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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


customers say they are shocked and angry after a loans company loses


their personal data. May be nothing will happen with it, but maybe in


six weeks' time or six months' time will get a bill through the


letterbox and it is nothing to do with us because somebody has stolen


my identity. Locked up 22 hours a day - a former


inmate says prisoners in Lincoln face more time in their cells


because of increasing numbers. Residents get their first look at


the plans for a new wind turbine plant on the banks of the Humber.


The saucy side of the seaside - postcards from the golden age of


holidays at home go under the hammer.


A risk of Gayle's late at night. Your latest forecast coming up in


15 minutes. Tonight, customers across East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire say they are angry that a loans company has


lost their personal data. 1.4 million clients of Welcome Finance


and Shopacheck have been contacted after details including names,


addresses and payment histories were lost when two information


discs went missing. Emma Massey reports.


It's not the news anyone wants to read. Philip Hames is told by


letter that doorstop lender Shopacheck has lost his personal


data. Possibly somebody else could get something in my name, or at


this address. We could get blacklisted through no fault of our


own. To make matters worse was the time


it took for him to be told. I was shocked knowing that this had


happened last year. I could not believe what I was reading without


being informed in that period of time. I am angry now, yes. Parent


company Cattles Group was founded in Hull 85 years ago. It closed its


Welcome Finance and Shopacheck offices in the city nearly three


Cattles Group says it has now employed a specialist firm to


review data security across the group and advise on any necessary


improvements. Our understanding is that the


information contained on this disc is not of a particularly sensitive


nature beyond names and addresses, and so people should not be too


worried about misuse of their personal data. In the meantime,


this whole solicitors says he has already been contacted by over 100


people whose data has been lost. Most of them are annoyed that


personal data has been lost. To see if there is a case for compensation.


Any personal data which has been lost in breach of the principles of


the Act, on the face of it, would entitle people to consult --...


Digital is now the main way of storing personal data and so this


type of security breach is likely to happen more and more. I'm joined


by Nick Pickles from Big Brother Watch, a group which campaigns to


protect civil liberties. This is just names and addresses -


does that really matter? It does seem that until they have recovered


the tapes they can't categorically say what information has been lost.


It highlights a much broader point about how it is a very real and


serious threat that we face in a digital age, how easy it is for


millions of people's information to be lost. It appears that this


happened a couple of months ago and it is worrying that it has taken


this long for victims to find out. In the UK at present there is not a


legal right to be notified if your information is lost or misused. We


have been calling for some time now to encourage companies to take this


seriously. If people's information is lost, they should have a legal


duty to notify them. Havel's tight enough for the storage of personal


data? No, one thing that is clear in our research recently been the


breeches and health service and local authority, it is so easy for


large scale information to be lost, for people to access information


they should not be able to access, and yet you still can't be sent to


prison in the most serious of cases. We are calling for the Government


to bring into effect a power that has already put in the statute book


but which has not be enacted. company has said there is no


evidence the information has fallen into the wrong hands or been used


maliciously. So, there is no problem this time? Well, it hasn't


fallen into the wrong hands yet. Unfortunately, this situation, like


many others, is simply a case of crossing of fingers and hoping that


this information would be used maliciously. It does raise again


this question of what if companies are saying they hope it won't be


used wrongly, and there is a risk that some point in the future that


this will be used maliciously. People need to be confident that


their information is being protected and at present they are


not. Given the way data is stored now, is it inevitable this will


happen more often? Absolutely, looking at the way memory sticks


and laptops are lost every day, and databases containing millions of


people's information are used by people in the public and private


sector as part of their everyday jobs - these kind of issues are


inevitable unless we ensure the protection is put in place now and


is fit and proper. Thank you for joining us.


We would like your thoughts on this. If you have been affected by a


company losing your information, do In a moment: a national charity


says vulnerable people in Lincolnshire are receiving less


money for their care than in other areas.


A former inmate at Lincoln Prison says an increase in prison numbers


mean some are being locked in their cells for 22 hours a day. It


follows recent revelations that prison numbers at the jail have


risen by 20% in the last six months. Phil Connell reports.


