05/01/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


Dozens of trees are brought down and buildings are badly damaged as


gale force winds hit East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


It is a tremendous treated coming down, but I guess we feel lucky


this morning. We are still in one piece!


No criminal charges for the Community Support Officer who keeps


his job, after slapping a teenager. Campaigners call for a crack down


on those who abuse the disabled parking system.


Mild temperatures lead to early signs of spring from snowdrops to


And after the stormy weather of last night, the weather is


Hello. The gale force winds have batted East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire. Trees have been toppled and many properties damaged


in gusts of nearly 70 miles an hour. Tonight, people are counting the


cost. First, our reporter is live at one house in Hull. How much


damage has there been done? You can see from the remains of the tree


behind be just how severe those gales must have been last night.


The wind was so strong that it has managed to rip the roots of these


three trees falling out of the ground. The trees have fallen some


how narrowly missing those houses. In this region we have been very


lucky. Despite widespread damage, no one has been seriously injured.


People have had damage to their houses, they have of course been


trees fallen. Now the winds have died down, we can finally see the


extent of the problems. Assessing the damage at last


night's gales. Three huge trees have blown down in Shannon Foster's


garden in Hull. They narrowly missed her house. I was in shock.


It could have done it straight through my son's bedroom window. I


am very thankful it has gone that way. You cannot see from here, but


the trio was bigger than our house. But houses were also damaged. In


Pinchbeck near Spalding, these homes are lost to their sides.


had just gone to bed and all of a sudden everywhere show can there


was a massive noise. I looked out of the window and there were bricks


flying everywhere. Obviously the wind had called on to the house and


brought all of the bricks down. was so scary. I was with my 20


week-old baby boy and I was just about to feed him. Winds reached


their highest speeds of 69 mph at Scampton. In Lincolnshire seven had


-- 7000 houses lost power. We have also experienced a particular


incident where a motorist was trapped for a short period of time


by a fallen tree. Also a cyclist was struck by a tree. It has not


reached typhoon or hurricane speeds, but they have been serious gales


and they have had a serious effect. It is very fortunate that we have


had no serious injuries or a loss of life. But the councils were


ready and by mid-morning, fallen trees like this one were being


removed. In Willerby in Lincolnshire this stable had to be


righted after blowing across the road. As far as I know I think this


had blown up in the air and gone across the hedge and landed in the


road. And then, luckily, it had blown over on its side. The Ouse


Bridge has reopened after being forced to shut last night. The


strong winds should be dying down. But the clean-up job is now only


just beginning. Just so you know, fallen trees will


not be wasted. Councils are now going round and clearing them up


and they would use the chips of the tree on public parks and flowerbeds.


East Riding council say they will be back out on the roads, but


tonight they will be gritting because they are expecting some


chilly weather on the way. Thank you. I will be asking Paul


Hudson what has been causing the strong mints -- strong winds.


Calls for stricter policing of the Blue badge scheme to help those who


need it. A police community support officer


who struck a teenage boy in the face is going back on the beat. The


officer will face no criminal charges. However he has been


disciplined. Humberside police say the slab was part of a joke. The


parents of Leah waters have not seen the funny side.


-- Liam Watter. The police say it was a joke, a


mother says it was are sold. cannot express what I felt when I


saw him. It is so mad. What right did he have to touch, let alone


smack a child? On Hallowe'en night last year, Liam and his cousin were


coming into this community centre. They bumped into two two PCSOs that


they knew. One of them reached out and hit Liam. He was taken off


normal duties and an investigation was launched. Officers had worked


with youngsters at favoured local youth club and Liam said he looked


up to them. I will never speak to them again. I have lost all respect


for them. You are meant to look up to them and take them as a role-


model, but I cannot. There has been some support for the officer in


this case. But Liam's mother said that he is a good boy who


volunteers with the elderly. cooks in the kitchen with a man


does a few odd jobs for them. says there is no way that the


contact between the officer and her son was friendly. That was not a


playful smack. Not at all. This is the police investigation report and


it says that the officer's conductor did fall below the


required standard, but says that the slap was part of a joke. Under


the lessons learned section, it says that the PCSO has been given


strong advice about his role and the boundaries to be considered


when building professional relationships. He will be back out


on the beat this month. He should at least have been taken off his


job. It would have been the same for ours if one of us had done it


to him or anybody else. Humberside police told us that they have


written to the family with the findings of the investigation and


said it would not be appropriate to comment. But the family say they


will appeal to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.


