29/12/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. Welcome to Look North. The former Chief Executive of Hull


FC has tonight been banned from rugby league for two years for his


part in a drugs cover-up at the club. The UK Anti-Doping Agency


found James Rule had lied about the circumstances surrounding a failed


drugs test by player, Martin Gleeson. Gleeson has also been


given a ban, as has conditioning coach, Ben Cooper. It's the first


time ever that off-pitch staff have been banned for tampering with the


drugs testing process in this way. Linsey Smith has the story. Glee


son -- this was the last time Gleeson scored for Hull FC. Soon


after he was disqualified from the sport. He tested positive for a


banned stimulant. What makes this a landmark case not just in rugby


league, but UK Sport, is that two of his staff have also been banned.


Former Chief Executive James Rule and conditioning coach, Ben Cooper


conspired to cover up the situation after Gleeson left the club


unexpectedly. The press were told that Martin Gleeson was away from


the club on extended sick leave due to stress-related illness.


Obviously, that's not true. Drug tests are regularly carried out in


rugby league. It's against the world anti-doping programme rules


to tamper with the sample bottles or provide fraudulent information.


Andy Parkinson is the Chief Executive of UK anti-doping. It has


led to two people being prosecuted, two of which are not athletes and


that's the first time that has happened in the UK and this is the


first time we have prosecuted under this rule. We normally prosecute


under a positive test. This is an affair which is bound to sadden


supporters and leave a stain on this club's long history. Linsey is


live with more on this. What is the governing body had to say about


this? They say that such behaviour is unacceptable and it brings the


sport of rugby league into disrepute. They applaud the UK


anti-dopgs agency for the hours of work they -- the UK anti- doping


agency for the hours they put into this. The UK Anti-Doping Agency


have told us this afternoon that they will aggressively pursue


anyone suspected of violating the rules, especially as all eyes will


be on UK Sport with the Olympics coming up later next year. In


tonights other main news - a decision is due in the next few


weeks on whether legal action will be brought following an explosion


in Boston in which five men died. It's thought the men had been using


an industrial unit to make illegal alcohol when the blast happened.


The Crown Prosecution Service is currently reviewing the case and is


due to make an announcement about any charges early next month.


Scientists are investigating the death of a sperm whale on the north


Norfolk coast. The 55-foot creature was found dead on Christmas Eve


after washing up near Hunstanton. Sperm whales rarely venture into


the shallow waters off this coastline, but it's believed to


have died at sea. It probably was a natural death. There's nothing to


suggest that anything man-made has caused this, so it was a natural


death. There's no signs of struggle on the beach or a sign it's been


displaced, so it died out at sea and washed up on to the beach here.


There's a warning that people in Lincolnshire could face rising


prices and hosepipe bans if a water shortage continues to affect the


county. Drought was officially declared in June. The Environment


Agency says it could continue into next year, unless there's


significant rainfall. Siobhan Robbins reports. When drought was


declared in Lincolnshire in June, farmers were already feeling the


effects. It's all dead at the bottom. Potatoes were parched and


the land was bone dry. Six months on, despite the rain, we are still


in drought. Two years ago this stream was running. Last year it


was just down to a steady trickle and now it's grassed over and


there's no water flowing down it at all. Our yields were down 25% on


the winter wheats and 60% on the spring barley, which made it


uneconomical to grow, but the root crops, and the vegetables, we have


they really do suffer. Although the ground may look fairly wet, the


water levels below the surface are still really low. The Environment


Agency has issued the drought map of 2012 and it says unless there's


a prolonged period of significant rainfall that Lincolnshire is at


high risk of continuing drought into spring and summer. This is the


Beck and there is no flow. This is the result of the driest 12 months


since the 1920s. Unless the neck three months are really wet we all


-- we could all feel the effects. Farmers may feast -- face


restrictions and the public hosepipe bans. Shopping bills could


also go up. There would definitely be an increase in pricing, because


vegetables don't grow the same and they get loss, so there would be an


effect on the green grocers. Environment Agency will continue to


monitor levels over the spring, but it's clear, unless there's a lot


more rain, drought could also begin draining our bank accounts. A


Lincolnshire nursery thinks it might have the answer to getting


rid of your Christmas tree and that's to hire one out. Rudie


Bertins hires them through December. When they're returned he re-plants


them ready for next year. The scheme's already been recognised


for being environmentally friendly, which Rudie says is the main reason


people want one. We have built this business up from nothing. Obviously


we do other things than trees, but this side of it has snowbald


because people like the idea of them being environmentally friendly.


The trees are not thrown away. We supply schools too and they love it.


This year's santa fun run in Lincoln has raised more than


�24,000f for charity. Around 1,500 santas took part in the race


earlier this month. It's the second-highest amount ever raised


since the event started five years ago. Now time for the weather with


ago. Now time for the weather with Paul. Hello. Good evening. It


remains very unsettled. The next weather system is steaming, meaning


it will turn wet through Friday afternoon and Friday evening. In


the short term, still a number of sharp showers feeding in from the


north-west. They will fizzle overnight. One or two icy patches


are possible. Temperatures around 1 and a very strong wind at first. It


will moderate later. Friday, icy patches and then a dry, bright


start. Hazy sun, but cloud will increase and the will see rain


spreading from the west. By the end of the afternoon it will be pretty


wet and miserable, with top temperatures around five or six


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