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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines: Social


networking comes under scrutiny again as a council officer is under


investigation for posting an offensive comment on Twitter.


You should always be aware that you are a representative of the


organisation you are employed by or connected with. You need to think


about the consequences of what you post in relation to that employment


or those connections. Trying to do better - a council


admits they've got work to do to improve care services for older


people. Celebrations planned to mark 100


years since the official opening of the port of Immingham.


A step too far? Why the green figure not the green man will be


helping you cross the road in Lincolnshire.


Very windy and a wet night ahead. The metaphors have a warning in


force for gales. All the details An investigation is under way after


an official from the digital inclusion Unit at North


Lincolnshire Council posted a comment about pub-goers on Twitter.


He referred to users of one local as tattooed chaps. In fact, the pub,


the foundry arms, has got a special room for children with special


needs. It is the latest in a series of rows about comments posted on


line. Another social media row - this


time it's brewing over this pub. The Foundry Arms was closed in July


after being open two weeks, because of safety concerns about the car


park beside it. It's re-opening has been delayed - promoting an online


debate over its future. And this is the tweet by a council officer from


North Lincolnshire Council that has angered people. It said, "Demolish


the dump. It's just a haven for all day boozers and tattooed chavs.".


It was brought to Councillor Mark Kirk's attention. I was contacted


by a local resident who has got to autistic children. She felt very


upset by it. I reported it to the chief executive and a understand


that an investigation is to take place. The newly refurbished pub


had a children's play area staffed by carers and a room designed for


children with special needs. An online campaign is calling for it


to be re-opened. Today in Scunthopre businesses and locals


had a view. You can't say this because kids


used to go there and mums used to go there and have a nice time.


brother took all his kids in there every week. I think it was a good


idea for him to go there. I think it is, you can't get away from it.


It should be opened again because there is no reason why it shouldn't.


This isn't the only time social network sites have caused problems.


In Hull, two teachers resigned after being involved in an internet


discussion where people from East Hull were called "inbred". And,


four officers from Lincolnshire police and one from Humberside have


been warned over the inappropriate use of Facebook in the past two


years. This seems to becoming increasingly


common and I'm surprised that people, particularly in


organisations and in prominent organisations, have not cottoned on


that they need to be very careful. North Lincolnshire Council has


launched an internal investigation into what has happened. Meanwhile,


the foundry arms's future is still uncertain as the social media row


continues. I'm now joined by Twitter and


social media expert Mark Shaw. Good evening. Are you surprise that


people still make comments like this on social networking sites?


it keeps me in business. The sad thing is that typically this


happens for for you be -- for reasons. There is no guidance, no


guidelines, no support and no training. If those were in place at


the beginning of your employment, be it with the council or whatever


but you are doing, a lot of the issues that people do would not


happen. To be just of think about the consequences of making comments,


and the impact that they might have? Exactly that. Far too many


times people Tweet Drumquin they shouldn't, tweet out of anger,


tweet comments that are completely inappropriate. They need to


remember that often they are ambassadors for where they work.


They might be celebrities, council officials, MPs, and there are


ramifications. Are there any golden rules for those of us who Tweet to


keep us out of trouble? Yes, there are. It all stems back to one thing,


which is the basic principle of Twitter and the main gold mine is


that it allows people to listen, to hear what people have to say. It is


not to broadcast medium. To get on it and doesn't your constituents,


listen to people that vote for you, listen to members of the public -


that is where the real value is. Perhaps MPs and councillors should


spend more time listening rather than broadcasting. And employers


need to help employees? Absolutely. It is great value for businesses


and people to be able to listen to conversations, find out what people


are saying, find out what ideas they have, get some great feedback.


Imagine as a councillor been able to have a surgery by you ask people


what they think of the services, of the issues that are going on in


that area. That information is incredibly value. Very interesting,


Mark, thank you for talking to us. I'm sure you have a view on this.


Should there be more restrictions on the social networking sites like


Twitter and Facebook, or should they be used as an open forum where


people can freely express their views? Do you work in an


organisation where you have been given advice about how to use it?


In a moment: Continued uncertainly for hundreds of BAe workers facing


redundancy. Detectives in offer cap tonight


revealed more details about a murder on the Queen's Sandringham


estate. It has now been four days since the body of a young woman was


discovered in woodland in the village of Amer. Our reporter Alex


Dunlop is there. What is the latest on this case? Police officers have


spent all day on a dirt track in a copse behind me, trying to search


for clues that might help them identify this victim. What we do


know is that behind the scenes police scientists have been trying


to match DNA samples to establish the identity of the woman. Within


the last hour, police say samples have not provided a DNA profile so


they cannot get identify the victim. We know that she was between 15 and


23 years of age, described as a young, white female. It is thought


she had been there for between one and four months but we don't know


if she had died before she came here. They are looking at cold


cases, missing persons report. What is crucial is that two factors have


highlighted that it could be the remains of a missing that the in


teenager. -- Latvian. She is 17 years old, bang in the middle of


the age range of the victim who died. Secondly, she was last seen


in King's Lynn at the end of August, four months ago, and that falls


within the period that the body may have been here. What happens next?


