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Welcome to Look North. The headlines. Plans are being put at


risk as paramedics said ambulance staff borrowed a word. I think


patients are being put at risk and it is a matter of time before


somebody loses their life. War's family appeal for help three weeks


after she went missing -- and Diann Conboy's family.


An investigation says nothing could have stopped the Goole floods.


And we find out if the Iron Lady has provoked a North-South divide.


Stay mild the next couple of days but cold by Friday. The details


coming up shortly. -- staying mild. Good evening. It is being claimed


that patients' lives are being put at risk across Yorkshire because of


overwork ambulance staff. A paramedic has told the BBC that


crews at being regularly asked to work over their 12 hour shifts


without breaks. He says some staff are asked to cover a huge distances


to help other areas of the service need response targets. The


Yorkshire Ambulance Service denies the claims. We will hear from them


in a moment. First, here is Vicky Johnson.


Ambulance crews operating across East Yorkshire at increasingly been


stretched to the limit. This employee, who wants to remain


anonymous, has had his comments revoiced. Morale is very low,


basically because we are being worked into the ground. We work 12


hour shifts and very often we do not get breaks within that period.


His concerns have been echoed by union leaders, who say increasing


demand combined with staff shortages are causing problems.


They are running the cruise into the ground. As a trade union, we


have never liked 12 hour shifts. I think they are far too long for the


type of work paramedics do. Go beyond that, and I think you are


really pushing the boundaries. You cannot drive a lorry for that long.


He does not seem right. Yorkshire Ambulance Service receive


up to 4 million calls a year, and has almost 1,900 frontline staff


who cover approximately 6,000 square miles. Sometimes, crews are


expected to cross county boundaries when there is a surge in demand in


other areas. This member of staff told me they increasing workload


could have tragic consequences for patients. I think patients had


definitely been put at risk and it is a matter of time before somebody


loses their life because the Ramblers does not arrive in time.


The core into ambulance officials, the Yorkshire service is definitely


not overstretched, and they insist that response times here in Hull


area are among the best in the country. -- according to ambulance


officials. Vince Larvin is from the Yorkshire


Ambulance Service. I asked him if services are stretched. Definitely


not. I think anything but. Our response times are proving


otherwise. The government stand -- the Government's standard is 75 %,


and we are achieving almost 90 %. This paramedics says morale is low,


Ships at Toulon and rarely they get proper breaks. Is that fair and


accurate? -- shifts are too long. We take the welfare of staff very


seriously. Unison told us they regained 12 hour shifts because


invariably they do 13 or 14 away days. Why ambulance staff allowed


to do that? It can happen on occasion. It is the nature of the


job. When we put the shift patterns together, we consulted unions and


staff. There was a range of 8, 9 and 10 hour shift patterns


available. Why ambulance staff being sent to other parts of


Yorkshire? Is that so they hit government response times? To put


that into perspective, that happens in all areas. When demand is high


in other areas, we do move resources around. That is


reciprocal. It happens nationally. This paramedics says lives are


being put at risk. Do you accept and agree with him on that?


Absolutely not. I think our response times demonstrate we are


providing some of the best reply -- best response times in the country.


They are really good, not is down to the hard work and commitment of


our staff. Thank you very much. I would like to know your thoughts


on this. What is your experience of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service?


Maybe you work there. What do you think of some of the claims being


made? Is it right that crews apple from one part of the region to


In a moment: One council tries to get thousands of people to change


to one energy supplier. Anybody has been discovered Mayor


Humberside Airport. Police were called to the scene at Great Limber


earlier this afternoon. The area has been cordoned off one


investigations take place. Investigations are continuing into


the death of a woman who died after falling from a block of flats in


Bridlington. It happened on South Marine Drive late last night. A 36-


year-old man is being questioned. An abattoir in Skegness has gone


into administration, putting 26 jobs at risk. Lincolnshire Prime


Meat Company has debts of over �1 million.


