23/12/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight...


She told "a pack of lies" - a judge's verdict of murderer Julie


Dixon. "Someone came up and attacked us


and set fire to the place." Does it matter who delivers your


local public services? Calls for a shake-up of councils in


Lincolnshire. A seasonal warning about Christmas


light safety, as fire ruins one woman's festive plans.


And the end of a year-long challenge - the whiskery story of


the men growing their beards for charity. Under not forget to join


me for your Christmas weekend "A pack of lies" - that was the


ruling of a judge on the stories told by Julie Dixon, as she tried


to get away with the murder of her long-term partner.


It comes at the end of a hearing at Lincoln Crown Court to decide why


she had killed 46-year-old David Twigg. The judge decided that when


she locked him and his workshop and set it on fire, it was a planned


killing. What did the judge say? She showed no emotion as the judge


said there was a pre- meditated murder. He said that he her account


of how he came to die a was untrue, in fact, I am sure it is a pack of


lies. These lie started the moment she called 999.


"Someone came up and attacked us and set fire to the place."


A 999 call from Julie Dixon, apparently the victim of a


terrifying attack. "They were dressed in black with a


hoody on and a mask or something." Despite combing the scene, police


found no evidence of masked men. It was an elaborate story Julie Dixon


told police and David Twigg's family to hide the fact she had


murdered him. The police and emergency services were misled


right from the period of the original emergency call and even to


this point now, she has not accepted the truth and has shown no


remorse and his family were really close to her. They confided in her


and the betrayal of their trust that the field is terrible really.


David Twigg's grieving family were lied to for months.


Today, the police gave a statement from his parents outside court.


This has been a very difficult and emotional nine months for us.


We've lost our only son David at the hands of someone who we have


loved and treated as a daughter. The loss of David is more than we


can bear and we have a massive hole in our world."


It was Sunday, March 13 when Julie Dixon locked David Twigg inside


this tiny store cupboard at their joinery business in Burgh-Le-Marsh.


She doused the premises in petrol and set them alight.


Neighbours were surprised Julie Dixon did not come to them for help.


And once her lies were exposed, friends who had mourned alongside


her felt betrayed. This funeral was massively well attended, because he


was a very popular character. quite sickening really, heart


insincerity. The father was distraught at the service. The


words that he read it was said in some be the for the women who ate


now turns out had murdered him. And people were so shocked at those


lies because Julie Dixon and David Twigg had seemed a happy couple.


She even claimed they were planning to marry and Michael Capes says


there was nothing out of the ordinary when they were working for


him just before the murder. But in June, police arrested Julie


Dixon. Now, she admitted lying and began


claiming she had actually made a suicide pact with Mr Twigg because


of their financial troubles. David Twigg had been declared


bankrupt, something Julie Dixon tried to hide from him.


And that was not the only secret. Mr Twigg's family say she had


hidden the fact that bills had not been paid. They say money was taken


from his business account and she had also remortgaged their home


here without telling him. Police say because Julie Dixon has


told so many lies, they feel they will never know the real why she


killed. We really do not know. We do not nor have something has


happened a weekend which led to are carrying out this cold-blooded


killing. She has never expected excepted full responsibility for


the action she carried out. police say because Julie Dixon's


told so many lies, they feel they'll never know the real why she


killed. She faces a life sentence, but now


the judge has ruled it was pre- meditated, he can decide the


minimum time she will serve in prison when the case resumes on


January 3. Thank you very much. In a moment, the damage caused by


Christmas lights. It acted like a blowtorch. It tall erect that the


whole of the inside of the house. Two teachers have resigned after


being involved in an internet discussion where people from East


Hull were called "thick" and "inbred".


Parents at Hull's Westcott Primary, have been told that headteacher


Debbie Johnson and Nyanza Roberts have both left. They were suspended


following the comments on Facebook. The school now needs to move on. It


came out of special measures and October of this year. It needs to


move on any positive way now. Parents have been delighted that


the teachers have decided to call. Associated British Ports says it


hopes to have a broken lock gate at Hull's King George Dock fixed by


next Thursday. P&O says it has cancelled two ferry


crossings over the Christmas weekend because of the problem.


Tonight's Zeebrugge sailing and the return journey are cancelled.


It has ignited a debate about who you pay your council tax to and who


empties your bin. The leader of Lincolnshire County


Council has warned a big shake-up is coming.


Martin Hill says the seven district councils in the county could be


scrapped and a new single authority should then take charge. From a


team begins to running the local swimming baths, more than 700,000


people are served by Lincolnshire seven district councils. But we do


be more cost-effective to of one single authority looking after the


whole of the county? The two-tier system of county and district is


probably in the minority now. Many other places now have one council


and it seems to work better. I have not seen any great problems with


that. So, who will people they pay their council tax to for services?


