26/12/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Hello and good afternoon. Police are looking for a man in connection


with an arson at a takeaway in Lincoln. This morning fire


investigators returned to examine the scene of the explosion, on St


Mary's Street in the city centre. Lincolnshire Police say they're


keen to speak to a man seen running away from the premises as the fire


took hold at around 11:45pm on Christmas Day. He was wearing dark


clothing and a black cap. Thousands of shoppers have hit the


high streets across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire today in search of


a Boxing Day bargain. Retailers up and down the region opened early


and slashed prices to encourage families to head into town and city


centres on a bank holiday. I have actually brought some things


back that I bought before Christmas and I thought I would see what


there was. And hopefully managed to get a nice dress.


I tend to get most of my clothes on Boxing Day because I can't afford


it normally. Because it is the sales you buy out of season. It is


quite important. Everyone is with their family,


everyone is off work so it is a good time to go shopping together.


Now to football and Hull City's good run of form has come to an end.


The Tigers missed out on at point losing 1-0 to Middlesbrough. Barry


Robson scored in the 87th minute for the home side at the Riverside


stadium. In League One, Scunthorpe United lost 3-1 to Bury. The Iron


were leading after five minutes thanks to a headed goal from


defender Shane Duffy. But three goals in the second half meant the


northwest side took all the points. Grimsby Town got the better of the


Lincolnshire derby at Sincil Bank. It was Lincoln City's Conal Platt


who opened the scoring in the first half but the Mariners hit back with


a header from Scott Garner and 10 minutes later top scorer Liam Hearn


put the game beyond doubt. The two sides meet again on New Year's Day.


About 10,000 people attended the horse racing in Market Rasen today.


The Boxing Day event was the first since 2008. For the last two years


the meet has had to be cancelled because of bad weather. Organisers


say today's mild temperature has lured the crowds back to the


racecourse. Absolutely thrilled. The weather


has been fantastic. Logistics, it has gone brilliantly. A really


great crowd, heading towards 10,000. Absolutely delighted.


It is nice. It is friendly. I think there is a lovely crowd


here. There are babies in their pushchairs.


I've had some really happy days here.


It is a lovely day. Disappointing the last couple of years it was


cancelled because of snow but we are making up for it this year.


Mild temperatures meant that more than 30 people took to the sea in


Flamborough in East Yorkshire this morning for the traditional Boxing


Day Dip. Last year around �1,200 was raised for the local school and


organisers are hoping that this years attempt will better that


record. While most of us ever in the pub


for a festive celebration, these brave folk met up to take eight


Boxing Day dip. It may have been mild and sunny but temperatures


went so pleasant when they took the plunge in the harsh North Sea.


Very cold. Very cold. Even though there is no snow, it is still cold.


It takes your breath away and you can't wait to get out.


While some couldn't resist finding out what all the fuss was about,


the others made their way back to the pub for a drink. And now here's


the weather forecast with Sarah It has been a pleasant Boxing Day


across Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. It stays dry and mild


through this evening and overnight. A large and out of cloud about with


a few clear spells. A fresh wind and temperatures dipping down no


lower than eight Celsius. Tuesday morning is a mild and dry start.


Some sunshine about, particularly towards the coast for cop --.


Cloudier in the West with maximum temperature 10 Celsius.


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