The that is the story. I spoke to the Hull solicitor, Max Gold,


earlier and asked him if it is illegal to strike a child. It is


illegal, it is assault. Humberside police said that this PCSO took his


relationship with this boy as step too far and it resulted in a hit on


the face as part of a joke. It is inappropriate, it is wrong


behaviour. There was no sign of any joking. It is a right to jab to the


head of a young man. He has not been charged to any -- with any


offence. He has not been charged and he will not appear in front of


a court. There could be some civil proceedings and a complaint to the


police authority. Some people will agree with the police particularly


those who deal with difficult to use on a daily basis. They will say,


quite right, too. They will say and they will say it is exactly as it


was in the fifties or sixties when the odd clip around the ear for a


youngster was not unknown. But this was a different civilisation and a


difficult world. Rules were broken in this case. Has it gone too far


now with youth claiming to know their rights and what they do is


push authority to breaking point? Yes, it has gone too far. You hear


exactly the same thing from school teachers who are restrained him


what they can do about discipline. We are controlled by convention and


European regulations where caning, for example, is a breach of human


rights. I think we have gone too far, there has to be some sense and


some sensibility in the way we deal with young people and put some


discipline into them to help them for the future. But many people of


that generation will remember getting a clip round the year,


there is no difference. No, there is no difference and it worked in


our time. For some reason we have gone too far. But I'm not saying


what the officer did was correct. He shouldn't have done it and it


was senseless. To walk away was wrong. We have to look at how we


are handling people. I would like to know your views on


this one. Is it like that the PCSO s -- is it right that the police


community support officer took this East Yorkshire has been granted


more than �3 million of public money to provide new and improved


pitches that travellers. The funding as part of tens of millions


of pounds being spent on sites like this across the country. East


Riding will see 19 you pitches and funding to improve a further 23. --


new pitches. A coroner has ruled that a young


woman from a Lincolnshire was unlawfully killed by her boyfriend


before he took his life. 21 year old Katy Winchester was strangled


by Kurt Tyrrell before he tied a dressing gown cord around his own


net. Their bodies were found after a night at last April. The court


heard that Kurt Tyrrell became violent after drinking and had


attacked his girlfriend before. there is a general perception that


domestic abuse exists in a older couples and that is not true. We


would urge people to take note from this case and if they are


experiencing any physical or verbal abuse or any kind of controlling


behaviour, to get in touch with us. The time is 6:40pm. But thank you


for watching. Still ahead, the Olympic hopefuls preparing for the


most important here of their lives. And in spite of the gales, at mild


temperatures could mean that spring We saw the weather pictures in the


report at the start of the programme. Martin Brown et e-mailed


me at teatime. This stable was blown over. It fell on a small pony


in a nearby paddock, the pony is fine.


Many people have been talking about the gales that have hitters, what


caused them? The Jetstream is very powerful and it has been dominating


our weather for about six weeks. This was air coming in from the


West, lifting over the Pennines and it causes a series of standing


waves. It is unusual to get gusts of around 70 miles an hour. It is a


powerful jet stream and in fact, in the last six weeks, it has been the


second most westerly set up in 139 years. It gives you an idea of how


unusual the last five or six weeks have been. Very good, and tonight?


It is still windy out there, but thankfully nothing on the magnitude


of last night. We will look at Western parts of East Yorkshire, we


have no real observations. It was a powerful storm. Things are


improving. Tomorrow will be dry with sunshine. There will be some


patchy rain and drizzle on Friday night. The weekend is looking quite


promising. Much more settled. It is still windy. It is still gale force


winds in coastal areas. De winds will ease as we head through the


night. There could be a slight frost in some places. Watch out for


that risk of a few icy patches. It might be frosty first thing


tomorrow, otherwise drive. The afternoon it will be cloud over. It


should stay dry. From temperatures up to eight or nine Celsius. That


is quite a relief. The weekend is not looking too bad. Much of the


weekend looks fine with intervals Two people were distressed that we


did not here they come own explanation last night. They wanted


on the I player! -- they want it on the I player.


And I can go into more detail now if you want!


A I would love to chat, but we must move on.


Olympic hopefuls from East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have


been training after the festive break. Luke Campbell, the Hull


boxer, faces a tournament in February. Lincoln swimmer Lizzie


Simmonds faces her big test in March. More from Simon Clark.


The intensity is unrelenting. Meeting after meeting, day after


day, Lizzie Simmonds is trying to find that age first for the


qualifying event and then for the Games. There is no second chance


for qualification. A lot of the time, you just have to be focused


and dedicated. You appreciate this will benefit you in the long run.


It may seem tedious at the time. keep things fairly consistent. The


training will be relatively similar to what she has done the last few


months. The Olympic facilities and nearing completion. The target for


all elite hopefuls. For one young man, his Olympic dream was not


inspired by a huge stadiums, state- of-the-art arenas on massive events.


He was stimulated by what lay beyond this humble doorway in Hull.


