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Welcome to Look North. The headlines... Warnings for lorry-


drivers and garages as fuel theft rises across the area. It has gone


up nationally about 40 % in the past two or three years. Still to


be identified. The body of a woman found on the Queen's Sandringham


estate on New Year's Day. Opened again in Lincoln. The new look of


Siemens is described as a vote of confidence. Grantham's reaction to


the town's most famous daughter. As the government promises a satnav


summit we find out where they are going wrong in the area. I am back


in 15 minutes with your detailed Good evening. It is a crime which


is increasing in the area and a lorry drivers and garages are being


warned to be on their guard against the risk of fuel theft. Almost 2000


cases were reported to Humberside and Lincolnshire police last year,


including a recent series of more than he doesn't thefts in one week.


That was in North Lincolnshire alone. -- 12 thefts. High petrol


prices are putting a strain on finances but it appears some people


are getting round them up by targeting garages like this one and


stealing deal instead. Declined on top of the tank and got the lid


open and got into the tank and pumped the fuel out into the back


of a down. That is how they got away with 4,000 litres in about 45


minutes. David Craven Jones runs 12 carriages in the how and has seen a


big increase in the crime in the past 18 years. -- I'll. It has gone


up by 40 % in the past three years. They are getting cheeky, how they


do it. They are taking petrol tankers. They take a delivery truck.


Instead of delivering the fuel, they are pumping it out of the


truck. They are dressed in a uniform and they look like delivery


drivers. That is what has happened. It is not just being stolen from


garages. Lorries and tankers are major targets. In 2011, more than


1,500 cases were reported and in some cases, more than 1000 litres


were stolen. The authorities say there is a link between rising


prices and rising crime. We have got a 17 % increase in the fuel


theft. That does not include petrol stations, currently almost 40 % in


Lincolnshire. It is along with the national average, increasing. That


is down to the increase in prices and people simply not afford in the


fuel and stealing it. -- affording. Recently there were more than one


dozen facts in one week and this man is taking precautions. --


deaths. -- cases of theft. Here, you cannot get any fuel out.


Technology is being brought in to try and beat the criminals but


while prices remain high, this is I asked Malcolm Bingham from the


Freight Transport Association about why East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


is being targeted by fuel fact criminals. The cost of fuel has


made it more attractive for organised criminals To target is


that type of commodity. In the past we have seen a lot of crime where


things have been taken but more and more companies are aware of that


and have taken preventative measures. But when vehicles are


parked, sometimes in isolated places, they become more of a


target. And our drivers and colleagues doing all that they can


to protect fuel all leading them wide open? We have got a couple of


problem areas. One of the issues we are concerned about is the lack of


proper Secure Parking. We have had a history of a lack of provision


for that sort of facility. Sometimes when operators try to set


up that kind of facility in the area, they get local resistance


because it is looked as not being the sort of business opportunity


that should be put in certain areas. Secure Parking is a major issue.


And presumably, that bumps up the bill even more? We have got an


issue around cost. But what we are asking for is a network of proper


and affordable parking across the country, where that sort of


provision is made and drivers can rest at night understanding that


they are secured. We have got a good facility in Yorkshire and the


Humber area but people start to wonder if it is the right sort of


provision. Not all lorry parks are stickier and can become targets it


people realise the vehicles are there with large amounts of fuel. -


- stickier. It appears the criminals are one step ahead.


industry is always trying to combat that effect. Because of the


increased value of fuel, it has moved towards taking this problem


forward. Good to talk to you. Malcolm Bingham from the Freight


Transport Association. What can be done to combat this problem? Have


you been affected by this? Let us you been affected by this? Let us


We will read some of your contributions later. Coming up, it


is a centuries old tradition. Four pubs battle it out for the Haxey


Hood. Norfolk police have still not been able to identify the body of a


woman found on the Sandringham estate at the weekend.


Investigations began after a human remains were discovered at Anmer on


New year's Day. Tests are taking place in the next 48 hours. When


police arranged at today's conference they had hoped to


provide positive information on the beer that -- murder victim will


stop at the latest tests --. But tests had not revealed a usable DNA


profile. Because of the competition, the samples are not properly


available. -- be decomposition. We are confident we can eventually get


a full profile. Detailed searches where a Walker discovered the


remains have continued. And entomologist has helped from the


National retreat -- History Museum. They are trying to determine when


the body died. It was a white female between the age of 15-23.


