12/01/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight...


Despite resident protests drilling for oil and gas in the East


Yorkshire countryside gets the go ahead. We are disappointed with the


result, we had valid objections and we put our point across fluidly.


more public provision as Lincolnshire's last three publicly


funded care homes are set to close. Suspended - the councillor who


spoke out on Twitter. We have been looking for love on the banks of


the Humber. Frost and fog to come at night for the next few days with


light winds during the day. The For the first time, permission has


been given for a company to drill beneath east Yorkshire for oil and


gas. The Canadian firm is spending millions of pounds in the hunt for


fossil fuels at Walkington near Beverley. Some residents say


they're worried about pollution of their water supply. Linsey Smith is


live in the village. Linsey, how significant is this news? This area


could play a key role in serving our appetite for fossil fuels, this


is the only place in the UK the company is exploring but it is also


a significant day for villagers who have campaigned hard to get this


stopped. For Peter at the view from his bedroom window makes Walkington


a perfect place to live. But a drilling site could soon dominate


his horizon, although that is not his main concern... They main


concern is potential damage to the water aquifer, what could happen is


that we would get oil-based chemicals into the water. When


Yorkshire Water chloric the water they are legally bound to do so for


disinfection, you will get things like chloroform, or other


potentially dangerous chemicals formed in the water. The company


had told us there is only a 20% chance they will find oil or gas on


the site behind us. But they say the potential returns means it is


worth spending millions of pounds exploring. One of the conditions of


the approval today is that tracking is forbidden on the site, it is a


controversial method believed to have caused a earth tremors in the


north-west. Its exclusion meant the committee here felt comfortable


giving the go-ahead. Ventures like this are necessary to establish


what is under the ground and what is there, recognise there is a


world we are trying to move away from, or oil and gas used, but


whether we like it or not it will be critical to quality of life for


as long as we can see and without this kind of exploration we simply


do not get to first base. So the newest addition to the area will be


a 49 metre-high drilling work. If successful, it could kelp -- help


power cars and heat homes soon. What happens next? Nothing can


happen until a risk assessment is carried out on the potential


effects of the water supply, when that is done by a drilling rig will


be erected in field behind the village. This planning permission


only gives the company permission to drill to explore for oil, if


they find it they will have to submit another planning application


to extract it, at which stage villagers can lodge their


objections again and I am sure by that stage they will have been


keeping notes on what it is like to have an international energy


company as a neighbour. Thank you. In a moment... Concerns for patient


care after a hospital is forced to apologise. The last three council


run care homes in Lincolnshire are to close. Some elderly people have


told us they're worried about how they will now find the care they


need. The county council says the decision will save �2.5 million.


117 people who use the centres for day and respite care will instead


be given money to pay for their own care in the private sector. 120


staff will lose their jobs. Crispin Rolfe reports. Protesters


campaigned to keep them open but from May, Lincolnshire's last three


public sector care homes will close. They provide for day care, respite


care and for people coming out of hospital, or preventing them going


to hospital. So with the day-care and despite the are confident there


is enough provision in the market. There loss of these last three


homes means there will be no public safety net to fall back on in terms


of public provision. Everything will be at the mercy of the market.


The announcement brings an end to Lincolnshire's Public Care Homes,


last 5th September care homes closed and now the three remaining


will shut by May at the latest. It is part of a government plan to see


qualifying adults getting personal budgets by 2013 in order to fund


private care. Under these proposals this home will move, for example,


from being a public care centre to becoming a private one. That will


mean it being transformed into an area to provide help for people in


sheltered accommodation around the area. But the concern for residents


living here is whether the private standards will have gone up to


those they come to expect from council-run services. Ron's worry


is that he is still to be assessed for a personal budget and it is the


uncertainty of what is ahead that bothers him. We need these places,


not just for me, I am sure I will manage in the end, but there are


lot of people that do not have the facilities I have. When we close


here the staff will leave but what we are hoping is that the staff


will stay within the care of all the people and go on to become


self-employed and start micro businesses, or be absorbed into


other organisations providing care. So change fall in line with


government policy but it is how this care provision is delivered is


what counts, against the backdrop of savings that Lincolnshire and


the country are having to find. Hull's most senior Conservative


politician has been suspended by Hull City council for 20 weeks over


comments posted on the social networking site Twitter. Councillor


John Fareham, a former Lord Mayor of the city, received the ban after


he allegedly referred to people in the public gallery of a council


meeting as "retards". What is he supposed to have said? This dates


back almost a year ago following a very long council meeting about


budget cuts. It is alleged he tweeted the following... 15 hours


in council today, very hard hitting day and the usual collection of


retard in the public gallery spoiling it for real people. Soon


after that message was tweeted many complaints came in and it was


removed. I have spoken to people on the street who say people should be


much more careful about what the Post on social that working site.


Everyone can say what they want but I don't know why anybody would call


any body that word. Especially from somebody who is meant be respectful.