There are pictures that were seen around the world, but now the


impact of last year's riots in Britain are being felt closer to


home. The arrests which followed the violence have seen more than


800 people receiving custodial sentences, and the impact of that


is now being felt at prisons like Lincoln. For the staff it is


getting a lot more stressful and it is becoming harder work because of


the limited resources. But we do the best we can. At the moment, we


are quite comfortable. Lincoln Prison was built in the 1870s to


accommodate 427 inmates. Today, it is housing more than ever - 688


prisoners. The biggest increase, a rise of 20%, was seen in the last


six months. In 2002 a riot at Lincoln prison left one inmate dead


and was partly blamed on overcrowding. Millions of pounds


worth of damage was caused. 10 years on, the Prison Service is


describing the latest increase in prisoners as challenging, but says


contingencies are being developed to manage the additional population.


But, one former inmate told me how some prisoners are being locked in


their cells for 22 hours a day, and are missing out on rehabilitation


programmes that help prevent further offending. On top of that,


prison cuts last year saw 10 prison officers lose their jobs.


greatest effect is possibly on the more vulnerable prisoners that we


tend to be getting, and people with mental health issues. Possibly they


don't get as much attention as they need. The Prison says it is still


50 places short of reaching full capacity, but with numbers


increasing, the present system is one which some believe is no longer


sustainable. This afternoon I spoke to Juliet Lyon, director of the


Prison Reform Trust, I asked her whether the concerns about the


prison were justified. Well, any overcrowded prison is not


going to work as effectively as a prison that has got the right


number of people in. Lincoln Prison was built to hold 427 men. It is


currently holding 680. It is bound to be under pressure. It is a


difficult environment for both prisoners and staff. The present


says they are 50 places and a capacity, so it can't be that


overcrowded. Well, this is a misconception that is important to


address. There is a number of 729 men which, beyond which, the Prison


Service says it will be dangers to operate Lincoln Prison. That is its


operational capacity. All prisons have that set by the Prison Service.


That means an allowable level of overcrowding beyond which you must


not go. That is what people mean when they still a -- said they have


still got a few places left. But it is way beyond the 400 or so it was


built to hold. Will people say that if they are locked in their cells


for 22 hours that that is what they should be because they are in jail?


Well, it depends what we want prison to do. One of the things the


prison service is good that is preventing escapes, and people can


be comfortable to know that is almost unheard of these days. What


we would be less comfortable to know is that conviction rates are


high - one in two released from jail will be reconvicted within a


year of release. And the stories we have heard about looters and


writers, which is partly why the prison is so busy at the moment,


which would work better - a jail term for these people or a


community sentence? What we have seen from the Ministry of Justice


figures is that a short jail term does not compare well with enforced


community work and pay back. So, if people do get a sentence where they


are supervised by probation in the committee they have to pay -- work


hard to pay back for what they have done and then they are less likely


to reoffend than those held behind bars with nothing to do. So you


would rather these looters were on a community sentence? It depends


upon the level of each offence. The level of seriousness. The public


opinion poll run for weeks after the riots showed clearly that the


public wanted to see people making amends for the harm they have done


to victims. They wanted things to be put right for communities, and


you could argue that by putting people behind bars with nothing to


do, and then releasing them by may appear to get into more trouble, is


not an effective way of proceeding. Thank you for joining us.


This is another issue might have a view on. What do you think the


answer is - more rehabilitation or more places in prison?


Police have begun a murder inquiry after the discovery of a body close


to Humberside airport. The dead man has been identified as a 25-year-


old Latvian who had been living in Scunthorpe. He was reported missing


on 27th December. Police say two men have been charged with offences


in connection with the ongoing investigation.


The missing person has been identified. He was identified this


afternoon as the person we found in the woods behind us. A postmortem


has been conducted this afternoon. This is not a death by natural


causes. It is a murder inquiry and inquiries are continuing in


At post mortem examination on the woman's body confirmed she had died


after a fall. The thirsty six-year- old man remains in police custody.


A cyclist has died after a collision with a van on the A18 at


Croll. The crash happened around 5am today. The cyclist, believed in


his forties, died before he got to hospital.


It is claimed Lincolnshire's most vulnerable people are receiving


less money for their care than other areas according to Age UK.