It does not matter what you have done away you have been, all we


want is for you to get in touch. Those are the words of Diann


Conboy's family, three weeks after she went missing. Humberside Police


say the public could pets -- the public could play a vital role in


finding the 47-year-old. Woman com -- Diann Conboy. Police


have today revealed she had gone missing ones before. It was back in


October, and she was staying in and out house may Cottingham. Diann's


family have issued a statement through the police calling on


people to check their sheds and garages. Please contact the police


and let us know you are safe. We are missing our mother, daughter,


sister and friend. Diann Conboy was reported missing from her home on


21st December. Police said they have an unconfirmed sighting of her


at Ellerburn Avenue on the 23rd. Searches had focused on the Sir


Henry Cooper schools side before moving to Thwaite Hall in


Cottingham last weekend. Diann's last sighting may have been by a


white colleague here on Ellerburn Avenue. Police are using it as a


starting point as they examine financial records and CCTV across


the area. Police insist there is no connection with the disappearance


of Diann's encore, Michael Conboy, who has been missing since 2009.


But for Diann's family, a difficult time. They edged ahead to get in


touch. He does not matter what anybody else says. It does not


matter what you have done away you have been. We just when you to get


in touch with any of us to let us know it you were safe and well.


Until I is fresh information, the searches that were taking place


have stopped, despite the police and her family becoming


increasingly concerned as each day passes.


We will continue to follow that story.


A North Norfolk District Council is paying up to �25,000 of taxpayers'


money to retrain staff at the Cromer Crab Company. Youngs, which


owns the company, is still in talks to secure the future of the factory,


but at least 70 jobs are under threat. The council has asked for


the cash to be reimbursed. Her rail travel from Yorkshire to


London could be about to get much quicker following the announcement


there will be a high-speed rail link developed. The trains will


travel at up to 250 miles away. It means you will be able to get from


Leeds to London in one hour and 20 minutes. But it will be over 20


years before the line get built. With energy costs expected to rise


by 27 % over the next eight years, one Lincolnshire council has


decided to take matters into its own hands. South Holland District


Council is hoping to persuade all of its 37,000 residents to switch


to a single energy supplier. It is all about bulk discount, as Paul


Murphy reports. June and Peter believe that if


their energy costs keep rising, they will struggle to pay the bills.


They are eating and their heating or me to be carefully calculated --


they're eating and heating. Last winter, we did not suffer but my


pocket did. They are joining the new fuel tariff register. It allows


a community to bulk-buy discount energy from a single supplier. All


37,000 households in his council area had been invited to sign up.


If we could get everybody together to buy from the same contract, if


we could save 10 %, that would be about �4 million we have saved for


the district. That would give the shops and Traders extra income.


a household spends more than 10 % on -- more than 10 % of income on


energy, it is classed as fuel poverty. Around 18 % of households


in England fall into this category. In South Holland, that figure is


around 25 %. We are fortunate that we both have small pensions to back


away state pensions. There are people who rely on the state


pension. I think it is getting harder, and will do. If enough


households can be encouraged to sign up to this game, the council


hopes to begin negotiations with energy suppliers within weeks.


Interesting idea. Thank you for watching this Tuesday night. Still


ahead: Plans to give a local landmark a new lease of life.


And more than 20 years after leaving office, Margaret Thatcher


If you have a picture you are proud of, send it in. Tonight's is of the


Tony says, last night, Paul suggested we go and look at the


magnificent full moon, then added, you might find it more interesting


than his forecast. He was right! I did and it was. He said, is there


another tonight? It is a bit cloudy. Tell us about


last night! Read the weather. Oh, you do not


read it, do you? You elaborate! The next 24 hours is a mild one.


They will be a lot of cloud around, possibly enough to produce a little


drizzle. Temperatures in Bridlington could be up to 12


degrees. There could be some drizzle for the Yorkshire wolds. We


had a nice spell of sunshine. I think the cloud will thicken


through this evening and overnight sufficiently to produce some


drizzle. It looks generally as if it should be dry and frost free


again. Lowest temperatures about six or seven. The sun will rise at


8:15am, setting at fora 5:00pm. -- setting up fora 5:00pm. Perhaps a


bit of dampness around. Any drizzle will quickly die away, then it is


generally dry but cloudy. You will see some great developing. Top


temperatures will probably be in Bridlington, perhaps it see as well.