Boxer Luke Campbell has the pressure of qualification behind


him by winning a world silver medal last year. He has found himself


enjoying a higher profile as a consequence, but his focus never


wavers from the main event. 2012 is here now. People think at the end


of 2011, the Olympics is next year, but it is here now, it will be upon


us very quickly. These are two from our area who hope 2012 will be


realised their Olympic dreams. Now, it was designed to give the


least able people somewhere to park, but the Blue badge system is being


abused. In Lincoln, disabled motorists said they often cannot


part because people with fake badges or without one at all at


taking up places. Today is a good day for Barry


Fippard. He is able to get a disabled parking bay on visiting


the shops. Often, they are being used and abused by able-bodied


drivers. You are not always able to get one, because other cars are


parked there. Mostly, they are people with blue bodies, -- blue


badges, but often they do not have them. It is frustrating. The bottom


one here is a fraud, and was created by somebody presumably by


downloading something of the internet. Lincolnshire Police


cellars one of the biggest problems is forgeries. Fans can be in excess


of �1,000. -- fines can be in excess of �1,000. One couple were


fined 1,500 pounds between them. The government are introducing new


electronic blue badges. With a hologram and special printing, they


look more like driving licences and a difficult to forge. Lincolnshire


County Council will own forces scheme, but they are not convinced


it will solve all problems. It will not necessarily eliminate them. It


will allow us to have more control. The information will be held in a


national database. Weekend checks serial numbers. The new scheme is a


big step forward. What it cannot control his abuse of disabled bays


on private land, such as in supermarket car-parks. Which means


for Barry, a trip to the shops may still be stressful. Joining me now


with Daniel Macintyre from the charity Disabled Motoring UK, which


represents the interests of Blue badge holders and disabled


motorists. What do you think of people who use disabled parking


spaces with no badge, or one which has been forged? Quite frankly, it


is despicable. These people are often quite lazy people. They are


depriving a disabled person or being able to reduce that space.


For his disabled person, it might be that been able to park in that


space is the only way they can go to work or do their shopping. It


might be that because an able- bodied person has taken that space,


a disabled person might have to go home and not bother. The government


says this new electronic blue badge will make it harder for people to


forge passes. Do you think enough has been done? Yes. The new batch


is fantastic. For Disabled Motoring UK welcome the changes. I think


what is also needed is more on enforcement. In theory, the rules


should have been adequate to enable people to be able to park, but...


What happens if it is a non Council car-park? If it is a private car


park? There is very little enforcement of those spaces if it


is on private land. The council or police are not able to do anything.


Some supermarkets did take matters into their own hands. They hire


private security firms to patrol the car parks. When a person is


identified as having used a disabled parking bay that should


not, they are being called out, and given a bit of a telling off.


good to talk to you. That might be another one you want to get in


touch about. Police have arrested five men in Hull for a series of


suspected metal thefts, including lattes City care centre. Dove House


Hospice looks after patients with life limiting illnesses, and was


one of three places targeted. The charity said the theft of two


manhole covers could have endangered staff, patients and


families. It is not great when people steal from us, especially


when people have worked hard to raise money. We are expanding, and


that is another �2 million project. Staff at a charity shop in


Lincolnshire that was targeted by metal thieves say they are


delighted the store has reopened. Piping stolen from the air


ambulance shop in market raisin caused a flood, which severely


damaged the building and stock. Repairs are being completed at the


sight more than a month after the incident. Last night, we told you


how Lincolnshire County Council has changed some of its green man


crossing signs to green figures. It has backed a lot of controversy.


Some say it is political correctness gone mad. There was a


lively response after the programme, and when we talked about it on the


Thank you for all of those. Now, despite the strong winds we have


been talking about, we have had some very mild temperatures. 13


Celsius was recorded on New Year's Day at Coningsby. Some experts say


We might have experienced winds of 69 mph in Scampton overnight, but


in Burton Agnes, spring has sprung early. How do we know? Because the


snowdrops have arrived. We will need to clear the past. Getting


prepared for this year's snowdrop walk at Burton Agnes Hall. It is


not until the beginning of February, but, in contrast to this time last


year, snowdrops and not any peeping through but flowering. There would


land will be covered in a blanket of snow drops. We are always


relieved to see the snowdrops are appearing. We know a lot of our


visitors will be keen to see them. We cannot predict when everything


will be there. It was -- it is always a nice relief to see them


here. Elsewhere in the gardens, there's more signs of spring.


have an eye race here. It cauliflowers at the end of February.


I have another flower which normally flowers later. The early


buds on trees along with blossom is spreading through other parts of


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. But not all kinds of wildlife take


too kindly to a change in temperature. Frogs, for example. If


they started to lay their spawn in the next few weeks, and we had a


cold spell in February, gradually be frogspawn count would diminish.


The frogs would not be replacing themselves. For most of us, the


thought of warm weather on the horizon is present. That will all


depend on Mother Nature. Lovely. Let's have a recap of the headlines.


A male nurse is arrested at a Stockport hospital. He is suspected


of tampering with medical records. Dozens of trees are brought down


and buildings at badly damaged as gale-force winds hit East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire. Tomorrow's We were talking about that story


were up eight teenager was slapped. Someone says, how pathetic, a


policeman tries to have a laugh and gets in trouble over it. Someone


else says, give the man a pat on the back and let there be no


compensation involved. The answer, if you or I had done the same thing,


we would have been arrested with an assault charge. Ben says, many


teams do express inappropriate behaviour, I do not think what the


officer did was wrong because it is highly likely that teenager


provoked him. Simon said, the officers should be discouraging


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