I have been asking local people. think they should be left to the


people in the places they will have to decide. A but the leader of the


city of Lincoln council is not convinced either. Lincoln has a


very proud history of governments, going back 2000 years to the Romans.


Understandably, they take great civic parade in the people having a


council that they feel is accountable to them and them alone.


The seven councils could now emerge into a single unitary authority,


but the authorities say there is coming no plans to change the way


Lincolnshire his government. Martin Hill, the leader of


Lincolnshire County Council, is here now. Martin, who should things


not stay as they are now? I am not calling for immediate change. As


has just as been said, the government has said there will not


be local government restructure in this Parliament or maybe not even


the next. It simply needs us to look at ways we could become more


efficient. Lincoln has had a city council


since Roman times. Are there not historical reasons


for keeping our present local authorities? Yes, I ate not that


people care who is looking after their services. But in this present


day and age, we have to look at the best way to present services to the


public. What they have said is that in the future we have to look at it.


Because of financial pressures on us, we are trying to work closer


together with other county councils. We are saying later, a year's time,


we all have to look at different options in the future. But surely


the whole party is all about making things local? Does this not go


against this? No, in any sort of the area, we bid still focus on


individual areas which would have the local and packed. The person


who is elected by the council will stand up for their area and make


sure that the get the services they deserve. What do you think people


at home in the county will be thinking about this? I do not know.


I need to reassure people that nothing is happening in the


immediate future, but we need to keep looking at this in years to


come, so that we are providing the best services possible.


I would like to hear your views on this.


Is it time to scrap the seven district councils in Lincolnshire


and allow the county council to provide all services? Or would you


prefer to keep the local district councils as they are now. Here are


Firefighters are making an urgent plea for everyone to check the


safety of their Christmas lights after a house was almost destroyed


by fire. It started when the lights came


into contact with an electric heater. Sarah Corker reports.


Salvaging what is left from the charred remains of this home. When


Paul arrived at his sister-in-law's house.the fire was spreading fast.


With the back door open, it acted like a blowtorch. It has wrecked


the whole of the inside of the House. Everything in their had just


been refurbished over the last couple of years. It is all gone.


Within half an hour, it had all gone. The ambulance, police cars


all came. We wear all petrified. The fire started yesterday


afternoon in the front bedroom and spread throughout the house.


Luckily, the 60-year-old woman who lives here escaped through the


front door, unharmed and raised the alarm. It is thought it began when


Christmas lights fell onto an electric fire. Please be aware that


where you put your Christmas decorations is very important,


because of the fall, you have to make sure they are not going to


fall on to the naked flame. As loss adjusters arrive to access


the scale of the damage inside, one small comfort for the owner maybe


that one of the few things that escaped undamaged were this year's


Still ahead, how the area's food producers are helping the nation to


serve up Christmas dinner. It is nearly time for a close shave


for these crimes be men who have reached the end of a year-long


beard growing challenge. -- Grimsby Good evening, young man. How are


you? Very well.


John Kelly has stuck his neck out and given a forecast for the whole


of 2012 in one national newspaper. Karen says, show us what you are


made off. He probably has a very good


solicitor. Any plans on polling a cracker this


Christmas? Do you want to give before cost?


The forecast is not bad, it looks like tomorrow will be brighter and


mostly dry as well. But there will be a chilly wind. We are looking to


the West because Christmas Day will be one of the mildest for many a


year. It was 10 Celsius this morning but temperatures in the


North have dropped back down and we still have rain and drizzle. It has


been a miserable day across our region. But the rain will get a


move on in the next few hours and we will see a clear sky is. With


all of this moisture we have to watch out for the potential of icy


patches. Temperatures down to one Celsius in one or two spots. The


sun will rise at 8:18am. It will set at 3:44pm. These are the times


of high water. A much better day to come, a bright start, chilly, and


the cloud will gradually increase from the West so it turns bright


rather than sunny. Essentially it is dry but it will tend to cloud


over. It will be windy and it will probably feel quite chilly out


there, temperatures close to the average by December, around seven


or eight Celsius. Seven in Grimsby. The all-important forecast for


Christmas Day, it looks very mild and very windy and mostly cloudy.


Apart from the odd spot of rain it should be dry. A similar forecast


for Boxing Day. What a con -- contrast with this time yesterday,


I mean, this time last year! I don't think you would get that


kind of service from John Kelly. He is being modest, he has made a


prediction bet every day of 2012. It is a busy holiday period for our


football teams. Unusually this year, though, there are no games tomorrow,


though, there are no games tomorrow, so the festive fixtures begin on


Boxing Day. Our sports reporter Simon Clark takes a look.