Elsewhere, around 11. Thursday will be worked at first with patchy rain,


but it tends sunny in the afternoon. Some frost on Thursday night, then


Friday and Saturday look colder, but generally dry with some


You get very touchy about the forecast! See you tomorrow.


Read your autocue! An investigation looking into the cause of flooding


in Goole last summer found more rain fell than the drainage systems


are designed to cope with. You might remember that last August,


it's estimated that more than 64 millimetres of rain "probably" fell


on Goole in just one hour. The council say this is a once in a


lifetime event. Yorkshire Water has now agreed to spend 275 thousand


pounds on a study looking at the town's drainage systems. Our


environment correspondent Siobhan Robbins is in Goole now. Just


It was really serious. Two weeks of rain fell in a few hours and this


cul-de-sac was an area which was badly hit. To give you an


impression of how bad things got, one resident told me he was wading


through water up to his knees. He is over 6 ft tall. That is the


point of the report to look at what caused the floods and how to


prevent a repeat in the future. This was the result of a few hours'


rain. A freak summer downpour which left many houses in Goole under


water. Five months many victims like Judy blame the cutting out of


three pumps at the pumping station for worsening the situation. When


the pumps were switched back on, we could see the water going back down


the drains. It was quite clear at something had happened. Up until


then, the water was rising. today's report paints a different


picture it blames exceptional rain. It says most system's would be


overwhelmed. But in the future to recommends agencies work together


more that a new warning system is put in and pumping stations don't


shut off during heavy rain. We have carried out a million pounds of


investment at the pumping station, we have refurbished the pumps and a


confident there will be no repeat in terms of those pumps going idle


at a critical point. Yorkshire Water is fitting new monitors which


will measure the amount of water in drains to stop a repeat. They'll


work with the council over the next year to pinpoint any areas which


could flood again. We seem to be getting exceptional events every


four or five years. It is something we need take up nationally because


the guidelines are the sewers must be designed for a one in 13 event


but one in 30 is happening every one in five. We need to move the


marker post. But for some this doesn't go far enough. Jonathon


Taylor had to fit a whole new kitchen. He thinks victims should


be compensated. We have had the flooding, the


heartache, the headaches. The property damage and sofa made it is


too late. These things should have been in place beforehand. Today's


recommendations still have to be agreed by the council's cabinet as


they'll decide how best to protect homes in the future.


The Cabinet will meet next week to discuss a host of recommendations


held in a report. One of the main ideas is agencies working more


closely together and that has already begun. A survey was


commissioned looking at the Suez, trains and ditches to pinpoint any


weak spots and defend and better in the future.


And this might be another story you've got a view on. Maybe you


were affected by those floods last year - are you reassured by these


measures? Do you think more needs to be done to avoid a repeat, and


if so, what? As always, there's the email and text details for you now.


And thanks for all of your tweets, emails, texts and phone messages on


our story about the Hull cyclist who's taken to filming every single


journey he takes. Simon Mason has spent hundreds of pounds on special


glasses with a camera attached. He's done it after becoming


concerned for his safety, in case he's involved in an accident. The


camera records everything he sees while out on his bike. There was a


huge response last night's. Thank Winky for all of those. -- thank


you. Over the years it attracted stars like Michael Ball, Ben Elton


and Jim Davidson, but sixteen years ago The Ritz cinema and live venue


in Lincoln closed its doors. Since then, it's been used as a pub but


now a local community group has come forward and they want to


restore it to how it used to be, and it was pretty grand. Simon


Spark has this. It's nearly 16 years since anyone


other than the owners have set foot in the old Ritz cinema on Lincoln's


High Street, and over that time it's badly deteriorated with just a


few signs it was ever a cinema at all. You can see this is originally


where the seats would have been and the screen at the back. The frame


is still there for the screen but it is an empty shell. These are the


only three left. In the projection room there's an old diary logging


any problems with the films like oil on Jurassic Park and dirt on


the piano. But a return last year by the previous owners Barry and


Brenda Stead was a reminder of the stars that used to perform here.