Police said they will use more judicial measures -- to be shot


methods to find that took this victim is -- traditional methods.


Mounted police have joined a surge to look for a woman missing from


her home in Hull. They have been looking around the fields today and


local people are being asked to check their sheds and garages. The


47-year-old has not been seen since 20th December.


A rail link between Hull and it could get the go-ahead. In October,


the Chancellor announced that the route will be electrified. Now


ministers want to investigate electrifying of the leads to whole


line as well. Hull City Council has admitted


today that it has got more work to do when it comes to assessing the


needs of the elderly in this city. The comments follow our story


yesterday about Clarence Bamforth. His family got in touch with us to


tell us that they called social services 20 times to ask for help


for -- help. Age UK says everyone has their right to be fully


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


assessed by their local authority. Thank you for your comments. One


other broke -- person got in touch after last night programme - a 70-


year-old who e-mailed us to tell us some of the problems she has had


with Hull City Council over the issue of social care.


I am sole carer to my husband. He needs everything going for him,


from washing, shaving, feeding, toilet, shower... I first contacted


Hull City Council for an assessment in the summer of 2010. They came to


see us in 20th October 10, but I still have not got, here in January,


a proper care package in place for my husband. My biggest fear is that


if I don't have the right care package in place, and this creeps


ever nearer every day, my husband may have to go into a nursing home.


I really am terrified that one day I will have to make that decision.


Hull City Council says that new procedures are now in place to


improve services. Earlier I spoke to Councillor Rilba Jones, who has


responsibility for adult care. I asked her how long she'd be


prepared to wait to have a loved one assessed. It would very much


depend on the circumstances, but I would definitely want something


done soon. I don't think I could put an exact time on it. One, I


want to reassure the public that we really are doing everything we can.


But you have got some way to go? Yes, but there has been this


problem when in June we had many vacancies due to the early


retirement... Of oh, you are understaffed, are you? We have been,


but I am able to tell you that we are advertising six occupational


therapy posts next week, which will be very important. We are trying to


work better with partner agencies, and that includes the voluntary


sector, Age Concern UK, Hull churches home from housing with...


So you accept that there is a problem and you are working on it?


There has been a problem, and I am not aware of all the e-mails that I


am being told about, and I just wish that people at least would get


in touch with their local councillor. People do get in touch


with me - I get a regular but small stream of things coming through so,


you know, and we are very committed as an administration to the care of


the elderly and vulnerable, and I feel very sorry if this is


happening. I want them all looked into as a matter of urgency. Thank


you for coming in tonight. After we talked about that last


night's, there was a big response The Prime Minister will hold a


meeting with BAE Systems after they agreed to extend its consultation


period on redundancies, which should have ended on Boxing Day.


There has rarely been an uneventful year at BAE Systems. Defence


contracts are fickle at the best of times. 2011 was one of the toughest.


Frank Melton police negotiations over the coming weeks will be


crucial for him and colleagues. The company has agreed to extend its


consultation period on the redundancies, and that gives a


glimmer of hope to many, though it is mixed with uncertainty. Do I


jump, if on offer comes up? For me and everybody, it is just not


knowing. Some people have decided to go, younger ones, shall we say


people below the age of 50. They think, I haven't got a future here,


I will move on. The autumn and winter campaign to save the jobs


has been energetic and sustained. The cycling to party conferences


kept this high on the agenda, as did lobbying of Downing Street. One


of the hopes is that the private investor can be brought in to


takeover the Brough site before these skills are lost forever.


There are companies that could invest here. We have a brilliant


white voice -- a workforce. It led coming weeks, the chief executive


of BAE Systems will meet with the Prime Minister. At the very least,


hundreds of local families will be hoping that these talks give them


some clarity about their futures. That is a story we have followed


from the start, and we will continue to do so. Thank you for


watching. Still ahead: Planning centenary celebrations for the port


of Immingham. Looking back at the official opening 100 years ago. And


we are like that the European premiere of the Iron Lady, a film


Tonight's picture is of the rainstorm over Skegness beach,


taken last night by Simon Wilkinson. Christopher said, last night's move


was only half illuminated, but there can run a lot different.


Let's look at the where bet for the next 24 I was. -- let's look at the


where there for the next 24 are was. The there is a warning for gales


fairly widely across Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. There will be


rain as well, and that will be about first thing in the morning,


but it will turn brighter in the afternoon. This little pomp of high


pressure means Friday should be better -- born poor of high


pressure. Look at this shield of cloud. It is thickening all the


while. I think we will see spots of rain turning into outbreaks of rain.


A wild and wet night developing across our region. Temperatures


will be about five Celsius. The sun will rise at 8:18am, setting at


3:56pm. Quickly, I think that rain will clear away, just affect in


Lincolnshire for a time. The afternoon will have some sunshine.


Most places should be dry through the after them. Still very windy,


and top temperatures close to normal. That is seven, possibly


eight. That is 45 Fahrenheit. A better day on Friday. The weekend


See you tomorrow. We are expecting high winds again this evening and


into later tonight. Siobhan Robbins is at the Humber Bridge. There are


problems for commuters last night. What is the situation like? We have


lost the line to the Humber Bridge. We will try again. What is a


situation like? As you can see, it is pretty windy. The water behind


me is very choppy. On the bridge, there are warnings about the winds.


