28/12/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good Evening and welcome to Look North. A man remains in a critical


but stable condition in hospital tonight, following a fire at a


block of flats in Lincoln. Emergency services were called to


the building on West Parade early yesterday morning. The injured man


is being treated for severe burns at a specialist unit in Nottingham.


Police say they are not look for anyone else in connection with the


fire. Some local residents are concerned the building is now in a


dangerous condition. Looking at it now, it is not in a


safe condition. You have loose slates and there is gale-force


winds and rain. It doesn't look safe.


Meanwhile, investigations are continuing into another suspected


arson attack at a Lincoln takeaway on Christmas Day. There was an


explosion just before midnight at Tasty Provisions on St Mary's


Street. Lincolnshire Police want to speak to a man who was wearing a


black cap and seen running away from the scene at the time of the


incident. RAF search and rescue teams based


at Leconfield have been called out to four separate incidents within


the past 24 hours, making this one of their busiest festive periods in


recent years. The RAF's Sea King helicopter first dealt with two


separate rescues in Filey and then a may day call, before being


scrambled to airlift a French fishermen from his boat 70 miles


It was quite a tricky night out there. The vessel was heaving in


the rough seas. A Lincolnshire police officer is on


bail after being arrested on suspicion of drink driving. The 41


year old was stopped in Lincoln a week before Christmas. He was off


duty at the time. In a statement the police say the officer's been


suspended. Police say there's growing concern for the welfare of


a missing woman. 47-year-old Diann Conboy hasn't


been seen since leaving her home in north Hull, more than a week ago.


She's described as white, 5ft 3ins tall with a slim build and short


brown hair. Humberside Police are urging people who live in the area


to check sheds and garages. A community food shop that's opened


in Hull has proved so successful the project could be extended to


other towns and cities. The shop is on Hull's Thornton Estate, and is


one of the first of its kind in the It opened in October to provide


healthy fruit and veg at low cost prices. Now, 10 weeks on the, the


first co-operative food shop has gone from strength to strength. It


is now selling good-quality meat also and for hundreds of families


on the Thornton Estate, the message of healthy eating is spreading fast.


People have waited a long time to get this facility that they really


wanted. We asked them what they needed and they wanted a fresh


fruit and veg shop, access to good, quality food. We have helped them


do that and that is what we have provided. The prices are kept low


because almost everyone here is a volunteer. Across the country, news


of its success is travelling fast. These Community leaders have


travelled from Leeds and Hartlepool with a view to launching similar


schemes there. It is quite impressive. They have a lot of


drive and determination and it involves the committee and asking


what they want. It is based on what people want in this area. Over


Christmas, special food boxes have been selling well. All that is


needed for a festive family dinner without breaking the bank.


Ferries are once again able to leave on time after locks were


fixed at the dock. Dog owners have repaired the lock gate.


We need reassurance that it is not going to happen again. I presume


there is a better contingency plan in place. The fact that it hasn't


happened for gives me confidence that it is a one-off. There hasn't


been a big public outcry but the fact that it hasn't been addressed


for a long period of time is a disappointment.


If Staff at RAF Waddington were up to three times busier than normal


this year because of their important role in the overthrow of


Colonel Gadaffi in Libya. The Station Commander says success in


overseas campaigns has helped secure the base's reputation as


central to Britain's Defences. It has been a big year for these


planes and for those who operate them. They are spy planes used to


gather information from the air and often used in conflict overseas.


it is a surveillance platform. We are looking at the country, trying


to give information to the commanders, the other aircraft and


provide as much information as we can so we can make the did --


correct decisions as a coalition and to make the population safe.


the staff here were the first to be deployed in February and were the


last to leave. Their efforts didn't go unnoticed, earning them praise


from central Government and a visit from the Deputy Prime Minister in


November. It is great to get reckoned -- recognition rights from


the very top. We are an integral part of the command -- committee


and consider ourselves part of the Lincolnshire area. This aeroplane


is an iconic part of the Lincolnshire landscape.


It was also the end of an era for another of the iconic aircraft. The


name RAAD or one which took one last flight during the summer.


was a very sad moment for myself, tinged with fond memories of the


service but an opportunity to look ahead. They so much that is going


to be happening at the station and it continues to grow. -- there is


so much. For it looks as though 2012 will be


no different. With roles at the Olympics and the Queen's Jubilee


coming up, staff will have plenty It's been a bumper few months for


baby seals on the north Norfolk coast. In the last month and a half


more than 750 pups have been born .There are now 30 times as many


seals born at Blakeney Point than 11 years ago.


Lets get the weather with Lisa Good evening. It is a breezy and up


to the day. We have one or two showers around. We have patchy rain


returning and temperatures down to five Celsius. A windy day tomorrow


but not as strong as today. There have outbreaks of rain and by the


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