Christmas gives teams like Scunthorpe a chance to put some


impetus into their season, something Hull City seemed to have


achieved. The Tigers make the trip to


Middlesbrough. Here are two former Premier League sides seeking a


return to the big time. It should be a really good game, we


are looking forward to it. It might be tough but it is there for us and


we have to put on a good performance.


With home games coming up, Scunthorpe United know that a


couple of wins will help them avoid looking over their shoulder at


relegation. That game against Bury will see Alan Knill pitted against


his former club, something he has been looking forward to.


At most of the players are the same, only three or four have been


brought in command base still have the same qualities when I was there.


At Lincoln City it is non-League derby Day as Grimsby city make the


trip to the fallen Lincolnshire big boys.


Most of the vegetables that will be eaten on Christmas Day in the UK


have been grown here in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. And the


growers say they are enjoying one of their best years. A local


Yorkshire pudding maker and a cheese producer will also be


helping fill our festive plates, as Crispin Rolfe has been finding out.


Shopping for seasonal veg or even a cheese platter? Chances are this


year it has come from either East Yorkshire or Lincolnshire. East


Anglia may be Britain's breadbasket, but our area is certainly its main


source of Christmas veg. This year around three-quarters of seasonal


produce comes from here. Quite a contrast to 2010, when wintery


weather crippled producers and saw imports grab a market share.


The weather has been with us, compared to last year when we had


temperatures down to minus 12. Today it has been 11 degrees.


Trading is also up for this Lincolnshire cheese producer. Their


supplies have been maturing for months and are selling fast.


Business this year has been very good but Christmas particularly has


been good for us, with sales up by over 50 %. Very exciting times for


And the cows are also being kept busy by Hull's Yorkshire pud


producer, currently making 20 million paddings a week, for which


they get through 2 million litres of milk a year.


Here at Aunt Bessie's we produce up to half a million Yorkshire


puddings every year and it really takes a hike in the run-up to


Christmas so at the moment we are producing up to 20 million


Yorkshire puddings a week. So, despite the downturn, it seems


Aunt Bessie's goods are still selling like hot cakes. But the


real boost for our region has been this year's healthy vegetable crops,


with farmers hoping this season will more than make up for the


white wipeout they had to overcome in 2010.


The star of the night is the man who stands at the side of the


Yorkshire puddings. They have been growing their beards


for a year and have raised thousands for charity. Now Dave


Clixby and Richard Wall in Grimsby are itching to shave them off after


enduring a year of teasing and funny looks. Simon Spark has been


$NEWLINE they have been growing their beards for a year to raise


money for Help For Heroes, and now they are just a few days away from


shaving them off. The wife is doing it with a cut-


throat wait -- cut-throat razor. It has been an ever lengthening


year and, while Richards has gone for the goatee look, Dave's gone


for the full bush and kept a photo diary of his growth. It started


sensibly but got progressively out there, with his latest snap as you


would expect. But family and friends are getting ready for the


new look. Some days you don't notice it is


there. I have grown these for the last couple of months, not to be


too overshadowed by him. It will be so weird. He will look


much younger than he does. If he picks me up from school I usually


look at his beard. It will look so weird without it.


With just a few days before they shave that such a festive time of


the year, what can we do with what they have grown.


We think they should dress up as Santa Claus.


With a Santa and a sparrow, it was time to catch the thoughts of


Grimsby. It might need to be died a bit more.


Is that grey hair? It looks good, especially with the white on it.


Mine is natural! From a festive bet to new year


relief it will be all change on This from Alan, what a good idea


for one not overall council. This should include parish councils.


John says, in some towns there are three municipal authorities and I


feel this is a waste of council tax. Next says you can't have a


councillor from Lincoln determining decisions in Leicester. Richard


says it is ridiculous that taxpayers should have to fund


district councils as well as the county council. Jo says we need


districts to represent the different needs of each area. If it


is not broken, don't fix it. We will end tonight's Look North


with the children from Victoria Dock Primary School in Hull. They


were the winners of our Children In Need choir contest, and they are


# In the bleak mid-winter frosty wind made moan.


# Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone. # Snow had fallen,


snow on snow, snow on snow. # In the bleak mid-winter, long ago.


# Our God, heav'n cannot hold Him, nor earth sustain.


# Heav'n and earth shall flee away, when He comes to reign.


# In the bleak mid-winter, a stable-place sufficed.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


# The Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ. # What can I give Him, poor


as I am? # If I were a shepherd, I would


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