The charity has examined how much councils spend on providing people


with Personal Budgets, where those in need get a lump sum to buy their


76 year old Brian Waters has Parkinson's Disease. Based in Hull,


a council funded Personal Budget means he is able to buy and


organise his own care. At 8am they come and get me out of bed and help


me get dressed, and make a cup of tea and breakfast if I need it,


then they have to go because they have other clients. At 9pm, they


come and put me to bed. Under government plans, buying our own


council funded private adult social care will become the norm by 2013,


but according to the charity Age UK, how much individuals get is not


just down to need but a postcode lottery. This is the big but here.


We have seen huge differences in the care people are able to access


and by with the money they are allocated. Personal Budgets are


being introduced nationwide in a system which means councils are


assessed and give individuals the money they need to buy their own


care services, but according to Age UK, Lincolnshire County Council's


average weekly Personal Budget is just 100 per ounce compared to a


national average of �175 per week. But the council disputes these


figures. You cannot compare London boroughs or Sheffield, Manchester,


with Lincolnshire, and that is why I think these figures are flawed.


You must compare with a comparative group of county councils. Certainly


government figures put Lincolnshire in a better light when compared


with areas like Norfolk or North Yorkshire, and councillors claimed


at lower Personal Budgets reflect the counties to the care costs.


By April half of those qualifying for support in Lincolnshire will


have their own Personal Budgets, and with an announcement expected


on the future of three council care homes tomorrow, it is a significant


shift as people are forced to turn to private companies to provide


Thank you for watching this Wednesday night. The time is


exactly it 6:45pm. Still ahead, residents get their first look at a


new wind turbine factory on the The Humber. And thousands of


Two nights photograph is the sunrise behind the black tower on


Beverley Westwood, a lovely picture taken by Campbell Whyte, thank you


for that. Good evening.


He should be a politician... As he cannot give a straight answer to a


straight question. Just read the weather because I am not engaging


with you tonight. You can't comment further after the


You can't comment further after the weather, how about that? The


headline for the next 24 hours is a mild one at first with brighter


skies later tomorrow, but the main feature may well be the strength of


the wind later tonight and into tomorrow morning, gales are


expected, but that is out of a cold front which will introduce a big


change, I think. Frost on this tonight for all of us then on


Friday and the weekend very nice, cold, crisp weather but drive. This


weekend will be put that -- pleasant if you wrap up warm. 12


degrees Celsius at Commons be today, very nice for the middle of January


-- Conisbee. The cloud will come and go this evening, but the trend


is for it to thicken later and it may bring a patch of light rain and


drizzle, more especially to East Yorkshire towards the end of the


night. The gale-force south- westerly wind expected by that time,


temperatures around seven degrees Celsius for the commute, so frost


free once more. The sun rises at 8:40am and said that Faure's 6pm.


High water in Cleethorpes 734 tomorrow morning -- 7:34am. A while


start, watch out for gale force winds, patchy rain as well, at the


front moving quickly southwards and the sky brightening through the


morning, then the afternoon should turn fine with a good deal of


sunshine, and the wind will ease considerably through the afternoon.


Top temperatures will peak in the morning, 10 or 11 in Beverley, 52


degrees Fahrenheit, similar values through Lincolnshire, a frost


Thursday night, then Friday and the weekend cold and crisp but dry with


some sunshine. What about this, April says I


further her -- heard the first cuckoo of the year?


It is right, we have had sightings Thank you for the weather talk. See


you tomorrow night. People living in Hull have had


their first chance to view the plans for a proposed wind turbine


factory as a mobile exhibition takes to the streets tonight. ABP


submitted planning applications to Hull City Council last month for


what has been called the Green port project -- the Greenport Project.


Pork is at the exhibition. What can people see tonight? -- Paul.


steady stream of people turning up to this information bus to look at


the maps and DVDs and get a picture of the scale and ambition of this


project. We have to remember that this is a new industry for Hull and


a very big investment indeed, so naturally, it will generate a lot


of interest from local people. Between them, ABP and Siemens are


investing more than �200 million on the site in Alexandra Dock in Hull.


A planning application for the wind turbine factory has already been


submitted to Hull City Council and the plans are going on public


display today and will be toured around the city until the end of


this week. We still maintain, and the wider community understand, but


this is a wonderful opportunity for the city, but we need to reflect


people's views. It is a great opportunity for the city and region


but people have comments to make now they have seen the details,


which is important for us to here and listen to. Hull City Council


will meet to determine the application in March. If successful,


the operator would begin construction on site this year. The


hope is to have the wind turbine factory open and operational by


late 2014. This is a really good opportunity for people to firstly


find out more about the project, but also reflect any concerns of


questions they might have about the budget, so we look forward to


answering people's questions and hearing what they have to say about


the project. If permission is granted, this facility will create


many hundreds of jobs, so there is pressure to make it happen, but


those involved say there will be no People are looking at the plans.


