O have been forced to cancel some of its sailings in and out of Hull


after continued problems with a lock gate. Yesterday, a mechanical


fault meant that the Pride of York docked late. Today, the ferry


company has been told that the problem could take weeks to six.


Sarah Corker is at the King George Dock in Hull. What more do we know?


Well, Peter, the Pride of York left the river terminal about half-an-


hour ago, and on time. It would normally sell from King George Dock,


but a fault with the lock gate means it could be out of action for


up to two weeks. That now means that all shapes and leaving from


this one terminal, and that is what is causing disruption. Tonight's


savings are not affected, but Deraa cancellations over the next couple


of days. -- there are cancellations. The 23rd, the halt as a Brigg


sailing has been cancelled. The 24th, the return journey from


Zeebrugge or wet sail. The crossing from Hull on the 24th has been


brought forward to 9am. The problems began yesterday, when the


Pride of York arrived four hours late. APB own the port and they


told me they do not know how long it will take to fix. They have told


all affected passengers that they can transfer over two alternative


services. Thank you, Sarah. This might be another one you want to


get in touch with. Thank you for getting in touch about our story


last night, about wildlife crime. Police say they are cracking down


on armed gangs with high-powered rifles who are targeting rural


communities in Lincolnshire. There have been over 600 reported cases


in the last four month of the illegal practice where heads are


Now, 17 groups in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire on what is called


the Olympic legacy fund. His own youth player field in Moulton near


Gainsborough will get �32,000 to bring you back into use and there


will be a new facility for youngsters. We will have facilities


for play basketball, tennis and five-a-side football, as well as


the general area to play other sports. This site is very close to


the local primary school. Well done to all 17 groups.


Now, you think of Christmas and a beach hut in Bridlington might not


be the first thing that springs to mind. But the first time ever, East


Riding Council is leasing out its beach hut over the winter to the


general public. Nearly all of them have been bought. Simon Spark has


been to find out more. Here's the deal. Some I=seaside,


scarier rides and beach huts. -- Sam Moa=seaside. When set=prisoners,


snow and carols. Not in Bridlington, because a review will be spending


Christmas here in a beach hut. These are available for hire over


Christmas. In the corner, there is a sink. There is also a work


surface. You can lay out your food. I was going to say something witty,


like you would want to rent a beach huts in a cold December, never mind


Christmas, but look at today! It is beautiful, and not even cold. I


would not mind renting one. Someone who will be here with her family is


NSF. Christmas Day, hope the Labour come after lunch and the Queen's


speech, we will potter down here. We will have our mince pies here.


It is lovely, absolutely lovely. Seriously, I thought I would be in


a beach hut on the 25th at this rate, but thankfully, somebody


saved me. If you have ever been here when it is ready Blakedown, he


would not want to be year! I am having my lunch at her. Reverend


Ben is an expert on what to do with it. During December, we put on


something different every night to retell the famous Nativity story.


It is a novelty to be playing in a beach hut for a month. It has been


a really good atmosphere. certainly is a nice way to get all


Christmassy again, but for me, it still made a bit of this. That's


more like it! There is no chance of that, as we


will find out in a second. Let's have a recap of the headlines.


Multiple explosions ripped through Baghdad. 14 people died in the


worst violence Iraq has seen in On the subject of shopping and


parking, thanks for the messages. Someone says, ample free parking is


the key. Counsel should followed Brigg's lead. Somebody else says,


no, because workers will take the free spaces and shoppers will still


end up having to pay to pack. Mac says, free parking in town get my


vote. Best way to get shoppers back to the high street and out of the


supermarkets. Kate says that Sleaford is full of barber's and


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