Police want to identify people working in the area at the time had


have contacted the estate manager about events held in the area


between the end of August and September. The latest tests carried


out during the weekend are on a femur bone, a leg bone found at the


site at Sandringham. If the tests go well, police hope they will have


a positive D N A sample on Monday and then be detected work will


happen to establish exactly do with the murder victim was. We do not


know her name and how she died but while the delay is frustrating,


police say they are making progress. Tests are being carried out on the


body in a mortuary to confirm if it is Christopher Alder. It was


discovered in the morgue last November. It was discovered 11


years after his funeral. It is thought a woman was buried in his


place. The family has asked Professor Jack Crane, state


pathologist in Northern Ireland to lead the examination. More details


next week. 22 people will be made redundant after an announcement at


a children's play area will Clays. Staff at Monkey Business in St


Stephen's Square were told it would close on Sunday after new owners


did not agree occupancy terms with the management. A vote of


confidence is how the investment is being described involving Siemens.


It is a new factory in the city. They employed more than 5,000


people to make gas turbines. As we report, it appears it is a rare


manufacturing success in tough economic times. Gas turbines are


used in power generation and to pump oil through pipes. The good


news is that the order book for these machines is looking healthy.


I have great pleasure in officially opening this facility. At the


opening of the return Bicester factory, we have got an air of


confidence. -- the factory. It is the most we have recruited in a


long time. We are trying to make sure that we have got not just the


technology, but the people. Manufacturing success stories are


rare at the moment but this is among them. This investment marks a


vote of confidence in this workforce and the wider community


in Lincoln. Siemens has invested in a new engineering school at Lincoln


University and has signed up to a multi-million pound research


facility at the Business Park. you get a company of such fame and


important putting resources in, that is a sign that Lincoln is a


place of the future. They have got the skills and the young people and


the experienced workforce to resource this company. And the


college is reaping the benefit of a booming engineering sector. We have


seen an increase in recruitment and investment. Particularly true


Siemens but our organisations as well. Business is booming. The


building has just been built and a had obviously spent a lot of money


it. I think a company as big as Siemens is a great place to build a


career. They have got more than one century of skilled engineering


tradition. This is likely to insure Parents in Grimsby have been


protesting against plans for a health centre for vulnerable people


The open door centre will be built a short distance from the Strand


Community School in the East Marsh. Some of the people using the


service are ex offenders and drug users. Parents think it is the


wrong location for the centre. think it is disgusting. It is not


fair. Children, parents, we think it is disgusting and it is not


right. I did it is totally outrageous. They should not be


doing anything like this where we have got children. We have got a


school and a playground and a nursery and old people nearby.


understand their concerns. We are moving closer to the people and


working with them. We have got more than 1,000 people registered and


600 live in the East Marsh. Some of them are going to the school and


the local children's centre. A lot of them are in that area already


and we are actually going to them. We would like you to comment about


We would like you to comment about And on the programme last night we


told you about the police community support officer who will not face


charges after slapping a teenage boy in Grimsby. Humberside police


say that the officer has been disciplined and that the slap was


part of a joke. There was issued response on this story after the


programme last night and on the Thank you fall of those.


Still ahead on the programme, residents of Margaret Thatcher's


home town of Grantham get their chance to see the film of her life.


And try not to take a wrong turn, finding out the problems with sat


nav. The favourite text of the week


award goes to Mike, I bet p to leave the EU will be disappointed


to find that you have more followers on Twitter than him. The


headline for the next 24 hours is not bad. This weekend is not


shaping up too badly. It will be quite breezy, but on the whole it


will be dry and we will see some sunshine breaking through the


clouds at times. It has been a fabulous day today. Clouds have


moved in through the afternoon as they could be the odd spot of rain


or drizzle in places. You will notice the wind picking up. It will


not be as windy as the other night, but you will notice the wind and


nonetheless. A patchy rain will clear throughout the night. The


lowest temperatures will be around five Celsius. The sun will rise in


the morning. It will be a nice day for getting out and about, the


coast will have a lovely day. Variable amounts of cloud, a chance


of light showers in the West. There will be some sunshine and pleasant


conditions for getting outdoors. Let's have a look at the highest


Sunday it looks fine in the morning with some sunshine, I think cloud


will thicken in the afternoon. A damp start on Monday, it brightens


up later, but as I say it is an One of England's oldest annual


events is under way right now. The Haxey Hood is a fourteenth-century


contest held between the villages of Haxey and Woodside as they


attempt to wrestle a leather want to one of four local pubs. Alcohol


is key to the preparations. It is one of the few games away


getting really drunk is practically a prerequisite. Fortunately for the


Haxey Hood getting to a pub with the trophy is the name of the game.


There are four involved. Crowds had to Haxey each year to take part in


the Haxey Hood. It is a kind of fourteenth-century scrum. Look


after everybody, if a man is down, Cure a wrestling match of epic


proportions, steeped in a tale of a lady using a hood and the villagers


vowing to return it. Even the police can be scared of controlling


these crowds. It goes on for quite a while, but the best team wins in


the end. Hopefully it will be other! If it chases UN to do not


get out of the way, it sucks you up and somebody has to pull you out.