The Colosseum in Rome, Gladiators ready for the spectacle! Look at


this stage. We had a few good nights here. Many good nights.


Every show was a spectacle. They were unique and enjoyed by so many


people. I would see the Hollies. remember the live shows. As you go


up the stairs, the pictures of the stars. Yes, lots of happy memories.


It's this strong sense of connection that's made Pete Genders


want to get the Ritz back to the way it was. And his intention is to


jointly use it as a community project. It is a big part of my


Chartered, my first kiss was here. My big love is for film. I thought


to reopen the centre would be a dream come true. It is not


something we can manage on their own. We do not have the funding to


completely renovated. We need people's health. So this is where


the work begins a large part of which will be finding the estimated


three quarters of a million pound it'll take before Lincoln will be


putting on the Ritz again. The producer told me she sought Trevor


and Simon and then she got to work with me. She has known suffering!


If you have any memories let us know. Hull City has confirmed Nick


Barmby as the club's permanent manager. Barmby took over as


caretaker boss in November when Nigel Pearson moved to Leicester.


He's since led the Tigers to six victories in 11 games. He says it's


a great honour to become manager of his home town club and he's looking


forward to the challenge. Grimsby Town hope to make it ten


unbeaten matches in a row tonight as they travel to Cambridge United


in the Blue Square premier. The Mariners beat Alfreton Town on


Saturday to move within eight points of the play-off places.


Joint manager Rob Scott says tonight's opponents, who are two


places above them, will have something to prove.


It is a good test. We would like to see where we are from early in the


season. We did not play well, it was a different side in terms of


confidence. And how we will play. They went down to 10 men are so


they feel aggrieved it wasn't a fair reflection. And you can hear


full commentary of tonight's game on BBC Radio Humberside's FM


frequency and on the web. Kick off's at quarter to eight, with


build up on Sportstalk which is on She hasn't been the Prime Minister


for more than 20 years but it seems Margaret Thatcher still has the


power to divide the country. The film The Iron lady is pulling in


the audiences down South but seems to be performing less well in more


Northern cities. So how is the film about Grantham's most famous


daughter going down in our part of the world? Emma Massey's been


finding out. The Right Honourable Gentleman


knows we had no choice but to close the school. Launched on Friday, The


Iron Lady tells the story of Margaret Thatcher's rise to power.


The union paymasters have called a strike deliberately to cripple the


economy. But the film seems to have split the country with a


north/south divide. In London it's playing to packed-out cinemas while


in the north it's a very different story. Screen number five. Some


people remember when there was lots of unemployment in the 1980s and


they blame her and the government. With the miners' strike, it was a


defining point which has made people more antagonistic in the


north than the southerners. politics was massive. It stopped


many people working, there was trouble with the unions. They will


not support the film. Most of them are supporting Labour and always


will. Gentlemen, shall we joined the ladies? Deramore Labour


strongholds in the north who may not want to see anything to do with


Margaret Thatcher. They did not want to see it because of her it


was about. So Lady Thatcher may not have been in power since 1990 but


it seems she's still as divisive a character as ever.


That is the tone if we want to strike. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines: London to Birmingham in 45 minutes


- a controversial high speed rail line gets government approval.


Claims that lives are being put at risk as paramedics say ambulance


staff are overworked. And tomorrow's weather: cloudy at times


but mostly dry after a damp start. Some sunny intervals. Top


temperature 11 degrees Celsius, The response on the story about the


claims ambulance staff are overworked. John says you wait too


long for transport because of overstretched staff and Paul


vehicles breaking down. Sarah says I'll girl suffers from croup and we


had to call the ambulance many times and the responses second to


none. The care is outstanding and we thank them. I regularly work


over the end of my shift as a paramedic for the East Midlands and


the service nationwide is overstretched, not enough staff,


vehicles or money to meet demand. I do jobs in Nottingham when I work


on the east coast. The system is in crisis and no one will admit it.


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