What are they saying about them? think the reaction I have been


hearing tonight, Peter, has been marginally positive -- positive.


Here are the thoughts of the chairman of the local residents'


association. Since the patterning Commission came in I think


everybody has been happy that it seems it is all going to happen --


planning permission. It is good for jobs and good for Hull. Busy on the


bus tonight, the next big date in the diary is 7th March, when Hull


City Council expects to determine this big planning application.


Thank you very much indeed. On the programme last night we told you


that a paramedic in East Yorkshire says lives are being put at risk in


Yorkshire because of overwork ambulance staff. He says crews are


regularly being asked to work well but days without brakes, but the


Yorkshire Ambulance Service denies the claim. I have to say there was


a big response to the story, including many Ambulance Service


Employees who prefer to remain, understandably, anonymous. This


came from an East Midlands Just finally, this e-mail blames


As I say, there was a big response. Thank you for those.


Steal from Scunthorpe is being used to build a rocket in -- and jet-


powered car which will attempt to trouble at record-breaking 1000


miles an hour next year. The Tartar plant in the town is providing


metal for the car's chassis which will house three separate engines


including one from the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. The Bloodhound


Supersonic has to travel faster than this book -- than a speeding


bullet to break the record. Thanks to those who got in touch


with their memories of the Ritz Cinema in Lincoln following our


report last night about the renovation work there. These


remarkable photos were taken by Michael Firth in 1970 when the


cinema was part of the Odeon chain. The film "The Battle of Britain"


came to Lincoln, and to advertise it, a fighter plane, there it is,


was installed on the cinema roof. Michael was 16 at the time and took


the voters with a Brownie box camera. It was quite a sight, and


they used to make model kits when I was young, so I knew all the world


war two aeroplanes by ship, and I am sure that was a Hurry came. It


was quite something to see its to cut their above the high street --


Hurricane. Great memories. They are cheeky reminder of years


ago, and now more than 2000 saucy seaside postcards like this one


have gone under the hammer at an auction near's in Hull. It is


unusual for such a large collection to go for sale, and they have


attracted bidders from across the They are an icon of seaside


holidays past. Saucy postcards but were a staple of a brake on the


British coast. And today, a dozen albums packed full of them sold in


Hull for more than �3,000. Phone bids came in from as far afield as


the south coast, and one bidder spent �1,700, adding to his 20,000


strong collection. They are timers. You can get a postcard from 1912


and it will still be funny today, so it is great to look through your


collection, and you haven't seen a card in a few years, and it will


still make you laugh today. From the early 19 hundreds, a trip to


the seaside wasn't complete without buying a postcard made by the


Yorkshire company bum thirds. Nowadays, they are harder to find -


- bam thirds. One gentleman has been collecting them for years, and


listening to the dealers collecting them, they have pointed out little


gems but there are keeping them close to their chest! And at the


auction it wasn't only the saucy cards causing a stir. 24 albums of


postcards of Hull and East Yorkshire fast -- fetched almost


�15,000, and amongst the buyers, his dealer from Bridlington.


you're not in the post a business or a collector, people are very


surprised. There are some antique dealers here who was surprised,


they never realised. They are looking for postcards in the attic


now. So today a handful of bidders went home happy owning a slice of


Let's have a recap of the main national and regional headlines


this Wednesday night. A private company which fitted more low-grade


breast implants than any other refuses to replace them, saying the


implants were approved by the medical watchdog. Customers in East


Yorkshire and link to say they are angry that the loans company has


lost their personal dated -- data. Tomorrow's weather, cloudy with


patchy rain in places, clearing through the morning, the afternoon


dry with plenty -- plenty of sun sign, top temperatures 10 or 11


Response coming in and a story that prisoners are spending up to 22


hours in their cells at Lincoln jail. Daniel text of, I think there


is nothing wrong with locking people up so long, they knew what


to expect. This from Kevin, you do the crime, you do the time, they


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