Or of the local rugby length -- rugby lads come and join in. Some


of these have been known to go on for days.


Hull City have a break from the League this weekend as they take on


Ipswich Town at home at. They will hope to make it through to the 4th


round of the FA Cup. Caretaker- manager Nick Barmby looks set to


take the job on a permanent basis. Last week's home defeat to Derby


was the Tigers third in a row over the festive period. Nick Barmby


will be hoping for a victory as he is due to be installed as city's


full-time boss. Hopefully everything will be sorted out over


the weekend, if not Monday. It will definitely be signed over the next


few days. Everything is positive. Elsewhere this weekend, after


completing the double over Lincoln City, Ipswich Town are facing


Of course, enjoy your football this weekend.


Residents of Margaret Thatcher's home town of Grantham are enjoying


their chance to see the film of her life. The Iron Lady stars Hollywood


legend, Meryl Streep, as the former prime minister. Was there much


eager anticipation in the town? there certainly has been plenty of


excitement. The first showing of this film is already under way. As


you can tell by all of the decorations of the cinema, there is


a new level of excitement about the first night of a film here in


Where there is discord, may we bring harmony.


Grantham's most famous daughter on the silver screen. The film is


causing a stir in the Thatcher's causing a stir in the Thatcher's


home town. People in Grantham either love her or hate her. People


want to see how Meryl Streep performs in the film. As final


preparations were made for the film's first showing, cinema-goers


couldn't wait to see how Thatcher is portrayed. It is a very good


cast. I know so much about it, I wanted to see it. Everyone has


heard of her and seen her and seen her in action. In Grantham itself,


the film is drawing in visitors. This was her father's shops and


where she was born and brought up. The media are coming from far


afield to see this town. We have had French television and radio and


American radio. There is a great deal of curiosity and interest.


Right Honourable Gentleman knows very well that we had no choice but


to close the school. The Iron Lady charts Margaret


Thatcher's rise to power. But in her childhood her classmates had no


idea that she would be portrayed by a Hollywood star. She was very good


in the class and with her behaviour, but I would not have said that as a


small girl we would expect to see what she did in the future. This is


what she achieved, becoming Britain's first female prime


minister. But some are still angry today. In former mining towns like


Chesterfield there has been angry protest about the film's release.


But that has not stopped dozens flocking to see The Iron Lady on


the big screen. Is it for tonight? They are a few


dozen people down in the stalls at the moment, but for the next


showing at 8:20pm it is almost sold out. The film coming from this


projection room here also has another Lincolnshire link. Jim


Broadbent, who was born on the other side of the county, is


playing the part of a Denis Thatcher. One person we know who


will not be in the audience in Grantham tonight, is Margaret


Thatcher herself. The director of the film has told the BBC that she


turned down an offer to see the film for herself.


Thank you. Now, vehicles getting stuck, heavy goods vehicles hitting


bridges and also locals getting frustrated all because of satellite


navigation systems. The government is trying to tackle this problem.


They want to reassure the information we have is bang up-to-


Becoming too reliant on technology can soon it lead to the need for


help. Especially when it comes to your sat nav. Say you're in


Scunthorpe and fancy a day at the races, put the shortest route in


your sat nav and it will take cue the long way around. The way the


road starts to deteriorate is giving me my first clue. When you


get to the bridge, you'll need a pretty thin vehicle with wheels


like a tractor for the other side. On a map you will find this road to


be either not marked at all, or of minimal quality. However sat nav


are quite happy to tell you it is fine. You need to use a horse to


get over that bridge. Unless you are local he would not know that.


People using a sat nav will often get down here. You can also find


yourself being taken through private land. It is also fine


according to sat nav to take your car every tiny footbridge. And


there was a Syrian lorry driver who ended up 1600 miles off course.


Instead of going to Gibraltar, he went to Gibraltar Point just off


Skegness. We need to ensure that the sat nav Yvette to -- sat nav


information is up today. At least you can be saved veg you will get


Let's recap the headlines. The government has said there is no


evidence to recommend the urgent removal of sub-standard breast


implants. Warnings for lorry drivers and


garages as fuel theft rises across an area.


Tomorrow's weather will be dry and mild.


The response on the subject of your first, David has treated to say


that this behaviour with fuel will continue as long as the price rises.


Kevin has text did to save it as an HGV driver he knows well the


problems driver's face. Employers expect us to be unpaid security


guards when spending the night in the cab. A proper parking


facilities are long overdue. Graham in Beverley says that the oil


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