30/12/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good Evening. The head of the UK Anti-Doping


Organisation has told BBC Look North he's "disappointed" with the


lack of integrity of former staff at Hull FC. It comes after three


previous employees, including a player, were found guilty of anti-


drugs violations. This afternoon the club said that another player,


Martin Aspinwall, won't be sacked despite appearing in court today


for a separate incident. Former Hull FC centre Martin


Gleeson's three year ban for drug taking cast a shadow over Hull FC.


And now UK Anti-Doping has banned former Chief Executive James Rule


for two years for covering up the positive drugs test along with ex-


conditioning coach Ben Cooper. It's the first time a non-athlete has


been successfully prosecuted. We were disappointed when we got


the first hearing and we found out that there were inconsistent


messages in the story from both sides. We need to make sure that


people around the athletes are operating with integrity and that


led us to investigate the case further.


Hull FC says it was "extremely disappointed" at how former staff


had handled the incident. In a statement it said, "The new


structure at the club will strive to ensure the good name of Hull FC


is not tarnished again." But today another Hull FC player did just


that, appearing at Hull Magistrates Court. He has to pay �3,000 in


fines and costs because of his drunken behaviour. He was suspended


from Hull FC and today magistrate told him that fans do not want to


hear this kind of thing about a sporting hero.


And neither will his club. Hull FC will be hoping these stories are


the last time the Black and Whites hit the headlines for all the wrong


reasons. A man has died after a collision in


Lincolnshire near Wragby. The accident happened just before six


this morning in South Willingham after a silver Citroen left the


road. Paramedics were called out but the driver was pronounced dead


at the scene. Humberside Police have called in


extra help in their search for a missing woman from Hull. 47-year-


old Diann Conboy was reported missing nine days ago. The


Association of Lowland Search and Rescue have been examining the site


of Sir Henry Cooper School alongside police officers.


An increasing number of expectant mums in Hull are opting to give


birth at home. Midwives say there could be a 15 % rise in home births


by the end of the financial year. It comes after the area's Jubilee


Birth Centre, which offered a natural approach to childbirth,


closed due to staffing issues. Nine-month-old Teja is very


comfortable at home. She was born in a hired birthing pool in her


parents' dining room. Unusual, as she is mum Cat's first child.


at home is the most relaxing -- relaxing environment you can be end.


60 years ago, Cat's story would have been the norm. In the 1960s,


nationally, around 30 % of all babies were born at home. As the


NHS developed, this has gradually fallen. Last year it fell to 2.5 %.


But officials in Hull say there could be a 15 % increase on last


years home births. We would really love to see more berths at home.


There will be much less intervention.


The fact that Hull is bucking the national trend was the talk of this


breastfeeding support session. think it is because there is not a


lot of choice in Hull at the moment. I was originally booked into the


centre and I found out it was closing which was a bit of a shock.


The Jubilee Birth Centre, East Yorkshire's only natural birthing


unit, closed in July due to staff shortages. Although pleased about


the rise in home births, The Royal College of Midwives warn it is not


for every woman. This is an option for women with an uncomplicated


pregnancy and who are at low risk. That is where the choice ends.


The Future of the Jubilee Centre will be announced in Janaury. Until


then, more babies could be welcomed into the world in their own home.


Victims of flooding in Hull are worried their insurance could rise


next year after a deal between the government and the insurance


industry comes to an end. After the floods in 2007, insurance


companies agreed to keep premiums down if the government helped


minimise the risk of flooding. But that deal will end in 2012.


The National Farmers Union says their members' incomes are on the


up in our area despite the difficult economic conditions. The


union says supermarket dominance means vegetable growers' margins


are still tight, but cereal farmers are faring better. Among the worst


hit are organic farmers, as shoppers move away from premium


produce. Football now, and both league clubs


are in action tomorrow with the pressure on Scunthorpe United to


beat Chesterfield at the bottom of League One. In the Championship,


Hull City are away to Burnley. Two teams bidding to get back in


the Premier League. Hull City want their name back up there, despite


losing at Middlesborough on Boxing Day. The Tigers are away to Burnley


tomorrow to consolidate their play off place status. And they'll hope


this time their game plan won't be ruined by a late strike from


distance. Sometimes you get games like that but in the second half of


the season you were in with a shout and you need to start playing the


football we know we can play. Beaten 3-1 by Bury in their last


game, Scunthorpe United host bottom of League One side Chesterfield.


The Iron will hope to improve defensively, and ease their way to


safety in a genuine six pointer for the two teams. Both teams are


saying we should be higher up in the league. Unfortunately we are


where we are and we certainly have to do more to get up the league and


we will be looking forward to doing that on Saturday. But the biggest


game of the weekend is arguably on Sunday in the Conference. Two


Grimsby goals put Lincoln in their place on Boxing Day. But the return


derby fixture gives the Imps an immediate chance of revenge. This


time though Grimsby also have home time though Grimsby also have home


advantage. Let's take a look at the weekend weather. What a miserable


and to the working week. It looks like New year's Eve will be very


mild. It is wet right now. The outbreaks of rain and drizzle will


move out to the North Sea. Temperatures will stay around what


they are now, for her or five Celsius. -- four or five Celsius.


Tomorrow afternoon it should become dry and a little bit more bright.


Look at these temperatures. You will get double figures wherever


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