It is not as bad as it was yesterday when I was crossing the


bridge. The rain and wind was hammering on my car. If this gets


worse, there are plans in place to keep everything going. East Riding


Council have got three teams on standby, so if any trees come down


overnight, you can get in touch. Trains are looking better at. East


Coast Main Line have been up and down the lines moving fallen trees.


The guidelines are to stay out of their rain and wind. Listen to a


radio station for updates. Thank you. Now, a year-long celebration


is being planned to mark 100 years since Immingham Dock was officially


opened. In July 1912, King George V and Queen Mary perform the ceremony.


Jo Makel has been looking back at its remarkable history. It is the


UK's largest port by tonnage. Its 1,200 acre site handle a lot of


goods last year, and its creation changed Immingham forever. In the


early 1,900, it was still a tiny village of green lanes and marshy


meadows. Its population was little more than 100. The railway wanted


to expand Grimsby docks, and realise that at Immingham Creek,


which is what it was, there was a deep-water channel. They decided


that they would build, instead of expanding at Grimsby, they would


build a dock at in them. Immingham's first import was more


than 1,000 navvies, living in a community of hot. Six years later,


their work was complete and the official opening of the dock was a


grand affair. The King and Queen came into the dock itself, and


schoolchildren whether. -- schoolchildren work there. Each


child was given a special commemorative badge. Over their


lifetime, they would see the dock change and grow. Cull and oi have


been a constant, but the First World War... Coal and oil have been


a constant. They will be a public open day in the summer. The porter


operates every day, and we have to be strict about public access, but


we do not celebrate 100 years that often. It is important to show the


community what we do here. Through that be, exhibitions and events


will mark the centenary and celebrate the growth of the dock


and town together. Many know him as a little green man that helps you


cross the road safely, but now five of these new signs have gone up in


Lincolnshire that remain him as a green figure. It has caused a


debate, with some claiming it is political correctness gone mad.


There is never usually much of a debate about crossing the road,


until you think about what it is that tells you it is safe to cross.


Green crossing man. It has always been the green man. Not according


to Lincolnshire County Council. They have some new signs on


crossings, like this one in Boston, to only cross with the green figure.


It is a bit of madness, I think. We have been used to the green man.


has always been a green man. could be pink! It has caused some


politicians to blame political correctness. You wait for the green


man, that is what people have done for generations. There is no sexism


in that. They are not just in Boston. Look at these brand new


ones in Bracebridge Heath, a little bit more confusing as this


particular green figure did not work. Other examples of signs that


did not work include the lollipop man who was stopped from using a


thank you sign, the cycle lane that it cyclist into trees and the


roundabout that tells you not to park on it with double yellow lines.


There is logic behind these recent measures. It was deemed that in the


Highways bible of traffic signs that figure would be used. It has


been around since 1994, but only just been noticed. He if we are


going to refer to it as a figure, maybe we should not change the


reference but changed their signal itself. Make it in touch with


today's society. Maybe one day have a man, the next day a woman, the


next a figure family. Then we would all be happy. Simon has come up


with a diplomatic answer! Now, the life of Grantham's most famous


daughter is being given its premiere tonight. The Iron Lady


stars Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher, with her husband played


by Jim Broadbent. The Right Honourable Gentleman knows very


well that we have no choice but to close the school. His union


paymasters have called a strike deliberately to cripple our economy.


Teachers cannot teach when there is no heating, no lighting in their


classrooms, and I ask the Right Honourable Gentleman, whose fault


is that? There we are. We went to Grantham this afternoon and asked


people how interested they are in the former prime minister's story.


Whether you like her politics are dislike her politics, she has the


honour of being the first ever Prime Minister to be a woman.


think there will be a bit of interest. When her book came out,


there was a great queue to buy it. I would love to see it. I deduce


the left Mayor where she was born. I do not really know much else


about this and I probably wouldn't watch it. -- I used to live near


where she was born. Lizo Mzimba is at the British Film Institute. What


has been a reaction so far? It has been quite next. I think that's a


fair way of saying how the reviews have gone. One thing most viewers


seem to be universal on is that Meryl Streep gives an astonishing


performance. She really inhabit the character of Margaret Thatcher the


way people remember her, and also the way she is in later life when


she is suffering from dementia, which is a major part of the move


it. Margaret Thatcher Self is quite a divisive figure in, and the movie


is like that. -- Margaret Thatcher herself. Meryl Streep is being


tipped to be nominated for an Oscar and to win. Thank you very much.


They have a blue carpet rather than a red carpet. The film is on


general release from Friday. What's have a recap of the headlines. The


men who murdered Stephen Lawrence are jailed. The social networking


comes under scrutiny as a council officer is under investigation for


posting inappropriate comments. The Response coming in on the subject


of Twitter. Chris says, people should be allowed to tweets how


they see fit. People can play: Follow if they do not want to. --


people can not follow people if they do not want to. Someone else


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