It is not appropriate. I do think they should be careful because it


does have an impression and impact on the community. They should be


able to say what they want to an extent but obviously that is going


beyond the line. What are the council saying? Very little. They


released a statement. Extracts from Matt Reed in posting the tweet


councillor Fareham breached the council's code of conduct, the sub-


committee concluded he may have caused a breach of the quality


enactment and brought the office and council into disrepute. He has


been suspended and also asked to take part in some diversity


training. The BBC has contacted Mr Fareham and he refused to confirm


or deny that it was him who posted the Tweed. He is appealing the


decision to suspend him. Just before the programme I spoke


to the Brigg and Goole MP Andrew Percy who was a long serving


colleague of John Fareham, when they were the only two


Conservatives on Hull City Council. I asked him how strongly he


supported Mr Fareham now. I think what he said was for this, I do not


know the details. I think it was aimed at Union people in the


gallery shouting Tory scum. But my issue with it is more about the


legitimacy of standards committees because I believe strongly that it


is up to the ballot box where politicians draw their limit just -


- at their legitimacy from. Can you excuse him allegedly calling


members of the public retards? not defending it. It is the almost


and I understand he apologised, quite right. But as I have done in


occasions in the past when councillors have been ejected from


councils I have always said it is not democratic. In this country we


should have a power of recall so that electors can recall their


election politicians and take the decision -- elected politicians.


Are you saying he should not have been suspended? I believe the


jitters may comes at the ballot box, to lead people without


representation for 20 weeks, which has happened in other cases, is not


something I think his Democratic -- legitimacy. So he should not have


been suspended? We are not subjected as MPs to that standard,


it is put on two councillors. I believe we should have a power of


recall so if selectors are unhappy with what a politician has said


they can recall them, force them to fight a by-election and make a


decision and judgment on them then. People say silly things in all


walks of life and sometimes it costs people their jobs, but should


be the same for politicians but it should be done by the people who


employ you, the people, so we should be done through power of


recall, not through an elected quango or committee.


We like to know what you think. Is it right the council was suspended


A woman who died after apparently falling from a flat in Bridlington


has been named by police. 48-year- old year old Debra Mitchell, who


was originally from West Yorkshire, had only lived in the town since


last November. Police say they are still treating her death as


unexplained. A 36-year-old man arrested in connection with the


incident has been released on bail. Two men have been charged with


kidnap in relation to a murder investigation in North Lincolnshire.


The body of 25-year-old Lithuanian Arvydas Skrinkas, who lived near


Scunthorpe, was discovered near Humberside Airport on Tuesday.


Detectives are looking at forensic evidence from woodland where he was


found as well as leads in Scunthorpe. Unions are warning that


fuel supplies could be disrupted after oil tanker drivers agreed to


strike action. The Conoco Phillips plant near Immingham is one of


three sites which could be affected if lorry drivers strike over terms


and conditions. Dates for the Industrial action have not yet been


released. A judge has finished summing up the evidence in the


trial of five men accused of murdering Adam Vincent from Grimsby.


The trial at Sheffield Crown Court is in to its ninth week. Adam


Vincent's body parts were discovered in the water at Tetney


Lock and in the River Ancholme last year. Tarah Welsh has been


following the trial and was in court today. What did the judge say


today? After 40 days all of the evidence has now been heard in this


case. This afternoon, Mr Justice McCombe finished summing up to the


jury. Adam Vincent's mother was in the public gallery listening. The


judge said a pathologist had told the court Mr Vincent died from at


least three blows to the head, that he would have lost consciousness


immediately and would have died shortly afterwards. He reminded the


jury of one of one witnesses who had shared a prison cell with one


of the defendants, Mark Jackson. The witness told the court that Mr


Jackson had told him Adam Vincent owed money so was beaten up and


ended up dying. Five men are charged with Adam Vincent's murder.


The prosecution say Lee Griffiths was the controller of a drug gang.


That he, his sons Tom and Luke, his step son, Mark Jackson and another


man, Matthew Fro killed him and then dismembered and disposed of


his body parts. They all deny murder and perverting the course of


justice. Another man Andrew Lusher Thank you for being here. Still


ahead on the programme, from a plumber to adventurer, how one man


used pedal-powered to raise money for charity. And we have been


looking for laughs on the street of Last night's sunset is tonight's


picture. Thank you very much, John. This person says I have noticed a


new show at making its debut last night! He says and I am would be


It is not a bad one. Have a very different type of weather to come


in the next few days tomorrow will be dry and cold. Farmers have been


moaning for weeks that they are sick of the wind, that will be out


of the way. There will just be light wind at macro over the next


few days. -- wind. It will be cold, especially at night. The afternoon


will be glorious. Temperatures dropping away quite nicely. I think


there will still be a stiff wind along the coast. Even the wind


along the coast will not be too bad. Temperatures around freezing or


just below in rural areas. The sun A cold and frosty start. Otherwise,


it will be a beautiful day. A lot of sunshine around. It might be a


little hazy at times, but it will not spoil what could be -- should


be a lovely day. Here are the top temperatures. It will be only half


of what it has been today. The weekend looks dry. There will be


some fog on Saturday, then some sunny spells. There could be some a


low cloud on Sunday. But the At least you didn't say your wife


would direct! -- do-it-! An elderly pay such discharge from


hospital with a piece of medical equipment still in his arm is


calling for an investigation. Michael Gurney, who is 79, was sent


home from the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston late at night in a taxi.


Managers have apologised. Cynthia Gurney, from Croft, cares


for her husband, Michael. He has prostate cancer and chronic


obstructive pulmonary disease. He has needed blood transfusions.


Yesterday, he was admitted to Boston Pilgrim hospital for a


transfusion, but when they sent him home, his wife discovered this. A


tube, called a cannula and used as part of the treatment, still inside


a vein in his arm. I was horrified, because I know


that only under a very rare circumstances a patient should be


dismissed with one of them in their armed.


When the driver came he could be in a chair and brought me home. I did


not have a chance to say anything. He -- they should have to take it


out before. Last year, the hospital was the


subject of investigation by the Care Quality Commission. A report


was published in November outlining 21 recommendations. In a statement


today, this is what the hospital I would like a big apology. I would


like to know why it happened. Why are these things happening?


The cannula has now been removed by a district nurse. But the couple


want to know how hospital staff managed to overlook it in the first


place. The former England footballer Nick


Barmby has told BBC Look North that he never wanted to manage any other


club than Hull City. He has been speaking for the first time since


been confirmed as manager. Our sports reporter heard what he had


to save. He was 29 years old, and here was


Nick Barmby in the 2000 and for swapping the Premier League for


Hull City. A wise move, as it transpired.


The club has really kicked on. We have two or three years in the


Championship, and then in the 4th year we went up to the Premier


League. Nick Barmby had an illustrious


career before Hull City. He played for Tottenham, Hull City, Everton


at, Leeds and Liverpool. He has won the UEFA Cup, the FA Cup and the


League Cup. He credits to Terry Venables and


the former Liverpool manager as his inspiration.


Terry's style of play and man- management, he always had an aura


about him. The Liverpool manager's attention


to detail was incredible. He knew everything.


This goal against Cardiff in October ended his playing career


for the only job in management he wanted.


This is the club for me. It is the club I want to stay at. I have


never thought about anything else. Even if I stopped as a player, I do


not think I would go to another club.


Nick Barmby could not have been more explicit. It was only this


club he had the ambition to manage. So the fans will be hoping that


their comrade delivers for them in the future.


We wish him all the very best. A plumber from Grimsby has turned


into an adventurer after peddling more than 4000 miles across Canada


on a four wheeled bike. It took Paul Everitt six months, but he is


already planning his next trip. Say hello to Paul Everitt. He is 28


years old, from Grimsby, usually a plumber, but also a bit of an


adventurer. His latest feat was travelling over 7000 kilometres


across Canada on this four-wheeled bicycle. He says it was really


This is amazing! I have always had a love for adventure and travel. It


is nice to get out there and see and do things that normal people


I never knew where I was staying each evening. It was always an


adventure! At one point it was very hot, 40 degrees. You cannot escape


it. There was also the odd bit of snow.


His journey took six months to complete, and he raised money for


help for heroes. He plans to tackle the Mississippi river on something


like this in June. It is an old-school raft with a


float and paddle. In the meantime he will stick to


being a plumber, but come the summer, he will be going wild again.


If you have a story or a person that you think we should know about,


let me know. Send me an e-mail. A best-selling author has advised


other budding writers not have to base their romantic novels in a


place like Hull. On her blog, Nicola Morgan and so should they


should use settings like London and Edinburgh rather Hull or Leicester.


But is their romance to be found on the banks of the Humber?


They are cities known for romance. Paris, Venice, but what about Hull?


On her blog, Nicola Morgan tells budding writers how best to sell


But people in Hull say there is plenty of romance. If you know


where to look. We go to the pub!


It depends what you like to do. Depends what you think about each


other. Do you think Hull is a romantic


city? It is our 25th anniversary today.


So for us it is! The rain at Frank Cahill would


certainly agree. -- and the rain and Frank Cahill. They celebrated


their anniversary by marrying today. I think it is very romantic. Is


this not romance? And will ride hearing Hull? -- and we are right


here in Hull. This lady knows a thing or two.


Kate Walker has written 60 romantic novels from her home in Scunthorpe,


and she says Hull could host a tale of love.


The resort of history and elegant buildings. Every love-story is a


people story. But every person in Hull, I am sure there must be a


love story somewhere. So maybe one day Hull could Staudt


-- could start in a mill -- Mills and Boon. Heartache on the Humber,


Happiness in Hull, A Perfect Match in Pearson Park?


Let us recap the main headlines. The shares in Tesco take a


battering after disappointing Christmas sales.


At a drilling for oil and gas in the East Yorkshire countryside gets


the go-ahead. A frosty start, with sunshine at


tomorrow. The top temperatures If you want to see more about Nick


Barmby's plan for the future of Hull City, go to our Facebook site


where you can see an extended interview. A big response coming in


on the story of the councillor suspended. Thank you for your e-


mails. There is one with someone saying it just shows that people


think they can get away beneath what they -- saying whatever on


social networking site. Another person it says that the reaction is


getting silly. How come we are so sensitive to what people say?


Michael says I believe in freedom of speech, which includes social


networking site. Speed how you feel. Shame on him for be heard for use


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